Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 172

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 172

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-02-2014 – Release Date 09-04-2014

Production Number #172 – Guest host Lavell Crawford

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Dr. Drew is opening the first of 2 recordings with Lavell Crawford as his co-host, Drew explains that Adam is dealing with litigation and Drew explains he is happy to have Lavell on the show.

Drew is sharing how he discovered Lavell and enjoys his standup comedy, he even brings up his role in ‘Breaking Bad’ and the infamous scene with him and Bill laying on a pile of cash.

Lavell is now describing Vince Gilligan the creator of ‘Breaking Bad’ and joking about him being a secretly dangerous guy, ala ‘Dexter’ and now Drew is asking if Vince allowed the cast to add to their characters.


Lavell is telling Drew about his recent standup work in Tennessee and Drew brings up his son’s fascinating with the inherent racism found in the south.

Drew is now sharing two bad interaction with police at Rose Parade events, he’s going in depth on how he was sent to court for disobeying an officer, he’s saying that the two African American cops didn’t cause him to think they were racist.

Drew says that if someone told him that black cops were out to kill him, when said cop lifted him up he might have fought for his life.


Lavell is now sharing an anecdote of being forced to ride in the back seat of a cop car and how painful it was for him as a kid.

Lavell is now sharing a story of a failed fist fight with his opening act in Kentucky, resulting in the cops stunning his opening act.

Lavell clarifies this story was from Cincinnati, it must have been two stories and two states.


Drew is now sharing the story of Fletcher from Pennywise when he stole a vehicle and was threatened to have his dick fried off by a large Asian cop.

Drew is asking Lavell about his 3yr old son and his wife.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back form break with Drew bringing up the upcoming live audience for his HLN show and Drew was offered to come on ‘Chelsea Lately’ for the finale, Drew says he was going to tell that story on the HLN show and calls his boss at CNN a super guy.

He shares the fear black people have for African American cops and how they try to be “more blue than back” and now Lavell is bringing up the fraternal order of the police and how it supersedes race.

Lavell reveals that he used to be a mason and is now making some great points and sharing with Drew how these conflicts arise among black kids and white cops.


Lavell is now sharing an anecdote of a recent flight and a rude passenger who was discriminating against Lavell for his size and T-shirt selection.


1st Caller Eric, he wants to know if Lavell is going to be on ‘Better Call Saul’ and Lavell is insistent he will probably be on the show, he’s not sure but tells the fans to keep their fingers crossed.

Drew is recalling his work ‘Wild Hogs’ and the great day he spent on sent with Tim Allen.

Eric is telling them about his wedding and his father and step mother who attended the wedding and badmouthed him, Lavell is now sharing how he reconnected with his father after almost 40 years.


Lavell goes in depth and Drew tries to offer some different sympathetic perspectives for Lavell’s late father and his predicament.

Drew shares his recent “what do you need to do to be a good son” way of viewing a parental relationship.


2nd Caller Russell, he’s 6 month sober and left his wife to pursue his sobriety, he’s sharing his history and how he’s not had sober sex in over 10 years and can’t last during it without the drugs.

Drew is now asking about the sobriety of the woman he’s seeing.

Lavell is now sharing some details from his past and how he now dreams about his wife and how great that is to be so turned on by your spouse.

Lavell is sharing his history with Marijuana and how he needs to keep breathing.


Lavell is now sharing his plans to go back to weed when his son is 12yrs old, Drew is wrapping up the call and the episode.