Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2013 – Frank Stallone

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/09/2013 – Frank Stallone

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Guest Frank Stallone

Recorded 09-08-2013 – Release Date 09-09-2013

Production Number #1159

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Adam is opening the show to a hilarious new #TopDrop and has a touching tribute to the late Dane Boysen, the schoolmate that was discussed on the last episode with Ray.

Adam heard from his relatives that he passed over a year ago, Adam has a beautiful analogy equating his 40+ years with that of a gift from the universe.

Adam and Ray were both bummed out and Adam is now connecting it to his wife Lynette’s late friend who died of cancer about a decade ago, Adam gave a beautiful tribute that night on Loveline with guest “Unwritten Law”.


Alison has a funny quip about not knowing how to react and what it resembles, Adam is now telling them about his most recent trip to the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Adam is walking them through his trek to deodorize his armpits and how he was met with a classic Hispanic maid yell, Adam ordered her to “stop it” and is explaining what he told her.

Adam says Lynette got a kick out of the incident and Adam is explaining why her being scared actually frightened him more, killer one liners from Ace.


Adam is really appreciating Lynette’s approval and enjoyment of his remarks aimed at Olga.

Adam is now taking them backstage at the show, how he usually talks with Jay about cars and how they requested he show up at 2:30 despite Simon Cowell not arriving till after 3pm in his Bentley stretch limousine.

Adam says Simon claimed he would come guest on the podcast and he loves cars, perhaps a Carcast too, score Aceman!


Adam is now telling the gang about his kids and how they show love to their parents, he’s on a tangent based off his daughter’s love of the band “One Direction”.

Adam is explaining how his daughter’s love seems to adjust based on the attention being paid to him by strangers and Sonny’s is steady in contrast.

Adam is briefly explaining the “Loews” credit card incident from last week.


Adam is explaining that Natalia found out he was “chilling with the dude who invented One Direction” and Adam was suddenly cool dad again.

Adam is now doing a quick improv contrasting his mom’s way of raising him and BB is doing a hilarious variant of a super aware and quick witted young Adam Carolla, killer stuff BB!

Adam is explaining that he doesn’t think his parents spent any time considering his opinion of them.


Alison is asking how Adam is able to handle the mood shifts from day to day, thinking she would take it too personally herself when she’s a parent.

Adam is now explaining how lucky his children are to have all the advantages and privilege he provides for them so many of their complaints are “cry me a river” in his book, interesting.

Adam is now bringing up his son who brought him his “Sky landers” cartoon on his iPad and how he actually does a voice which is coincidentally Sonny’s favorite character, awwwww!


BB is now bringing up the idea of NFL lineman and less glamorous positions having children who worship other players and QB’s.

Adam is now bringing up his recent conversation with Mike Lynch all the way from “upper loser Ville” while doing this “Carbonite” live read.

Adam has some hints about the 3rd book, I love it when the live reads have exclusive content!


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is bringing up his love of sports and why the meritocracy of the skill and athleticism taps into some primitive human element.

BB seems to agree and Adam’s giving his “never the owner’s son” explanation that exemplifies his point.

Adam is explaining the “Tweets of Feet’s” and he’s asking which is it when it comes to germaphobes, are we not in the era of Purell?


Adam is now describing a photo you can see via the show link page above, he’s describing a man flicking on the overhead light with his foot over and over, Alison and BB are both mystified as well.

They’re all riffing about the toe-ciopath and now Adam is doing a “Traffic and Weather” riff for the first time in what feels like years, ah like a comfortable shoe!

They’re now commenting on a person with a shoe on table a public restaurant, Adam is connecting this to his old work boots and how gross they were.


Adam is explaining the dude they are looking at is damn near 60 and he’d wager the man was going through life with shoes up until the past 5-8 years and Adam wants to know what’s up.

Alison is telling them about feeling embarrassed to even adjust her sock in public in a totally harmless clean person way, Adam is giving his take on what it feels like to be vulnerable and shoeless at the airport, sounds like Adam.

Adam is now going off on the “Live for Now” Pepsi campaign and how in reality you probably want those consumers doing the opposite for the betterment of their own lives and society, Adam is now connecting it to chicks and tattoos.


Adam is now riffing on walking his dog, Alison wants to know what dogs must think humans are doing tagging along for all of their bathroom activities.

Adam is connecting that to the symbolic nature of the messages we’re sending to everyone in society encouraging this lazy narcissism among the populace.


Adam is telling the gang about his date night with Lynette where they enjoyed the song styling’s of the great John Hiatt, Lynette doesn’t know as many of his songs but really enjoyed the show.

Adam is now explaining how some other more famous guys are a little overrated in the song writing department compared to John.

Adam didn’t hear any of his favorite songs during the show, it was probably more of his modern stuff that I really enjoy.


Adam got to visit with John on his tour bus after the show, perhaps he’ll come on the podcast and put the new studio through its paces.


Hooray for Baldywood

Bryan is explaining why he’s adding a “must see on Netflix/DVD” selection to this segment, BB is recommending “Mud” with Matthew Mcconaughey.

Adam is now giving his take on the man and citing his favorite roll from “Dazed and Confused”, he’s adding Matthew to his “Robert De ’Niro and Brad Pitt” theory.

Adam is citing Matthew’s 1999 Loveline promoting “U-571” and how the man wasn’t necessarily that “with it”.


Adam is bringing up “Surfer Dude” and calling it the “actual omelet that’s made from his brain” to contrast “The Hammer” and Ozzie’s role in the movie.

Adam has a hilarious quote from Pete Berg after attending a screening of the movie.

Adam has a great point about getting a 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes being harder to acquire as a perfect score, even BB notes how novel the idea is and they’re talking about “Surfer Dude”.


They’re back from break and Frank Stallone is making his 5th appearance on the podcast, he’s also one of the few guests to record a “Basic Cable Commentary”.

They’re discussing Vitello’s Italian Restaurant and Adam is sharing his personal connecting to the place, taking it back to his “Groundling’s Days”.

Frank is pitching Adam on the idea of him doing Jimmy Kimmel Live for the 3oth anniversary of “Staying Alive” and now Adam is taking it back to how they first started the “Feat of San Genarro”.


Frank is bringing up his hair similarity to Adam’s and they’re both commiserating on their wiry hair, Adam is explaining how it changed over time and Adam is referencing the “Brady Bunch”.

Frank Stallone is implying Robert Reed was a danger to child actors because of his sexuality and Alison has a hilarious quip showing her disdain while moving the show forward and Adam is actually challenging him on it while defending gay people.

Frank has a loud nose snort into mic as Adam is asking him about his brother’s film work, Frank is telling them about “Over the Top” and doing an impression of his brother chastising the director.


Adam is now bringing up how people sleep on Sylvester Stallone writing and directing a lot of movies in addition to his acting work, Frank is praising him as per usual and telling the gang about “Expendables 3” filming now.

They’re now both praising “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and Alison is bringing up a debate between, Mike August, Adam and Matt Fondiler.

Frank is asking Adam about the “doll he gave him” a Frank Stallone action figure released around the time of “Rocky Balboa”.


Frank is telling the gang about his Razzie for the theme of Rambo First Blood Part II, he’s now bringing up “The Specialist” the movie they recorded a “Basic Cable Commentary” for and once again Frank is volunteering to do another one, somebody schedule this thing!

They’re now playing the song that won Frank the award for shittiest song, Adam is saying he’s heard way shittier songs, hilarious!

Adam is observing how his brother has started 3 franchises in film history and BB is now explaining how Stallone will make an interesting bit of trivia along the lines of Hugo Weaving.


Frank is now telling the gang about his show on “Playboy Radio” titled “The Frank Effect” and Adam has a telling chuckle, Alison gets a great call back in regarding his controversial take on the Brady’s.

Frank love you babe, he’s done babe. He’s bragging about his range of guests, real life hit man all the way to Shirley Jones former real life hit man.

They’re both discussing Gary “U.S.” Bonds and Adam has a funny comment calling back the time he ran into Frank while waiting for Seth Macfarlane.


Frank just revealed his crypt keeper-esque dinner companions have now died and Frank wants to know how Adam would’ve reacted if he was victim to the same treatment Frank claims to have received from Playboy Radio.

Adam is bringing up his 10 years at Loveline and how he never kept track of the ratings and how he only wanted success so people would leave him the fuck alone.

Adam is using Seth Macfarlane for another example, how he insisted upon being present for all of the vocal recordings until his schedule would no longer allow it.


Adam is using Jimmy Kimmel to further his point about successful people and how they find a way to manage their time after a certain amount of time in the spotlight.

Frank is telling them about spending time with “John Huston” and busting out some terrific impressions while sharing some anecdotes.

Adam is trying to do an Evoice live read and Frank is proving to be almost as tricky to negotiate around as DAG himself.


Frank is telling them about an upcoming Jack Johnson documentary and Adam is commenting on the anecdotal stories about the man and his penchant for white women, fast cars and gold grills.

Frank is busting out some interesting impressions and Adam is now commenting on the “movie version of talking” as demonstrated in the early talkies and how it wasn’t necessarily how people talked in the real world at the time.

Frank is bringing up Pat O’Brien, not the Carolla digital podcasting one but the deceased one.

Frank was with our POB just last night and is commenting on the man’s 5 years of sobriety.


Adam is now riffing about his super disappointed time travel adventures to the 1940’s where he won’t find anyone who speaks like a Dick Tracy villain.

Frank has a killer “slats” threat for Alison, gold!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the “Fat Letters” being sent out to the parents of the overweight children of the San Fernando Valley where Adam grew up.

Alison is explaining how the other districts are handling the test results in comparison.

Adam has a killer point about at least half of the overweight kid’s probably getting free breakfast and lunch at the very school that’s telling them about their obesity problem.


Adam is now explaining hos his generation ate the crappiest school lunches possible and how it’s more about activity levels and the oral fixation/constant consumption of water.

He’s citing his kids freaking out over water in the air conditioned car, Adam is explaining how has already learned to pick his battles from his recent therapy experiences, nice work Ace!

Alison is bringing up the time her sister found a small fish in her bathing suit, Adam is taking it back to his youth and the consumption of water compared to how people consume it constantly today.


Adam is adding water to the chap stick theory, explaining that people are always reaching for something and Frank is now judging women who show up for a date with a bottle of water, Alison and Adam have great reactions.

Frank is explaining how tempted he was to quote Raging Bull at the young lady “kind” enough to accompany him on a date, regarding hand stabbing if she dared check her smartphone.

Frank tries to take it back to the days of a cheap date and Adam defuses the creepiness by putting it back on Frank, now Adam is explaining that Frank either dines with the near death skeleton people or young “actress” types.


Adam is taking it back on the rails, commenting on the news story and how obesity can ruin a person’s life both their physical and emotional health.

Frank is mocking his own lunch companions and Adam is bringing up the pain of being overweight, Frank is now mocking fat people who cry on weight loss TV shows, he’s demonstrating his classic sensitivity once again.

Alison is now calling back his threats of fork stabbings and Adam is telling Frank to hold on for a second after adding to the threats of harm, Adam is declaring he’s only gotten better with age.


Adam is wrapping the live read and he’s speaking as a parent and a human, asking how everyone is obese when the human body hasn’t evolved.

Adam and Frank are reminiscing about sweating it out to make weight for boxing.

Adam is explaining how Americans react to the idea of the government intervening to personal choice in reply to Alison’s question about a “fat tax” and why they never seem to come to pass.


Adam is bringing up Dr. Kevorkian and using him as example of wasted human energy and connecting it to large drink restrictions in NYC.

Frank is now bringing up another tragedy from his family, his sister died at 51 after 4 packs of cigarettes a day for 38 years.

Adam wants to know how someone can even have enough time to smoke that many cigarettes.


Frank is now bringing up Sage and his demise, citing his poor health and heart attack that did him in.

Frank is bringing up how Sage rejected his father’s work out and health conscious life style.

Frank is bringing up how people don’t anticipate dying of a heart attack and how common it actually is.


They’re now riffing on Euell Gibbons and Adam has a killer comment about watching a dude chew on a pine cone, they’re discussing “Grape nuts” and it’s early bowel cleaning properties.

Adam is now asking for some footage of Euell and Frank is bringing up Iron Eyes Cody, from the infamous American Indian anti-littering PSA and how he was actually an Italian guy.

They’re now playing the old Euell Gibbons commercials, Alison’s reaction is pretty great.


They’re wrapping the “Draft Kings” live read and Frank wants Adam’s take on the illegal immigrant who won the lottery. Dawson is closing the live read and Adam is now going to answer Frank.

Adam is giving his take on the lottery and explaining why he thinks it sends the exact opposite message of what this country was founded upon.

Adam is destroying the idea of a lottery on every front, he’s citing the lack of improvement in the schools and the confusing mixed message sent by the government preying on the poorest citizens.


Adam is now on his “get the fuck to work then have your dream” rant and Frank wants to know how much money the government is making off all this and how much the average person who plays the game makes annually.

Adam is bringing up how the lottery would be illegal if anyone but the government was behind it and Alison seems to agree.

Adam has a killer “You’re Italian!?” reply aimed at Frank, comedy gold!


Frank is telling the gang about his Grandpa and his days in the salon slinging the aqua net, Frank is calling Adam out for not tweeting him back, whoa!

Alison is now wrapping the news and Adam is giving some plugs for upcoming shows and wrapping this one up.