Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2016 – Pamela Adlon and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2016 – Pamela Adlon and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Pamela Adlon and Matt Atchity

Recorded 08-28-2016 – Release Date 08-29-2016

Production Number #1890

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Adam opens the show to a brilliant “mixed up their birthdays, Springsteen tickets and a lifetime of resenemtent” intro, wow!

Atchity is in studio and there is an appropriate #TopDrop of him singing his own name in a high pitched voice and Adam teases the infamous “Danny Thomas Story”, no not that one, the one about the one where Pamela put her foot in her mouth.

Adam agrees with BB that it was a real tug on the collar, maybe 7 tug on the collar moment.


Adam says he was watching ‘Rocky Balboa’ the movie that preceded ‘Creed’ and he comments on how Sly was always running in chucks (Converse All Stars) or Pf Flyers but then later on in the movie during the weigh-ins he was wearing new balance running shoes, he had them the whole time, the son of a bitch!

Adam says that Lynette got back from NYC and he brings up his idea to subsidize bus travel, he shares how Lynette told him about one passenger punching another over an inflight blanket dispute.

Adam would like it if they don’t call the authorities for everything, Lynette told Adam they had to hold them on the plane while the air Marshalls boarded to arrest the offending passenger.


Adam teases another casting story involving Pamela Adlon, Adam asks Matt Atchity if he has the right to complain here, he confirms that he does, funny!

Adam is talking about the season for children’s sports when he was growing up, his son is in a basketball league that just never ends, a perpetual motion machine, your Saturday doesn’t just get fucked it, it gets dry fisted.

Adam is talking about Sonny’s multiple games per day and he says they had to schedule one last viewing to try and trim up the next documentary ‘The 24 Hour War’ and he comments on Sonny’s 07:00 A.M. wakeup for his pre/mid dawn game.


Adam asked super mom up the street who Adam says he thinks was just put on earth to shame Lynette, he asked the mom to fill in for him and take Sonny to his game.

Adam is asking about parents becoming whipping posts for their kid’s schedules, Matt has some practical advice about giving kids time to schedule for themselves.

BB weighs in on his memories of these games and Matt has a funny joke about these weekend recordings getting in the way of Sonny’s basketball game schedule.


Adam is making a point about things bleeding out, he says these games and the demand on parent’s time is bleeding out, much like the homeless populace of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Adam shares Lynette’s curiosity as why they don’t do something about the homeless populace camped out all over the area, Adam wouldn’t pay his property taxes if he had a business in a mini mall with homeless people collecting/gathering in the parking lot.

Adam says the city is not holding up their end up the bargain and they’re looking at pictures of a strip mall and Adam says now you see parents passing the refrigerator box with homeless Mary smoking ice or nuke or some future drug from 1980’s action movies, he is informed that he’s thinking of “spice” and BB has a very telling comment about the insurmountable problem it now is for the state.


Adam says Sonny’s team won and then he had to put out $24 in admission for him and Natalia to attend the later game, Matt has a funny line about starting to hope your kid’s team loses so you can go home, Adam says hope? He went full Jeff Gillooly on one of the stars of their team, just to wrap things up sooner.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chris, he wants to know if Adam has any interesting home hacks, like shortcuts.

Adam says a lot of people use the wrong tool, he talks about cutting and sawing and “clean as you go” ideas for construction work, as Matt puts it.

Adam now brings up hot glue guns, he says they’re not very strong and they’re for arts and crafts at most, he then says 100% silicone is strong and suggests you use hot glue backup the silicon like a clamp, the hot glue is a temporary clamp until the Silone sets, nice silicone plopping noises from Adam.


Draft Kings

Renew old rivalries with your coworker’s edition


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Movie About School Edition

Adam says his son is dying to see ‘Deadpool’ and he has an alert setup for his DVR to record things he was in, Adam brings up the recent repeat episode of ‘Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place’ and his moment of realization that Chris Rock was now today’s ‘Richard Pryor’ and Sonny thought Kevin Hart was the funniest guy currently working.

Adam pulled up a 2009 ‘Comics Unleashed with Bryon Allen’ that had him and Kevin on the same panel, Sonny was less than enthused and had already seen it, so Ryan Reynolds calling him a genius got no play and the panel with Kevin was shot down too.


1st Movie ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ (1982)

Matt goes over the cast, they all sing the praises of Sean Penn and his brilliant comedic turn in the film and how it went underappreciated for years until people saw him branch out dramatically.

Pamela is excitedly trying to get I on the game and even shouts yes when Adam invites her in, Gary gets on mic to explain this.


Pamela is now interrupting a live read as she enters for her return appearance, while she was a Classic LoveLine guest veteran she has only one ACS appearance previous to this on ACS #1023


Reverie Bed

Elevate that ankle, Adam put Phil outside to enjoy the vibrations edition


Pamela is on mic and Adam is welcoming her to the show, Adam compliments her new project and found himself sucked in and actually watched the full thing, Matt confirms Adam’s testament that you can sometimes turn on a screener get the gist and view it as homework, this was not that.

Adam asks Pamela about her 11-year creative partnership with Louis C.K. and asks if they are an item, she keeps doing it and he keeps repackaging it, her lack of an answer to whether they have slept together is telling, BB calls it right away.

Pamela shares the story of recently spilling the beans on some sex life details, Matt has a funny one liner that Pamela loves and she is getting right to her history with Adam, noting that she met him 20 years ago on Classic LoveLine.


Adam recalls the prediction she claims Adam made about her future engagement, she had not yet met the guy who she’s now divorced from but had her children with.

Pamela is saying she can smell the microphone and brings up her dog’s infection, Adam is now riffing about smells and how they can be an indicator.

Adam now mistakenly asks for Pamela’s permission to go over the infamous Danny Thomas story and she reveals that Jimmy Kimmel was standing right near them as this happened, she fears he will bring it up on his show and Adam says he can’t because it’s ABC.


Pamela is telling them to play the game, she asks her what about the people who don’t know the Danny Thomas story, Adam says this was a decade ago, Adam leaves the woman’s name out.

Matt is now getting a personal version of the story and Pamela is chiming in with some poop fetish terminology.

Adam says he loves that Pam got divorced and she got screwed over with the alimony payments.


Adam is recalling his CBS sitcom table read, he brings up how Danny Thomas came up as his granddaughter was part of the production.

Adam is now sharing the punchline with Matt who seems to enjoy it and Pamela is sharing her reaction and how badly she felt at the time.

Gina calls Pamela a hero and Adam is going over the vibe in the room, Pamela has another story with Jessie Jackson’s niece but refuses to tell the story.


Adam is now praising Pamela’s new series and how she has the actors keeping it simple, Adam says it’s slice of life and they praise the actress who played her older daughter, Adam watched the 5th episode and Adam is now briefing her on the game.

Pamela shares her appreciation for the “written reviews” from the audience over the top critics.


They are now all making their guesses for the Rotten Tomatoes score for Fast Times, they get the results.

Adam asks what are people expecting out of comedy and Pamela reminds everyone there is titty and bush in the movie, where was the bush?


2nd Movie ‘Back to School’ (1986)

Gina says she loves this movie and won’t be able to get a read on it as she might be biased, Adam shares his mixed reaction to Rodney Dangerfield and how he was a huge douche when he guested on MTV LoveLine to promote his turd ‘Meet Wally Sparks’ and Adam is now impersonating Rodney and his brief almost rude interaction.

Adam talks about how Rodney refused to record the promos for the episode and Adam says he was a fucking douchebag and then he died and Matt has the Rotten Tomatoes score for ‘Meet Wally Sparks’ as everyone jumps in with their guesses.

Adam says there is no god if this movie has 86% and Adam says this is a fair bit higher than ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and Adam tells Matt to fall on his job sword, BB is now pontificating about the flaws with the Rotten Tomatoes system, wow!


3rd Movie ‘Kindergarten Cop’ (1990)

They talk about Ivan Reitman’s involvement, Gina professes her love for the movie ‘Twins’ that Adam also didn’t see, Pamela just realized that’s Gina and asked her name.

Adam is now guessing and goes mid-range, Pamela says this movie blows and BB goes with a 70%, Gina went way too low.

Adam is working his way back in this bad boy now.

“no that’s the audience score” – Adam explaining how Rotten Tomatoes works to Pamela, there are not viewers at home playing along with the show while it’s airing live, not yet anyway!


4th Movie ’10 Things I hate About You’ (1999)

Pamela saw Larry Movie gassing up his car the other day, they all shares their love for the man.

Adam says he loves Larry Miller in the movie and Pamela compliments BB for asking great questions and Gary briefs Adam on the public school they shot at in Tacoma Washington, Gary’s deadpan tone makes me miss home as he reads all of the details of the school, Adam loves that school man!

Adam shares his distaste for Heath Ledger’s bizarre wet and dry hair he sported in this and almost every movie he did, BB says he’s never noticed and is not bothered by it, why shoot it down immediately, let it breathe and let Adam riff about a dead man’s goofy hair, BB thinks Adam has never seen ‘The Dark Knight’ and they all make there guesses agreeing that the movie was scored way too low for what it is.


5th Movie ‘School of Rock’ (2003)

BB jumps in and shares his weird coincidence after they bring up the Broadway production, BB says he was having dinner with the guy playing the Jack Black role and the woman who was the unnamed producer on Adam’s CBS pilot, he goes super-fast and hammers it home, bizarrely threatening tone on this, slow down man!

Pamela says now she’s fucked and Adam says he has to see the woman’s brother tomorrow night at a fantasy football draft.


They’re all sharing their love for the movie and Adam goes high with 89% and Matt reads the score, Adam was very close.

Gary has the tabulation, Dawson reads the scores and Adam takes the win!

Adam says it’s too bad this will never air and Adam compliments Matt and his rise to success and tells him how much he enjoys seeing him on TV.


Adam has another anecdote about the CBS sitcom and he brings up Skylar Astin who they cast as Pamela’s older son.

Adam is now saying that they cast Skylar and he talks about the humiliating process of bringing actors in front of the network and through a horrible process.

Adam shares his fear that Skylar would seem too contemporary of the youthful looking Pamela, people wouldn’t by her as the mother of someone so closely in age to her.


Adam is now mocking the network and Pamela has a bald spot joke aimed at Skylar, Adam gets to the producers who knew more than him when he called it that Skylar played too old on camera.

Adam brings up the time Ray grabbed Louis C.K.’s man titties at a Hollywood roller skating event, Pamela wants to know why he had his shirt off.

Pamela is reacting to the story and she brings up the way Louis had Ricky Gervais play with his boobs on the show ‘Louie’ and she suggests that Rat planted that story kernel in his brain with the unwanted and unwarranted molestation in the roller disco locker room.

Adam tells Pamela to relay to Louis that Ray thought he was going up behind Dolph Lundgren and not Jeff Ross, you don’t want to make him kill himself.

They head to break.


They’re back from a break with a listener voicemail about dudes spiting in urinals, Adam says if you’re going to do it, then piss the loogie away at least.

Adam compliments her new series ‘Better things’ and Adam asks her about mailbox money and various past projects she reveals that her ex is collecting all of her ‘King of the Hill’ checks and he shares his displeasure with someone else being compensated for someone else’s talent.

Pamela loves Adam’s take on this and calls him a man’s man, BB is playing her “No” drop in the voice of her character Bobby Hill, much like she used to leave behind on Classic LoveLine.

She’s now quoting the drop and Adam wants us to bring back a shame based culture where her ex-husband’s friends ask him why he’s mooching off his ex-wife.


Adam says that because she achieved so much her ex gets a ton, but what if she was to only become a school teach, would he still get half?

Adam is now asking if these divorce laws are now spun completely out of control, Adam asks why California has a default rule, why isn’t it case by case.

Pamela brings up the “no fault state” rule and Pamela shares how bad a marriage can breakdown before someone decides to end it and regardless of how egregious it’s a no fault state.


Adam is now mocking the “she can afford it” people and Pamela says back in December she couldn’t get money of the bank, her kids were shocked and wanted to know if she had savings or cash of any kind.

Adam asks if she pulled her ex aside and tried to get it done smoothly, Adam brings up he documentary Dr. Drew is in ‘Divorce Corp.’ And he jokes about it not being about her specific divorce as she implied with response, BB has a funny one liner making up a movie title.

Adam blames the jack off friends and the newly coined male yentas “Genta” or “Gentas” plural if in a group, they’re now riffing a ladies-who-lunch “he didn’t deserve you” conversation but from the POV of the broiest Man-bun sporting dudes possible, hilarious and with a really intelligent point buried in it, gold!


Adam is now getting to the conversations that go on where the ex is convinced to contact a lawyer, just talk to them, you owe it to yourself.

Adam has a killer picture he painted of Pamela blowing Louis C.K. while Ray gropes his man titties.

Adam is now asking for California to control the BAR and the attorneys running amok in the state.


Pamela is sharing how they keep an “evergreen account” on retainer of the attorneys that is always at 10k no matter what, constantly being refilled.

Adam is now accurately measuring Pamela Adlon, she’s 5’1” all day long, not just 5 foot.

Pamela is telling Adam about the women who interview her compared to the men and Adam asks her to clarify, BB cracks her up with the drop of herself and she says she loves Gina and didn’t even know who she was and was going to write down “are you Alison” as she didn’t even remember what she looked like, Adam and Gina remark on Gina being just a Skosh bustier.


Adam says if he had one of his friends relying on a diminutive woman, he would never stop calling him a pussy, Adam is sharing some signs of bad character and uses someone kicking a cat to make his point.

Adam is now saying just because you can do something or can get away with it, like a banks clerical error, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Pamela asks if there is a Krispy Kreme nearby so she can get some treats for her kids, they go to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the University of Chicago’s letter to potential students that they do not support “safe spaces” nor “trigger warnings” and she reads some of the comments in the letter from the Dean.

Gina brings up the controversies with both ideas and Milo Yiannopoulos and now Adam is giving his reaction to the notion they must even send out a letter about this and brings up Batka bats and then has to explain them to Pamela.

Pamela says it’s offensive to her, this SJW and PC bullshit that censors thought and the learning process.

Adam is now sharing his reaction to people protesting speakers they don’t like, Pamela jokes about trigger warnings for her family, she says her brother is a republican and they don’t go to certain places conversationally as it always ends in an argument.


BB suggest this could be a counterpoint to DePaul university, Adam thinks it’s more about the older alumni refusing to contribute to the schools in reaction to this nonsense.


2nd Story is on Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem and his reasoning as to why.

Adam is talking about the video of the fan lighting his jersey on fire in reaction to the statement, Adam has a killer “throw a kitten with a learning disorder into a wood chipper” joke while talking about sending his kid to the coast guard to then be able to get away with such bizarre public protests without being interrupted.

Adam is now trying to find out about the first black QB in the NFL from the 1970’s and he shares how people would treat athletic black men who wanted to play QB and how football coaches didn’t think they had the intellectual capacity to play the position.


Gary is now trying to research the first black QB, Gary has the name Marlin Briscoe and Adam goers with it after chastising him for not finding what he it turns out had already found.

Adam has a funny reaction to a picture of Colin’s white parent and white step parent, Adam asks if he’s the one who is black, killer reaction and “acting” from Adam.

Adam is now sharing his take on overcoming racism and why he hates the lie about “systemic racism” and Pamela shares her friend Josh’s refusal to stand during the national anthem and how she told her veteran father about, hilarious “Dad, Josh is a fag!” from Pamela.

Adam has a killer one liner and Adam brings up how people denigrate this country by comparing it to a utopia instead of every other culture and country on oath.


Adam talks about real progress and continual improvement for society, he cites gay marriage and Adam is now wondering if Colin is preparing himself to ride the pine all season.

Adam explains ride the pine to Pamela who has never heard it before it seems.


3rd Story is on new methane trapping backpacks for cattle farmers, Gina has the details and BB asks what they do with the methane, Pamela has a funny “huff it” and Adam asks Gary about the first black cow to ever have its methane…

Adam now suggests they will start igniting and blowing up cows in lieu of tipping them as teenage pranks.

Gary is on mic and he has all of the details of how it works and how much energy is generated.



You don’t have to cut a utility ball in half and use it to catch debris with SimpliSafe edition


4th Story is on the new video on demand service “Man Bang” for North Korea to have 24/7 access to documentaries about their supreme leader.

Adam asks about the internet not freeing these people, how does propaganda and brainwashing work in 2016?

Pamela talks about the crackdowns on freedom in China and artists who are rebelling against oppression.


Gina brings up ‘The Interview’ and BB shares his reaction to the movie and how he views it as innocuous.

Adam asks if these dictators must see the end date for their regimes, how long before you give up, how long can you have a wall or a barb wire and machine guns, why not come join the rest of humanity and BB plays some sad violin music.

Adam asks who is born today that is going to be this way when they’re 20, Adam has a David Duke running for president analogy for other world leaders and what it says about their populaces.

Adam has a funny “Maybe Trump” counterpoint to his own point, mid-delivery of said point.

Gina wraps the news and Adam thinks he might have his own propaganda network with is 28 podcasts per week that he does, 13 typically.


True Car

Whatever you like edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up this hilarious episode, Pamela is always gold!