Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/08/2015 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/08/2015 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Recorded 09-07-2015 – Release Date 09-08-2015

Production Number #1654

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Adam thanks the crew and everyone for coming in to work during the holiday, he says he made a huge mistake, a cosmic error.

Adam is talking about the sequence of events, he brings up the fantasy football draft pick event he took Sonny to and Adam explains how he wanted to sleep and watch TV up until the last moment of the move.

Adam is saying that moving should be at the top of the non-tragedy list for things that are emotionally impactful.


Adam is talking about how he started moving on Thursday, he shares his “I put a Lamborghini in my living room” logic for being able to get things done with his guys and his mindset.

Things can be done, as Gina puts it.

Adam has a funny reaction to Matt Fondiler being one of the said guys.


Adam says his classic error was taking a moment for appreciation and explains how he and his son drafted Tom Brady, Adam shares how he woke up to the news about Tom Brady on Thursday morning, he made a point to recognize the positive experiences as well as the negative.

Adam is talking about the collective “we’re getting screwed” that everyone seems to be experiencing and lamenting and says it’s no way to go through life.

Adam says he took the Tom Brady news and made it a moment to recognize the positives in life.


Adam is further describing the low grade constant victimhood we all suffer from in society, Adam is describing taking a moment for the stars to appreciate the stars aligning.

Adam says the edict was out by noon on Friday, Adam wanted a later time and is describing the late night of Apple TV and no cable, Adam is describing the way someone who gets off work late needs a nightcap and some TV.

Adam watched all of ‘The Specialist’ and BB is unfamiliar with the movie, Adam actually did a Commentary for the film with Frank Stallone, hilarious!

Basic Cable Commentary 4 the Specialist

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Adam is talking about the most 80’s of the 80’s and describes the 1994 super Cuban setting that felt like 1989 to him.

Adam is now watching some clips and Gary reminds Adam of the commentary track, Adam says maybe he’ll watch it.

Adam is mocking the film and Sharon Stone’s aging with a young actress playing her as a kid in comparison to the men in the movies who played themselves in both time periods.


Adam mocks the “bullets are imprecise” line from Sharon and joking about this line, saying he would have caught it in the table read.

Adam got to bed at 1-130 and woke up at 730am moving day, he describes how it all went to hell that morning.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam did a night with no vibration setting edition


Adam is now describing his errands and how Lynette pulled out of the driveway, to the construction beginning on this day of all days, cutting out the asphalt in front of their driveway.

Adam is now asking for a picture from his phone, he is asking Matt to confirm what he saw and Adam explains how you had to drive over and around the curb to get out of his driveway.

Adam is explaining how his guys couldn’t get in or out of the house, he woke up to full pandemonium and he’s further walking Gary through the phone to find the pictures.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is going back and forth with Matt, Adam tells Gary the photo to stop on and is further describing the construction work cutting off half of Adam’s driveway.

Adam called the realtor and tried to tell her about the work going on, Adam says all of the guys working there are just giving his people the stink eye.


Adam is now sharing the horrific reply and series of events that took place in conjunction with this construction, he describes his conversations with his wife and other people telling them not to drive in.

Adam says they put up a no parking sign and have been for months, they didn’t start work with any special warning or even a note on the door nor mailbox.

Adam is back to the heavy cosmic side and brings up Carter Lay, he says he met him a few years back at a celebrity race and is now describing the man and his efforts to use his wealth to do some good.


Adam found out that he died over the weekend and is sharing his condolences for the man, Gary is on the mic sharing the details of the man’s demise and illness.

Adam explains the uncomfortable that turned comfy interaction with Carter Lay, he is explaining how he was telling Adam about his expensive racing shoes.

Adam talks about making fun of him for his expensive shoes and lower tiered finish, Adam shares the “thought you should know” someone sent to Carter.


Adam is now explaining that Carter than sent him a tweet with a “WTF?” and Adam accepted it and apologized to him, Adam wanted to avoid and shitty back and forth.

Adam then wonders if the last thing he said to him was shitty and is glad he didn’t get pissy in his reply to the man.


Adam is doing a Seat Geek Live Read


Adam explains the venue swap with the show in London and he says he will hang out with anyone who shows up at the venue, if they can’t get in, he will come say hi afterwards.

Adam does some Mangria live event plugs and moves on.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he wants to know what Adam thinks is worse, he describes the people who park a specific way, Adam is now taking it to click it or ticket and saying parking tips and rules should be emphasized.

Andrew brings up the guy who slams on his brakes which causes you to slam you brakes one, Adam then brings up the “I’m gonna make it but you’re not” people and is now bringing up a freeway version, Adam says “they should all die, they should all be thrown in a burlap sack with a raccoon that has full blown AIDS in a river in India”

BB brings up the parking topic again and Gina chimes in, Adam is now ranting up a storm about it, he’s on fire.

Adam is talking about people policing themselves with bumpers 6 inches into the red, worrying about a ticket.


Adam heads to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam sets up a clip of Luther Campbell on Take a Knee, solid.

Adam references ‘The Specialist’ and he’s further mocking the movie and the action/Miami tropes throughout.


Gina is recommending the series ‘Narcos’ on Netflix, Adam plugs ‘Winning’ and they go the calls.


2nd Caller Dave, he brings up the nature vs. nurture argument and contrasts Adam’s dad vs. his daughter, Adam is talking about his daughter finding some roller skates and going full on Tootie.

Adam realizes the two greatest young black female characters of the 1980’s network sitcoms were Rudy from ‘The Cosby Show’ and Tootie from ‘The Facts Of Life’ and riffs about Rudy Tootie.

Adam is now sharing a recent anecdote and going back and forth with Gina on the topic Dave brought up, Adam takes it back to Dave.


Adam talks about his low pulse that keeps his dad from moving and reacts differently with Adam, Adam talks about people wanting to do things and how relationships are built on common courtesy and kindness, sometimes putting yourself out for another person.


Adam is making a point about his parents carving out a life of their choosing and says people earn what other people think of them, you create reactions in other people and cause them to think things about you.

Adam and BB are riffing a funny scenario of asking for a day off 6 months ahead of time, he talks about building a 3 day weekend in right off the bat and then claim to have a special needs child.

Adam is now doing an improv scene with BB, regarding his special needs son.


Adam says announcing you have a bad back is the 3rd move to get out of doing things, it can get you out of any party, event or activity you don’t want to do.

Adam says his buddy Daniel Kellison does this and uses his back issues to his advantage.


3rd Caller Grant, he wants to know if Donald Trump asked Adam to be his VP he would accept the offer, Adam says it’s impossible and would never happen but he would say yes just to say he did on his deathbed in the future.

Adam is now breaking down the Trump attraction among potential voters and how people are craving honesty in the dialogue usually reserved for career politicians and bullshit.

Adam explains how “who is funnier, men or women?” that became “women aren’t funny” and he rants about his pirate ship.


Adam says that Trump is the guy who objects to the rules of discourse that have been forced upon us, Adam is now talking about reactions to Trump’s take on various issues.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Curt Schilling suspension, Adam says good in regards to him standing by his comments.

Adam mocks the notion of TNT being offended, Adam is now riffing about Garrett Morris and his SNL character “Chico Escuela” and now Adam is making a point about the minority of Muslim people who are responsible for terrorism.

Adam says the overwhelming majority are great people and we should now agree to that and focus on the minority fraction ruining it for everyone.


2nd Story is on Iron Maiden lead singer claiming he got cancer from oral sex, Adam says the ultimate hardcore move is claiming you got your oral cancer from Farrah Fawcett, everyone takes a minute to get the insane joke, holy shit!

Adam is now sharing Dr. Drew’s adamant claims about Adam having warts and how it led to him having his penis examined live on air, it took 3 years of threats and finally happened.



Adam is doing an Avant Live Read


Adam is getting to his promised hot foreskin talk and explains Drew’s take on HPV and the cancer link, Adam is further describing the risk and Gina weighs in with BB.


3rd Story is on the Giada De Laurentiis divorce and Adam is now explaining how guaranteed paydays for divorce isn’t good for marriages nor for people.

Gina asks why California is a no fault state, Adam now says it was clearly laid out in Tyler Perry’s ‘Dairy of a Mad Black Woman’ feature film.

Adam is now breaking down the plot.


Adam doesn’t get why all laws aren’t just case by case, BB says Adam could simply ask Mark Geragos these questions on Reasonable Doubt.

Adam is now using Mc Hammer and 911 victims to make a point about being accustomed to a certain lifestyle, holy shit.

Adam talks about Lynette running Mangria and deserving a chunk of that, but this warehouse was owned before she married him.


Adam is now talking about the first marriage of Philip the Juggler, he explains how he settled up and had to pay her off.

Adam has a point about people when they’re pretty and young and on their best behavior in contrast to after years within a marriage, he describes the divorce payout as a ripcord.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Tartar sauce is wildly underappreciated edition

Gina wraps the news and Adam gives out the closing plugs as he wraps up the show.