Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2014 – David Koechner and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2014 – David Koechner and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Koechner and Jo Koy

Recorded 09-08-2014 – Release Date 09-09-2014

Production Number #1406

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Adam is teasing the appearance of David who’s returning for somewhere near his 5th visit, BB has a decent #TopDrop and Adam brings up the new royal pregnancy, Alison explains it.

Alison is now bringing up the intro that makes her feel bad for not including it in her news today, Adam is also teasing the arrival of Jo.

Adam is now bringing up his favorite tweets, no into.


Adam is citing one on academic salaries, stating how it shows the exact argument he makes, not the opposite and cites how much the football programs brings into the schools, basketball too.

Adam is now discussing this with BB making some great points about how applications go up and Alison reacts to BB’s ex who worked in the USC admission office.

Adam is now bringing up Jersey sales and how much revenue is brought in.


Adam is citing how these guys can get shit-canned and now BB is reacting to the snarky chart with the label “for real” on coaches’ salaries.

Adam has a great point using Caelan Biehn and Alison chimes in with the type of people who have a problem with this, Adam is now doing his own “guess who built that” about how the football brings in the revenue.

Alison wants to know how someone becomes a football coach, BB is disagreeing and says he hates to do that, he brings up the bookish guys of today’s world who often never played the game.


Adam is citing the richest whitest dude’s on earth who own these franchise, Arthur Blank and Robert Kraft, Adam is now bringing up how these guys never shove their children into the franchises, the nepotism is almost non-existent.

Adam wants to know the richer or whiter look, Kraft or Jerry Jones, Adam says rich guys love holding back women and different races but above that they love money, the man may be racist and misogynistic but he wants to win first, regardless of the race or gender bringing him the win, greed first!

Adam gives and update on David.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Eric, his wife was caught in an affair with a friend of his.

Adam is now asking how he found out about it, Adam is now joking about “I’ll take my answer off the air” guys who call into talk radio, and Adam has a killer one liner for him.

Now they’re all talking about it and Eric is off the line, they all agree that good friend is worse than a stranger on the road.


Adam is now bringing up Ray’s parents and their couple friends who ended up swapping partners full time, Alison says it’s like when two sets of twins fall in love.

Adam is now joking about Lynette, Christy and BB all sitting around and Adam trying to get Lynette to fuck BB and her trying to talk Adam into BB’s wife, Alison’s reactions are gold!

BB is in the mix and this is great!


“Everyone loves the cookies!” – Adam on BB’s wife


David Koechner is now joking them and Adam laments the Atlanta Improv, he describes it as an A frame ski chalet, I think he means “The Laughing Skull”

Adam is now asking David about his standup work and he says it’s a rule of “jokes per minute” when you tell stories on stage.

Adam brings up the 2007 ACS and David remembers doing the show back in the day, Adam is bringing up the Danny Bonaduce slide show standup events, he used to tell Adam about on air.


David is telling them about his 25yrs of live performing and how he evolved to a one man show about 5 years ago, before he transitioned to full standup.

David is now calling Adam “A.C.” and he likes it, David shares a Complisult from a friend and Adam is now bringing up his own standup with training wheels he would do to cue him, he brings up the sold out double at Stand Up live in Phoenix.

Adam is bringing up the “Todd Glass Benefit” tweet from Sarah Silverman about his benefit that Adam performed at despite not even knowing him, he now calls Adam a dickhead at every turn and takes a stand against him, even though Todd had a benefit to pay his medical bills because he wouldn’t pay for insurance.


Adam brings up the phone call with Sarah who asks Adam how he did 90min without the years of material and Adam brings up how the 1st show went great, but the 2nd show had a burnt out bulb on the projector.

Adam had to do it now with no pictures and Adam jokes about coming down a luge drunk, Adam is sharing his reaction to them trying to replace the bulb, David compliments Adam’s use of “A Frame Ladder” and Adam is now sharing how he ended up doing 95min and killed it, never looking at his notes.

David has 2 questions and wants to know why Adam did 90min, Adam brings up his 3 show nights he would do 98min+, the Kirkland Washington shows at laughs comedy club in 2010.


For superfans David was supposed to be on the 1st show on night 2, via skype, but the board malfunctioned and we never got his audio, the guy who set up the monitors had fucked with the cables and I got to talk to David but he never got to be on stage with audio, bummer. I blame myself.


Adam says if you tell him 90, he does 100min.

David is now sharing his take on Adam’s audience and what they show up to see, Adam is now going to tell David about the benefit.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Adam is now using Paul Newman’s biography to sell the idea of audiobooks, Adam is now saying that “young adult” makes book genres less creepy than adult when it should be the other way around.

Adam is now asking David what he’s working on and he tells them about “Scouts vs. Zombies” and David says it’s ‘Goonies’ meets Zombies and describes the plot.

Adam has a great “what” more understated than usual, asking about the rest of the details of the plot.


Adam is now asking David what percentage of scripts he turns away, Adam is now asking him about working and doing a job, the other side of art.

David gets Adam to share his few memories of the set he performed for the Todd Glass benefit, David then lists of his kids and BB describes it as Antonio Cromartie’esque which leads to the clip of him listing his kid’s names being played.

Adam jokes about David’s brother who builds mobile turkey coups, the family legacy and David says he’s developing some TV shows.


David says he’s working on a pilot and another project with Jerry Collins, Will Ferrell’s former roommate and Adam brings up his “The Jerry Collins Toilet Calendar” and describes what it looked like, he’s joking about the funny theme with him holding up a bong with a huge cloud of smoke “this year might not be your best” and Adam brings up the fake James Babydoll Dixon Christmas Cards that Kimmel sends out.

Adam describes the insane cards and themes, Adam is now saying somehow Jimmy Kimmel has time to make 2k of these cards and ship them out.

“He shot a Giraffe!?” – Adam reacting as someone who doesn’t know about the joke/prank.


Adam shares the postage lengths Kimmel goes to, in order to ensure that people buy into the prank, Adam says he admires this and says he has the opposite in his life, mocking his wife’s Christmas Eve “we going to do those Christmas cards?” query.


2nd Caller John, more audio problems, how fitting for David’s legacy with the show.

He wants to know about standup as a moneymaker and Adam has a great analogy about porn vs. Standup and the 10k hours required to make money.

Adam is using Standup as the ultimate meritocracy for skill level, Adam is now citing all of the shows that comedians can work on, Alison explains the show ‘Red Eye’ to David and Adam cites his work at Kevin and Bean and his quick evolution to on air talent due to his skill level.


They’re heading to Break


They’re back form break


Jo Koy is back, David had to bail due to his “hard out” and now Adam is asking Gary for the “1998 Tucson Interview” he did with Dr. Drew in response to the news intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB recalls they played it on the show (3 times) and nobody recalls who found it.


Adam is now doing a live read for E-Voice

Adam jokes about a virtual receptionist and if he can hit on her.

Jo shares his lamentation for travelling and spending his weekends in other cities, Jo wants to get to the point where he doesn’t have to do radio to sell tickets for the weekend, he wants it to be of his own volition, minus the pressure.

BB has a funny “and podcasts” joke and now Adam is riffing about club owners who own 15yr old luxury cars, Adam is sharing the feel your ass has to a cab or town car that has circled the globe 5 times.

Even if you tune it up, 500k miles feels like 500k.


Jo and Adam are now riffing about “500k miles of farts” and Jo is asking Adam to visit Omaha, they have been demanding it.

Jo is joking about how people are calling out the Bung Lu Su and P.F. Chang’s waiter bit, Adam says he loves it and now they are jumping right into it.

“R like an L” – P.F. Chang’s waiter.


Right now behind the scenes Gary is emailing me asking for this news clip Adam referenced, I was driving and pulled over into a scary parking lot just to reply ASAP, got off the freeway and paid an extra toll to do it, I assumed the show was taping.

P.F. Chang’s waiter is now telling Adam “you fucked up” and losing his shit mocking Adam, telling him no “boof” (booth) and telling him the kids can play in the restroom, now Adam is playing it like it’s another visit, he’s adding their history to this interaction, Jimmy Kimmel makes a cameo thanks to Jo, gold!

Jo is now saying Adam comes every week and they are adding multiple levels of comedy to this, Adam mentions DWTS and P.F. Chang’s waiter brings up ‘Tia Carrere’ and Adam plays the celebrity card for him.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on The Ravens releasing Ray Rice after the footage leaked of him assaulting his then Fiancé, Adam says he hasn’t seen it and brings up the Atlantic City hotel exchange in the elevator “pussies” and Adam is now watching it live and Jo is adding his own commentary.

Adam is now asking if she forgave him and Jo is sharing her response to this assault, Adam is bringing up the damage of people falling after being struck, the damage comes from the marble floor.

Jo is sharing how troubling this video is and Alison claims BB finds it enjoyable, he has a great reaction and they’re watching it again.


Adam says don’t marry these guys and the duality of these guys who love their momma but don’t show the same respect to the women they date.

Adam jokes about Ray being picked up by the UFC and going after Ronda Rousey and Alison shares the details of the incident and his initial punishment.

Adam brings up the past of Ray and how he never met his father, his mother’s work with special needs kids and Adam says he could never hit a woman, he doesn’t get it, Jo praises Jay Z and Adam brings up Ray’s father being gunned down in a drive by.


Alison is sharing her reaction to what the league does and how it turns a blind eye until they can’t due to media pressure, Adam says this is the league equivalent to a radio show host saying something bad, hilarious “cumulous radio” comment form Adam.

Adam is now telling the Rae Carruth story and sharing all the grisly details of how he set up a murder, Adam is shocked by the 5k bill for setting up an arranged murder and Adam shares even more of the tragic details.

Adam is now describing the hospital scene and how she scratched out that he did it before she died, Adam gets to the child that survived and Adam wants to know what one must do to be locked up for good.


Adam references ‘Get Shorty’ and Gary reveals the killer Michael Kennedy has now been paroled and is living among us, Adam is asking why the court system can’t filter out the scariest people on the planet from the guys selling Acid outside a concert.

They’re now playing a clip of the gunman explaining what happened and how the murder was arranged, it’s chilling in the detail.

Adam has a great reaction to the shooter’s claims about his past experience with law, the killer says it was 50k and this seems to be from ‘Real Sports’ and Adam says that Rae is now about to be released as well.


Adam is getting information overload and saying that this didn’t happen that long ago, Adam wants to know why the shooter has been out since 2011.

Adam says Rae will be out when he is 44.


Adam is doing a live read for Pella Windows.

Adam has a dark “if only” addition to this read, Jo reveals he got the house (what? I thought he lived in the house he bought with his ex?)

Gary is now explaining that he made a mistake, it was the driver in the video, and the shooter was sentence to 40 years.


2nd Story is on the new cast for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and she lists the cast, Alison says the name wrong and Adam thinks it’s Alfonso Ribeiro who called into a recently posted 1997 Classic Loveline with Mark Paul Gosselaar.

#381 -Mark Paul Gosselaar 03/16/1997

They all make their picks and Adam reacts to Tommy Chong, saying he loves the man but is not sure that the ‘Cheech and Chong’ comedy translates.

Adam reacts to Tavis Smiley and the reaming cast.


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings.

Jo is now in character as an NFL Player, he mentions Carson Palmer and Jo is sad that he let down Bald Bryan and is killing it, this is Ace Awards 2014 material, this must be played, this is gold.

Adam is killing it with Jo as the NFL player lamenting BB’s cancer and letting him down with his fantasy team, this voice Jo has busted out is great.

Hilarious ‘’ reference and Adam wants an apology card sent to BB.


This is one of the funniest all time Improv bits in the show’s history, they work Rae Carruth and Ray Rice into the mix and Adam is really taking it home.

Jo is threatening to fuck the cancer out of BB and Adam is going back for multiple laps, asking for an autograph, BB was the only one to draft this player, he is fucking it up and Adam is asking for his publicist.

Jo is asking if Adam wants to speak to her now and BB is saying Riley Cooper, I think Jo was playing Riley this whole time, perhaps?


Adam is now wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, they didn’t get the clip in time to play it tonight it seems, sorry guys!

Great Episode!