Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/10/2015 – Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/10/2015 – Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy

Recorded 09-08-2015 – Release Date 09-10-2015

Production Number #1656

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Adam opens the 2nd of 3 gang taped recordings with Jo Koy already in studio, Joe quickly approaching his 75th appearance on the show, I’ll get a full tally soon.

Adam gives out some plugs and comments on Jo’s Jimmy Kimmel Live cap, Jo says he watched ‘Road Hard’ again and compliments the movie, Adam says he was watching ‘The Hammer’ as it was on cable last night, Adam talks about the period of time required for you to become detached from your own art.

Adam is now sharing how he enjoyed it and Adam is back to how he was thinking of Jo, Adam is talking about walking home from the local restaurant with the family, he shares how they got the paw print and the ashes of poor Molly Girl.


Adam has some kind words for Robert Phelps and Adam describes seeing a similar dog on the walk home and the great magnet encounter that may or may not have led to a tequila fueled cry about the late Molly Girl.

You can Hear Lynette version of this story on the latest FCOL, Adam is now having Jo riff as the oft neglected “black lab” and Adam is talking to him about thinking of a new dog, a new lab.

Adam and Jo are doing several laps with this riff, crazy tangent and lots of Adam as the straight man trying to pass off racism while dealing with Jo and Black Lab.


Adam wraps up the scene and asks Jo about doing shows in Cleveland, he talks about all buildings being brown and plain, he thinks they don’t want to change anything.

Adam is now mocking ‘The Specialist’ again and doing another lap on the premise and the explosives vs. bullet argument.

Adam is further riffing, forgetting his BCC on this is perhaps the definitive mocking of this movie, the flawed dialogue and plot holes.


Adam is breaking down the plot of the film and the opening gambit that led to the exile for Sylvester Stallone’s character.

Gary has the actual verbiage from the movie, he plays the clip.

Adam mocks the movie and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Isaac, Adam has a Black Lab callback and Isaac shares his easy way to beat a parking ticket, Adam is now helping Isaac explain his methodology and the federal offense involved with taking a step further and altering a VIN.

Adam is now talking about cardboard plates and says he covers up his VIN with a parking validation tab, Adam tells people to only cover the final numbers.

Adam thinks that some douche could tow your car if obscured, some letter to the law step that’s very unlikely.


Gina asks Isaac a question and Adam gives an example of what his fuck you money allows him, Adam is ranting against the meter maids and parking enforcement.

BB agrees and Jo asks about loading zones.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam is back to parking in Los Angeles and the confusing signs that only result in more tickets for the tax payers of Los Angeles.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the ‘Dear Fat People’ video and the resulting “controversy.” Gina has a clip of the “comedy” video and Adam offers up some opinions once the clip ends.

Adam is back to his “all we have left is fat people” theory on the sole remaining comedy target, Adam says nobody is really outraged by this, nobody whose opinion is worth a fuck.

Adam says we’ve fucked out “outrage” in addition to homophobe and racist, it’s been used too much and has lost all meaning.


Adam has a Berlin Wall analogy to make his point about “denied access” and now BB is offering up a take, Gina steps in and has some facts.

Gina gives her take on shaming and quotes some science, Adam is explaining how most people he knows lost weight via quitting soda and exercise.

Adam says people he knows lost weight also due to be ostracized, Adam says there should be a class action lawsuit again ‘Taco Bell’ for inventing 4th meal.


Adam is now using a hypothetical 9 year old fat girl to make a point about caring about people and not wanting them to be limited by obesity and now Jo is playing said fat girl after Adam riffs and jokes about calling her Miss Piggy.

Adam is now doing another lap with 9 year old salivating snot nosed obese girl played by Jo, Adam says the group that is most offended by this video is the same group that is concerned with second hand smoke, Adam is now making a point about second hand smoke vs. obesity and the relative health dangers.

Adam has a measured response and ultimately is on the side of people being happy and healthy, Jo is now aking a hypothetical and Gina brings up bullied kids she knew growing up.


Adam says comedians are allowed to comment on everything, Adam says people then reply “that’s not funny” when it hits too close to home.

Adam is offering up some real world stats about childhood obesity, hilarious Cecil the lion closer.


2nd Story is on the Taco Bell test marketing of a white meat chicken shell option, Adam says it’s John Madden who is to blame for this, because of the Turducken.

Adam is ranting about flavored tea replacing even plain tea choices.

Adam is commenting on the 13 flavors that seems to be part of every food choice.


Gina is now sharing some deep fried county fair food items that stuck with her over the years.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Seat Geek

Warriors come out and play edition, very funny.

BB and Adam are now talking about James Remar and BB is riffing about the movie ‘The Warriors’ and now Adam quotes the ‘I was Busy’ line from the movie, that BB’s other cohost Anderson was obsessed with on The Film Vault, BB doesn’t comment on that.


3rd Story is on the two Texas high school football players suspended after assaulting a referee during a game, Adam is sharing an argument he heard on sports talk radio about this and what should be done to the kids.

BB, Jo and Gina are all weighing in, Adam is now sharing the question posed on the sports talk radio show, Adam comments on the “school to prison” pipeline element of these young men getting charged with assault.

Adam is now trying to make a point about not needing to see every moment of someone’s life to know what kind of person they are, he says if you see a kid find a wallet and return it with the money inside vs. seeing a kid kick a cat.


Adam talks about the guys he knows who are incapable of assaulting their wives or spearing referees like this, Adam is making a larger point about the “bad shit” that certain people are capable of that should be addressed.

Adam says white or black these kids should be treated like anyone who could do something like this, Adam is asking what we do with the kids who let their fists do the talking.

BB says these kids chose this and premeditated this crime, Adam is now arguing the other point though he says he agrees with BB.


Adam talks about the cycle of physical abuse in certain cultures and family structures, Jo has an insightful question and now Adam says he would like them on assault charges with a clause where this falls off in 3 years if they can maintain a record of good behavior.


4th Story is on some funny Google direct replies to questions asked by users, Gina has some of the details and now Adam is explaining what he loves about google image searches.

Adam says at some point it will be a photo of David Coulier in a Hawaiian shirt, Adam is telling google to cap their search results for only relevant photos.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read


Jo is telling them about going to the OC fair with his son, sharing the details of his son with a turkey leg and his moment of panic.

Adam says you don’t see Asian dudes with turkey legs very often.

Adam gives out some plugs, Jo compliments ‘Road Hard’ once again and Adam wraps up the show.