Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2012 – Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/29/2012 – Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia

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Recorded 08/28/2012 – Release Date 08/29/2012


Ira Glass and Mike “Birbigs” himself  are returning to the Adam Carolla show, if you would like to hear their first appearance from 2011 live at “Carolines” you can do so by signing up for the ACS Archive it’s only 7.99 for unlimited annual access and there are other plans to choose from as well.

Adam is opening the show explaining he was attempting to watch Mike and Ira’s movie “Sleep Walk With Me” based off Mike’s one man show but only made it 45min in before the remote batteries crapped out, he’s describing a mad dash to the battery drawer to find replacements but he could only find an abundance of AA’s and C’s.

He’s now describing a second attempt to finish watching the movie via his mac laptop, but it had no sound. Adam’s going off on how he thought Mac computers were supposed to be as simple as can be and always work, even with Lynette guiding him over the phone they still couldn’t get it to play and he never got to finish watching the movie. From what he did see, he liked it and he’s comparing it favorably to his own independent film “The Hammer” which you can purchase via the Carolla Digital Amazon link.

Adam is now explaining why he prefers USA Today, he’s referencing something he read while traveling and asks Mike Lynch to get ready to chime in. He’s now going off on the opinion poll pie charts and the “don’t know” answers, how if he were to get his buddy Ray to ask them, there wouldn’t be any of those answers.

Adam is now going off on people who refuse to reply when asked a simple question, the people who have to “push back” just to be contrarian, he uses his mom as a great example.


Adam is now filling the gang in on Drew’s visit over the weekend, he’s explaining the car keys in the fridge to Alison and Bryan. Bryan immediately understands why Drew did it and claims to do it himself. Adam is now explaining Drew’s super brain and how he’s smart but more importantly he knows himself.

Adam is now teeing up to go off on “The Porcelain Punisher” Matt Fondiler, he has the guys play the new Rich Banks song about Matt, Adam is explaining how Matt was ill and had Gary Patrick Smith fill in for Adam’s airport pickup. He didn’t want to get Adam sick, Adam is explaining he doesn’t get sick and how he thinks just saying that plays into preventing it from happening.

The real topic Adam is getting at, was in regards to another airport trek from Matt, his parents forced him to drive his younger sister to the airport even though he had to be at work for Ace, Adam is explaining that this isn’t the first time an assistant has had to do something like this. He mentions his former assistant Lyndsey from back in the KLSX days had to leave work by order of her parents as well.

Adam seems to be more impressed and jealous of Matt’s good family than upset, he’s now getting into airport pickups and drop offs, how a prepaid cab ride is just as thoughtful as your friend actually picking you up. Adam is getting into how everything is fair game now in regards to people leaving work for almost any reason and how the boss is no longer the boss in today’s work environment.

Adam is explaining how every few years his dad hits him up for a trip to Philly, citing it as his last one before he passes away, Adam pays every time. Adam is explaining how he used to drive his mom and step dad to the Van Nuys airport every time they would travel, so they could board a shuttle bus to take them to LAX, Adam is ranting on how crazy the idea is.


Adam is proclaiming that we’re all lucky to be on the planet at the same time as Dennis Prager, teasing the upcoming live in Tampa albums that will soon be on itunes and on the Carolla Digital website, he’s just announced that Dana Gould will be joining the gang for the next live podcast, which reminded him to plug the new Basic Cable Commentary for Showgirls due to the overwhelming fan response, you’re welcome folks!

Adam returns from break and welcomes Mike and Ira to the show for their first in studio appearance, he’s praising them for “Sleep Walk With Me” and now Mike is asking Adam if “The Hammer” came out how he expected. Adam is explaining that the editing process really changes the dynamic of the movie and even the sequencing of the narrative structure.

Mike is praising Adam’s 1st book and how it reads like an instruction manual for the world in how not to be annoying. Adam is now talking to them about the movie screening process, the friends and family ones in particular. Mike and Ira are discussing how super critical the “This American Life” staffers were of the early cut.

Adam is explaining his favorite TAL episode again, he told Ira about it back at “Carolines” last year and he’s asking Ira if all the past episodes are archived because he really recommends that fans check out the TAL episode regarding a cloned bull, Ira says you can obtain them all via itunes or the TAL website.

Mike brings up the northern California redwood forests which leads Adam to a rant on the “Winchester Mystery House”. Mike is now explaining that one of his favorite Adam Carolla Show episodes is the early Frank Stallone visit where he breaks down the journey of himself and Sly, you can obtain that episode once again by visiting the archive link at the top of this recap or by purchasing the “Year 1” DVD set that I created in the Carolla Digital store. Also if you want more Frank Stallone, he joins Adam for a Basic Cable Commentary on “The Specialist” which you can buy on itunes.

Alison asks the guests about their collaboration process while making the film, lots of great information and back and forth between the gang and them. Mike really wants Bryan to see the movie, revealing even more of what a fan he is of the ACS, awesome!


Alison’s News, her top story is about Snooki giving birth, Adams got some great one liners, Mike is losing his shit and actually chokes from laughter, hilarious! Alison has some great lines and sets Adam up for gold, Mike seems to be having a great time and Ira is chuckling too.

Her 2nd story is about an accidental javelin killing, the judge was killed by getting hit in the jugular mid competition. Adam and Mike are riffing up a storm, great stuff! Mike is now referencing a classic Mitch Hedberg joke, Adam chimes in with how much he misses Mitch and his comedy.

Adam is now inventing the “Velcro 100 yard dash” everyone is cracking up, Mike is explaining how he feels bad for the deceased judge’s wife, as he died in the funniest way possible, Ira chimes in and gives his take. Adam is now riffing on how you don’t love what you’re doing when you are going to die doing that thing.

Alison’s 3rd story is about “National Go Topless Day” Adam is explaining how the dudes who show up are just trying to look at breasts, the control room fires up a picture that proves him right, Adam is now going off on the types of people who like to habitually protest for the sake of protesting.

Adam reveals his grandma used to always try to get him to go to a nudist camp, he tries to transition to another analogy but Ira stops him as he’s very interested in this, Adam is explaining what type of woman his grandma was, he quickly references the dinner table rim job story. Adam is explaining that people are always looking for an emotional edge over others, whether it be by saying shocking things or doing bicep curls.

Adam is going further in depth about his grandma and her personality type, the Clitoris pronunciation discussion is brought up and Alison chimes in with a killer line, she cracks everyone up.

Alison’s 4th story is about the Parents Television Council claiming that full frontal nudity is up over 6400%, she gives the actual numbers, the gang and the guests are getting a kick out of it. Adam is going off on “sideboob”, Ira chimes in with a great “back in my day” riff which Adam responds to with more comedy.

Alison has a great joke about bowling pin rape, Alsion’s 5th and final story is on how much police chiefs make, Adam is giving the background info he has on this topic, Alison and Adam are making a very compelling argument using facts about police salaries. Alison and Adam explain the extra pay they get for just putting on their uniforms and are blowing the minds of Ira and Mike, Mike is pitching this topic to Ira as a potential TAL story, Ira agrees it’s right up his alley.

They’re closing out the show with a great riff on teachers and how much work they actually do, Mike chimes in and reverses the argument on Adam with some jokes about teachers bitching about how easy podcasting is as a profession. Adam is giving his all time funniest live read, Mike and Ira are chiming in and making it even better. Adam closes the show with some plugs for his book and Ira & Mike, two fantastic guests indeed!