Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2012 – Andrew W.K. and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/04/2012 – Andrew W.K. and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 08/28/2012 – Release Date 09/04/2012

Andrew a semi regular guest towards the end of Adam’s run on Loveline makes his first visit to the podcast. Adam is opening the show by talking about how he gets Gary Patrick Smith to take a note and then pull stuff off the computer so he can complain about it on the show. Alison just set him up for a hilarious riff on the Japanese panty vending machines while he was setting up a rant on the things he can’t get in L.A. that exist in other cities, states and countries.

Adam is now launching into recent comments made by mayor “Villaretardo” where he denounced the republican party for trotting out people with Hispanic surnames in an attempt to lure voters. Adam is going off on the irony of the guy who is perhaps most guilty of that behavior telling his opponents that it’s dirty pool and doesn’t work, but is essentially the only reason he got elected to begin with. Alison just dropped a great joke and Adam has a killer reply.

Alison has some great points about this topic, Adam is backing her up and giving some great analogies. Adam is reading a tweet a fan sent him that is quoting the mayor, Adam gets a good laugh out of it and responds to fans who critique him for going after Villaretardo for failing the BAR exam so many times, hilarious Ace quote!

Now Ace is getting into the roadside signs they have in Oregon and Washington state that instruct motorists involved in minor fender benders to move to the shoulder. Adam is now ranting about L.A. having tons of click it or ticket signs but none of these signs, he’s thanking a fan by name for sending him the picture and he delivers a hilarious quote about what fans can expect if he uses your tweet for the show.

Adam is now ranting about what he would do to the guy who came up with the “Click it or ticket” campaign, he’s going super in depth about the prison beating he would deliver, hilarious! Adam invents a concept involving beds and a condom alarm as an analogy for the click it or ticket campaign, Alison is chiming in with some great stuff, Adam just dropped two hilarious quotes, one involving nanny rape, GOLD! Bryan just coined a great phrase for this idea.

Adam is now recounting a recent trip with August where he was stuck behind two cars not turning, had to pull the double honk and the guy in front gave him the “what do you want me to do” hand signals, Adam is now ranting at that guy, hilarious delivery and quotes, nice work from Alison getting him to elaborate. Adam’s plugging his upcoming Dallas show with Prager and the Ontario Improv with Dana Gould later this week, he’s giving an anecdote about Dana, good stuff.


Alison’s News They’re going to riff a story from the news before bringing the guests in, Adam is going over his attempts to contact the traffic dept and the ad council and how they both rejected even allowing him to contact them, let alone listen to his sound ideas, great riff from Ace, good quotes.

Alison’s top story is about a hiker in Denali national park in Alaska chronicling a bear for 8min before being mauled to death, Bryan chimes in with “Grizzly Man” asking if Adam has seen it, Alison has some great comments and sets Adam up for some great one liners. Alison mentions the quarter mile distance requirement which sets Adam up for an all time greatest riff on the bear being mistaken for something else that I won’t spoil, Bryan chimes in with gold, you must hear this riff, MUST!

Adam is stuck on the concept of hiking alone, going further in depth, first saying he would never do it and now rethinking it. He’s telling a story about Philip the Juggler hiking the John Muir trail with his father. Bryan lays in some great drop work of Jim Carolla, Adam is now riffing a conversation asking him to hike.

Adam and Alison are now riffing on Salmon swimming up stream and returning to where they hatched in order to spawn, lots of great quotes. Alison makes some more great mouth noises, rivaling her guitar shredding from the Dave Hill episode. Dawson chimes in before they go to break to discuss his inside info regarding smelt consumption, they quiz him on his family’s fishing background and coin a new term in the grand tradition of “Dudeseldorf” and “Later-Hosen” great addition to the show!


Music Monday With David Wild 

Adam intros David Wild with a great lackluster delivery, good stuff. Adam is launching into the two coffee table books he hopes to create before he is mauled by a bear. David is getting into his youth and answering some questions from Ace and Alison about his high school experience.

Alison is asking the guys how important square footage really is, she’s moving to a new place with her dude and they have narrowed it down to two places but he doesn’t like the one with more space and central air, she wants to know what to do. Central air is brought up which sends Adam on a tangent about Ray picking him up in his Charcoal pick up truck and Adam busting Ray’s balls over the heat inside of it.

David’s pick is George Harrison’s “Mo” a super rare song from the late 70’s. David is now talking about musicians getting and giving gifts of private recordings of songs and covers and how cool it is, Alison chimes in that Monique Powell of “Save Ferris” sang a version of the “Facts of Life” theme song on her answering machine when she was in college.

Adam’s pick is Charlie Daniels “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, he’s explaining why he digs it and how he likes the story in the song. David is telling an anecdote about meeting Charlie, Bryan reveals that Charlie Daniels was the first concert he attended.


Andrew joins the show, Adam and him are discussing his old Loveline visits, Andrew claims that those two appearances are still the funniest memories he has of ever doing radio interviews, he’s right! Adam is asking Andrew about his life and living in NYC.

Andrew is refreshing Adam on his journey, getting into his dad’s background and profession. Now they’re covering all of his moving as a kid. David is dealing out lots of compliments for Andrew and compares him to Iggy Pop. Adam is now on a tangent telling the story of the time Iggy knocked him down when he was bringing him out on stage for a festival back in the Loveline days.

More Iggy Pop discussion, Andrew is recounting interviewing him and David has some thoughts too.


Alison’s News Part Two, Her 2nd story is Dennis Prager having a jar of peanut butter confiscated at the RNC by the secret service, Adam chimes in that he likes to bring some beers out on stage and during a recent Prager live show they only had cans. Adam is breaking down beer preference, can vs. bottle. Adam is now launching into how society no longer allows you to do anything, smoking on the beach, glass bottles at sports arenas etc.

Adam is still going off on the beach and what adults aren’t allowed to do. Alison asks about shoe horns and if anyone still uses them, Adam chimes in with  “brannock device” and explains that’s how he found out that one of his feet is a different size than the other, how he didn’t realize it until he was 40.

David Wild chimes in with an anecdote about being on a musician themed tv show, how he found out why he’s so short from the chair consultant, the gang all get a kick out of this personal reveal.

Adam and Andrew are talking about how you can drink a beer in public in Europe, they both are still blown away by that fact. Adam is launching into the pneumatic door closers and how they don’t have them in Europe. They go further in depth on how you’re treated like and adult when you’re visiting Europe.

Adam wraps the show and plugs Alison’s podcast and some upcoming live gigs of his. David Wild gives a quick update on his twitter followers and Adam plugs Andrew’s upcoming podcast.