Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2017 – Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2017 – Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lisa Lillien

Recorded 08-30-2017 – Release Date 08-31-2017

Production Number #2148

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Adam opens the show to a stumbled intro from Dawson, “More grit than Halva” written by Mike Lynch, Adam laments the joke being flubbed, he gives Dawson another shot at it and speculates on how busy Lynch must be based on his intro jokes.

Adam jokes about Jewish people wanting a dessert that is sand based, Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has Joe Kenda’s “What?” as today’s #TopDrop

Adam is now welcoming Brian from the other shop back to the show for a round of ‘Will Brian Eat It’ since Andrew has moved back east, Adam asks about the spelling of his name and BB reminds him the other Bryan with a Y is Cranston.


Adam is now telling the gang about walking in on Brian sampling a Jamaican Ginger Ale, announcing to the world he wasn’t a fan.

Adam says he would be fine with Brian giving that soda away, he just doesn’t want the waste and Brian says he would have finished and not wasted it had nobody else wanted it.

Adam is back to his daughter and her inability to understand Adam’s resistance to ordering Starbucks to the house.


Adam says he’s like a monkey on an anthill when drinking from a malt, smoothie or other expensive drink, he will not risk any of it going to waste.

Adam quizzes Brian with an I about wasting food, Adam says it’s ugly and BB shares how his grandpa would order him to eat as much as he wants but not to waste any of it, which was delightful for young fat BB. Adam jokes about being a horrible Japanese citizen

Adam is now sharing his method of finishing his plate and allowing Phil to clean the final bits off for him, Adam shares he recently had another seizure and how he now wears shorts to bed as to avoid teabagging Phil in the middle of the night.


Gina asks what’s causing the seizures and Adam jokes about Lynette running around screaming “oh no we’re all going to die” and mocks the notion of her as a hostage negotiator as suggested by BB.

Adam has a killer pizza delivery joke at Lynette’s expense, Adam is explaining how he got Olga to make Chicken Paprikash, he recalls the baked potatoes story of offering one to James before coming home to ladle some Paprikash over the potatoes, only to be stopped form sharing it with Phil.

Adam is seemingly unaware that ordinary table salt can cause seizures in dogs, even the salt from the pool if he’s drinking any of it.

Adam shares how he mocked Lynette for being a primitive native in her thinking, joking about tossing a virgin into the Volcano to please the gods and her whole rationale for worrying.


Adam is now joking about Chris being like a Goat/Pelican hybrid and Adam is now talking about Phil and how he posts himself right in the hallway, so people will stop and pet him.

Dawson is asking if he is protecting the family and staying in eyesight of the entrances, Adam predicts Phil will need the fully puppy cat scan and blood workup once Dr. Drew gets ahold of Lynette, he’s dreading the bills.


Fan DuelNew Contests Start Every Week, Sonny picked their team, already eliminated Edition


Will Brian Eat It

BBQ foods Edition

1st Food Garlic Dinner Rolls, choice inspired by the food served during the fight and Adam is now giving his take on the big fight and Mayweather’s downtime, BB shares his limited MMA knowledge and his prediction on how the fight would go.

Brian will not eat garlic dinner rolls, he says “fuck bread” douche!

Adam jokes about Brian being like a cop who has never had to draw his gun, regarding garlic butter.


2nd Food BBQ Beef Ribs, BB says pork is “squishy” and Gina shares her knowledge about Brian liking basic meats, Adam says it’s the BBQ sauce as it’s exotic and full of flavors.

Brian will absolutely eat them and he prefers Pork, he only like marinated sauces, he doesn’t like it added in post.


3rd Food BBQ Brisket, Adam says everyone loves brisket and it got devoured while the ribs weren’t finished, Adam says he’s going with yes, BB no and Gina predicts no.

Brian would eat it.


4th Food Steamed Green Beans, Adam is now theorizing what Brian will say and he goes over his previous answers, Adam is telling BB not to confuse Brian with Andrew who hated vegetables.

Brian would eat it, he blames his catholic mother forcing food down his throat at age 5, Adam jokes about one of these stories ending in molestation and how they will feel badly about asking too many questions.

Brian mentions a license to kill land Adam wonders who he would murder first, himself or Nate Adams.


5th Food Baked Potato, Adam jokes about adding this to his ‘What Black People Think We Talk About’ coffee table book.

Adam is sharing his feelings about the guys turning their nose up at his free food offers.

Gina asks why he doesn’t leave anything at the Studio instead of the other warehouse and Adam jokes about not having to explain himself to her.

Adam is further going down this spiral and has a great “shame on me” for offering food to the guys, comparing it to a son eager for his father’s affection, hilarious twist.


Adam shares how he asks Shawn about his lunches, his wife whips them up and the answer always makes Adam curl up in the fetal position depressed that his wife doesn’t make him lunches.

Gina and the gang are weighing in, Adam and Gina take opposite positions to break the tie.

Brian says fuck all baked potatoes, he mocks the tin that was used to contain the potatoes, Adam asks him what the beef is with them.

Adam is now trying to dress it up and asks him about adding butter and other yummy fixings, they wrap the game and Gina says she wasn’t ready for how confrontational that was, she jokes about needing a support baked potato.


Adam says he has to work with this animal, he has to see him every day.

Adam is asking what poor bachelor guy couldn’t use a baked potato for dinner, but he was wrong in thinking they would be appreciative.

BB and Adam are singing the praises of garlic knots and Adam references Pete Postlethwaite from ‘The Town’ and they go into a live read.


‘I Do…Until I Don’t’ – The new Lake Bell film, if you liked ‘In a World’ go check it out Edition


Gina is now having them look over a menu from the recent bunch she had, pointing out the breakfast burrito option and the ingredients listed.

BB asks if it was Café Gratitude and Adam mocks the use of “love” as a listed ingredient, Adam jokes about loving cheddar cheese and mocks the Subaru “Love” campaign.

Adam brings up the changes in the commercials for Tundra pickup trucks, Adam says not everything needs to be about love, he makes a great point and BB plays a clip of Dawson saying “wipe that look off your face, make room and move over now” from a commercial where the father had his kid slide over to make room for the referee who just called him out in the end zone.


Adam is mocking the “this is our version” that restaurants will serve of classic dishes, Gina has a “slightly less chubby” comment and says “that’s where I park my car” agreeing with the comment.

Adam talks about the simple life pleasure he can no longer engage in with the family, nightly bowls of cereal around 11pm that Lynette can still do 5+ nights a week without gaining an ounce.

Adam shares his frustration with Natalia’s ability to argue for infinity about not taking a free napkin from Starbucks upon exiting, Adam name drops Nick Santora. Adam busts out a Jabberjaw impression.


Adam talks about the almost religious fervor people he employs and live with will muster against his advice and suggestions.

Adam says most of his arguments are “no dog in the fight” arguments and Gian shares her mother’s fandom for upcoming guest Lisa Lillien.


SNHULike Rodney Dangerfield did ‘Back to School’ Edition



Q and Ace

1st Caller Nick, he brings up the Gary Patrick Smith’s google search results and how much information he must picking up, suggesting he could do well on a game show or with trivia.

Adam brings up how someone told him about the actor who played McGruff the Crime Dog going to jail, it was tweeted to him.

Adam has a black power hand sign while referencing the Olympics in Mexico City.


Gary has the details on the charges the McGruff actor was convicted of, Adam has a killer impression of the character. BB rolls with him and Adam brings up James Woods in ‘The Specialist’ and Adam mocks BB for not being familiar with the move while being a guy who reviews movies professionally.

They’re now playing the scene and they joke about the “enhance” button often used in these kinds of movies.

Adam is now doing live commentary over the movie ‘The Specialist’ and if you want to hear him do it for the full movie, make sure to download the excellent Basic Cable Commentary #4 ‘The Specialist’ (feat. Franke Stallone) only 99 cents on Amazon with the Carolla link applied. “Get to The Sail-Face!” – Frank


2nd Caller Tina, calling from Houston. Tine explains he’s fine and quickly goes over a couple of insane moments she witnessed of people freaking out in the flood.

Adam jokes about people jumping off the boat and back out into the water, he says they might be doing Darwin’s work taking themselves out.

Adam gets into price gouging and specifically cites outside goods being trucked in to disaster zones, not existing goods being sold for exorbitant prices to profit off of tragedy, either he has the phrasing mixed up or isn’t clarifying the difference.


Adam is basically arguing for capitalism, Gary and Gina discuss the Best Buy water gouging confusion and BB now says gouging is illegal for a good reason, Tina says “the going rate” and BB explains the difference.

BB argues against price gouging and Adam is now talking about people driving supplies in during disasters, BB thinks it’s wrong to profit off disasters.

Adam is saying it’s not apples to apples and uses Airbnb and fluctuating rates to make his point, he’s arguing for capitalism at all times, not gouging by the legal definition.


Adam is talking about motivation and BB now claims to be naïve and says it’s scummy to charge people premiums for items that had to be transported via extraordinary circumstances.

Adam is now breaking down how Tom making a Texas run selling generators at a markup would need to recoup gas and hotel costs.

Adam jokes about Sean Penn saving people left behind and assaulting price gouging generators salesmen and they go back to Tina who tells them it’s no longer raining but flooding is rampant and they’re supposed to get more.


Adam shares his “it just is” regarding weather and his lack of feelings about it, Gina brings up Adam’s point from the other day about disasters bringing out the best in humanity and Adam responds to her point, talking about incentivizing people to do the right thing.


3rd Caller Rich, he wants to know about Adam’s involvement in politics, Adam says he thinks all of society is now focused on politics by default.

Adam quickly goes over how his ideas were politized.


4th Caller Roger, he’s not there and the line is dead.

They head to break


They’re back from break with a new ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and Adam welcomes Lisa to the show for her ACS debut, he plugs ‘Hungry Girl’ and Gina uses a baby voice to emphasize how much she loves Lisa.

Adam asks Lisa about her expertise, she says she has universal taste buds, she says she’s a marketer of food above everything else.

Gina says her mom got her into Lisa and her cookbooks, Gina talks about the recipes she was searching for that wouldn’t leaving her feeling bad after she was done eating.


Adam is asking her for realistic breakfast, lunch and dinner and she goes over how she makes egg in a mug, Lisa says just rinse the mug or else his wife will kill him, unaware of whom she is talking to.

Lisa tells them about her favorite salads, without salad dressing.

Lisa says pickles are underrated and Adam fully agrees, Gary plugs McClure’s Pickles which are often featured on ‘The Watercooler’ podcast, they even had the owners of the company on the show.


Adam tries a McClure’s pickle and Lisa is telling them about substituting carbs with other things, Lisa has a killer “if you love sacks” and Adam jokes about being called “Sack Master Flash” and teabagging his dog while he has a seizure, holy shit!

Lisa is telling them about something she heard said about her, Adam adds bitch to it and then makes BB apologize after she reveals the person is dead.

Lisa tells them about making everything into pizza crusts and Adam goes into a live read.


GeicoZucchini Spaghetti and go out and eat some Sushi Edition


Lisa is having them sample her Hungry Girl margarita, Adam talks about his distaste for neon corn syrup booze mixes, he likes a good bloody Mary and hate the bad mixes.

BB has the full margarita ingredients memorized and Lisa has Adam try the brownie before Lisa tells her what’s in it, Adam tells Gina she’s never sounded so gay telling him to try it first.

Lisa reveals these are Zucchini brownies, not black bean like Gina was presuming.


Adam is asking her about the most important pieces of the healthy eating story, Adam asks about Baked Potatoes and Lisa calls Brian crazy, saying she almost kicked him on the way in to the studio.

Lisa is telling them about Kabocha Squash and she explains how it’s half the calories of potato and pulls of a similar taste/experience.

Adam jokes with Lisa about her husband and his love for the ATM and late-night runs around 3am, implying he’s addicted to strip clubs and prostitutes, Adam goes into another live read.


Tommy JohnIt’s only going to get hotter, Adam came back with boob sweat after walking Phil Edition



Gina’s News

1st Story is on the distraught woman who arrived at the Houston shelter and became upset when the CNN reporter was trying to interview her.

Adam says don’t freak out in front of your kids, he gives her full understanding about the situation and explains how mommy freaking out can spin a kid out.

Adam is saying those disaster interviews are like the interviews of the neighbors of serial killers and BB brings up the stupid questions in sports interviews.


Adam likes that she freaked out on camera, but doesn’t like that she freaked out in front of her kids.

Adam says there is no crime here, the interviewer and the woman were both in the right and it was an innocent event.


2nd Story is on the Crotch Pot, Gina has the details and Lisa says it’s not real.

Gina keeps reading the details and Adam jokes about “Taint Berry Pie” and says “it’s gotta be chockfull of sack” and gets into how humans are evolving and going back to basics at the same speed simultaneously.

BB empathically says “nobody wants to be here” and Adam gives Lisa a title for next book.


3rd Story is on the new proposal at Boston Logan airport to charge for each car that drives to the airport, Adam is now explaining how if you have no choice to go somewhere you’ll just pay.

Adam jokes about how he would make fun of the people being dropped off outside the airport to avoid the fee, Adam is sharing why he’s mad at Logan airport and Lisa says she likes paying for premium service echoing Adam’s sentiments about increasing gas prices.

Adam is telling them about trying to get to “Squanto’s Retreat” and asking for instructions to get out of the airport, Adam shares how the guy reacted after they got lost and asked for directions again.

Gina wraps the news.


LifeLockA wide range of identity threats, Phil E. Cheesesteak left the building Edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and wraps up the show, BB has a great closing drop of Adam doing the Jabberjaw impression from earlier in the show.