Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2017 – Joel H. Cohen and Joe Kenda

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2017 – Joel H. Cohen and Joe Kenda

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joel H. Cohen and Joe Kenda

Recorded 08-29-2017 – Release Date 08-30-2017

Production Number #2147

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Adam opens the show to a great Dr. Nick Riviera intro form Mike Lynch and Mike Dawson, Adam immediately busts out his Dr. Nick impression. Gina busts out hers and BB has Andrea Savage’s “You’ve got to go in the jungle” clip as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam gets back to his island idea, where he uses a bag of cool ranch Doritos to test people and find out what kind of people they are, Adam says he added another test to the list.

Adam says parking is another way to judge the narcissism of others, BB says it’s not and they’re just oblivious, but Adam says it’s narcissism and it means they never thought of anyone else but themselves.


Adam says Mike Lynch sent over an email about the observations he had about Sonny and Natalia from a paper he was writing when they were 16 months old.

Adam is talking about grit and various grit signifiers, BB has a killer Jeff Dahmer joke, lil’ Jeffy!

Adam is using the 3 M&M’s today vs more tomorrow, the delayed gratification test. Adam asks how you measure grit, he says he used to clean carpets and BB mentions how Adam was doing it just a few minutes before the show started.


Adam is talking about the greasy ‘Tony Roma’s’ carpeting and how you needed to really lean into it to remove the filth.

BB says now he’s interested after Adam brings up the white rug they have with little black spots, Adam told Rob to really hit it and get rid of the spots.

Adam says it’s like taking a shower but coming out with the paint still on your body after painting, Adam says Rob was proud of his work because he got it really clean, but Adam was able to scrub the same carpet and get it 100% complete.

Adam describes his scrubbing technique, which Gina dubs “Cinderella Style” and Adam jokes that he’s just like her but he’s heard there is a director’s cut where she gets thanked for her endless labor, nobody ever thanks Adam.


Adam says Drew spilled his coffee in the studio, it was driving him nuts so he actually got down on his knees and he was able to completely remove the stain.

Adam says it’s a kind of an interesting wiring, he cites both Rob and Dylan and their shortcomings when it comes to carpet cleaning.

BB says it’s very unfortunate to learn how much other people don’t care about your stuff or what is important to you, Adam cites Jimmy Kimmel and the things he cares about and how learning what those things are is very important to your job.


Gina wants and example and Adam is now giving a universal example, he brings up people pouting about doing him a favor on a Saturday after he’s done them years of favors.


FanDuel.comHow much input will Adam have on the fantasy team selection, 8 inputs Edition


Adam is now asking for Lynch’s email, Gina reads it and shares his discoveries and results.

Adam comments about how much kids seem to enjoy snatching things and throwing them, BB says Tessa is now obsessed with chucking things.

Adam says his kids are no different now, he makes a larger point about the inability to graft gender constructs on kids, Gina brings up Sonny’s goggles and how Natalia snapped them on his face.


Adam jokes about Natalia’s attempt at lying about snapping Sonny’s goggles intentionally, he brings up jock straps and compares Sonny’s meltdown to that of Cameron in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ as he laid catatonic on the Baja shelf and they head to the calls.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Robert, he’s calling about ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 The Truth’ and he explains the 9/11 truther movement briefly while asking Adam why he hasn’t joined this group of “intellectuals” and might actually be a bogus caller.

Adam is now talking about the perfect storm of events and explains how the buildings fell, he says it was all perfect and there was no other way the buildings could have gone down.

Adam talks about arguing for “what is” and being technically right, we all saw what we saw and that’s how it went down.


Gina talks about seeing the building comedown from another building in the city, she says it looked like what it looks like when a building comes down, which one could use to argue it was a controlled demolition when she’s implying the opposite.


Robert is now saying he used to agree with Adam but Adam is using his “we could have planted WMDs” argument and BB now asks the minimum number of people required to rig something like this and how difficult it is to keep these kinds of secrets.


They now switch gears and are speaking with Joe Kenda, they plug his series and Adam asks him about his history, his journey.

Joe tells them in a nutshell what happened in his life, college, tending bar and marriage to his high school sweetheart.

Joe tells them about his clear rate for cases and Adam says he would like to ask him why his rate is so much higher than the average, Adam jokes about him planting evidence.


Joe shares how he once spent 9 years on a case and his feelings about catching criminals, Joe says humans are the biggest flaw in policing and says we’d be better off with a robot police force.

Adam is asking him about the percentage of murders where there was a connection between the victim and killers, he says about 75% of the time.

Adam shares his wife’s fears about the kids walking to the store and Adam jokes about how they’re more at risk from Adam killing them than anything, Joe says Adam’s wife is far more at risk from him killing her, Adam has a killer reply.


Joe mentions drug crimes and Adam brings up the press and Joe goes off on how the media reports on everything, he makes some great points.

Adam asks Joe what he is most interested in, he talks about human remains and how he wants to know everything about the deceased, he goes through a laundry list of possible questions he would ask.

Joe is making a point about secret lives of people and how important it is for murder investigations, Joe gives his 3 rules for avoiding violent crime.


Adam talks about how much energy is focused on outliers instead of the more likely odds, Adam talks about the basic recipe book for life.

Adam asks about his most gruesome case and mentions Herta Caraway, he says they’re all the most gruesome and he explains he never relies on hunches, he goes in clean to every case, with an open mind.

Joe says the why is only interesting and important to him until he finds the suspect, then it flips.


Adam shares his theory on treating life like you’re a centerfielder, don’t start running in any direction until the ball is hit, then move.

Joe shares his various chains of dialogue he has asking the victim and unidentified suspect when he arrives at crime scenes.

Gina asks about the ‘First 48’ and how important those first 2 days are, he says it’s meaningless, Adam jokes about trying to tell Gina it’s a dumb question.

Joe shoots it down and says 99% of the stuff on TV is nonsense, even reality.


In response to Adam’s question Joe shares how he speaks with the families of victims and the careful word choices he makes while breaking the bad news to them.

Adam mocks Gina and asks her if she sees what it looks like when you ask a good question like Adam’s.

Joe shares the “why don’t you just keep him them” reaction from parents who don’t want to pay for their deceased child’s funeral costs, Adam welcomes Joe back to the show and wraps up the interview.


Adam goes off on prosecutors and how Geragos reacts to them trying to fit evidence into their constructed narrative.

BB plays the drop of Joe saying “What?” over and over, hilarious!


GeicoWhat? – Joe Kenda Edition


2nd Caller Seth, he tells them about listening to a 1998 LoveLine episode from my podcast where Adam guessed that a male stripper dressed up as a cowboy while on stage.

Adam then brought the same thing up on Friday’s show which was an odd bit of synchronicity and coincidence, how very Great Magnet!

Adam talks about it for a moment and Seth compliments BB and his improv skills.

Adam tells Seth to give her a compliment, she jokes about not wanting it and Adam mocks her question, she asks if he really thought it was dumb and Seth tells her she’s awesome and she quickly blows through it, saying she knows.


Adam is now telling Gina about talking to experts and how they will never give it up and will always correct you, Adam jokes about Joe implying that only bad people would think the first 48hrs are important.

Adam teases where he was when ‘The Simpsons’ premiered and they go into another live read


SNHUWhy go into debt for financial aid Edition


Adam is now back to his life around the premier of ‘The Simpsons’ where he had a thought about finding a regular club to work out his standup material.

Adam says it as it was now he was stuck doing overstuffed open mics where he often didn’t get the stage time he was waiting for.

Adam says he just got into the ACME theater and he decided he needed to find a camper shell for his 1984 Nissan, he planned to drive up to visit his buddy in the bay area for two months, where he could work out his standup.


Adam says he did nothing but play one single show at Rooster T Feathers and he recalls moments of the 2nd episode from January of 1990, thanks for the assist from Gary.

Gina recalls her early exposure to ‘The Simpsons’ and they move on to the calls.


3rd Caller Kevin, he’s calling about servers who refuse to write down orders, he wants to know if they refuse to write down the order and then get it wrong, should one still tip that waiter.

Adam says it only happens with wait staff, no other profession has this short-term memory pried.

Adam says you can’t possibly get it all right, he shares a recent anecdote from dinner with the family.

Adam says you create anxiety in all of your patrons when you don’t write things down, he jokes about the waiter being 47yrs old and working as a waiter, no need to impress.


Adam says the single earing is not helping either, just like the Daihatsu Charade with your name written in dust on it.

Adam has a killer riff on the waiter pretending to write things down to alleviate his anxiety.

Adam is now sharing his angst caused by waiters not writing things down.


4th Caller Joseph, he has a new ‘Richman Poorman’ and tells them about attending a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ convention, Adam jokes about that being the perfect place to wear the ‘Make America Great Again’ unlike at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles.

Joseph shares his idea, memorials in your name. either roadside poor person who was killed, or rich guy who has his name engraved in a bench, middle class doesn’t monkey with these kinds of memorials.

Adam says it’s a good one and BB wasn’t smug nor cunty about it, so it must be good.

Gary brings up the “mailbox money” ‘Richman Poorman’ that Adam retweeted recently.


Adam has a correction about the song ‘When I see You Smile’ from yesterday, not from ‘Queensrÿche’ but instead it’s ‘Bad English’ and he got mixed up.

Adam says the song was written by Elizabeth Warren, then corrects himself that it was Diane Warren and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Joel H. Cohen making his ACS debut, he plugs Joel’s book on marathons and Adam is talking about smart people enjoying ‘The Simpsons’ and how kids naturally respond to it, it works for adults and it works for kids.

Joel is now telling them about his marathon running and shares his “prove something to yourself” theory on people who run marathons.

Adam is sharing his take on “here’s what I’m going to do” and how it’s not discussed nor taught to children, Adam says the one thing you wish for is that your kids have that one trait, that they can commit and do something, achieve a goal and accomplish things.


Adam says he knows how he knows Joel, he knows Rob Cohen, Adam doesn’t like that we’ve reduced the marathons down to 5k, we don’t need “run, walk, cycle” races.

Joel brings up the other end of marathons and mentions the 100+ mile events, Adam agrees we don’t need those either, just stop at 10k.


Onnit.comSome Amazing Supplements, TAK with Adam Talking Edition


Adam is now asking Joel about what the 1st day of training is like for preparing for a marathon, he says you want to get up to a base of running 3 miles easily.

Joel tells them about building up to a marathon, he says he had a million books and podcasts going the entire time he was running.

Adam shares his struggle of staring at the timer on the treadmill, he doesn’t know who the guys are who can zone out and focus on the horizon.


Joel says he would distract himself with books he wanted to hear/read and would only allow himself to partake while running, he seems to be akin to Adam when it comes to running.

Adam is now talking about our kids being the first group of people who technically don’t have to do anything, Adam shares how his daughter wanted to have Starbucks delivered and Adam refused to let her.

Adam is sharing her various objections to walking to Starbucks, Adam says it’s a losing argument, citing how he makes deals with himself about enjoying things and delayed gratification.


BB says there was an episode of ‘Freakonomics’ about encouraging people to work out by giving them an iPod with a compelling book they could only enjoy at the gym.

Adam has a great “Stephen J. and The Dubners” one liner and tells people he’s all about tricking himself into having a good life, Adam asks Joel about his best time running a marathon.

Joel says he was trying to pace himself and his goal to outrun Oprah, he tells her to suck it.


Adam says women don’t have a big disadvantage in the running department, Gina says anecdotally she disagrees and Adam says some bodies aren’t meant to run.

Adam is now thinking that in the intermediate departments women do better than men, Gary reads the records for men vs. women and Adam says they’re catching up and it’s fine, as long as they don’t pass us (men) and Adam segues into a live read.


Blinds GaloreOver 2 million windows and counting Edition


Adam is recalling a guy in 1968 who ran a marathon barefoot in Mexico City, Adam is amazed at that idea of running on cobblestone, Gary has some info on another guy who did it in Europe.

Gina brings up Vibram Five Fingers, Adam says that is the #1 guy he cannot hang out with, Adam says if you put mountain bike racks on your jeep they need to be used frequently or they need to be confiscated.

Adam is now talking about this guy and his extreme kayaking and BB brings up Lionel Hutz and Adam says he watched a compilation that featured the best of Lionel Hutz.


Adam and BB both go over their favorite jokes, Adam is now quoting several of them and Adam asks Gary to get the clip loaded up.

Gina brings up the McBain compilation and BB jokes about Joel’s interview being over.

They now play a YouTube video of the best moment of Lionel Hutz.


BB mockingly thanks Joel for all of his insights on ‘The Simpsons’ and they segue to Phil Hartman and Adam says he really misses him and his work, he left a void.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Tropical Storm Harvey and the various hoaxes that have been debunked by a local Houston paper.

Gina cites a few of these lies and Adam talks about these scammers who open fake GoFundMe accounts, he asks if these people don’t operate as a lifeguard in their own existence.

Adam says he tried not to preach that everyone is being screwed, being amoral requires and excuse and a reason to justify your bad behavior.


Adam is making great points about the message of institutionalized racism, even violence is justified if you think a target is on your back.

Adam says you would be smart to wrestle a cop for his gun if you were pulled over and thought you had a target on your back and the officer was going to kill you.

Gina brings up Rip Torn’s role in ‘Defending Your Life’ and she shares an anecdote about recently talking about the movie, another one of her favorites.


2nd Story is on the Justin Bieber nude photos that were posted on Selena Gomez’s twitter account, Gina has the facts mixed up. Gary explains there were existing nudes and that her account was only hacked to post these pics from it, it’s not a nude leak.

Gina just wants to say “Lil Shrimpy” and Adam goes with it, saying that’s how you know these weren’t posted by him, unaware these are the nude outdoor shower pics of Justin with red/inflamed post-sex-dong, by and large considered to be very impressive photos by women and men alike.

Adam is now asking fellas to be honest and brings up the fat burning body building supplements.


Adam is talking about getting a pump going and how it makes you look bigger, he says any guy could take two photos in the same day and get very different results.

Adam says that in the same pair of underpants there are two different penises, Adam jokes about this being a children’s book with Joel, “it is a pop-up but it’s not a happy ending” and Adam says like Robert Downey Jr. says “never go full boner” and he explains the “leather” phase.

Gina is commenting and Adam says it can’t go much further but the hope of not seeing full boner might imply there is much more.


3rd Story is on a new list of the most and least valuable majors for bachelor degrees, Adam is now riffing about his son being a “dick pic fluffer” and he explains the realistic need for this job position.

Adam brings up Gina’s impending nuptials and asks her about hiring a stylist, Joel says the dick pic didn’t exist before the cellphone, Gina brings up disposable cameras being used for joke down the pants shots.

Adam agrees but those are joke dick pics, not like what is done today.


Adam is now speculating on the most valuable jobs, Gina has the details of Petroleum engineering the most valuable job and the least valuable job of clinical psychology.

BB says “poor Lynch” and Adam remarks that he put his whole life into that field and BB says 43k a year makes him a Lowell Massachusetts Millionaire.

Gina wraps the news


Adam is asking about the use of the GDP vs. GNP and how it used to be charted by GN, not GD. Adam is now talking about the harsh ramifications of men not having employment, men need jobs as they lack rudders in some way women often don’t.

Adam says people need jobs, all people and explains what it prevents and what problems in society arise from people not having employment.

Adam says you would be much happier working fast food than collecting a welfare check.


LifeLockAdam laughs weirdly, just talking about this with the Beebs Man! Edition


They talk about GDP vs. GNP, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.