Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/03/2012 – Dr. Drew

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/03/2012 – Dr. Drew

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Dr. Drew

Recorded 08/24/2012 – Release Date 09/03/2012

An Adam and Drew one on one for the holiday, Adam is going on a quick sarcastic riff about the government literally paving the way for him to build his podcasting empire, Drew is playing along and getting some digs in too.

Drew is now launching into his own version of this sarcasm in regards to Adam being able to create jobs in a down economy.

Adam is going off on the difficulty he faced with a recent real estate deal, he’s going super in depth about all the property he’s bought in the last 17yrs and how he’s never missed a payment nor been late for any of them.

Drew gets Adam going on his dad’s 1st house, the one featured in “Not Taco Bell Material” Drew can’t believe what he is seeing and now seems to finally get how truly horrible the places Adam described actually were.


They go to the phones, 1st Caller Mary, caught her boyfriend watching porn while she was in the next room. Adam and Drew are going back into their training and giving her sound advice to chill out.

They’ve now transitioned to Sammy Johns “Chevy Van” they’re doing live commentary on it and the rapey implications of it. Adam is fucking with Drew who doesn’t seem to get they are that quick and are playing the song Adam is talking about, Adam is still fucking with him, hilarious!

They are using this song as an example of the various themes of the 1970’s that have now ruined today’s society, Drew is being super harsh and very funny, Adam keeps dropping gold.

The control room just fired up Gary Puckett’s “Young Girl”, it’s been so long since Adam has sang along and broke down the song. he mixed up the artist. He’s really going for it, by far the most Adam singing on air in some time, great stuff! Drew has some brilliant observations now. Drew is now screaming with each lyric, Adam is going for it.

Adam is now reenacting Gary meeting with his manager to discuss the lyrics of “Young Girl”, so damn funny. The control room has now fired up “Lady Willpower” Drew is disgusted and delighted at the same time, This is such a great episode! Drew is dropping golden quotes about the lyrics.

The 3rd Gary Puckett track they’re going over is “This Girl Is a Woman Now”, Drew is still on fire, Adam is busting out another reenactment, this time the session musicians being stunned by the theme of Gary’s latest song.

Drew is requesting to hear Taboo II, he claims it’s not much different than Gary Puckett’s masterpieces, Adam is launching into a 3rd reenactment, he just titled his own Puckett song, hilarious!

They go to the 2nd caller, Rick, he’s in the reverse position of the previous caller Mary, he wants their advice for the same situation but from the male POV. Drew is right back in advice mode and Adam is jumping in to back him up.

Adam gives one of his all time funniest analogies, comparing the escalation of drug and substance use to sex for some men, he’s on a great jag describing the depravity, so funny!

3rd Caller Todd wants to know about how to bring up children with different religious backgrounds between the parents, Adam is explaining the good deal his mom and step dad got on their used craigslist fridge as discussed on the show 2 weeks ago. Adam is giving even more details, his step dad was filled in on a couple’s divorce to a hilarious degree.

Drew is demanding that Adam discuss his step mom and step sister, claiming they’re the “chapter” Adam always skips over. Adam is explaining that’s because they’re normal and treat him better than his blood family.

Adam is having Drew answer Manny’s question about marijuana and sex addiction, wants to know about possible connections. Adam is now having Drew answer Victoria’s question about her meth addicted guy, Adam and Drew are doing a speed round to answer these remaining questions.

The last question is asking Adam and Drew about the first time they smoked pot, they both are completely honest, some new facts are dropped and Adam is wrapping up the episode.