Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2015 – The Blasters’ Dave and Phil Alvin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2015 – The Blasters’ Dave and Phil Alvin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest The Blasters’ Dave and Phil Alvin

Recorded 09-08-2015 – Release Date 09-09-2015

Production Number #1655

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro and explains that he’s off to London town and the next few shows will be shorter due to the gang taping schedule.

Adam is crushing it, he’s telling them about going to Home Depot and bringing an assistant with him to deal with everything while he coordinates the in and out.

Gina asks Adam if he’s good at Chess and Adam advises this for grocery store coordinating too, Adam describes his son and his sweet nature, Adam told him he could get a new nerf football next time, he kindly put it down.


Adam is crushing it, BB is riffing with him as they talk about booze soaked cotton balls up your ass.

Adam is sharing how his son had a great “mouth of babes” moment where he commented on Adam being well versed in checkers but not Chess and how typically that’s a kids game.

Adam is now sharing his moral dilemma and explains how he pulled up to the register with an elderly woman with a single item behind him.

Adam said she was up on twos still, though not for long.


Adam had a dude with a 12 pack of soda and he let the guy go in front of him as well, Adam is now giving some battery tips, he shares how his wife reacted to him putting the 9 volt on his tongue to see if it’s still live.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam is sharing how a 3rd person showed up behind him, Wanda Sykes doppelganger, she just saw Adam let two people go already, Adam wants to know what to do.

Adam has a funny #BlackLivesMatter comment and explains this would appear like racism if the context wasn’t known, it’s just she was the 3rd person.

Adam says if it was a guy like Dawson he would have turned around and not acknowledged him, he says for every racist guy asshole there are 10 kind people who go out of their way to not do anything rude or that could be perceived as racist.


Adam wishes more people gave their kids positive decrees instead of things like “fuck him before he fucks you” and now he describes is mom living in the Valley without central air.

She’s trapped in the bedroom all day to stay cool, BB asks if running a wall unit costs more over time than installing a central air system.


Mangria Moment

Winner Mari, she was a Phish concert over the weekend and Adam is commenting on their impressive and unusual fame, without ever having a real radio hit they maintain such an audience and such enthusiasm.

Gina compares them to the Juggalos and skips over the Deadheads which is perhaps more apt, Mari is now explaining what the concert was like.

Adam is describing how quietly rich the guys in Phish must be, Adam is talking about the 9k he walks with after a live show, and he doesn’t get how huge productions like Santana make money, but 4 guys with 18k people in the audience, which makes sense money wise.


Dawson is now playing some Phish and says this is probably their biggest hit, Adam is unfamiliar with it.

Dawson is sharing his experience in radio, Adam is trying to make it clear he means radio hit, not played on a radio station Dawson worked at.

Adam describes how Lynch finally got him to attend a live Phish show and he describes what it was like vs. what he was hoping it would be like/what was pitched to him.

Adam is now riffing about missing the show where the cool thing happened, Adam makes it clear he’s now hating on Phish and says it’s more akin to Dane Cook selling out Madison Square Garden, Adam doesn’t get how they got such a fan base.


Adam says it’s just non-special 4 guys jamming, Dawson is explaining the Phish pirate ship and Mari is now back on the line sharing her experience.

Adam tips his cap to her and they wrap up the segment.

Adam is now asking for a Blasters song, he is complimenting it while they listen.

Gina talks about stripping to that song and now BB is riffing about the best strip song, hilarious song choice, Adam is killing it riffing along with the music, Adam is destroying, hilarious fish comments.


Adam is further riffing over ‘Sailing’ and is going a mile a minute as a strip club customer.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Dave and Phil are making their 2nd appearance on the show, they were first on last year for ACS #1340

Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike he wants to know if Adam is still waiting for L.A. to get an NFL team, Adam welcomes Dave and Phil to the show.

Adam gives out some plugs and asks them where to go to get the tour dates.

Adam is now talking about Phish and their appeal with the guys, BB is arguing his point about their popularity.


Adam is now asking who else can play 18k seat venues and riffs about Taylor Swift, he asks the guys about the band’s history and now Adam is praising the band X, he recalls the time Exene Cervenka guested on Loveline and was douchey to him.

Adam now lists ‘The Cowboy Junkies’, he then has a killer Richard Wagner joke, as if he guested on Loveline, he lists ‘The Violent Femmes’ as another douchey band he still likes despite their shitty attitudes on their Loveline appearance.

Adam asks them how fast it gets old to be touring with a band, Adam is commenting on familiarity breeding contempt.


The guys are peppering in some wisdom about the rode and now Adam is riffing about Kaiser Permanente and the addition of that 2nd name/word to the title.

Adam is now describing how Kaiser built troop transport ships and is describing the epic amount of ships he was tasked with building and explains to BB how sub warfare was looked down upon during the onset of WWII.

Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the dentist behind the Cecil the Lion controversy reopening his practice, Adam focuses on the millions of people doing far more horrific things before worrying about this guy.

Adam mocks the people who pat themselves on the back for their outage regarding the killing of Cecil.


2nd Story is on the Dave Grohl led super group covering Queen, Adam reacts to a clip and now Adam jokes about going to a town and having a comedian join him on stage to do the heavy lifting.

The guys are telling Adam about opening for Queen, while in the original run of The Blasters.

Adam is commenting on how he’s still waiting for Sacha Baron Cohen to collect his academy award for portraying Freddie Mercury.

Gina wraps the news and Adam comments on who is actually making a queen Biopic.


Adam is now doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.