Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2012 – Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/31/2012 – Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 08/28/2012 – Release Date 08/31/2012


Adam is starting the show with Dave in studio, sure sign of a great episode! Adam wants to go further in depth on “The Lucky One” Dave just almost squealed in joy telling Adam he saw the same movie, Adam is now going further into the plot, Dave is chiming in, this is like their old “Basic Cable Classic” bits from the KLSX morning show and their “Basic Cable Commentary” for the movie “Road House”.

Adam transitions to women in movies dating the villain and then also falling for the meek hero, he is going specific on Cameron Diaz in “The Mask” and her relationship with Peter Green’s character, Adam makes quick reference of his work with Peter on “Judgment Night” and hints at the legendary stories once told on loveline.

Adam is now going off on the plot of the movie “Waitress” in regards to the husband character being stereotypical and over the top. They’re transitioning to even more movies. Adam and Dave are now reenacting scenes from the movie, line for line, Alison is chiming in too, hilarious!

Dave is complaining about movies where women leave men and even superheroes over false pretenses, Adam makes one of his all time funniest suggestions in how to tell the same story in a gutsy way.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports, Adam interrupts Dave to mention Titanic, he says it’s one of the other best cases of a woman with a huge douchebag who is also interested in the complete opposite guy.

Dave is now reminding Adam of the first time they worked together, it was over a decade ago, Dave was driving Adam for a Man Show bit. Adam went to a “dildo factory” for a man show bit. They’re now breaking down the trip and the owner of the factory that Adam had to deal with. It was the first shoot Dave worked on.

The control room guys fire up the video and Adam is giving live commentary, awesome!

Adam had Dave go more in depth about their early meetings, Dave is giving a detailed account of his first meeting with Adam after his Man Show interview. Dave get’s back to the football, the gang are now discussing USC and the Rose Bowl, Bryan is weighing in too.

Dave is bringing it back to the NFL, he’s talking about the season opener. Adam is comparing the bizarre musical acts and various special effects that go along with watching the NFL to parsley as a garnish.  Adam is talking about the recent high school football game he saw.

Dave is getting to his “Creep of the Week” after delivering a hilarious in character “ManGrate” live read. Dave is describing going to dinner with his parents, Dave wasn’t aware it was a “Chef’s Choice” Tapas restaurant, where the chef chooses the order in which you get your food. Adam and Dave are now ranting on Chefs and how they’re overrated in society.

The chef was only the runner up, Dave is now going off on the woman seated next to him on the very same flight where he saw “The Lucky One”, and the guy seated across from him who had taken his shoes off and was barefoot. Dave just accused Adam of being one of these guys, Adam is now ranting on this behavior, Alison mentions it just came up the other day in the “Jake Steinfeld ” episode.

Dave announced that all men who walk around barefoot are “The Creep of the Week” Dawson chimes in and bursts Dave’s bubble, hilarious! Adam is riffing on Dawson. Adam has Dave go back into character as “Chris Berman” once again for the “Go To Meeting” live read. Dave gets Adam to give his pick for the superbowl before the season has even started.

A voicemail message reminds Adam of a fan who tweeted him about the movie premise where a man grabs a woman to make out to disguise them from an approaching enemy.


Alison’s News her top story is about the release date for Fast and Furious 6, this causes Adam to go on a tangent about the Fast franchise’s bizarre continuity, I once actually explained this in detail to Adam. Tokyo Drift hasn’t yet happened in the current Fast timeline, it was chronologically the 3rd movie but the director included an actor friend of his who was killed off, but he’s in parts 4 and 5, so they changed the entire timeline in order to include the actor who was killed off in part III. To make it extra complicated the actor in question has the same character name of someone he played in a previous non “Fast” franchise movie with the same director.

Adam remembers some of the details, the control room do a good job of filling him in on the rest, Adam is going super in depth on the “Fast” movies, this is almost a “Basic Cable Classics” segment in itself. Alison has changed the topic to the TV show Friends, she’s pointing out continuity plot holes, how Rachel didn’t know Chandler in the pilot despite later flashbacks that depicted otherwise.

Her 2nd story is on the Tonight Show staffers being laid off and Howard Stern’s comments about the situation, Alison is reading Stern’s quotes about it. Adam is talking about late night executives and they don’t know that much, how the ones that worked for his comedy central “Too Late” show didn’t want to air the episode where a drunken Steve O smashed a glass coffee table with his leg.

Adam is giving his take on the Stern Vs. Leno stuff, he’s making an analogy for Bryan and Alison, comparing Jay Leno to your “girlfriend Nancy”, now he’s asking what they would do if they were in his shoes.

Alison’s 3rd story is about a recent exchange between Joan Rivers and Rihanna, Adam is on a tangent about Rihanna now. Alison and Adam are riffing on the “Ovaltine” alternative they created on the show last week, Bryan just chimed in and they are doing a great reenactment of someone requesting the beverage, hilarious!

Adam is busting Gary’s balls over not having info pulled up that he says he requested during the sports segment with Dameshek. Alison wraps the news.