Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/05/2012 – Brandon Steiner and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/05/2012 – Brandon Steiner and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/04/2012 – Release Date 09/05/2012

Adam opened the show with a Get It on, Bryan lays in some Ray drops which inspire Adam to share a tale of what he describes as “The Worst Labor Day ever”, involving Jim Carolla and Ray. Adam reveals that he received a phone call from his stepmom where she told Adam that Jim was scheduled for emergency brain surgery and that he should talk to him as it possibly could have been his last chance, this is intense!

Adam is going further in depth on the phone call he had with his dad from the hospital and how the hospital causes a steep and quick decline in the attitude and appearance of an older person once they get in the system. He’s now going off on surgeons who use carpentry references for the human body, Bryan chimes in with a great premise that sets up a quick and hilarious improv.

Adam is now getting into how Ray enters the story, Alison has a great joke. Adam got a phone call while he was poolside enjoying the holiday that the hospital had called a priest after Jim went into cardiac arrest, holy shit! Adam is going in depth about how Ray was crushed by this news and Adam thought it meant the end, this is a prime example of how the show can alternate between deeply touching and hilarious, wow no other podcast can do this!

Adam is describing how he and Ray entered the hospital expecting to say goodbye to Jim one final time, now he’s describing chastising Ray for trying to go back to see him a final time when Adam’s stepmom was going up for her final visit. Now Adam is describing the process of deciding if they should make funeral arrangements. Adam is telling the “Neptune Society” stories about Lotzi and his grandma, Bryan and Alison are adding some great comedy in and helping Adam make this funny and fresh.

Adam is now describing the progress Jim has made and the signs of recovery he’s exhibiting, Adam has some great comedy about checking his dad’s wallet, Bryan chimes in and they make it gold. Adam just revealed a tidbit about his father’s haircut expenses his stepmom inadvertently mentioned while tending to Jim at the hospital, Adam is busting his balls now.


Adam and Bryan are talking about the Last Rights being read, Adam just revealed that a fan had him made a Colonel and it’s semi official, whoa trumped me even! Adam’s attempting to describe his father’s role in his life, how he’s ever present and simultaneously absent. Adam is a “Kentucky Colonel”, the staff have found the email, Adam is now riffing on the process of him getting the honorary title.

Adam vows to keep us all updated on Jim’s condition, he’s now describing how the level of care and the technology at the facility is responsible for saving Jim’s life. Bryan wants to know if they should say where he’s staying but is now backtracking thinking Adam fears the outpouring of support, Adam just revealed he’s not hesitant due to that but because he wants to talk shit about the place.

Adam found some tagging in the elevator at his dad’s hospital and he’s pissed that nothing is sacred and is questioning what is wrong with L.A., he found even more graffiti on the toilet paper dispenser from the same chap, the staff have posted all of these photos on

Bryan reveals in all of the facilities he’s had to visit in the past 3yrs for his treatments, he’s never seen anything like this, he asks Adam if it’s possibly due to the area he was in. Adam is now describing the gentlemen he shared his elevator ride with who fit the profile of the type of chaps who might engage in this behavior.


Adam welcomes Brandon Steiner and Dave Dameshek to the show, they’re discussing Jimmy Kimmel and cousin Sal buying up lots of Shea Stadium memorabilia. Adam makes a comparison to not wanting to sit in the actual bat mobile, that it doesn’t hold up, Dave reveals he recently sat in the “Back To The Future” DeLorean and Adam is exactly right.

Bryan is chiming in that old baseball stadium urinal troughs must be a hot item, Brandon is confirming that they are one of the most in demand items. Adam is now riffing on urinal troughs and answering Alison’s questions about how it works. Adam is quizzing Brandon on the most in demand memorabilia and what percentages of stuff being sold is bootlegged.

Brandon reveals if he wasn’t on the show today he would be over at Bobby Knight’s house going through his massive collection, Adam lays in a killer one liner. Adam correctly guesses the value of the item in his joke and Brandon confirms he’s dead on with the estimate, Adam suggests he should work for Brandon as an appraiser.

Brandon is going over a personal anecdote and Adam once again jumps in with some great one liners, Brandon is a good sport and goes along with it. Adam is asking about what athletes are famous for being difficult when it comes to autographs and memorabilia. Adam and Dave are really picking Brandon’s brain and going further in depth about the most valuable items. They’re now talking about Barry Bonds vault of personal memorabilia and Bill Buckner signing photos of the ball going through his legs.

They’re now covering the infamous “Steve Bartman” incident and the nature of these events, Adam is going off on the random nature and mob mentality involved. Adam is giving his theory on the male chin and how it plays into how people perceive you. Alison chimes in with Jerry O’Connell, Adam just made the comparison to Swayze, how Patrick’s brother and Jerry’s both look more like each of them then they do, but it’s too much, I love this concept, always funny.

Adam reveals the majority of the “Man Show” memorabilia was left in a prop shack and then ruined by rain, figures.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports He quickly touches on the Pennant race, now Adam is riffing on sports mascots actually performing the sport they represent in the team logo and how he prefers that. Dave just brought up how he is off to the fairytale football draft after the show, Adam makes Dave reveal who was kicked out of the league last season.

They’re going further in depth about the draft and the list of likely candidates who might be booted this season, Adam and Dave are giving their various theories. Dave is going over the upcoming Cowboys and Giants NFL season opener and the upcoming week 1 games. Adam quickly reminisces about walking in the cemetery behind Syracuse with Dr. Drew back in their old Loveline college gig days.

Creep of the Week “The Dutch Mook” and people who told Dave to hold on to his baseball cards and not sell them. Adam is now riffing on Cousin Sal and his super expensive “Beanie Baby’ collection that also has no value. Dave’s final creep is the Jets defense nickname “The Gang Green”. Dave turns the blaster on himself this week for not having a better prepared list of creeps.

Bryan closes the show with a very sweet “Hell Yeah”(uhh yeah) drop from Jim Carolla, nice work Bryan!