Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/01/2015 – Richard Lewis

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/01/2015 – Richard Lewis

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Richard Lewis

Recorded 08-31-2015 – Release Date 09-01-2015

Production Number #1650

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Adam opens the show to a topical ‘VMA’ intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam thanks the fans for keeping things going.

Adam comments on the 2,000 words on podcasting as a business on Mashable and how he was left out along with his success in the medium.

Adam comments on why he was also left out of a crowd funding article, BB has some nice points confirming Adam’s suspicions about being left out intentionally due to bias.


Adam proclaims himself a “douchey folk hero” and brings up the minimum wage topic and a recent episode of ‘Real Time’ and now Adam shares his take on how McDonalds would be able to continue with work force mandated wage.

Adam is now sharing a personal anecdote about his number he knew in his head that was his minimum for doing a job.

Adam wants Gina and BB to come up with their numbers would be for these workers currently earning minimum wage, this same topic was brought up on Reasonable Doubt #06 ‘Market Price’.


Adam is now playing a clip of ‘Real Time’ from 2 weeks ago, Adam is bringing up the “do you want to pay 15$ for a head of lettuce” line and the implications of being for indentured servitude from immigrant workers.

Adam sets up another clip and another after it.

Adam is bringing up the stereotypes about the Hispanic people and the racist thoughts of requiring a downtrodden, underpaid immigrant workforce to do the jobs they don’t want to do and the other implication that all white people go to ivy league college that doesn’t account for the millions of working poor he went to the construction sites with.


Adam comments on doing all kinds of low level jobs, still to this day.

Adam comments on how if you took all of the Jews out of his life and just counted the regular white dudes, they are all 90% poor.

BB has a solid point and now Adam is arguing for market price and letting the market dictate cost.

Adam is explaining how the stitch in your side should be pushing you to go further, commenting on the rent controlled living buddy who is imprisoned by his own good deal.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Adam is now talking about ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Episode #6 and explains the 6% profit margin for the restaurant business.

He shares the math he discussed with Mike August regarding food trucks, le sigh.

Adam is now asking BB and Gina for their answers, Adam is explaining how he guessed the rate and what happened during the rest of the RD episode.


Adam says that the market, the workers, they set the price not the people doing the hiring.

Adam is riffing about James Babydoll Dixon and they move on.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Josh, he got fired and wants some advice, he was an on air DJ.

Adam is asking him if he’s looking to continue in radio and Gina has some information about his predicament.

Adam is talking about the guys in radio he spoke to about the language crackdowns in the industry, Adam now says nice job all of you ass pussies who shut down all discussions and dialogues on race, now it cannot be discussed on talk radio.


Adam comments on all of the people who have been shut up and tells Josh that he’s screwed and recommends Wal-Mart.

Adam and Gina are asking some follow up questions and Adam shares his glee at not being aware of the starlet du jour.


2nd Caller Dustin, he’s calling about the standstill he experienced in Kansas City, he’s describing his experience in traffic, Adam tells him all of his moves are self-contained, he doesn’t put others in danger and doesn’t drive up off-ramps.


3rd Caller Campbell, Adam comments on his virgin voice and gets and honest admission.

Adam is now commenting on how rough it must be for high schooler’s, the young scrawny guys just out of middle school being compared to seniors and comments on the futility of trying to keep the older guys away from the younger girls.

Adam asks Campbell about his time at school, he reveals he’s 260 and playing football.


Adam asks him about his skill level, Adam says the only thing that slows guys down worse than age would be size, and small guys get laid more than fat guys.

Gina tries to stay positive and Adam tells him where he would do his podcast if he could pick anywhere, he says the Sydney Opera House.


Adam is now doing a Seat Geek Live Read

They’re heading to break.


Richard Lewis is returning to the show for his 2nd appearance, he was first on ACS #1403 from last year.

They play a listener voicemail and Adam immediately gets into the first Richard Lewis comedy special he saw, he recites a classic joke he loved.

Adam is now bringing up ‘Blunt Talk’ his new series on Starz and asks him about Patrick Stewart, he shares his appreciation for him and his talent.


Richard is bringing up society and consequences for actions and comments, Adam is taking it to the “in 50 years we’ll all be chicks” angle and now contrasts massages for women vs. lap dances, making a point about the differences between the sexes.

Adam says men will give a woman some pass on some dirty talk and gets on a tangent telling Matt about fixing the headphones, hilarious mash my pussy on your face line.

Adam is now sharing the “I don’t care for your parents (mother)” line he used with an ex who wanted some dirty talk.


Richard is now sharing a joke joke, he is finishing it up as Adam mocks him a bit and asks him about Albert Brooks, he’s now sharing a Rhonda analogy.

Adam is commenting on the sound guy they worked with during ‘The Hammer’ a Foley sound guy who had never seen ‘Modern Romance’ the only movie with someone who works in his profession as the protagonist.

Adam’s classic Rhiannon/Fleetwood Mac song dilemma with Classic Loveline callers who didn’t know what is their eponymous song that was once a hit.


Richard has a nice anecdote and tells them about bottoming out, briefly.

Adam is taking it to Seth MacFarlane as he makes notes of some of the more eccentric guys Richard has worked with over his 45yr career, he says he embodies creativity and could give some of the greats including Albert Brooks a run for their money, Seth might have the fullest graduates cylinder of talent and remains one of the kindest and most normal guys he knows.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Wes Craven, she has a nice recap of his career and Adam is remaining delightfully polite, Adam is now commenting on ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ and the notion of seeing slasher films from the 70’s and 80’s in order to see boobs.

Adam is commenting on a shitty modern B grade titty movie he saw on cable, he asks who they’re for and why they’re made in today’s world.


2nd Story is on the MTV VMA’s and Gina has the details and a clip on why people were offended by Rebel Wilson’s wardrobe, Adam is now commenting on the risk vs. reward of her bit idea.

“Bad news, she’s white, good news she’s a chick and foreign” – Adam on the probably longevity and intensity of the backlash for her based on those factors.

Gina tells them about the bad blood between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, Adam has a nice “black voices matter” comment while asking why people get into the “hood accent” while trying to be tough, interesting logic and observation.


Adam is commenting on when everything dries up and predicts the day that Miley goes born again Christian and denounces her behavior and actions of today.

Adam is commenting on gay porn and heterosexual men’s reactions, which Dr. Drew backed up with functional MRI studies on his Strictly Sex series for Discovery Health in 2005.

Adam brings up Wendy O. Williams of ‘The Plasmatics’ and Gina has another clip, this time of Kanye West.


Adam is commenting on people’s reactions to his parents and their lack of involvement in his life, how Drew presumed Adam’s parents were addicts and couldn’t attend to him because of their diseases.

Adam comments on his sister and explains the lack of a relationship he has with his family, immediate nor extended.

Adam is commenting on his mother’s 82nd birthday and the lateral move of her eventual death, Adam says she told him the good news was that she and his sister are back on speaking terms.


Adam is totally disagreeing with the misery equals comedy notion, Adam is saying you can just have an ear for music or an ear for comedy.

Adam is sharing a bit of wisdom that Bonaduce shared with him about the child starts who end up in trouble, the sheer odds of who would end up off the rails regardless of celebrity.

Adam thinks it’s better to be encouraged as kid than trumped down, Richard seems to have backed up and gotten quiet, and I hope he didn’t misunderstand Adam.


3rd Story is on Charlie Sheen’s reaction to Donald Trump, Adam is commenting on Charlie’s drugs history and says he never thinks he knows the guys status with drugs, Richard has a solid point.

Richard says that a lot of friends wanted to help Charlie when he was down and out but he wants to take his own Hendrix ’esque path.

Adam is commenting on how Martin Sheen must’ve felt about his son abusing drugs and 25yrs of substances, back and forth.


Adam is now comparing Charlie Sheen to his late dog Molly that needed to be put down, the selfish joy in removing responsibility.

Adam is now telling Richard about the late Molly, her long run.

Adam doesn’t mean to sound cruel and further comments and jokes about Emilio Estevez, Richard is riffing about old dogs.


Adam is now commenting on putting dogs with wheelchair rigs in the wild, for hyenas to prey on it.

Adam plugs ‘Blunt Talk’ once again and they move on as Richard riffs about his old man love life, Adam asks him about kids and Adam jokes about a fantasy football draft.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

“What is it like a grocery store?” – Richard


4th Story is on an Atlanta Braves fan who fell to his death while booing Alex Rodriguez, Adam is explaining what caused the fall and Gina has all of the details.

Adam is now riffing about violently booing and how you might earn your death.

Adam is commenting on the stadium raising the price of the beers to prevent this, while profiting and hiding under the quilt of safety.


Adam is praising Richard and tells him he doesn’t look 68, Adam is commenting on this guy who couldn’t handle his beer, he had 42yrs of drinking brewskis and it was up to him to maintain!

Adam is now joking about guys falling and hanging off the rails for the game, hilarious dangling fans in the MLB idea.

Gina wraps the news to a new drop from Richard quoting Adam about pussy face mashing.


Adam is doing a ‘Public Morals’ Live Read

Richard thanks Adam for having him back, plugs his show and website, Richard apologizes for forcing in another plug.

Adam gives out his own plugs and wraps up the show, BB has another choice set of Richard drops to close out the show, from the joke he was telling about the lion and the Zebra before they got into he Albert Brooks conversation.

Solid Episode, Richard should come back way more often!