Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 270

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 270

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-01-2015 – Release Date 09-06-2015

Production Number #270 – Fred Stoller and Jimmy O. Yang

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Adam opens the show with a stilted intro thanks to Dr. Drew, Fred Stoller is returning to the show with Jimmy O. Yang making his ADS debut, Fred says that when Jimmy came from Honk Kong Adam and Drew were like the dads he never had, wow.

Jimmy is telling them what a fan he is and how great this booking is for him, he talks about finding Loveline on his 99 cent radio.

Drew is asking Jimmy about his English, he credits our two dads with teaching him how to speak English.


Adam is asking Jimmy about his name and now talks about Asian people culturally assimilating with American names, making it easier for themselves to be employed.

Adam talks about doing a ‘Catch a Contractor’ where he avoided mentioning the daughter due to her crazy made up name.

Drew is bringing up the 2005 Classic Loveline bit with DAG riffing children’s names using ingredients from the morning after pill.


Fred brings up Jimmy’s familial connection to MSG, Adam is bringing up the “Dash” dynasty and explains how his mother loved that flavoring salt, Adam explains his health nut mom is different than his late grandmother.

Adam is now explaining his grandma’s lament was she couldn’t get MSG anymore, Adam is now talking about MSG and DDT, and he talks about the millions of lives both products probably saved.

“The weak are affected by everything” – Adam on people getting MSG headaches, they all talk about MSG and even Gary chimes in off mic.


Jimmy is back to Loveline and how it helped him learn about human relationships and sexuality, Jimmy credits BET for learning his American culture.

Jimmy is explaining why he has no empathy towards other people, he blames his father.

Adam says when it comes to girls it’s all confidence and requires someone to make a move, Fred explains his lack of rap he tried to use on the ladies.


Adam is mocking for him and for her unisex fragrances, Jimmy is back to his dad and talks about how he tries to book jobs now that his son is getting some success.


Drew is doing an Uber Live Read


Adam mocks Fred for pestering Jimmy for stories, joking about him bringing him on stage and asking him stories instead of developing an act.

Fred is now sharing an anecdote of Jimmy driving him, Adam is talking about the “roll-thru” privilege of driving a Rolls Royce, the status everyone wants.

Fred has some old anecdotes about Keenan Ivory Wayans telling him not to buy a used car, Jimmy is telling them about driving the hot girl from his UCB class and how she canceled the ride upon seeing he was the driver.


Adam is now pitching a possible racist motivation, Fred tries to take it back to Jimmy and Adam plugs his podcast, Drew talks about doing the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast.

Adam is now asking Fred about using marijuana, he explains how at 58 he got into the herb.

Adam is further quizzing him on his use and enjoyment of edibles.


Fred is talking about seeing Kathy Griffin at The Grove and running and hiding, Adam is now riffing about everyone who had sex with Kathy Griffin in the 90’s.

Adam is now talking about being at The Groundlings with Kathy Griffin, Jimmy can’t tell a story and refuses to share it now that they’ve brought it up like 3 times, apparently it was edited out of Fred’s podcast.

Jimmy brings up a woman ranting about Monsanto, Adam mocks people for automatically being anti-corporate when a business reaches a certain level of success.


Drew is talking about the language police culture is altering society and business, he predicts that medical shorthand will soon be under scrutiny to then somehow threaten or limit doctor’s abilities to do their jobs.


Drew is doing an Onnit Live Read

“Take back the gut” – Adam


Drew is telling the audience about the 5 episodes Fred has done in the Dr. Drew Podcast feed, Adam is now asking Fred about his time on the Jewish book festival tour circuit.

Fred has a funny impression and is now complaining about Flappers comedy club, he says it’s like Scientology.

Adam is telling Fred about his connection to the club, nothing special, he did film some stuff there.


Adam is now talking about the San Fernando Valley, he’s trying to get them to dig and says there is not a larger metropolitan area that doesn’t have a comedy club.

Adam says the entire valley has never had a comedy club.

Adam talks about the lack of culture from his hometown, one mile from Hollywood all culture is absent from the citizenship of the surrounding areas.


Fred has a quote from his mother, he gets Adam to talk about being absent of nerves, he explains how he never corrects people re: names and Jimmy brings up the Tera/Tara name mix-ups on Loveline.

Adam is now sharing the story of a guy who came up and did the “you don’t remember me do you?” move which led to Adam getting pissed off and he’s got a funny “king of Persia” line.

Drew is getting Adam to elaborate, Adam wants to know what’s in it for the person who confronts you, Adam says he’s found out it gives the common man jurisdiction and dominion over your psyche for a fleeting moment.


Adam is now getting Drew to stop and appreciate his discovery about this behavior, Adam crushes it by bringing up Jimmy’s dad.

Adam is now giving a homeless guy talking to Obama example to prove his point about the power dynamic.

Fred agrees and now Drew is sharing his observation on people who are “injustice collectors” and Fred interrupts before he explains the concept.


Adam has a funny anecdote from a time he ran into a guy from his old improv troupe, he was with Jimmy Kimmel at a Sav-On and Jimmy suspected Adam’s old troupe mate did know that Adam was successful.

Jimmy is asking for advice on how to approach women, Fred is refusing to mention a “big name” that wasn’t getting laid from being on ‘Silicon Valley’ and Adam is now riffing about “pussy chucking” and says the pussy is now spread too thin unlike the bygone days of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ and network television success.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Jimmy and Fred talk about Jimmy working in porn, Adam is now wrapping up the show as Drew needs to leave and Adam talks about his need to leave causing him to rock back and forth faster, he mocks the good science of it.

Adam closes out the show and gives out some plugs.