Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2015 – Paul Scheer and Steve Rannazzisi, Live from the Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2015 – Paul Scheer and Steve Rannazzisi, Live from the Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Scheer and Steve Rannazzisi, Live from the Irvine Improv

Recorded 09-03-2015 – Release Date 09-04-2015

Production Number #1653

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Adam had a pre-recorded intro with a Live Read and then a Legal Zoom Live Read, The ads up top “Joe Rogan” method, I Like it.

Adam is opening the show live from Irvine, Adam welcomes the guys to the show to the “Hi Gary” #TopDrop.


Steve is making his ACS debut and Paul is making his 4th appearance, his first guest spot on ACS #100 the first edited and now restored podcast episode.

ACS #100 Uncensored (feat. Rob Huebel & Paul Scheer)

He was back again on ACS #325, ACS #1130 available via the archive, Adam is telling them about his first fantasy draft with his son last night.


They’re now all riffing about frozen yogurt and are going in depth on the experiencing of adding toppings, BB brings up the yogurt chips and Paul hates the carob chips.

BB is asking for some backstory on Adam’s history with fantasy sports, he shares his shitty childhood and now Paul mentions his dad taking him to Def comedy jam.

Adam explains he let his son take the first pick, he chose Tom Brady and with today’s news his son is now a genius for taking him.


Adam is describing the father son league and Paul asks about the best father son team, Adam shares how you tell who the most successful dude there.

Adam jokes about him wearing his dress shorts, Adam jokes about shorts for “cleanup” and now he describes how he proclaimed he would see them all at the loser’s party, which causes him to bring up his port hole to hell idea.


Q and Ace

1st Q Stacey, should I give my date a BJ tonight?

Adam is talking about the days when blowjob became a parting gift from women, past his prime era of dating, while he was hosting Loveline.

Adam is now saying as BB knows he’s the best receiver of oral sex, hilarious reaction from BB.

Adam is unable to explain the je ne sais jizz of it, Adam is asking about the married part and Stacey clarifies, Paul mocks her for bragging about her affair on a podcast.


Stacey’s soon to be divorced dude is now on mic and Adam has a hilarious bob for nachos idea, Paul is mocking her for having her head in her hands after writing this question.


2nd Q Sara, she caught her 11yr old son looking at porn and wants to know how severe the reaction should be.

Adam is talking about the way he would peel and unpeel a banana and shout “naked lady” when he was 9, it seemed very appealing.

Everyone is talking about beat off material, Adam is bringing up the 8mm stag movie.

Paul asks what stag movies really are, Paul is talking about the patience of seeing one of these movies, and Adam is describing the glossy white chest of drawers they used for a screen.


Adam is talking about beating off to the reel by holding it up to the light, he describes the tiny frames he was viewing.

Adam says it was John Holmes and his cock was still bigger than his even in 8mm frame, Adam says not to punish the kid and he’s just exploring blah blah blah.

Paul is riffing about hentai and animated nudity.


Adam is talking about his youth and contrasts that to the revises for porn videos, he feels badly for the parents of the young women in these movies.

Adam didn’t know you could object to any kind of porn when he was a kid.

Steve has a nice anecdote and Adam brings up the old workout show in the round, ’20 Minute Workout’ and how they used to watch it before school.


Adam is now riffing up a storm about beating off to this, hilarious sting up ass comedy.

Adam asks what we need aquariums for when we have this, Adam wants a constant loop of this on flat screens in all waiting rooms.


Adam jokes about the woman hired to lounge in a fancy L.A. hotel and Adam now talks about a contractor who pulled up in his hummer with the chrome package and how it was a clear sign he gouges customers.

Paul and Adam are riffing up a storm and Paul suggests a once a moth stabbing idea, Adam is now bringing up his “gay games” suck a cock to prove you’re not a gay basher idea.

Adam asks if they still have the gay games, hilarious one liners from Adam mocking himself for asking this audience.


Adam is now sharing a racist thought, he asks if you’re Hitler and wants to know about racists calling black people animals, you shouldn’t be upset about a black person beating a white person in a foot race, based on your own racist logic.


3rd Q John, he wants advice for a newly expecting father, Adam jokes about firing 20’s in a cannon at all of the problems.

Paul is offering up some realistic advice, he says he’s fucked hard for the first two months and Steve has some more honest advice to help him.

“A fleshy tuning fork” – Adam on the 18yr dick punch of having kids as described by Paul.


Adam talks about having to use the dad voice today, he explains how the kids were home from school and he asked them to help Lynette organize, he caught them eating and hanging out.

Adam had to drop the “your mom’s nice, I’m not” line to get them to hustle and start moving.

Gina asks if that motivated them, he said no, they know he won’t do shit to them.


Gina brings up ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and Adam is riffing about the show, Paul is chiming in and Adam says the point of the show was to piss off the starving millions across the globe.

Adam says that set would be the greatest all time set to stumble onto high, Adam is now talking about the employees in grocery stores who refuse to help customers.

Adam says this is the same thing that happens to him at Home Depot, he gets mistaken for an employee but does know the aisle to help the customer, Paul is asking Adam if he has a show he watches with his daughter, and Adam cites a few reality shows.


They’re all sharing their admiration for the addictive nature of ‘America’s funniest videos’ and Adam is riffing up a storm about people accelerating while involved in ATV and snow mobile accidents.

Adam talks about babies whizzing in people’s faces, Paul and Steve have a few categories of tapes as well.

Adam brings up the “scare the black person” category.


Gina’s News

Adam gets some more Mangria, Adam is now sharing a story of shit backing up in his shower while moving after a funny thought about Howie Mandel being the one dude you would want to shake hands with due to his cleanliness.

Adam explains the plumber gave Adam the full on shitty handshake after cleaning out the tub.


1st Story is an update on the nutty county clerk being found in contempt of court and arrested, Adam is joking about god grating wishes, hilarious Bill Cosby comedy.

Adam jokes about her being the fresh fish in jail and nobody wanting any of it, they’re all riffing about ’20 Minute workout’ and Adam wants to know why someone gave the YouTube video a thumbs down.

Gina has a funny line, Paul and Steve are weighing in and Adam is pitching a new show idea where he brings in the person in the video to address the person who gave it a thumbs down, Paul does a quick improv bit with Adam.


2nd Story is on a guy in Texas who forgot a gun in checked baggage, Adam says that being so nonchalant about your done is worse than bringing it with intent.

Adam shares his counter to this guy and explains his efforts to bring his toiletries in small enough containers.

Plaxico Burressis brought up, Adam jokes about his intelligence and Adam comments on how stupid women are because they must sleep with men who have slept with other women of status, men don’t do that.


Dan Bilzerian is now the topic of discussion and they’re watching the video of him throwing a woman into a pool, Adam explains why you don’t want to do the grab move and resist, you will only land half way in the pool.

They all react to her catching some coping and now Adam is sharing how misses the horses jumping into pools, the ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ type stuff.

Adam is now riffing as the horse complaining about the events of the day that led to him diving into a bucket, hilarious!


Adam has a funny riff about women preferring to watch ISIS highlight reels over a horse jumping into a pool.


3rd Story is on a new bizarre Taiwanese fashion trend, Adam is joking about the plastic bag fashion, Adam riffs about them trying this in American Samoa, and they would be wearing RV covers.

Gina says she actual has done this, she wore one for Halloween.

Adam admits he used to steal from the Van Nuys 7/11, Steve asks what and Adam crushes it with a “gold ingots” line followed up with the actual answer and then “souls” which is fucking insane, like he’s Ghost Rider.

They’re riffing about big gulps and Adam says they’re now big enough for your horse to jump into, they riff as Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam plugs ‘The League’ and wraps up the show.