Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2013 – Lorenzo Neal and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2013 – Lorenzo Neal and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Lorenzo Neal and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 09-05-2013 – Release Date 09-06-2013

Production Number #1158

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Adam is opening the show with Ray In studio for his 17th visit, Adam is explaining how they first met and sharing some rare early stories including the time Ray threw a bat at Mrs. Harvey who Adam describes as straight out of central casting for a 1980’s school teacher.

Adam is now telling the story in full detail including an impressive impression of his screaming about the “bullshit” involved in his being called out.

Adam is telling them about their student who had a condition that rendered his extremities purple, his last name was Boysen and Ray was given the green light from the coaches to protect the kid.


Adam is now describing as Ray being like the mob and he’s joking about his extortion tactics while accidentally referencing another crime committed by Ray.

Adam is sharing the time he walked in on Ray forcing a kid to lay down beneath a 110lb barbell, trapping his neck beneath the weight.


Adam is now sharing how the television show “The League” used one of Dr. Drew’s favorite jokes, Adam’s famous “Peanut Butter out of a Shag Carpet” line to describe using toilet paper.

Adam is explaining how it’s not necessarily thievery and could be parallel thought and he’s citing how people can overhear a joke or one liner and adopt it.

Alison is saying that nobody else thinks like Adam and that line has to have migrated from a listener to the writing staff, for all we know they could have a Superfan in the writers room.


Adam is now commenting on a photo that’s pissing him off, a shirtless man mid yoga pose at a major airport and Ray is proclaiming how he feels urges to hassle the man.

Adam is now sharing his theory on the airport bathroom and why people abuse them, he’s connecting that to his L.A. the transient city theory about why people let it become trashed much like the airport at LAX.

Adam is connecting it back to the Yoga guy at the airport and wrapping up a few tangents.


Just the Tip

Adam is explaining how Matt Fondiler the Porcelain Punisher came up with the excellent effortful intro for this bit as featured each week on Ace on the House.

Adam is slowing Ray down to have him fully explain his latest home improvement tip, Alison is following along and now Adam is explaining all things fire block.


Lorenzo Neal is now joining the show to plug his new Carolla Digital podcast with Ray Oldhafer himself, it’s an NFL show filling the sports void left by Spider and the Henchman.

You can hear Lorenzo on Ace on the House right here and Adam is quizzing him about his 16 NFL seasons along with a bit of his journey.

Adam has a bit of nude locker-room comedy that all black former players always seem to love and he’s transitioning that into a plug for the new show.


Lorenzo and Me: The New Carolla Digital NFL Podcast with Ray Oldhafer and Lorenzo Neal

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Adam is bringing up Ray’s much maligned “you could have turned pro” argument about how he could have achieved more if Ray had applied himself.

Lorenzo is now chiming in on the next Raiders Game and Adam is mocking Ray telling him to shut up and has a funny impression.


Adam is now asking Ray about his Dr. Drew like radio skills and now Adam is asking Ray for his pick of the week.


They’re back from break to a listener voicemail about sitting under a “slow down your family will wait for you” flashing display and Adam is now commenting on the signs and has a funny point about car accidents and seat belt use.

Adam is now calling for everyone to boycott union 76/golf brand gasoline, Adam is now explaining how they can use different regional names and Alison has an excellent and wise mayonnaise reply.

Adam is telling the gang about their “Anti honking” billboard campaign, when the problem in Los Angeles is the exact opposite.


Adam is now relaying an experience from traffic just the other day, he was held up at a car refusing to turn on a green arrow and was honking in reply.

Alison is now reading the idea behind their massive billboard campaign and BB is seemingly mystified upon hearing the exact quotes despite Adam’s claims just moments ago.

Adam is now sharing the little known secret about gas and how it’s all the same stuff, he’s explaining the difference between additives and octane to A- Rose.


Adam is now giving an impassioned speech on the need for more honking and Alison has another quote from a woman named after a character Queen Latifah could play on a sitcom.

Adam is now literally trying to “take back the streets” and transitions from his distaste for this campaign to his own live read with help from BB and Alison, solid.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ella, Adam is sharing the great song they used to sing for their schoolmate of the same name and trying to give a quick rendition of “Ad-Carolla” his “My Sharona” parody.

Ella rudely interrupts at the worst time and Adam gives her some funny barbs for doing so, she’s getting a divorce and Adam just came up with a new rule, if you are ending a marriage under 21, not old enough to buy alcohol you should be able to get it annulled.

Adam is now giving her some practical advice in dealing with her husband, Adam is now sniffing out her abuse history to solver her crazy mystery, solid “What!?” from Ace in reply.


Adam is now explaining how women often feel more than they hear, he’s got a prime recreation and Alison is even unable to contain her agreement via a quick laugh noise.

Adam is now talking about communication and how hard it is to get the ball rolling when one person has a preloaded disposition for what’s going to happen before the dialogue has even begun.

Adam is now explaining her engrained need to be victimized and experience negativity, this is Classic Loveline 101.


Adam is connecting this to his own experience with Lynette earlier in the night, the “Salmon Fish Tacos” story as covered on the Latest for Crying Out Loud “We’re Back”.

Adam is saying it was as simple as a “I prefer red apples to green apples” reply and how it wasn’t intended to be negative, he’s got an even funnier “What Did You Do To Your Hair!?” analogy that Alison seems to enjoy, good stuff!

Adam is now saying he’s also partially responsible for giving that message to Lynette, so even when he’s not saying it that way it feels that way to her, whoa!


Adam is now on profound “there’s people that I lived with that I haven’t seen in 20 years” tangent and he’s blowing my mind, he’s explaining how a kid would change that drastically.

Adam is really going back, taking it to 20 and Alison has a key point that BB adds to nicely. Adam is sharing how children end up resenting their parents for negativity aimed at the other parent.

Alison explains that kids usually hate the present parent and Adam loves that phrasing and agrees.


2nd Caller Danny, he’s calling about people in the left lane who drive slow.

Adam is mocking his on air history of ranting about this exact topic, he’s explaining how uncomfortable he is to be holding someone up, with xenon headlights reflected in his rear view mirror in particular.

He’s using Mike August’s crazed driving technique as an example to pick on the idiots who won’t change lanes with someone pressing behind them.


Adam is now going off on the unmanned radar guns monitoring speed across the city, he’s on a crazy riff trying to invent a speedometer, mocking the idea of these devices.

Adam has a great “Wha, Wha, Whaaaat” he’s so pissed, it’s amazing!

Alison is taking it back to her favorite sitcom and explaining the actual negative consequences of being stuck in traffic, he’s working her fiancé into the mix, gross and gold!


Adam is now doing a live read and working this same topic into the mix, Alison has a killer reminder about Adam’s annual salary.

Adam is now doing the Legal zoom live read.


3rd Caller Steve, BEWM! He wants to know what Adam thinks about his obsession with the podcast and him calling into the show.

Adam has labeled him healthy and Steve keeps prefacing how non weird his love of the podcast is, Adam is now sharing his own relationship to talk radio during his lean years.

Adam was one of us Classic Loveline fans before the term even existed and he even listened to Prager back in the day too.


Adam is sharing his long held don’t listen to only the things you agree with ideas, he’s got a fantastic skydive training metaphor describing what being a “ditto head” means about a person.

Bryan is now asking what Adam listens to that he disagrees with, you can almost hear the glee in his voice trying to bait the Aceman while implying a political shift.

Adam is citing Prager’s faith and deep religion as where they differ and he’s taking it back to the days you where you would hear a variety of music on the radio.


Adam has a killer “put 2 zeros behind it” description of Prager’s religious beliefs.

Caller Brandon shits the phone bed and Adam is happy to move onto the news.


Alison’s News

Adam is now telling the gang about doing Larry King’s show earlier in the day and how impressed he was with the man’s sharp mental state.

Adam explains why he doesn’t ask about the distribution for the various projects he guests on, 1. He doesn’t want to inadvertently insult anyone who works on it 2. Will never watch it.

Adam is bringing up the time he guested on Larry King and Jeff Probst was doing the hosting duties.


Her top story is on Alec Baldwin’s new talk show, Adam is uncertain about the motivation for the TV show and now Alison is reading the quote from Alex explaining why he feels his “Here’s The Thing” podcast has evolved into this new project.

Adam is now joking about how he could invent a fake Kardashian family member, K’Joey.


2nd Story is on George Zimmerman’s wife and her admission of perjury.

Adam is taking it back to his Loews income lie and now Alison is explaining that she’s filed for divorce.

Adam understands why she has and Alison is asking the gang about dreams involving running super-fast, Adam only has the opposite, the running in mud “powerless/struggle” dream.


Adam is explaining his pregame “can’t get suited up in time” dreams and Alison is comparing that to her school dreams about not being prepared for a test.


3rd Story is on the growing movement to make speed traps illegal, it’s not only entrapment but a health hazard for a multitude of reasons, even for the officers manning the radar guns.

Adam is giving his take on why it’s dangerous and why he agrees, he’s now explaining how he would like cops to behave.

Instead of a “rogue group” he wants them act like employees of all of us taxpayers.


Great “To Server Man” Twilight Zone reference and Adam is now offering up his super fair real world approach that still includes tickets, just not shitty speed trap ones.

Adam is trying to shrink down the portion of a cops day spent writing tickets to their financiers, Adam is explaining how he has prideful cops who he meets after shows that tell him how they don’t do any of this shitty stuff.

Adam is now bringing up Nurse Ratchet Jr. Over at the super expensive birthing suite, as broadcasted on 06/07/2006 on the KLSX ACS with Jimmy Kimmel hosting Adam’s show and Joe Rogan in studio.


4th Story is on Kurt Russell’s possible involvement in the next Fast and Furious film.

Alison thinks of “Overboard” when she sees him (me too!) and Adam thinks “Tango and Cash” and they’re joking about him being stuck in Swayze’s shadow.

Chris Laxamana is now on mic to tell the gang about his most recent chicken shit ticket that was followed up with a 2nd round 1 hour later.


Adam is now taking it back to his days doing earthquake rehab work in Korea town, working on apartment complexes without parking facilities.

Adam is describing his 20 year old arguments with parking enforcement personnel regarding street sweeping and he just revealed the giveaway that proves they’re not interested in anything more than ticketing taxpayers.

Alison is in the process of a redesigning the logo for her podcast and wants to know if she can “tape them to the wall” or needs to pick it out another way.


Adam is sharing how he does it, except for when I intervene and get Michael Narren to whip something up ala “The Adam and Drew Show” art.

Alison wants to know how much of the reasoning should be based on emotion and how much should of it should be a business decision.


5th Story is on Aziz Ansari’s 3.5 million dollar book deal.

Adam has a hilarious reaction and he’s explaining how this book world works.

Adam is using Russell Peters and his crazy level of success combined with his less than recognizable face, interesting point.

Adam is bringing up Dana Gould and his talent level/audience size discrepancy compared to Russell Peters, he’s not insulting either guy but instead explaining that the audience size isn’t always merit based.


Adam is making it clear he thinks Aziz is a funny guy, it’s odd because Adam’s “croc” joke gets mixed up with Aziz’s old “Human Giant” joke regarding roller blades.


6th Story’s is on the death of Sarah Silverman’s dog “Duck” who Adam remembers fondly.

Adam has a funny one liner connecting this to the last story and a great “or whatever” delivery.


7th Story is on Dr. Phil getting in trouble for a tweet polling his followers regarding having intercourse with intoxicated partners.

Adam is not all phased by this BS media spin and Adam is revealing how he’s scared to speak the man’s name like “Candyman” he doesn’t want to jinx his likely media burn out, rooting for the end of his show and public persona.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is giving out the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.