Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/02/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/02/2015 – Adam, Gina and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina and Bryan

Recorded 09-01-2015 – Release Date 09-02-2015

Production Number #1651

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Adam opens the show with a truncated version of the standard intro and BB has some Richard Gere for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is now asking BB about his health, as brought up in the intro to the last episode but never covered.

BB is now giving a health update, he’s giving a brief recap of his history with a brain tumor.


Adam is sharing the story of James Babydoll Dixon’s reaction to the idea for ‘Laughs for Bald Bryan’ and his presumption it would be an empty theater.

Adam is now explaining they now know to expect to see a full club or venue, BB tells Adam it was 1800, not 1200, so a positive point shitting, Adam is bringing up the upcoming 4th season for ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam explains how he was watching the last episode of the season with the crawl about searching for people for the 4th season.

Adam is sharing Babydoll’s reaction in which he claimed it has nothing to do with another season order, Adam doesn’t know why people go with the absolute reply, when a 5% would simply get the point across while leaving open a small possibility it could be a deciding factor.


Gina is now sharing her favorite line from season 3 of CAC, it was from the 3×10 finale with the guy who claimed his missing digit was a sign he was a true contractor and she quotes the foreskin line, unaware of the bizarre on air history and mystery of Adam’s foreskin that many weirdo fans are into.

Adam is sharing why he listened to Drew’s 1st reaction to BB’s condition, he has a funny line about him crying over topical racially charged hashtags, gold!

BB is now explaining the pain of Avastin making contact with his skin and the unsure reactions from the staff about his prognosis, Adam says the guy was punished by spilling the stuff on BB, he cites the Michael Richards/Gloria Allred argument.


Adam says it’s very narcissistic to demand why someone did something, like 9 years old do, just expressing themselves unfiltered.

BB is explaining how that if he has any reaction to the spill he will know it, Adam is joking about BB being kind of funny on a recent show.

Adam has BB agree to give the update on everything tomorrow.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Dollar Shave Club.

Adam is riffing about trying to navigate the Neptune’s trident of protection around store bought razor cartridges.


Adam is now debuting a new mashup of Kanye at the MTV VMA’s with a song picked by Adam, Dawson gets on mic before they play the mashup.

Adam comments on going through his entire youth never hearing anyone making speeches about adversity and overall being a blowhard while on stage accepting awards.

Adam asks why he have tripled the never ending rhetoric and bags of air that embody courage, Adam says the less actual racism and adversity we have in our lives results in people creating fictional adversity, oppression complexes.


BB asks why this is the Cause célèbre and Adam has a killer line about everyone’s brain remaining unchanged throughout evolution, except for BB, gold!

Gina brings up her own anxiety experiences and she wants to know how one quiets that reaction and overcomes it, she has her own skills but wonders what Adam recommends.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time Dr. Drew had a panic attack behind the scenes at MTV Loveline, he explains how feels about putting one foot forward and working through it.


Adam explains how it was caused by Jon Favreau, Adam doesn’t give many details and explains they would tape 4 hours per day and he wanted to get rolling.

Adam is now recounting what he said to Drew about how he was intending to get the fuck out of their ASAP, funny list of 90’s female rap artists from Ace while trying to conjure possible guest names.

Adam explains how he got Drew to engage a mode he has where he can endure, probably from his residency training.


Gina shares her hypothetical fear of flying, she explains how she feels about it and wonders how they feel about her driving to Arizona.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam responds to a douche about why it’s different than the lottery.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Michael, he wants to know how to broach the topic of masturbation with his son, Adam has a killer from the ceiling like ‘Mission Impossible’ (1996) Tom Cruise.

Adam and the gang are weighing in on whether this is or is not common parental advice, Adam is talking about the way guys get stuck in one mode for orgasm, using shower beat off guys and their struggle to acclimate to a partner to make his point.


2nd Caller Carl, he wants to get everyone’s take on Dr. Ben Carson, Adam explains how likes anyone who is out of the professional politician field, he likes a diverse background or just something other than political aspirations.

Adam likes the guy’s background, likes the idea of another black president but then notes some “kooky” thoughts he’s heard about that he cannot support.


Adam is doing a Seat Geek Live Read

Sonny says Payton Manning with an emphasized T edition


Gina is now sharing a picture of a plaque mounted on every corner of the building of her radio station, Adam is now mocking the plaques, and he is asking Gary for the Airplane Turbulence PSA.

Adam says the Ad Council are far too big of pussies to ever talk to him on air.

Adam is mocking the use of “slurp” and the extra language on signs, disable is enough smoke detector warning.


Adam is now explaining his effort to eat his lasagna in peace without watching graphic antismoking campaigns.


Adam jokes about reading the plaque and presuming cigarettes are allowed, Gary now plays the airplane turbulence PSA.

Adam is reacting to it and mocks the notion of people being unaware of the dangers of not wearing their seatbelts in flight.

Adam brings up the real world statistics of the various forms of death mentioned in the PSA.


This was last brought up on ACS #1299 from last year, the most epic rant before that was perhaps the oldest from September 10th 2001, it was ranted about at least two more times on Loveline.

Adam rants about the ad council and mocks the renter’s discrimination PSA with the different voices.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


They are now watching the video version of the ‘Graham Wellington’ renter’s discrimination PSA.

Adam is mocking the notion of apartments being discriminatory of non-white ethnicities, Adam is commenting on the sub sections of each race of people who will always hate others, but for the majority of us the fico score and renters history are all that matter.


Mangria Moment

Adam throws it to the new bit with an amazing song provided by the genius Rich Banks as per usual, this is solid.

Adam is explaining what this bit premise is #MangriaMoment and Gary gets on mic to defend the way he writes hashtag vs. # and BB plays the “hi Gary” drop.


Gina’s News

1st Story her top story is on the Kentucky County clerk Kim Davis who refuses to approve marriage licenses for same sex couples.

Gina explains she could be jailed or fined, Adam is fine with people quitting due to their religious beliefs, he’s that way for left or right, take your shit home and that’s fine.

Adam explains the only reason he wants Trump to get elected, he just wants one celebrity to actually move to Canada, he would have undying respect for that celebrity.


BB brings up the foreign celebrity that promises to go back, funny Rebel Wilson riffing.

Gina has more details about this county clerk and her history.

Adam says she’s a nutjobs, there are always nutjobs, and he doesn’t want these people being held up as examples for what’s going on among the majority of people in this country.


Adam says that you should be able to fire anyone and Gina shares the ACLU argument for their wishes for her future.


2nd Story is on Hulk Hogan giving an interview where he discussed using N word in that leaked sex tape, Adam explains the story of the Boyd Brothers and his own discovery of the context of the n word being appropriate.

Gina is now playing a clip, Adam is now responding to Hogan’s shame.


3rd Story is on a diverted flight due to a woman demanding to see her comfort cat, Gina explains the details of the diverted flight and Adam is riffing about the F-16’s that escorted the plane.

Adam is bringing up the Richard Belzer ACS, he brings up the morning show from October 13th 2008 but not ACS #172 (feat. Richard Belzer).

Adam is now ranting a bit about dogs on planes, he predicts the evolution of this and Gina is now giving her take, Adam explains we’re asking people to stop abusing this system because of their humanity, not aware that humanity is nowhere to be found.

Adam uses handicapped parking to make his point about people and the lack of judging in the modern world.


Adam jokes about Belzer being patient zero after Gina has a nice point about the unfortunate consequences for people who abused the “front of the line” system for handicapped guests at Disneyland.


4th Story is on the return of the bubonic plague, Adam interrupts and pitches the ‘Con Air’ cage for in flight restraint of unruly passengers.

Adam has a women under 130lbs rule for diverting planes.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam has a funny line, with a funnier reaction from Gina


Gina is back to the story on the return of the plague, Gina has the details and some details on the old timey method for locking away the infected.


5th Story is on the Tesla scores from consumer reports, she shares the details and Adam has Gary get on mic to explain the actual numbers.

Adam is explaining how electric benefits from instant torque, Adam says they weigh just as much as the supercars and is trying to get to the power band of these cars.

Adam explains why he went with the base model Tesla for his wife, they’re all talking about Tesla, very fun conversation.


Adam explains he bought the 240 fast charger out for Lynette and he likes to check on how long it takes to recharge the car, checking on it when he takes out the trash.

Adam is talking about people handling gas handles and eating food without washing their hands.

Gary is back on mic and BB plays the “hi Gary” drop yet again, Adam tells BB to never stop doing that.


Adam is now trying to explain the differences between fast cars and supercars, Gina wraps the news to Adam’s foreskin line from CAC.


Adam is doing a Burger King Live Read

Not Big Pharma, Just Big Fish edition

Dawson’s insane order edition bonus


Adam gives out the plugs and explains they have switched theaters for his London show, due to the other one being closed down.

Adam plugs Felicia Day on ‘Take a Knee’ which sounds very compelling.