Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/05/2013 – Dana Gould, Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/05/2013 – Dana Gould, Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dana Gould, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 09-04-2013 – Release Date 09-05-2013

Production Number #1157

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Adam is opening the show with Dana Gould making his 17th appearance and Adam is sporting an opened toe shoe and he’s asking Alison why he can’t wear sandals and he’s citing the multitude of compliments he’s received for his feet.

Adam is now on a Brian Wilson-esque “Why get out of bed” riff and citing the lack of royalty checks as the reason he can’t do that.

Adam is asking Dana about his upcoming shows as he gives some plugs.


Adam is telling Dana about riding bikes with Mike August in Boston, to the top of Bunker Hill and now Adam is commenting on when a hill is so steep you actually move slower on bike than you would on foot and how the bike creaking is the worst sign.

Adam is now commenting on the absurdity of a personal trainer being needed to motivate someone to workout, he’s adding another guy he can’t hang out with to his ever growing list.

Adam is on a Yoga mat/yoga riff and Dana has a killer one liner about his other car.


Adam has a great quip about his fictitious license plate frame exclaiming he didn’t run over and immigrants, they’re all now commenting on license plate frames and citing the ones that stick out to them.

Adam is now commenting on Dana’s all time craziest license plate frame/back window combination involving Deforest Kelley.

Adam wants to know if there is a single actor who’s made it that once sported a “born to act” bumper sticker/license plate frame.


Adam is taking it back to when he was 29yrs old teaching boxing while living in La Crescenta with 3 roommates, he’s telling Dana about trying to get a “base” of 250$ per week to get by.

Adam was offered that very amount from one of his students, an Asian gentleman enrolled in his boxing class and he’s now walking them through the “Amway” conference he was roped into.

Adam is now going off on the fire trucks that look like a custom work of art instead of utilitarian government vehicles.

Adam’s sticking on the gold leafing used to decorate them and how wasteful it is when it comes to tax dollars, they’re all riffing on this idea and it’s great.

Alison is asking if anyone has ever seen a fireman utilize a hydrant, the only person who has is Dana and it was for kids to run around in during the summer, Adam feels like that doesn’t go on anymore.

BB is now stepping in to shit on a point, Adam is now explaining himself a 2nd time to clarify things for him, explaining it was never sanctioned but he doesn’t see the kids playing the water like happened in the 1970’s.


Adam and Dana are now bringing up “Wilding” and Dana has some facts about the term never even being used by actual perpetrators and how it was an invention of the news media.

Dana has a harsh but hilarious description of the crime that led to the term entering the public consciousness.

Dana has a great “Escape from New York” comment and now Adam is calling “Wilding” the American variant of the “Chupacabra”.


Blah Blah Blog – Special Super Blow Hard Edition. Per Mike Dawson

1st Choices are Oprah, Michelle Rodriguez and Ian McKellen

Adam has a killer Radish riff in this one.


2nd Choices are Kirk Douglas, Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Matthews

Dana is now claiming its over and has to be Chris; he’s now breaking out the impression mocking the man and his tone, gold!

Adam is now commenting on Michael Douglas and his throat cancer.

Dana is now going in depth on Mr. Matthews and his prescription cocktail that keeps him in check.


Adam is explaining that he always compliments a woman when taking a photo with one in order to boost their confidence and make them feel nice upon leaving.

Dana is bringing up his new single status and they’re discussing his divorce for the first time and only the 3rd or 4th time Dana has talked about it publicly on a comedy podcast.

Adam is telling Dana to hook up with Catherine Zeta Jones so he can smell his cock nonstop, even after Dana grows tired of it.


They’re on a “Crazy Girls” riff and Adam is citing the Man Show write offs and they’re commenting on the idea of sons and daughters keeping you from enjoying porn.

They’re back to Dana’s single life and he’s now talking to them about watching “Perry Mason” and “Kojak” in reruns and the guys are breaking down the old plot points of the shows and how they depicted Los Angeles.

Adam is using the Bishop Don Magic Juan to make a point about pimps not having the lowdown on all criminal activity, hilarious riff between Ace and Dana.


Adam calls the 1970’s TV portrayal of pimps as the most insulting and simultaneously complimentary depiction of black people in media history.

They’re on an “Ironside” tangent now and throwing “Cannon” and “Barnaby Jones” into the mix with a few other of the TV detective Donkey Squad.


3rd Blog Choices are Michael Moore, Russell Simmons and John Cusack

They’re discussing the portrayal of Richard Nixon in various media in response to John Cusack being in the mix.


4th Blog Choices are Billie Jean King, Greg Louganis and Michelle Obama

Adam has a crazy anaerobic bacteria smell riff about the woman who swam to Cuba and Dana is adding to it with a crazy fishing boat riff.


5th Blog Choices are Mark Ruffalo, Ridley Scott and Kenny Loggins

They’re on a very protracted discussion breaking down the choices, Adam is now on a “Footloose” riff explaining how it was almost a “Great Magnet” moment that it played earlier in the day, sealing his choice.

Alison’s News

BB has a special intro featuring Adam’s great quote about the theme of his new book from Tuesday’s show.

Alison is now sharing a Mike August anecdote, he was testing the backside of her paper to test the markers and covered her in a metallic bukkake, and Dana is protesting her use of the word.

Adam is now saying there should be a law against pens that don’t allow the cap to be snapped on the back of the pen.

Dana is on another Chris Matthews riff, good stuff!


Her top story is on the suicide of Ariel Castro; Adam is mocking the ACLU’s statement regarding his death and riffing his own take and how regardless doesn’t enter into his thinking.

Adam is now telling Dana about the times he was hit during his childhood, the Al Lewis and dad spanking stories in response to Dana’s Chris Matthews’s impression and riffing.

Dana is stunned and wants to know why Grandpa Al Lewis hit him in his 1970’s Volvo, Adam just dropped a nice detail about his use of chewing tobacco and disgusting method of spitting it on the hardwood floor.


2nd Story is about the 50th anniversary of the “Lava Lamp” Alison, Dana and Adam are all giving their takes on the invention and it’s scary level of heat output.

Adam is calling for a class action lawsuit for the creators and predicting thousands of house fires that were probably caused by the device.


3rd Story is on Dr. Drew’s birthday, he is now 55 and Gary seems to be confirming all of this off mic

Adam is praising Drew for his never mentioning what day it is and he’s explaining how being born has no meaning as everyone who exists has been born, he’s leaving off his own counter argument as featured on an early Adam and Drew show episode where he argued both points.

Dana Gould is now riffing on Baby Hitler, calling him “adorbs” and mocking his early hatred for colors and letters.


Adam is riffing with Dana about a replacement for birthdays, an achievement day and they’re both longing for a Quinceañera.

Adam is praising Elvis for his various looks, so small and large people can impersonate him with ease.

Dana is now confirming some various rumors regarding Elvis and his predilections for drugs, bed pooping and female wrestling.


Adam is now bringing up Elvis carrying a badge issued by Richard Nixon and how Elvis almost entered the oval office with a pistol.

Adam is now longing for the days of when being a celebrity actually counted for something compared to today where you just pay money and become a target for paparazzi.

They’re all going deep regarding Elvis watching teenage girls wrestling; Dana is connecting it to Woody Allen and his choices in life, interesting logic.


Adam is using the 1999 Celebrity Dodgers incident with Jack Gilardi to exemplify his point about telling someone to fuck off who hasn’t heard it in several decades.

Dana is connecting it to the reaction of the Crocodile’s upon being grasped by Steve Irwin, Adam is explaining that was in his “Birchum” Pilot script, he’s echoing Dana’s point as it’s one of his classic riffs.

Adam is connecting it to the guy who knocked out Suge Knight and Dana is telling them about a pimp who was beaten up by a karate instructor at a police academy who witnessed the pimp beating one of his flock.


Dana has a killer “primordial leviathan” one liner to described crocodiles and Adam is marveling at their hilarious inverse jaw strength.

Adam is taking it back to the crocodile convention after Alison wraps the news and now Dana is riffing a Crocodile’s group therapy/survivor group to discuss being humiliated by humans.

Adams is now asking the gang about fan boats and somehow Alison doesn’t know what they are despite having probably seen one many times in various media.


Adam has a killer “Oakwood Apartment” one liner that might not get much traction outside of the local audience, Adam is riffing about wheel steering vs. dual sticks especially in boating.

Adam is explaining the time he rode on one he was working on Loveline and had to drive out to the swamp to film a “Man Show” bit deprived of sleep after broadcasting from 1-3am.


Adam is now doing a live read with BB. He’s now giving out Dana’s plug and wrapping the show.