Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2013 – Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2013 – Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dwight Yoakam and David Wild

Recorded 09-03-2013 – Release Date 09-04-2013

Production Number #1156

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Adam is opening the show with a funny intro from Dawson and probably Lynch, BB has a choice #TopDrop of Adam doing his early AM Lynette impression.

David Wild is in studio for his 44th visit, Adam has an update on Molly’s health watch 2013, he’s got bad news about her new tumors and how they’ve decided to put her on Chemotherapy.

Adam has a killer one liner about the anti-venom from her snakebite incident.


Adam and BB are now on a roll with cash register drop work and Adam’s lamentations about the cost, he’s working David Wild and Cee-lo into the mix with a literary analogy.

Adam is joking about the 50/50 coin toss element of veterinary care, and really going off while explaining the few details he knows.

Adam has a funny comment about 5 tumors and he’s telling the gang about Lynette’s reaction and state of mind with all this, BB has a great Debbie Dutson one liner with a twist.


Adam is now telling the gang about attending Phil Rosenthal’s weekly movie night and how he deliberately left it out of the last show.

Adam is explaining how affordable home theaters are now and he’s citing how Phil will run a musical performance before every movie, as a form of palette cleanser before the main feature.

Phil played a 2004 Tom Petty and Jeff Lynn performance in tribute to George Harrison and Adam is thanking David for shitting on his point, douche.


Adam is giving “the dwarf devil his due” while discussing Prince joining the musicians on stage and they’re doing live commentary over the performance.

Adam is now setting up another song, a new Richard Banks song about our very own Chris Laxamana.

They’re now playing “Rock me Maxipada” and it’s incredible, Lynch and Banks have out done themselves.

David says it’s better than the original and Adam is teasing a possible album release for all of Rich Banks songs, Alison is bringing up the lyric regarding “drawer” and is referencing the recent reveal about his phrasing on ARIYNBF.

Adam has a killer one liner about where Chris sleeps, in the places where on would put pies to cool and now Mike Dawson is now telling them about Chris sleeping on top of an armoire and you can see the photo of it via the show link above.

If I were Chris I would drive around Los Angeles with that song blasting, windows rolled down, please Chris do this and film it!


Adam just told the guys he’s doing the Tonight Show on Friday and they’re discussing the “Lineman Dykes” Queen Latifa incident.

David is telling them about “Teach” a show he’s working on about the education system and Adam just revealed he never thinks about the teachers despite appreciating them.

He’s explaining that he expects most of them to be shitty at their jobs based off firsthand experience and he’s got a great point to top himself about the intact families with supportive parents being the main factor that decides a child’s fate.


They’re now going in depth on teachers and the roles they play, David is sharing some personal anecdotes and giving his take, Adam is agreeing while offering up some counterpoints and stressing the parent’s role.

Adam says teachers can only chase the problem and never catch up; Parents can stop it before the problem exists.

Alison wants to know how you can get parents to stick around, Adam is now combatting Huffpo and explaining how they refuse to acknowledge there is a problem.


Adam has a great point about focus; he’s now riffing about “Planet Broken Family” and the satellite solutions that can never fix said planet.

Alison is now challenging Adam about his take with some thoughtful follow up questions about discomfort and sticking together, Adam is saying that in some cases parents need to put off what feels right to them in the name of a greater good like raising children.

David is asking Adam about Jimmy Kimmel and his divorce and Adam is explaining how Jimmy was able to do exactly what he was just describing and even overcompensated to boot.

Adam is now citing his wife’s parents and their divorce after the kids were raised, David is agreeing with Adam despite trying to bust him by using Kimmel’s situation.

They’re joking about Phil Rosenthal and rampant criminal activity, Adam is joking about stealing his screen and David has a killer one liner impersonating Phil.


David is now playing a Warren Zevon tribute recording from 10 years ago, they’re now playing it and Adam is asking David about the man’s life and death.

Adam has a killer one liner contrasting Warren to Molly and David has a nice follow up quip.

Adam is now riffing about people turning him down for his final album recording collaborations and calling the man the Radiohead of his day as people would cite him to get hipster music fan cred.


Adam is doing a “conquering erection” themed live read, pretty good and everyone is jumping in now.

Adam is having David Wild say his goodbyes and Adam just claimed that Queen Latifa might just be the female LL Cool J and he’s listing all the reasons why.


Dwight is now joining the show for his 2nd visit and he’s thanking Adam for promoting the record on the last visit and how it ended up charting highly because of it.

Adam is now bringing up the Palladium and explaining that Dwight will be performing there while trying to recall a comedy central roast or something he attended there in the past.

Adam is now telling Dwight about seeing the Plasmatics and he’s describing the band member who had escaping testicle bulging from his stockings.


Adam and Dwight are now going over the old venues they used to attend, much like the last visit it’s a musical history lesson of North Hollywood.

They’re stuck on “The Palomino” and Adam is proclaiming that “Hooper” which was filmed there is a very underrated Burt Reynolds movie.

Adam is bringing up Dwight’s “Bakersfield Biscuits” food products which will soon be re-launched into stores along with tofurkey and now Dwight is singing an impromptu jingle while playing guitar.


They’re all now joining Dwight and Adam is bragging about knowing the Pete Ellis dodge jingle, we all know Adam loves his jingles.

Dwight is now explaining how his other products came to be after getting the Bakersfield Biscuits added to Wal-Mart stores, he’s going in depth on the process of meeting with the executives at the company.

Adam is now joking about “Big Doughboy” the lobbying arm of Pillsbury and Dwight is further taking Adam down the story with a few tangents along the way, just like the last visit.


Dwight is now going to play his “Biscuit Boy” theme song and Adam has a killer one liner telling Dwight not play it after asking if he has one.

Dwight is telling the gang about his 2006 Walgreens sales and Adam is now giving his take as someone who gets encouraged to show up in various locations to sell his Mangria to customers of various regional chains and liquor stores.

Dwight is saying his product is on Hiatus and now Adam want’s a Mangria theme song, Dwight is giving it a Latin flavor with the guitar and now Dwight is shaping up a song on the fly.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Gary, he wants to know about hygiene and Dwight is refusing a sample of Mangria.

Gary is asking about “Santa’s Mouth” and Adam’s process of trying to clean peanut butter out of shag carpeting

Adam is now telling the gang about his idea for “The Most Interesting Man in the World’s” ex-wife and he just revealed that my client and brother for life Michael Narren has been commissioned to whip up some toons using the audio.


Alanna Ubach is doing the audio and playing the ex-wife as Dwight noodles away on the guitar, this is wonderful and world premiere.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new American Idol judges and Adam is now riffing about what a sweet gig judging is as a profession, Dwight’s chiming in and they’re comparing Jon Stewart’s workload to that of a judge on a reality “talent” show.

Adam is telling the gang about recording an episode of “The New Star Search” for 20k and Alison seems to be having an allergy attack mid story.

Adam likes Harry Conick Jr. and he’s bringing up his 9/11 birthday and how he found out about that, he’s sharing his riff about what 2001 must have been like for him.


Alison is asking the gang about her patronage of a grocery store in her Brooklyn neighborhood despite the revelation that the store owners celebrated 9/11 and she’s sharing her theory on how it was used to possibly hurt their business.

Alison has a great question about Adam’s “Freedom Fries, Freedom Doors” riff and he tops it with a perfect joke.

Adam has a killer one liner describing a Mexican cooking food on his roof 24/7 while citing the time a young man sat down next to Adam and asked if he could join them for lunch, the “yes I do mind” story.


2nd story is on Miley Cyrus finally speaking about her VMA performance, they’re now playing a clip of her annoying voice explaining why she’s great and makes history.

Adam is now following it up with a great one liner about her being a “non-thinker” and Adam is explaining how he opens and endorses the negative unlike Molly.

Adam is now riffing about Molly throwing Robin Thicke under the “douche bus” and Alison just laid down a great new future #TopDrop.


Adam is now breaking down the hotness equation, how under 30 and skinny doesn’t equate hot.

Alison is explaining how she was told on twitter that what Miley was doing wasn’t actually “twerking” and Adam is riffing about his family’s twerking legacy.

Gary and Caelan are confirming that it was indeed certified twerk.


Alison has a question about the Thicket’s and it seemed like Adam almost shared the 2002 Classic Loveline Kristy Swanson reveal and Engineer Anderson’s topper about dear old Alan.

Adam has a killer Marvin Gaye one liner describing his dying thoughts in reply to Dwight’s comments about the preemptive lawsuit regarding “What’s Going On”.

Adam is now asking Dwight about Marvin Gaye’s dad’s punishment for murdering his son; Adam has a great joke about him being locked up with the Menendez “boys”.


Gary is now presenting them a mash up of both Robin Thicket’s “Blurred Lines” and Marvin Gaye’s song in question.

Alison’s brain is melting and Dwight is apologizing for his “suit” tangents.

Adam is now citing the 6 year suspended sentence for Marvin Gaye senior and Dwight is bringing up some details about his possible dalliances with the style of “Flip Wilson”, nice one liner from Aceman.


Adam is asking Dwight about “He’s so Fine” and “My Sweet Lord” and Dwight agrees its plagiarism using the same melody.

Dwight is now trying his “Don’t Say Just” Mangria theme while Adam does another live read, this is great!


3rd story is on a recent study claiming that Facebook makes people feel bad about them and now Adam is explaining why it does.

He’s more riffing about twitter; he’s saying that the negativity/positivity ratio can never satisfy you if a single insult is worth more than a universe of praise.

Adam is saying how he responds to angry ex-fans with kindness and appreciation instead of anger and aggression and how it usually results in a positive outcome for both parties.


Alison is asking if this is a new tactic and now Adam is explaining why he employees it, as a form of almost reverse psychology, turning their own venom against them.

Alison has a great laundry one liner and she’s now explaining the reasoning behind the fb study and the results.

Adam is now commenting on how humans aren’t wired to be the curators of their own museum and should be focusing on other activities.


They’re all going in depth on the idea of someone reading about themselves 24/7 and how it could negatively impact your state of mind.

Adam is now asking if you would want the power of knowing what everyone thinks about you at all times and BB disagreed with that saying he would want to know.

BB aggress it would be emotionally overwhelming and he’s citing how everyone has their thoughts about all kinds of people and how it doesn’t mean anything yet how much it would hurt to know.


Adam is now explaining how women would feel knowing the thoughts of all men, categorizing them into pro and non sex categories of the “Mason Dick” line.

Alison is now inquiring about the mind of a man trying to gain more insight with some incredulity/surprise in her questions.

All the men are nodding in reply and Adam is explaining how it’s not copious amounts of time, but an almost instant subconscious bit of programming.


“Maybe if I finish the pony keg and you hit me in the head with it…” – Adam on how men think about potential partners.

Alison is saying that every categorizing and critiquing goes on publicly for many women via twitter, Adam and Dwight are now connecting it all together and they’re referencing “Time Enough At Last” the infamous Twilight Zone episode.

Adam is now having David joining him with some more noodling on another live read, this is terrific.


Dawson gets his legalese in very slickly under Dwight’s strumming, Alison is wrapping the news and BB used the very drop I predicted and Dwight once again is blown away by the frankness of it.

Adam is doing some plugs for Dwight and explaining that he’s trying to go see John Hiatt on Friday and won’t be able to make Dwight’s show.

Adam thinks he did the roast of Carson Daly at the Palladium and he’s now giving the plugs for Dwight and wrapping the show.