Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2017 – Andrea Savage

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2017 – Andrea Savage

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Andrea Savage

Recorded 08-28-2017 – Release Date 08-29-2017

Production Number #2146

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Adam opens the show with a topical ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers joke intro from Mike Lynch and Mike Dawson, BB’s #TopDrop is Gary saying “Nuts” with bizarre inflection.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show and talks about the event on Saturday night, Adam says regardless of the instructions you must show up Sunday morning to double check that everything is turned off and put back where it goes.

Adam says he returned to find the fart fan on in the other studio, Adam had a meeting setup with his guy Kelly to stretch.


Adam is talking about how he always locks the front door to ensure nobody gets burglarized due to his carelessness, Adam thought to go double check that Kelly locked the door, he kept thinking about it and it was interrupting his relaxation, the door was unlocked when they returned to the front.

Adam says Kelly told him that usually Adam reminds him to lock the door, Adam says he cannot compensate for everyone’s individual batting average to judge whether they do or do not leave things unlocked and left out.

Adam has made his peace with “Rancid Nuts” and tells them about the sack of coffee that was sitting open at the shop, Chris Laxamana was going to take the old stale coffee home, Adam says he wants to start a Jonestown like Colony of likeminded people who think like him.

Funny Trifold/Try-Fold humor and BB asks about Molly Adam’s old dog and the long time coming regarding her demise.


Adam jokes about the car guy prospective cult meeting he’s going to hold, he says it will be a ruse and he will be watching the participants to see if they’re closing things and being considerate of others.

Adam is talking about the mass suicide at Jonestown, Adam says give the devil his due and Adam talks about getting people to get kill themselves.

BB asks Caelan about Jonestown and Adam is talking about “drinking the Kool Aid” but BB has the smug response of someone who knows it was actually “Flavor Aid” and they transition to The Hail Bop comment and ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult and their mass suicide.


Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath – “Speaking of Cults” Edition

Gina brings up how the weather reports of the impending heat wave made her think about the show and the scientologists that are kept in places as she described, who will be suffering in the heat.


Adam brought home the leftovers instead of leaving it for the other guys in the other shop who turn their noses up at it, he’s done offering them food they won’t eat.

Adam explains how it’s an indicator for how much better it is to be poor in today’s world, white collar poor guys can turn their noses up at free food.

Adam has a funny example of an encounter with the guys in the shop, he pulled out a baked potato for the one normal guy over at the other shop, James.


Adam was then told by James he doesn’t particularly enjoy baked potatoes, Adam didn’t know you could choose to not enjoy baked potatoes.

Adam switches gears and says “speaking of potato rape” and he tells them about his great au gratin potato he enjoyed while out for Lynette’s dinner.

Adam says he was eating his steak and potato, he was saving the leftover potato and asked them to bring the boxes to the table, he wanted the leftover potato.


Adam jokes about not wanting to get to weird and go all Karen Carpenter on them about it, he was full but he wanted the bite for tomorrow, he doesn’t know to thoroughly convey that he wants everything off his plate in the takeout container, they weren’t doing him any service packing it up without the potato.

Adam is going over his miming routine trying to show the waiter how to put everything in the container, only to wake up the next day to find the potatoes absent from his container.

Gina says she had the exact same problem, Gina stared down the waiter for the box until he relented and delivered it to them, Adam is explaining how he tried and how they didn’t seem to like people doing that at the table and Gina has a super healthy “that’s not my problem” reply.


Adam references his “Beets by Ace” bracelets for remembering you ate beets to prevent fecal terror the next morning. He also references his “Asparagus Hat” and says he’s going to start travelling with stickers that feature food items to tell people to put all of his leftovers in the box.

Adam has Chris Laxamana get on mic to confirm he consumed over 40 oysters at the Quail event that was coupled with Adam’s race.

Adam jokes about Chris going to his reserve stomach to smuggle more food out of the joint with him before they closed up.


Onnit.comAubrey Marcus was on TAK, only Adam Talks Edition


Adam has BB fire up some ‘Girls Wanna Have Fun’ which was blasting as they closed down the Quail event, Adam then has them fire up the next song that played afterward as they were exiting.

Kool & The Gang’s ‘Get Down on It’ was the final song, Adam jokes about them wanting people to leave and the doubles back saying perhaps this was the best choice to get people to exit.

Adam says he’s heard this son thousands of times, he says there are songs by superior artists he’s heard far less than this piece of shit.


Adam jokingly asks “what’s the name of this song again?” and he says it’s like when you drop food on the floor and pretend you’re giving it to your dog, that’s what black culture did with this song for white people.

Adam says this song doesn’t get credit for the pile of shit it is, Adam says he hates Kool & The Gang it turns out as he also doesn’t like ‘Celebration’ and Adam heads over to turn the AC on as BB rolls in the music for The Rotten Tomatoes Game.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Adam asks for people to make a distinction between things they know and things they like, adult’s thinking like kids. Gina is now sharing how kids react to hearing certain artists for the first time and how if it’s good, it’s good.

Adam is explaining that people respond to familiarity, Adam asks about Queensrÿche and mentions a song that’s not in their catalog, someone suggests ‘Silent Lucidity’ and Adam asks if they’re looking at a photo of John Waite and Adam says he was at a dinner once where John had to be asked to leave.

Dawson asks him to tell the story, saying he likes this story as if he’s heard it before, Gina says that John is drinking buddies with Mark her old boss/co-host.


Adam says he doesn’t want to burst Mark’s bubble but John is drinking buddies with many people, inanimate objects even, hilarious one liners from Adam.

BB has a great “Everyone’s drinking buddy” idea and Adam is now sharing the story of having dinner with record label guys and John Waite at Amalfi, a young starlet teeny bopper who was hot for a while was accompanying them.

Adam can’t name the artist but mentions me and says I might be able to figure it out, Adam says John recognized him and Adam was a huge fan of John’s other band ‘The Babies’ and the record reps were trying to pitch their artist as a Loveline guest.

Adam describes how John was asked to leave and how it all went down.


MyBookie.HEYou win, you play Edition


Fight Movies Edition

1st Movie ‘The Hurricane’ (1999)

BB asks if it is a Michael Mann movie, he says he never saw it and Adam comments on how Michael Mann Movies always look like they’re his movies.

Adam says he was bothered by how douchey the real Hurricane was to the law students who got him released from prison, he saw some real footage of them together and was struck by what a prick Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter was to the people who helped free him.

Adam comments on the people who get released from jail and the range in reactions demonstrated, from not being angry at the institution or the system and other guys like Rubin who don’t appreciate the people who made it their mission to get him released from prison.


Adam gets the score dead nuts on with 83% and Adam tells them about Sonny watching ‘Rocky IV’ and then going swimming with Natalia who snapped his goggles back on his face and he explains it resulted in a 2hr meltdown where Sonny was saying she had damaged his eye.


2nd Movie ‘Girlfight’ (2000)

Adam gets it dead nuts on once again with 87%, BB is impressed and is now rooting for Adam to keep this streak alive, asking if he’s at -10 points now.


3rd Movie ‘Reel Steel’ (2011)

Adam says he’s seen parts of it, BB explains the plot and calls it the ultimate Sonny movie.

BB breaks down the movie for Gina, Adam says it seems like an insane movie but he thinks it was acclaimed and received well, he says it could be in the 50’s and it could be in the 80’s.

Adam goes with 62% and he jokes about still be in minus points, calling himself the master of the game while stating he’s often in minus points by question three and Gina asks if anyone has ever won with zero points and BB says never even in the single digits.

Adam doesn’t want races and political themes causing critics to like or dislike movies, or more accurately pretend to like certain movies more than others, re: ‘Reel Steel’ vs. ‘Girlfight.’

Adam spots their guest and jokingly tries to wrap up the game to take the record, Gary has the top critics information and Adam is right.


4th Movie ‘Warrior’ (2011)

Gina saw this and they talk about Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte was nominated for an Academy Award and BB says the movie is “aight” and Adam is still in minus points, he at -4.

BB is now rooting for Adam 100% and the go into the next movie.


5th Movie ‘Undisputed’ (2002)

BB declares that this could be Adam’s Waterloo, Adam says he’s seen bits of it and he uses the theme of the movie to make a point about bias of critics.

Adam pitches ‘Walmart is Changing the Climate’ as a movie that could get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes just from the title alone.

BB mocks the pull quotes on the poster and the trick they attempted, Adam says he’s never felt this kind of pressure in his adult life.

Dawson has the score of 48%, almost at 50%.


Dawson has the scores, he says BB beat Gina Grad but that seems like a mistake.

Adam finishes with a 17-point score, they all joke about the kids and Lynette caring about his big win.

I think BB lost this game. Edit: according to Gary on twitter there was a mistake and BB lost.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he tells them that Jim Jones used ‘Flavor Aid’ and not ‘Kool Aid’ and then pitches his new game, he explains it’s a game of firsts.

John wants then to guess the year of the first car phone, John explains it was available in one city, in St. Louis, they all make their guesses after Adam jokes about young Bob Costas was a customer.

Adam rightfully predicted they would all be mad at John, Adam says he’s not mad at him and they wrap up the call.


2nd Caller Frank, he’s calling from Houston and BB plays some bubble sound effects.

Adam jokes about Frank telling an old woman with cats struggling to survive and stay afloat about Adam’s major loss with today’s Rotten Tomatoes Game.

Frank says his neighborhood is fine, he can drive north but nowhere else.

Frank tells them about everything south of I-10 and Adam asks him about his profession, Adam asks him about pulling the plug on craziness and resetting life in the face of a natural disaster.


Adam says there is almost a thankfulness for these events, to reprioritize life and what really matters.

Gina cites the guy on the news who “going to try and save some people” and Adam jokes about that being the ultimate defense against a pissed off wife who didn’t want you to buy it 9 years ago, now it’s really coming in handy.


3rd Caller David, he drives a stick shift and asks about using the transmission for all of its capabilities, he gets “rev matching” backwards and further tells them about his lack of knowledge about how the car works.

Adam says if you upshift and downshift properly you can preserve the longevity of your car, nobody seems to care and Adam teases the arrival of their guest and he mentions he saw some of ‘Step Brothers’ the other day and it’s a very funny movie.


SimpliSafeInstall it yourself in under an hour Edition

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Andrea Savage making her ACS debut along with a listener voicemail about donating lottery winnings to Carolla.

Adam jokes about the sentiment from the call and plugs Andrea’s filmography.


Andrea is a valley girl and jokes about Adam nor being shy about telling people he grew up in the valley, Andrea explains the severe heat in Woodland Hills.

Adam explains how upsetting it is that Woodland Hills is nine miles away from the beach via zipline but takes forever to travel by car, citing how they would all pledge to dive face first into the water on the bus ride to the beach only to arrive after it was overcast and shitty and nobody wanted to swim in the cold.

Adam is asking Andrea about travelling from the Valley to Cornell and Adam says it’s about individual wiring and Andrea agrees but clarifies she’s brave with moving and performance but jumping from moving vehicles.


Adam recalls he was recently chatting about Oswego with someone, he remembers it was Jimmy’s cousin Sal and Andrea makes it clear they’re very different places, funny interaction.

Adam is now talking about living a few streets down the road from Robert Urich and how he knew that guy could be on TV but he could never hope to do that, maybe one day he could pick up Bob’s trash.

Andrea shares how she pursued her career of acting and how she got her first jobs, before getting on a weird kids’ TV show. ‘Sweet Valley High’ (1994-1998) and now Adam is asking her about the moment when she realized she could actually do this.


Adam says there is no kid sitting at home thinking they can’t be actor now, citing Jonah Hill as the bar that had been lowered looks wise, because of Jonah Hill many kids will now pursue their acting ambitions they would have never considered seriously pursuing.

Adam says the singing and the sports are not going to happen for his kids, they could possibly get into acting or call themselves professional actors but never get paid nor book a job, Adam jokes about his daughter being on “14 and pregnant” and they riff on reality TV devoted to the children of famous people.

Adam is talking about the offspring of beautiful couples and Andrea uses Brad Pitt’s brother to make a point about siblings never quite looking as good as the celebrity.


BB brings up Jerry O’Connell and his brother, Adam uses Patrick Swayze and Don Swayze, saying he looks more like Patrick than Patrick did.

Don Swayze is the model you would have sit for you if you’re were painting a character of Patrick Swayze on your deli.


Smart MouthDr. Drew loves this stuff, foul breath ruins career prospects Edition


Adam is building up this Don Swayze reveal and he segues to Andrea’s TV show, Adam figures she must have total autonomy on the show, she says almost and Adam further compliments the show for having an original voice.

Andrea reacts to the picture and says it’s the best possible example of the point she was making, Adam is riffing about him looking like an evil Patrick Swayze and how he regrets not having a heavy-set brother who strings beads for a living.

Adam doesn’t feel like his sister is sufficiently tortured, BB and Adam riff about his heavyset brother sporting a beard, Adam is now force feeding him while making Chet shave, hilarious mockery of the beaded curtain Chet made, BB is killing it.


Andrea further breaks down the process of making her show, explaining how much she actually does and Adam comments on network TV and their outdoor campaigns they will put out that are very lame.

Adam cites the ABC “Do You Jimmy” billboards, Adam is back to Andrea’s show and her “product” which is very strong but if she were dealing with the normal system, a person with no taste buds will be selecting samples from the trash instead of picking out the best bits to get people hooked.

Gina shares her take on ‘I’m Sorry’ and also sings it praises, Adam is bringing up the “teabagging” conversation Andrea had with her mother, Adam jokes about her mother being a dental hygienist yet never repairing the damage of an aggressive teabagging, thousands of dunks of the bag.


Gina just revealed she doesn’t know what “teabagging” is, thinking it’s when the balls go into your eyes, Adam jokes about a “diet Feltch” for Gina who says she’s been craving one.

BB tells her what “Arabian Goggles” are and Adam recalls the time his grandmother asked what a rimjob was, Adam mocks Gina and jokes about what a great world she must live in.

Andrea throws one over Adam’s head with a ‘Hunger Games’ reference joking about a “tribute” and Andrea is now telling them about finding out her daughter’s friend’s mom was a famous pornstar.


Andrea talks about becoming obsessed with this woman’s butthole, BB asks which handicap placard she had, Andrea says someone in her family had their butthole fall out.

Gina says one of their old coworkers had their butthole fall out, Gina says Danny Bonaduce claimed t happened to him and he had to wear a diaper. “Now You’re just trying to make me hard” – Adam


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the ‘Rally Against Hate’ protest in the bay area, Adam is now saying people have too much access to coffee and energy drinks.

Andrea is telling them about the sign makers at these protests and Adam is further blaming the caffeine consumption in the country for people have this energy.

Adam has a killer “not that Nazis are good” line and Gina says “Nazis are sexier than hippies” in the sense of it getting more media attention despite the leftwing protesters outnumbering the Nazis, BB is going to clip this and use it against her, it’s coming.


Adam is now talking about the math that kids cannot do and shares his reaction to hearing about The Night Stalker and how terrified he was as a child, which is akin to people at home seeing this coverage and becoming enraged at the injustice in the world.

Adam cites the fear of killer bees that has been forced upon us, Andrea shares her own fear of The Night Stalker, in the midst of it Adam has a killer line about being on the same team as the guys who kill people they know.

Gina has a clip of a woman screaming for her service animal, Adam says we have created monsters and says she needs therapy.


Adam is asking Dawson about his latest mash-up and he plays it for the gang, he mashed this clip up with Peabo Bryson’s ‘If You’re Ever in My Arms Again’ and the gang provide some further commentary.

Adam says he feels badly for these kid’s parents, Andrea hopes “Debra” the lady form the video sees this and feels badly about her actions.

Adam says we’re infantilizing adults, with service animals and other moves that would previously only be reserved for kids.


Adam says “get on with it, teabag that hotdog ladies” and Andrea says there is an episode of her show that was about Nazis and she never intended for it to be a topical or controversial show topic.

Gina wraps the news to the new drop of her stating that Nazis are sexier than hippies.


LifeLockSomeone’s identity is stolen every 2 minutes, the dark web! Edition


Adam plugs ‘I’m Sorry’ on TruTV and plugs his upcoming live ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ tour.

Adam tells the fans the buck slips are back in stock and he invites Andrea to return anytime she likes, BB closes the show with Andrea trying to do the accent she utilized for her character on ‘Sweet Valley High.’