Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/01/2017 – Jay Mohr and Russ Roberts

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/01/2017 – Jay Mohr and Russ Roberts

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jay Mohr and Russ Roberts

Recorded 08-31-2017 – Release Date 09-01-2017

Production Number #2149

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Adam opens the show with a great “Blowing harder than Harvey” intro written by Mike Lynch and delivered by Mike Dawson, Adam immediately turns it into a Harvey Levin joke and apologizes for Mike Lynch and his perceived homophobia, stating he’s a very liberal guy and this isn’t normally like him.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has a Jay Mohr #TopDrop.

Adam wants to relive his experience running into Jay Mohr and Jeanie Buss, he was balcony to balcony on Bill Simmons’s porch in view of Jeanie’s porch.


Adam explains who Russ is and shares how Nick hear him on another podcast and got him to agree to appear on the show to discuss price gouging.

Adam is giving his take on supply and demand and his feelings about wishing he could pay for an organ and jump to the front of the line.

BB shares how people have been tweeting him about their conversation from the other day and how economists agree that price gouging/adjustable pricing works, despite what you might think or be inclined to believe.


Adam is talking about incentivizing parents to make breakfast for their kids and Adam brings up the war on smokers/smoking and BB guesses Adam is going to say Terror.

Adam brings up the former mayor of Calabasas, Barry Groveman and his comments on the death of Dana Reeve on the KLSX ACS.

Adam goes off on how he would like a society where one can smoke in the park while also be prevented from blowing cigarettes into the faces of children on the swing set.


Adam is now mocking the dumb logic of people not being able to get cancer without their being a cause like talcum powder or third hand smoke.

Adam and BB are further discussing the interview with Barry, Gary has the audio of the interview with Barry, but he hasn’t yet edited it or listened to it.

Gina is now reading some quotes about price gouging and Adam shares his feelings about looting and it being far more unethical than gouging, he forgives water and food for your kid, but not stereo equipment and non-essential items.

Adam says he has not heard much looter talk and he says it’s an interesting yardstick for measuring society and the status quo.

Adam thinks social media have ruined things for politicians, Adam mocks the notion of predatory check cashing places and BB shares the findings of a ‘Freakonomics’ episode about this very subject.


BB is back to price gouging and Adam talks about medical supplies being sold with inflated prices and Adam says it’/s already illegal to sell that stuff outside of a pharmacy or without a license.

They welcome Russ Roberts to the show for his ACS debut, Adam is telling him about the discussion from the last episode and Russ shares how your everyday intuition may not be the whole story of what is going on.

Russ now explains how blocking adjustable pricing and banning price increases only leads to far worse results, Adam talks about how increasing costs can decrease hoarding of goods from people who don’t necessarily need as much as they might be inclined to buy.


Bryan is enthralled and he has some questions about the lack of warning, Adam just wrote down the topic of earthquakes the very question that BB is asking about.

Russ plugs his book he wrote while living in California, Russ breaks down how the model works post-earthquake or in an area that suffered a disaster without advanced warning.

Adam is now quoiting his mom and her feelings, she’s wrong according to Adam and now Adam is working into the subject of incentivizing organ donation, he suggests a “one free driving infraction” policy to encourage organ donation.


Adam thinks it’s only 2% of people who sign up to be organ donors, Adam asks what is amoral about it and Russ shares his feelings about being able to pay living organ donors and Adam jokes about wishing he could draw the blinds in his eyes.

Russ brings up the feelings of Nick Saban about not paying college athletes, they all talk about his earnings and Russ breaks down the hypocrisy of Nick Saban’s feelings.

Adam is now talking about socialism and how it can never work, it goers against human nature and Adam asks why people are still fighting for it today when it’s proven it will never work.


Russ explains how socialism works in family structures and leads to tyranny when it’s applied to society as a whole.

Russ further makes a solid point about kids and the parenting impulse that humans have to treat others like children.

Gina brings up “eating carpet” and Adam jokes about Russ not knowing that reference, Gina was referring to Natalia demanding Adam back up so she could leap to her own doom in the bedroom, outside of his reach.


Adam says it’s a better way to go through life using numbers and science to guide you, Adam references BB’s feelings about price gouging yesterday that have evolved in 24hrs.

Adam makes a point about adjusting your thinking and BB further shares his moral quandary about gouging and his mixed feelings. – Get 20% off with the Carolla link Edition


Adam talks about how you never see aluminum cans anymore, he says you would see them everywhere and mentions adults tossing cans of Coors out of their car windows.

BB says it’s a very specific scene he’s describing, Adam says he doesn’t believe his dad has ever consumed a can of Coors in his entire life.

Adam talks about underground economies and people avoiding taxes with their can recycling businesses.


Adam is explaining how the city dump used to allow people to get rid of materials, it’s far too expensive and now people just abandon debris around the city.

Adam shares how the policies push people in that direction and the poor Hispanic people aren’t bad for avoiding paying extra money, they disincentive people from dumping things where they belong.

Adam talks about how he’s even thrown out worksite debris in another person’s dumpster when he was poor working on jobsites, Adam says Jay Mohr has arrived and goes into a live read.


LegalZoom.comGeragos snaps a pencil when he hears they don’t have billable hours Edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mark, he’s calling from Melbourne and he wants to know if they’ll ever come to Australia for a tour. Adam says they got over the hurdle of a 14hr plane ride requiring a longer stay, Adam shares how he appreciated Mark listening on the other side of the world.

Adam asks Mark about the differences in our cultures, he explains that America tells people what’s funny and we don’t do a lot of adopting comedy from other cultures.

Adam makes a point about basketball being the opposite example, Mark shares his take and says the local L.A. talk loses him a bit.


Adam is trying to make a point about liking the way other cultures do something, like a German car and they move on.


2nd Caller Rick, he loves Gina and explains how fire fighters retire so early and how they fraudulently use old injuries to “go out on a medical” and Adam shares his feelings about people retiring by 50 and how odd that seems.

Adam says how are people going to do the right thing if you don’t police the wrong thing, Adam brings up Service dogs and how people lie about it now, people are weak, they’re not bad.

Adam thinks of people as weak, not bad like BB does about price gouging generator salesmen in disaster areas.


Adam likes tipping and commission based sales, Adam brings up the older guy who banged Jennifer Jason Leigh in the dugout in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and Adam further explains how tipping results in a better experience.

Adam asks Dawson if he has something to say, he tells him no, he’s just looking for the older stereo salesman that banged Jennifer Jason Leigh, his laughing while talking is extra charming and funny.


3rd Caller Jason, he tells Adam about this podcast and ‘EconTalk’ are his two favorites and what a coincide it is for him to be a caller on today’s show.

Jason has a great point about gas hoarding and BB asks about rationing, Adam is now bringing up Beaumont Texas and how people will only use what they need when prices increase.

Adam feels the same way about prostitution and has a killer “I don’t gouge” comment when he quickly plays the role of a prostitute serving disaster zones.


Adam is now trying to get to the fundamental part of this discussion, he talks about capping and regulating good, it gets mucked up, the things you think don’t work the way you would want.

Adam says allowing supply and demand to figure things out has a better way of equalizing, he does give a caveat where regulation is needed but in most cases, it is not.


TrueCarAdam wishes for a time machine to go back in time to call Chris “Maxipada” as a child Edition


They head to break


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail about peeing above your underwear waistline or through the flap.


Tommy JohnSuper smooth transition, swampy nether regions Edition


Adam is asking Jay about his live podcast taping, Adam will be the guest tonight and Adam recalls the B movie star Mike August booked for a live podcast in Irvine.

Adam makes a point about actors vs. standups for live podcasts at comedy clubs, Adam makes a point about repletion and stage time.

BB asks Jay if he was nervous the first time he tried standup, Jay busts out the Buddy Hackett and Adam talks about comedy being a job where they don’t ask you to come back rather than try and help you.


Adam talks about his reality as a child, his broken-down parents who refused to buy him a Go-Kart, BB brings up Colin Quinn and Adam has Jay do his Norm MacDonald impression and Adam is now impersonating his high school friends who refuse to support his comedy and ideas.

Jay has a funny Van Halen in the desk reference and BB has some funny comments too.

Jay is now telling a story about a high school teacher, hilarious “what are you a dumb guy?” from Jay in character as this guy Mr. Roma his English teacher and wrestling coach.


Adam is now asking for the scenes from ‘The Specialist’ with the don character, once again you can enjoy him mocking the movie if you purchase Basic Cable Commentary #4 ‘The Specialist’ (feat. Frank Stallone)

Adam is talking about the don character, a Cuban mob boss played by Rod Steiger, Adam wants Jay to impersonate him and thinks he probably get some mileage out of it.

Adam asks Jay about Jeanie Buss and if they’re dating, he says no but then say she’s the loveliest person he’s ever met, Adam asks about the house that was porch adjacent to Bill Simmons place, Jeanie apparently doesn’t own it.


Adam is recounting the 4th of July in Malibu and Jay says he doesn’t know whose house it was, he is renting a place in Malibu right now though.

Adam talks about Jay swimming and he busts out the Randy Warwick character, they talk about Buster Crabbe and Johnny Weissmuller.

Jay busts out the “Alternative Lifestyle Droopy” impression, Adam forgot about this character and is now riffing with him, asking him about his favorite cocktail.


Gary says they are still searching for that scene from ‘The Specialist’ and Adam is joking about “Alternative lifestyle Droopy” being a common impression, SNL, Kevin Spacey etc.

Hilarious “inoperable” one liner from Jay in character, Gary says they are purchasing the movie right now, they should already have it.

Jay is now sharing an anecdote from Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando on the set of ‘On The Waterfront’ and Adam is now joking about looking forward to the day in his career where he plays Coach Layman on a revived ‘Saved By The Bell’ and he jokes about ending up like Agnes Moorehead.


Adam is trying to think of the various examples of famous actors fall from grace, BB has an excellent one with Orson Welles and his final role as ‘Unicron’ in ‘Transformers The Movie’ and they go into his wine commercials as well.


GeicoStandard Live Read Edition


Adam is asking about Edward G. Robinson and one of his last roles in ‘Soylent Green’ as he further marvels at former showbiz giants becoming the 4th lead in films from the 1970’s.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the lawsuit involving Richard Simmons and the allegations about his gender reassignment from The National Enquirer.

Gina shares the argument about being called transgendered being defamation in the modern era, Adam thinks it’s a great counter argument and now they listen to Rod Steiger as the Cuban mob boss.

Adam has a killer Todd Steiger joke, Adam is talking about James woods voice sounding so different, they are further listening to the clip.


BB now shares the other movies Rod was in after ‘The Specialist’ and they move on.


2nd Story is on the average age of fathers in the united states, Gina has the details and data on Asian fathers.

Jay Mohr brings up the Christopher Walken speech from ‘Pool Hall Junkies’ and proclaims it the best speech ever, Adam takes it back to James Woods in ‘The Specialist’ and Jay says this Walken speech is his ringtone.

Gary has the speech he’s talking ready and now they all listen to it and react, Adam tells Jay he must recreate that full speech.

Jay jokes about having ‘The Specialist’ memorized and he kills it with some great Eric Roberts lines from the movie, killer impression.


Adam is now talking about buff guys and Jay busts out some more Randy Warwick, hilarious workout talk.

Randy says he’s into sleep creeping, Gina says it sounds like sexual assault and Randy further tells them about the “sleep creep” and Adam quizzes him if he’s working doing construction and they go into super specific locations in Los Angeles.

Adam jokes about this part of the show is where the Australian guy tunes out, Randy is on fire and Adam is the perfect straight man for him.

Jay busts out the Forest Whitaker and Adam jokes about Randy doing it, trying to keep Jay in character, in character.


Adam asks Randy if he’s sober and he tells them about Big Momma Got It All, as if all of Jay’s characters know each other, I love it!

Jay busts out his Tony Bennett impression and shares the context of two tweets he dropped with funny timing, the guys are cracking up at this impression and Adam says he loves it.

Adam asks whose hair is pubier, Tony Bennett or Cornel West.


Jay shares how people try to get him to do Tony Bennett singing other artists and he throws in some ‘Hot for Teacher’ and further hits on Gina.

Jay shares his love for Cornel West, Adam is trying to be diverse racially with these two options.


SimpliSafeCompletely Wireless, no holes in the wall, no wires, peel and stick Edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, BB has a great clip of Jay as Mr. Roma with “What are you a dumb guy?” to close things out.