Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 268

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 268

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-27-2015 – Release Date 08-30-2015

Production Number #268 – Back Problems

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Adam has a standard intro, Drew brings up his pad for the coffee mug, and Adam mocks him and makes an analogy to his son having a rubber sheet to protect his bed from night time accidents.

Adam is now sharing the ultimate example of Adam’s life and metaphor for his existence, he describes his grandfather Lotzi and his “old Jewish noises” he would use to wake him up and get him to pee in the middle of the night.

Adam shares the horse sense he learned from Lotzi and how he tried to plead this case with his wife and Olga, Adam is now pondering the pushback and the multiple retarded laps he must do with people who are far less successful than he is, he says if Cuban’s talking then he’s listening.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam is doing a Time Machine riff and they talk about Duesenberg cars, Adam compliments himself for his brave approach to Gary and his magic box of information, allowing himself to be wrong.

They take a moment and move on.


Joining them via phone is Carey Nachenberg, he’s calling about his work with underprivileged youths and charter schools.

Adam has Carey plug his own novel, Adam asks him the meeting and Carey clarifies he’s a big fan before breaking down the plot of his book.

He has a tight recap of the plot and characters, Adam is now pitching PTSDrone, his movie idea.


Drew is now asking Carey about his son the math major and specific bit of information he was told, Adam is interrupting Drew to take it down another road and uses Uber to make an analogy to how he feels about charter schools.

Carey is now going in depth on charter schools and how superior they are to the traditional public school model, Adam is now asking about the pushback against charter schools by unions and the teachers of public schools.


Adam is now asking why the democrats wouldn’t support charter schools over union interests, as this is closer in line to what they preach.

Adam wants to know who is doing the most pushing back against the charter schools, he mentions the movie ‘Waiting for Superman’ and Adam gives out the plugs for Carey with a funny bit of name goof up before wrapping up the phoner.


Drew is doing an eHarmony live read


Drew shares the details of what his daughter reported about her experiences with dating apps/websites and creepy dudes.

Adam is now doing another lap on the people who put the broken system in place now complaining about the failing system they setup.

Adam is now asking what system is failing when you are the fucking system yourself.


Adam comments one the constant need for cash and the correlation between Baltimore and Los Angeles when it comes to public school results.

Adam is asking if the left really care about kids or the unions that helped get them elected, Adam doesn’t have a dog in the fight and is doing another lap on Rahm Emanuel and the corruption in Chicago.


1st Caller Ryan, his son is starting his first year of football, he doesn’t know what to tell him, Adam and Drew have some basic “stay low” advice, Ryan shares their love for watching ‘Hard Knocks’ and Drew explains how he pulled his kids out at 13 due to the differences in development among young men.

Drew explains his kids were miles ahead of the other kids, Adam asks why Drew’s kids abided by flag football after tackle for years.

Adam explains how once he got a taste for tackle that was it, Adam says Sonny is now at the age where Adam was getting ready to enter his 3rd year of tackle football.


Adam explains his son wants to be a football player but is still not ready for tackle, he’s waiting until he’s older.

Adam is commenting on the reality of his son and his possible football future, Adam is very evolved in this aspect of parenting.

Adam says you have to deal with Mommy and explains how Lynette intervened to help Sonny when he was scared of the rollercoaster at Disneyland, Adam is using shots for your dog as an analogy for exposing your kids to different activities and facing their fears.


Adam is sharing his “I’ll go get the car” response to exiting activities and describes seeing a father and son returning from a game and what he always wished for him and his son.


2nd Caller Chris is asking them about raising his stepdaughter, he wants to know how to have frank and honest talks with her without violating boundaries or getting creepy.

Drew has some super practical advice about letting the kids driving the questions and get only the information they want, don’t give them an anatomy lesson.


3rd Caller Scott, he’s telling them about his back surgeries and numb limbs, Drew is asking him about opiate use and Drew tells people to never have back surgeries.

Drew explains how back pain can go away, never have surgery for pain.

Scott wants to know how to recover from neuropathy, Drew says he has nerve damage and Adam is asking him about his voice, he wants to know if he can share the more global issue.


Adam is asking about the insane range of backs for people, contrasting them against something like a femur, Adam says all he has ever done his entire life is try to hurt his back.

Adam describes only having back pain while depressed.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Drew is explaining the HLN episodes they did on Transgender issues last week, Adam is now responding to what Drew is telling him he learned about them and their experiences.

Adam is asking Drew about the chicks with dicks that seem to be in demand and viable (fetishized) feature among transgendered people.

Drew talks about the percentages that were happy with the surgery and hormones vs. the ones who felt mistreated.

Drew mentions the handful of shitty tweets he got for being too left wing, Adam comments on Drew taking that stuff too personally, they wrap up the discussion and Adam gives out the plugs for some upcoming live shows.