Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 173

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/07/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 173

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-02-2014 – Release Date 09-07-2014

Production Number #173 – Guest host Lavell Crawford

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Drew is doing the intro like he’s never seen it done before, Drew is plugging Lavell’s work on ‘Breaking Bad’ and Drew sings his praises.

Drew bring up the ‘Willie Lynch: The Making of a slave’ and Gary’s research about them, Drew is saying he’s not sure about it and wants to know where Lavell first found out about it.

Lavell is sharing his experiences in school with racism and how he felt ostracized and abused by his teacher.


Lavell is going in depth on how the Willie Lynch stuff affected him as a child, Drew brings up “The Fappening” and Gary is revealed to have something in common with Mike Catherwood.

Drew is now bringing up the church and black women holding the black communities together, Lavell is doing a rad white college kid impression of one of Drew’s sons and now they’re waxing poetic on the unique roles that fathers play in sons lives and mothers in their daughters lives.

Drew and Lavell are discussing honest with children and how by sharing too much you give your kids a license to repeat the same behaviors and acting out you took part in as a youth.


Lavell is sharing how he didn’t have respect for the men his mother brought into his home and how he would react to them, he’s got a solid ‘Lion King’ analogy.

Lavell says that men can’t give up on family and cites that as a major problem in the black community.

Drew brings up Clinton’s welfare reform and how that didn’t lead to the exact changes and advancement needed.


Lavell is referencing ‘Roots’ and he says that racism only helped him battle harder and advance farther in life, it didn’t hold him back.

They’re now taking a break.


They’re back from break.


1st Caller Brandy, she wants to know about bulletproof coffee and Drew is saying it changed his life, he says he’s not so much into the grass fed cow butter, the MZT oil has affected his mood and controlled his appetite, he’s lost some weight over the past few months.

Drew says he uses Dave’s high octane MZT oil and also plugs Caveman coffee sold by Onnit, these are such Joe Rogan Experience topics.


2nd Caller her grandmother has severely swollen legs and wants to know what to do, Drew is asking if she has any other medical problems.

Drew lists the 3 medical causes of swollen legs, he says that old ladies get this and explains the less drastic possible cause.


3rd Caller Kristen, she has a question about a possible Catfish situation.

The man she’s met twice, he doesn’t want to talk on the phone but says he loves her and she admits she had to “knock it down” in person.

Kristen is sharing the information from his background check and how the information about his kids keeps changing and now Lavell is defending this guy.


Kristen wants to know why he can’t just admit the truth. Lavell is killing it speaking her language and Drew is in the mix too.

Lavell is now sharing some insights about honesty and Drew shares the “less history more mystery” rule of thumb coined by Adam Carolla.

Lavell is insisting he’s not player and he doesn’t crush a lot, he’s trying to share his struggle in convincing his wife he’s not into cheating.


Drew is now asking about Lavell’s former 178lb wrestling weight level, Lavell reveals he recently had two friends pass and they’re talking about the weight loss surgery he’s considering.

Drew shares his own health concerns and how a doctor telling him “you can only outrun your genetics for so long” lead to his acceptance of medication and now Drew is asking Lavell about his weight loss goals.


Drew is asking him what procedure he would consider, Drew is citing the possible complications and Lavell says he needs some solidification and something beyond his will power.

Lavell is sharing more of his athletic past and various positions while playing football.

Drew wants Lavell’s biggest comedic influences and he’s now listing off some great names including the often forgotten Robin Harris.


Lavell is now explaining how different audiences have different expectations and how he hates the “I just want you to stay around” pleas aimed at overweight people by those who love them.

Drew is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the 2nd hour with Lavell.





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