Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2012 – Iain Morris

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/06/2012 – Iain Morris

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/05/2012 – Release Date 09/06/2012

Adam is opening the show with a rant on hospital gowns and the various experiences he’s had with flashing due to the gown having a tie in the back. He’s citing the bad times of not being able to cover your own body and worse seeing someone else’s body, he’s now transitioning to hospital employees having a higher gross out factor compared to the public.

Adam is discussing his idea for a new hospital gown and the design he came up with while napping earlier in the day. Adam is giving an update on his dad, he visited him again earlier in the day and he’s describing the scene. Alison and Bryan are chiming in and helping Adam describe the feelings he’s having about seeing his dad and having to hold him down twice for them to draw blood.

Adam is now describing how the patient only bathroom in his dad’s hospital room reminded him of the patients only bathroom he encountered back in 2006 in the private birthing suite when Lynette was giving birth. He’s retroactively going off on the nurse who lectured him after he used the bathroom, the same nurse he mocked on air from the hospital on his KLSX morning show.


Adam and the gang are now taking “Tales From The Cheap” calls, Adam is reminding the audience of his stepdad explaining he bought his cell phone for 10$ off craigslist. Mike Lynch just hopped on mic to give a new tales from the cheap from his family after quickly reminding the audience of some past stories from them. Adam is now going off on the guy he saw on TV who had the winning lottery ticket, the news reported he had been out of work for two years, Adam is pissed he was gambling while unemployed.

1st caller Jeff wanted velcro shoes while in the 6th grade, his dad bought regular k mart shoes, took out the laces and had his grandma hot glue velcro straps to them. Adam is now on a quick jag about nurses shoes and how they’re now allowed to wear normal ones as he observed at the hospital today.

2nd Caller Ryan, his dad stopped traffic to pick up a tool from the middle of the road, he’s done it many times. Adam is telling the story of when he held his dad’s trumpet mouthpiece out the car window and dropped it. Adam is now riffing on Dizzy Gillespie’s bent trumpet, lots of good one liners.

3rd Caller Clint, bought Adam a wine stopper, Bryan just chimed in but fucked up the reference and Adam gets a great line in. Adam is now explaining how he drinks his wine. Clint’s grandmother would order a carry out pizza, wait an hour then call back saying her pizza was never delivered in order to get free pizza.

Adam is telling the classic stories of his Grandma and the plastic utensils at his sister’s wedding and the time Chris had his father crash at their apt and would keep water in an old clamato bottle. He’s now going even more in depth on tupperware.


Iain Morris joins the show, Adam is quizzing him on all the imported UK television. Adam is initiating a conversation on how knowing everything ruins your enjoyment which has switched over to a conversation about calories. They’re now talking about diets in the UK vs. the states and Adam is giving an anecdote about teaching Olga to make Chicken Paprikash, his step grandfather’s signature dish.

Adam is now quizzing Iain on his journey, Iain is describing his upbringing, he just made Adam’s day by telling him he’s familiar with the Goodwood Festival. Adam and Iain are discussing the mileage Iain gets just because of his accent, Iain is confirming all of Adam’s suspicions. Adam is now explaining how being told something is too good for you is the highest compliment, or being told a photograph of you looks photoshopped.

Adam and Iain are now discussing how women settle in life more than men, Adam is making a series of great analogies, one involving truck drivers, another regarding George Clooney and the final one is about Menudo.

Adam is now asking Iain about the movie, they’re riffing on Ricky Gervais, women named Kevin and talking about Iain’s weight gain from all the driving he’s been doing in the states.


Alison’s News, Her top story is on Mayor Villaretardo being out of town for the DNC and she plays a clip of him taking a vote to reinstate the word GOD in the democratic platform. Adam, Alison and Bryan are sarcastically riffing on the mayor’s absence making them uncomfortable. Adam is questioning when the I and No vote replaced the Yay and Nay. Adam is now riffing on the mayor’s last name from the POV of the woman from the clip who stepped in to assist him, hilarious quotes!

Alison’s 2nd story is about Obama not directly addressing Clint Eastwood’s speech from the RNC, Adam loves Barack’s reply where he simply stated he was a fan of Clint’s work and how it’s the best move somebody can do, he equates it to not talking shit about your ex girlfriend’s new guy.

Adam is now going off on the claims that if Barack is not reelected it’s because the country is racist and now he’s transitioning to the GOP trying to deny voters rights. Adam agrees it’s a clear attempt to prevent minorities from voting but he counters this is a time to get these people photo identification so they can participate in all facets of society.

Alison is now reading the secret service codenames for the candidates and their families, Adam has several great riffs on this topic, great quotes!

Alison’s final story is about the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, she’s explaining he was engaged to Omarosa. Adam wants to know if he was possibly using steroids, he is now recounting that, saying people are allowed to die. Adam is expressing how much he’s going to miss Michael and he just mixed up a Ving Rhames news story thinking it was about Michael.

Alison is asking Adam about Omarosa, Bryan chimes in that she was on the radio show. Adam is riffing on her knowing the game of reality TV and purposely being the villain, the gang and Iain are now all riffing on the C word. Adam closes the show with a great riff about Iain.