Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2014 – Richard Lewis and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2014 – Richard Lewis and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Richard Lewis and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 09-03-2014 – Release Date 09-04-2014

Production Number #1403

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Adam is opening the show to a nice intro from Dawson and Lynch, Alison Rosen is tardy and BB has a nice #TopDrop featuring DAG as future Sonny Carolla yelling at Adam, per request from Lynette Carolla.

Adam is telling them about his “Comedian’s Comedian” award from ‘Flappers’ in Burbank.

He’s telling them how he told Maria Menounos about his feelings regarding it and how it means nothing to him and jokes about not being filled only with cat shit and sawdust and explains he’s not dead inside, the Toyota Grand Prix trophies do mean something to him.

BB brings up the competition element, Ray is chiming in and brings up Adam’s pop warner trophies and Adam brings up his “Blue Chip Player” recruitment letter and then says that some things mean something to him and some have no meaning.


Adam is back to the award and explains why and how it was flattering, Ray brings up the inscription and Adam says the award has some heft to it and feels he should have more feelings about it.

Adam is unsure why the award doesn’t move his needle at all, Ray jokes about it being front and center in the studio and Adam explains he hasn’t talked about it yet and wanted to remind himself, Adam brings up the idea of being labeled “The Pod father” and BB brings up Adam’s lack of a history idolizing comedians.

Adam brings up how the pogs/coins gifted to him by military personnel while he travels, he says they don’t mean anything to him but Sonny his son loves them and gets a big kick out of it.


Alison slides in and she gives Adam a funny whatever for not waiting for her to start, she seems to be 75% kidding.

Adam jokes about them gossiping about her and brings up the topic at hand, the award from Flappers and Adam explains how he reacted to the award being brought out at the end of the show.

Alison is now sharing her take “a man of the people” and says that he’s the people’s comedian not the comedian’s comedian, Adam has some great reactions to her suggestions.


Adam has a plug for the book jacket signing and mailing them in.


Adam is now sharing why he’s pissed off and why he believes this weekend coming up will be the 7th and 8th “Catch a Contractor” or 8th and 9th and brings up the mesh screen fly protectors for the cast and crew lunches.

Adam is going in depth on why this angers him and why “oh yeah they have those” is his least favorite response when he brings up a simple fix to make things more comfortable ala the hot water heater.

Adam brings up how slammed the woman in charge was on set, Adam explains the timeline of events.


Adam has a funny “hey bums” riff about how he’s not demanding this from homeless people, but a well-oiled production team.

Adam is now back to his other least favorite reactions and has a funny “boogers and hose water” reply ad Alison is sharing her confusion regarding “hunger strikes” and Ray calls back Alison’s fictional weight gain.

Adam says that hunger strikes are the equivalent to kids holding their breath till they go to Disneyland, Adam says that half the guys doing hunger strikes he would like to die anyway, outside of the rare Gandhi’s of the world.


Adam is now riffing about Gandho (Gandhi’s nickname) and how you can’t tell his before or after hunger strike photos apart.


Adam is doing a live read for Legal zoom


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mohamed from Toronto, Adam calls back the hunger strike and he shares that his last name is actually Gandhi, whoa! Great Magnet!

“Gandhi could probably get by 10 years on an ounce of pussy, he’s not a big guy”

Adam is now trying to convince the caller to pretend to be Gandhi’s grandson and he’s now riffing a dating scenario with him pretending and falling Adam’s advice.

Adam is killing it as this fake girl Mohamed is approaching, hilarious “he always pulled out” one liner from Adam that Ray doesn’t top with his quip, he repeats it and it also doesn’t get any traction.

Mohamed shares how Adam inspired him to quit his job and move up in the world, his phone cuts out right at a key point in the quote about what inspired him.


Adam is now telling Gandhi about his phone and he tells him “when have you ever regretted making a change” and Adam says “this ain’t shark tank bitch!” in reply to his explanation of his new business.

Adam jokes about fresh ground pepper and says he’s in love with the “idea of pepper” and jokes about regular table pepper not being good enough for him.

Adam is now sharing how the pepper mill always seems unreasonably too big and jokes about it being the last thing we make out of wood, unlike all other industries.


Adam is now joking about pepper mill wars in reply to Alison’s question.


2nd Caller Aaron, BB keeps playing the drop from Mohammed and Adam gets Aaron to reveal his last name McVeigh, after Adam jokes “what is your last name Luther King Jr.” and then Adam tops it with a federal building comment.

Adam says it must suck when your name goes south on you, BB brings up a girl named Katrina he met after the storm hit.

Adam brings up the other Mark Wahlberg, the one with the L and Ray brings up Ray Jay Junior and his comedy routine that was used in Miller Light Commercials.


Adam is now having Gary search for “Ray Jay Johnston Jr.” and how it wasn’t funny but worked as a rhythm joke, the comedy equivalent of mood rings and pet rocks.

Adam is back to Aaron and he is stalling not getting to his question, he’s been perusing a career in music since high school.

Adam has found the commercials via Gary and they’re now playing it and interrupting Aaron.


Adam explains this is before, cable and satellite and now they’re playing the commercial after the more recent video of the same guy doing his act.

Adam is now sharing how he had people in his life like Ray who would have stopped him from trying that act, much like the cowboy boots incident Ray prevented.

Aaron wants career advice and Adam calls back the bit and jokes about him calling him Ace, Aaron brings up the age 30 rule for making it in comedy that Adam set for himself, he wants to know what Adam would have done if he failed, back to construction?


Adam explains how he wasn’t attracted to construction, it was the parameters of 0 education and nobody caring and them needing 7$ and hour.

Ray quotes his late mother and Adam brings up how the NBA is a great career choice for LeBron James and that prudent choices are for those with skills, he references Dennis Miller and Pete Townsend to make his point.

BB is now asking if it’s acceptable to settle for a side career within the industry you desire to work, Adam has a great “in front of the camera” and everyone else explanation.


Adam is now bringing up the sound guys on movie sets and how put together they are and how capable they are, he’s bragging about satchels and boom mic handling techniques.

Adam says that Camera guys have a ton of pride in their work, they don’t want to be in front of the camera, and they are more content doing their profession.

Pick your field and fi you’re attracted to it, go for it – Adam Carolla


Adam is now doing a live read for with an emphatic Bald Bryan helping out and Adam says he’s going to present Richard Lewis with a re-award of his award.

Ray is now sharing a plug for Maxxima style and getting to his “Just The Tip” segment as heard on Ace on the House, the hit comedy home improvement podcast.

Ray is telling Adam about blowing out gutters and how to avoid blowing out the top and the rest of the gutter, Adam is confused and BB is now helping making sense of it.


Adam is finally getting the idea, he brings up Joel McHale’s dad falling off a ladder and BB cites his dad doing the same thing, Adam gives this one a 4 ½ and likes it.

Alison is asking about a window above a stairwell with accumulated cobwebs ad bugs, they tell her how to clear it out safely.

Adam is heading to break.


They’re back from break.

They open the segment to a “What not to watch on TiVo Tonight” bit and welcome Richard to the show, Adam is sharing his take on the 24hr news cycle and how programming in general is the same, they added too many channels before coming up with the content to fill them.

Adam is now using lottery winners and reality show stars as an example of negative inspirations that people use to justify their own lame aspirations.

Richard is praising Adam as the leader of the pack of podcasts and then transitions into the opposite of this type of show, a favor a for a friend and Adam brings up how he often does promotional radio show appearances only to discover it’s a lame podcast with no listener base.


Adam is now bringing up Richard’s work on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and praises an obscure “Stop blaming your parents” joke from one of Richard’s specials.

Adam is asking Richard about his journey and he is sharing his original plan and how he fooled his parents into supporting him at college while he studied a different major.

Adam is now asking about the standup world and asks Richard to explain it in terms of the stock market, Adam is asking Richard where we are now and he explains the open mic nights look like a bread line.


Richard has a funny “Jewish Fish” line about the offers he gets for voice work and the jobs he just can’t take.

Richard is bringing up corporate gigs and how he was surprised by a setting, a museum during the World Series.

Adam and Richard are lamenting how they milk extra time and work out of you at these gigs, Adam is asking Richard about some obscure venues he plays, and Richard brings up playing Utah.


Adam also played Utah and is now bringing up the idea of a new business inside of a failed business, Adam is hinting at the former Godfathers pizza in Kirkland Washington that became “Laughs Comedy Club”, Adam is now referencing that very location but cites the wrong pizza chain.

Adam is now citing the cunt from Cobbs in San Francisco who ended up biting a bouncer on the calf and the lame “for no reason” story he got from the girls boyfriend.

Adam is bringing up the elderly couples that get sat up front at many venues and how old people stop caring about everything, Richard is telling Adam about opening for Sonny and Cher and going in depth.


Richard is sharing how he once got drunk before the show and was called out by Sonny Bono, Adam has a great “because I did” recreation of what Richard just said.


Adam has a great “I got me babe” one liner and BB adds to it nicely.

Adam is bringing up the “Bob Denver at the boat show” place in life where all actors end up embracing the one thing they had, he’s got a great Johnny Depp and 21 Jump Street counter point.

Adam and Richard are discussing Bobby Darin and James Darren.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed sleep system


Adam is still trying to find the right Darin/Darren and brings up TJ Miller (T.J. Hooker) and Adam is now connecting all of the dots.


Alison’s News

1st Story is an update on the Joan Rivers situation and Adam is sharing his love for her, Richard compliments her 60 year career and Alison is once again citing Adam’s father’s medical situation.

Adam has a killer one liner about his dad and a kind recollection o visiting Larry Miller in his rehab center where he was in horrible shape.

Alison is reading the details of the case, Adam is bringing up the “always a risk” of anesthesia and how it’s an extreme danger.


Alison brings up her fear of anesthesia and Adam shares his “do you ever even know” about dying while unconscious and Alison brings up her thoughts about the upcoming fibroid procedure.

Adam says “I’ll never have to sit in traffic again” and Alison has an excellent and profound point about death.

Adam is now riffing about counting forward while being put under and Alison shares her deep rooted fear of anesthesia that come from having a doctor for a father.


Richard is now sharing an anecdote.


2nd Story is on the Albino Cobra, Adam has a killer “like Kanye” and “cept for the Albino part” set of one liners.

Adam is now joking about people who handle snakes and brings up his dog molly who was bit by a rattlesnake and Adam shares the funny kind of rescue dog Molly could be considered to be.


3rd Story Is on the suspension of Wes Welker, Adam is now asking why he took the drug and his recent concussions, Adam is joking about “concussed” with Richard.

Alison has a great “Chaz” reference to “Charles in Charge” and now Adam is bringing up how hard it was to book Hockey Players on Loveline, he says the kings, but they had at least 2-4 kings’ players on the show during his era.

Adam is brining Jamal Lewis and how we pay guys huge sums of money to mortgage their future and destroy their joints then get upset when they get caught with a joint.


Adam brings up the brains of interior linemen who had concussive head trauma and how the NFL tried to bury that research much like the Tobacco companies and cancer.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.

Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings.

“RGIII bones you” – Adam


Adam is giving out he plugs and wrapping up the show.