Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 171

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 171

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 08-26-2014 – Release Date 08-31-2014

Production Number #171 – Guest host Jim Jefferies

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Drew is opening hour 2 with Jim Jefferies explaining the title of his latest comedy special, Drew is now bringing up the concept of parallel thought and Jim is taking it back to his Netflix meetings about the concept artwork for the special.

Jim is sharing the details of his latest poster shoot and Jim accuses Drew of waxing his chest, he says he grooms everything a little bit and takes all of the direction form his wife.

Drew explains he just had his skin lasered as his wife said he was looking like shit, now Jim and Drew are talking about shaving scrotums with razors.


Jim is sharing his difficulty in grooming his taint with the clippers, he tells Drew about how bloody his sack got during a shaving incident but moves on before finishing and they’re talking about old timey shaves for dudes.

They’re talking about the world of shaving and the science of razors and strops, Jim is sharing how he tried internet dating and rolling to another tangent about getting paired up with other fat slobs.

Drew is now getting to the concept of attraction and how a computer can’t quite nail the metric yet as it’s programmed by clueless humans.


Drew is now bringing up the concept of a reality show and Jim is now bringing up a gal he used to sleep with who was on ‘Dating Naked’ and now Drew is taking it back to ‘Legit’ and how Jim Jefferies work with the disabled is important.

Jim hints at the two unmade seasons for ‘Legit’ and explains his Ricky Gervais model of television development, Drew brings up Jim’s former cast mates and their current workloads.

Jim is now breaking down various U.K accents using impressions of Jason Statham and Michael Caine and now Jim is helping Drew explain the U.K. slang rhymes that are used to infer other words and concepts.


Jim brings up Audrey Hepburn and has an excellent point, they’re now talking ‘Mary Poppins’ and address the possibility of her being gay.

Jim is now bringing up the John Travolta rumors, Jim says the Tom Cruise shit he’s heard is all bullshit as well as the claims lobbed at Hugh Jackman.

Jim is now addressing gay statistics among men, he’s now bringing up the roughly 300 famous male actors and how he can only name 10 gay people, he says there must be more closeted.


Jim is telling Drew about Ian Roberts (not the UCB creator, the rugby player) and Drew now brings up how Seth MacFarlane is the only other person who likes to talk about this stuff like Drew and Jim do.

Jim is now praising Seth MacFarlane and addresses his hit list of hot chicks who have all had small roles on ‘Family Guy’ and possibly uses their voice and compliments about it to seduce them.

Jim is telling Drew about meeting Axel Rose and shows Drew the picture, Jim explains he was on mushrooms and beer, no coke.


Jim is now describing the hotel room scene and how Axel Rose said “no, no Jim Jefferies is alright” and how Axel is sensitive about the claims about his gigs and arrival times.

Drew is now asking about the chaotic scene of sex and drugs before the show.

Jim is bringing up a super collection of famous drummers and how Ringo Starr really seemed to be the worst of the bunch, they’re bringing up his autograph rule and why it makes sense.


Jim is taking it back to Paul McCartney at the Improv and how he was even uncomfortable but understands the “fuck it I’m only going to get one shot at this” and Drew is telling them about his seatmate on the flight back from NYC last week.

Drew reveals he was sitting next to Kate Upton who immediately went into “seclusion mode” and Jim says “I’m all for it but those titties come at a price” in regards to Kate’s figure.

Jim shares his Gwyneth Paltrow anecdote of being rejected by privacy divider and they’re now addressing airport employees in charge of escorting celebrities, Jim takes it back to the black face joke and they head to break.


They’re back from break.


1st Caller Christian, he is asking Jim about the final run of Jim and Eddie Talk Shit, his old podcast and Jim says he doesn’t get along to much with Eddie right now, he’s being very fair and doesn’t want to slag him, Jim compliments his appearance on ‘Legit’ and the missing funds from the old show.

Jim doesn’t want to do it for the fan nor want to get into a feud with Eddie, Drew is as bummed as Christian about the rift between the two men.


2nd Caller John, he’s got a nice plug for Jim Jefferies and Jim explains why he is surprised by his schedule and only checks a couple weeks in advance.

John is trying to discern if someone has had a DUI or just likes to ride a bike, now Jim says that any shopping with a bike equals DUI guy.

They’re talking about the Reno bike guys vs. Portland Oregon and now Drew and Jim are riffing about it and Chris gets on mic.


Chris introduces the idea of a BUI to him and Gary brings up a similar law in Newport and how they’ll take your license for biking, Drew says he thought that was the whole point of biking.

Jim has some anecdotes form his time in Thailand and the prostitutes that had numbers next to their mashed up against glass vaginas, whoa!


3rd Caller Mike, he has another plug for Jim’s upcoming gigs.

They’re now discussing Philippino people hiding their intelligence and what the cultural reasoning might be, they’re discussing Ginger from Jim’s show ‘Legit’ and how Drew found out about her law books as entertainment anecdote.

Jim is now bringing up the idea of Aaron Paul using the term “giving your gift to the world…” and now Jim is mocking the idea of saying its humbling when you go on a speech like that.


Drew is now trying to explain how these people feel and what they’re trying to express exactly.

Drew and Adam are talking about handprints and names on the Hollywood walk of fame, Jim is bringing up the in memorium segment during the most recent Emmys and Jim objects to TV stars in the Oscar In Memorium and movies actors in the Emmy version.

Mike is bringing up his sister and her possible eating disorder and how she spits out chewed up food, Jim is now joking about her surely having one.


Drew explains that wonderment is the best approach to bring up these things, not accusations nor anger, Drew brings up the gentle ways to get a dialogue started with her.

Drew wants a follow up report about this, Jim talks about Gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares with a funny one liner.


4th Caller Dennis, he’s calling about a recent move in with his new girlfriend and he’s in fear of some irrational behavior and Jim says that’s part of dating a woman.

Drew calls for Classic Loveline fan James Gunn to get booked for The Adam and Drew Show, Dennis explains how deep the girlfriend spiraled after their ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ argument.

Dennis wants to know if this is all on him or if she is someone he should be in fear of, Dennis explains they haven’t yet moved in and Jim cites the 4 women he’s lived with, he tells him its life and to just do it.


Drew is now trying to sway Jim into getting married, arguing on behalf of his baby momma and son.

Drew is praising marriage and Jim is citing all of his friends who got married, then divorced and lost all of their money.

Drew is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the 2nd hour with Jim!

Drew is plugging ‘Legit!’ and Jim’s work with the disabled people on the show, how they were able to tap into something unintended and they reference a petition to bring ‘Legit’ back thanks to Chris, who has a funny M.C. Hammer one liner to close out the show.