Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2012 – Wayne White and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/30/2012 – Wayne White and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 08/29/2012 – Release Date 08/30/2012

Adam is opening the show with his childhood buddy Ray already in studio, they’re opening the show talking about Adam’s lack of stink. Adam is now describing his favorite way to clean off, it’s not a shower. Continued pool and swimming discussion, Adam is describing getting strange “step on a crack” style OCD behavior when it comes to swimming laps.

Adam claims to not be very idiosyncratic, Bryan just chimed in to contend that Adam is, Alison is weighing in too, now they’re debating if practical behaviors are classified as that. Alison reads the definition but they still argue that Adam is, Ray gets a great one liner in, hilarious!

The debate continues, Adam is making great points about all of his behaviors being almost universal logic, there are no elements of his behaviors that aren’t based in reality and don’t have to do with efficiency and conservation. Bryan is still countering but now Adam is talking about the two auto shops he goes to, Bruce and Les each own one, he’s describing the differences in the businesses. Alison is clarifying the definition, Adam is explaining why he is overly defensive on this, Bryan agrees he’s right.

They’re now taking home improvement calls as they do weekly on Ace On The House, their hilarious and helpful podcast. Adam is now going off on what seems to be a very brief Mulholland club tangent, he’s getting Ray to confirm he was indeed 35 the last time he chose to jump of the club roof fully nude and during a wedding, Ray is defending himself.

They’re doing a Maxima Style live read before the 1st call but it’s devolving into Adam going off on people who say he’s crazy for expecting simple things, like hanging up car keys or washing out a coffee cup, hilarious! Alison and Bryan are weighing in more, Alison revealed some staff members like Gary Patrick Smith, have super adapted to Adam’s ways of doing things. Adam is very pleased with GPS, Alison is trying to frame it poorly, Adam is simultaneously confirming and shitting on her point, good stuff.

Ray is now on his own quick tangent, he’s telling the story from a few years back where Sonny left his toys in the garage and wanted to stay behind while Adam and Ray went to do other things, Sonny came running up to Adam to tell him he turned all the lights off, such a cute story, I love when Ray tells it. Adam is going off on his son getting a “Champion” trophy despite not making a single basket all season.


Ace On The House, 1st Caller Joe, just bought a house, he wants to know what to expect with his hardwood floor because of the “quarter round” and “base shoe”, Adam and Ray are explaining what the appearance of both mean for your floor. Great Alison and Ray interaction, very funny.

Adam is going off on young guys who are buying their first house and how it makes him jealous. 2nd caller Isaac, has a rod iron fence that’s “rotted out” and wants to know if he can remove it without breaking the concrete. Isaac works at a ranchero station near Seth MacFarlane’s studio, he sees Adam all the time but never wants to “bug” him, Bryan just dropped some gold and Ray is impersonating Adam, good stuff!

Adam is going further in depth with Isaac and his career, Isaac is a huge fan. Adam has some killer bits. Ray is telling the gang about the crew that works for him.

3rd Caller Wayne, the paint on his stairs is chipping off and cracking, this is Ray’s specialty according to Adam. Adam is trying to pull up the 4th caller but he can’t work the phone from his position. Ray tosses in another plug for the sponsor, now they’re wrapping up with Ray.


Adam welcomes Wayne to the show, they’re immediately getting into the origins of “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”. Wayne’s now explaining what the documentary about him covers, he’s telling Adam about his 1st car. Adam is really getting into it. Wayne is now getting into his journey without Adam really prompting it, awesome!

Adam is telling Wayne about his experience with puppeteers while working on “Crank Yankers” which you can purchase via Adam’s Amazon link. Wayne is confirming a lot of what Adam is saying about the profession, they’re now back to the Pee Wee topic and what Wayne did on the series.

Even more behind the scenes at Pee Wee talk, Adam is asking Wayne about Phil Hartman, Wayne is really revealing. Adam is doing a great Robin Williams riff, including brief impression. Wayne is talking about his paintings and they all go on a weird tangent, Wayne closes it with a funny line.

Wayne is further explaining the content of the documentary, Adam wants to know about the director of it and how he knows Wayne. Wayne is explaining the meaning of “Beauty is embarrassing” and how he came up with the idea.


Alison’s News, her top story is about Hurricane Isaac, Bald Bryan lays in some fantastic drop work that I won’t spoil, this bit cannot be missed!

Her 2nd story is about Tony Danza running for Mayor of NYC, Bryan has a great line. Alison is asking how actors get to use their own names when they star in a show, now they’re transitioning into a “Who’s The Boss” discussion. Which has now transitioned to a “Too Close For Comfort” breakdown and Adam is going off on Jim Neighbors.

Wayne is giving his take on Jim, Adam is really going deep. The crew fire up the song Adam was talking about. Jim reveals he hates puppets, Adam has an amazing riff and drops a few great quotes, Glenn Campbell and Gomer Pyle are brought up, the crew fires up some old clips of Gomer Pyle, hilarious.

Wayne is revealing he also doesn’t like “Happy Days”, Wayne does not like a lot of things. Adam is going off on the hairstyles of that show and Wayne was bumped by it too.

Alison asks Wayne about “The Smashing Pumpkins” Adam gives his opinion on the band, Wayne is giving his behind the scenes info. They’re back to Donny Most’s haircut in Happy Days, now Alan Alda in M.AS.H. and his hairstyle.

Alison’s 3rd story is that Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the season premier of SNL, they fall back into the hair tangents.

Adam is weaving Wayne into the eVoice live read, Adam has him do it as “Dirty Dog” from Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Adam compares the voice to Nipsey Russel, Wayne says it’s the first time he’s ever heard that, takes it as a compliment. Now Wayne is doing dueling Jim Neighbor’s voices, Adam has a great Bryan joke. Do not skip this live read!

Alison’s 4th story is about the leaked Apple Employee handbook, she’s giving some of the details and their euphemisms, Adam is describing his media training when he was starting with the television version of Loveline, Alison and Bryan lay in some great jokes at Adam, Adam chimes in with Lynette’s take.

Alison is asking if Jergens lotion is the go to lotion for guys, or if it’s just used in comedy premises, Adam is going into his theory on lotions and balms, how he’ll outlast everyone in his post apocalyptic world where lube and cigarettes are currency, hilarious! Alison Wraps the News.


Adam is now stuck on the topic of masturbating, He is discussing Ray’s methods. Adam is now talking about guys with casts and beating off, the strategy of using your bad hand. Adam just revealed that he forced Chris Laxamana to quiz guys over what hands they use to beat off, Chris is now on mic, oh man it’s hilarious!

Adam essentially sent Chris to a Scared Straight encounter to ask them about beating off. Adam is on fire, hilarious premise after premise. Adam has read Chris read the results, Adam does an informal survey of the staff, so far it’s 10 for 10 right hand, which proves Adam’s theory that Ray was in a very low sub single digit percentile.

The whole gang are still on this topic and making it even funnier, Alison, Bryan and Wayne all have several great jokes. Adam is now giving a new theory, he thinks the lube guys are the guys who insert themselves, wow, Wayne is talking about the concept of a “Dutch Wife”. Adam is now riffing on this, Bryan just dropped a great line complete with accent.

Adam closes the shows with the question of what a “Dutch Uncle” would then be, Wayne, Alison and Bryan do some great work.