Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2017 – Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Night with Cousin Sal and Kevin Hench

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2017 – Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Night with Cousin Sal and Kevin Hench

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Guest Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Night with Cousin Sal and Kevin Hench

Recorded 08-26-2017 – Release Date 08-28-2017

Production Number #2145

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Adam opens the show with Cousin Sal, explaining they are in Adam’s car museum watching the big fight, the same place they watch football. Adam says Kevin Hench is going to join them and they will be breaking the episode off into pieces.

Adam says Dave Dameshek may be showing up, it’s unclear as he always doesn’t always answer emails, Adam says the fight will be starting in about an hour and a half, Kevin jokes about it ending very quickly.

Adam asks Kevin Hench and Cousin Sal if they have first impressions about meeting Adam, Kevin references “ass kiss rodeo” the old KLSX radio show bit.


Adam recalls first meeting Cousin Sal at the airport before staying at his house in Long Island, Adam is mocking him for not being able to find his way back to his own house form the airport.

Cousin Sal says he recalls he had the windows up to “gas them out” and claims he purposely made wrong turns to delay the arrival at his house and make them smell more of his farts, he solved the mystery!

Sal says they first met at Six Flags water park, he jokes about peeing on Adam and Adam recalls sleeping in a sandy bed that was covered with clothing, Adam recalls Sal’s mom jumping on him and waking him up with familial affection unaware he wasn’t Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam recalls the next night and the super uncomfortable sit-down they had with Sal and his longtime girlfriend about Sal moving to Los Angeles, Kevin has a killer “we’re going to change his life, not yours” one liner.

Adam is talking about the bad Chinese food restaurant they were at while Sal’s gf was yelling at them, Adam doesn’t know how he got inserted in that conversation.

Adam asks Hench when they first met, Kevin says that Adam was already a legend to him when he first spotted him at MTV, Kevin was working on a different show and saw Adam in the halls.


Kevin explains they used to play basketball at Adam’s party house in Sherman Oaks, almost daily games of hoop.

Kevin said he had taken a 20yr break from smoking pot, he tried to smoke with them and ended up getting confused about which house he was in, forgetting he was in the party house.

They are talking about pot and how much more powerful it is today, Adam wants a restrictor plate for bongs.


Adam says the technology is such that people are going to get killed from being too stoned and unable to function properly.

Adam is recalling there was sand in the bed, Sal confirms that it was sand and the bed was next to the washer and dryer.

Kevin Hench recalls Adam yelling at Adam de la Peña, his writer’s assistant on ‘The Man Show’ and he explains how unique Adam de la Peña was and shares the story of the 23yr old hot chick who quickly announced she thought Jimmy was funnier than Adam, they quickly tell the story of a Juggy dancer who couldn’t remember Jimmy Kimmel’s name.


Adam recalls how he would ask people about their softball skills before hiring them, Adam is asking them about “Ken” the assistant who they called “Kendice” as the prior assistant was “Candice” and he tells them about writer Ken who contributed nothing, ate his mom’s homemade cake from Tupperware with his bare hands and had a noodle for an arm, the only time Adam has felt raped, despite being raped legitimately many times, funny.

Kevin asks when broomstick rapes of teammates and fraternity guys began, Adam says it’s really hard for him because he grew up with Ray, even tea bagging someone in their sleep seems tame.

Adam jokes about Ray and his desire to prolapse his anus but holding himself back and not going through with it.


Adam says he met Kevin on the “Blue Top” at the Carolla party house, Adam recalls how they would always run into AV problems when trying to watch movies at that house.

Adam says they’re watching the fight on a $900 projector and it looks great, they comment on the people in the room and the upcoming fights.

Adam asks Kevin if he has a good story, he tells them about trying to get beer sponsorship for ‘The Hammer’ and how getting drunk off beer was a no go with ‘Budweiser’ but ‘Tecate’ has no problem with it.


Adam says he can remember how great the army surplus store was for him when he was a kid, he recalls the generic white vibrator that he found at one of these stores.

Adam mocks how the box always featured a woman massaging her shoulder, he knew at 10 that was not what the thing was meant for, tying it back into Budweiser and he goes into a live read.


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They head to break.


They’re back form break and streaming live on Facebook, Adam reintroduces the guys and he asks Sal about the betting line.

Sal says now McGregor money is piling in and Kevin talks about the big whales that came in and bet on Mayweather and how it affected the odds.

Adam is now asking about the terminology of using “whales” to describe rich people who frequent casinos, Adam asks if the use of whaling is due to the commercial whaling and referencing their cultural as opposed to body size.


Adam says he now pees on his own feet, he refuses to wear underwear and can’t seem to get that last bit out, Adam is asking the guys for old sports stories.

Adam recounts the two guys he knew who died in a Pinot car crash, Robert and Leonard.

Adam recalls Wendell Shirley pledging to take one to the house for their teammates who died and how he actually pulled it off, thought it didn’t change the game’s outcome.


Sal is recounting his high school football days, he mentions Rob Carpenter not the running back from The Giants, another guy.

Adam is talking about the late Leonard who they would utilize for an “onside kick” aiming for the closest player, hitting him the chest and how it would work, it even resulted in Adam once catching the ball.

Sal brings up their buddy who kicks arena football, Steven Green from ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ and tells a story of how he got a great kick off in high school.


Kevin Hench comments on Sal having a coach that enjoyed fucking with him, Sal quotes his coaches and his “3 P’s” rule.

Kevin is telling them about trying to break his high school basketball free throw record, he shares how he was fouled at the last minute and explains he was the only person in the gym who cared/knew about the record and couldn’t celebrate nor smile as they were going to lose the game, down by 18 points.

Kevin explains he got a plaque for that moment and describes what it felt like to be sweating bullets and shitting himself with nobody else aware of what was going on with him internally and the record he was trying to best.


Adam is now changing subjects to address the ‘Southern Poverty Law Center” PSA that played before the fight, Adam says he paid $100 not to be preached at and is offended that they would do that before a PPV event.

Adam is now joking about shitty commercials, citing the Rock auto store commercials and the General automotive insurance commercials.

The guys are now talking about Demi Lovato showing cleavage during the national anthem before the fight, Kevin is now talking about cleavage and how the absence of space is what people talk about instead of the body parts surrounding said blank space.


Adam is now commenting on Imelda May, Adam says she’s a dead ringer for a young Chrissie Hynde, Adam jokes about using an earpiece and tube mic when he sings the national anthem.

Adam says his prediction is that Floyd Mayweather will be loose and treating it like another day at the office, Adam says it should be easy lifting for Floyd and Sal is arguing that Conor McGregor doesn’t have the gas and Sal brings up Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam is talking about the ring girls and the shapes of their asses, Adam brings up the UFC ring girls and how the announcers could hurt their self-esteem by describing them as just their name and not adding the modifier of “beautiful” before mentioning them.


Kevin is making a point about illegal blows, Sal is giving his prediction and opinion on how a late blow might be Conor’s only chance, Adam agrees that Conor seemed nervous in the pre-fight interview.

Adam is now riffing about Manny Pacquiao and his advancing age, he says that despite being older he still can’t grow a pre-teen moustache and therefore he has years left in him to fight.

Adam is riffing about Floyd’s getup for the walkout, joking about Halloween costumes and kids getting runover by cars if they try to sport Floyd’s getup.


Adam is now talking about the foreign b movies that were sold to him as sexy horror films but then would reveal how much they truly sucked once Adam got into the theater to discover it was just a poster that didn’t represent the movie he was seeing.


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They head to break to watch the fight


They’re back from the break after the fight, Adam says he had a bunch of money on Floyd that Mike August talked him into, so he’s excited about the win.

Adam says they need to put a clock in the ring, explaining that the announcers will speculate on fighters looking for the clock to save them during bouts.

They all comment on the win/loss ratio for the rounds and give their general feedback on the fight, Adam comments on the two years between 38 and 40 and how one starts to get old at that age.

They riff about Floyd’s domestic violence convictions, Adam comments on how fights work and how everyone is theorizing that Floyd could possible lose after his record of 49-0.


They all comment on how Conor performed and how it’s a winning night for MMA, Adam says it’s a nice quiet victory for Conor, he doesn’t have a boxing record and didn’t need his stock to drop, he wasn’t embarrassed and that’s a win.

Kevin shares how Conor was asking for the chance to actually be stopped, to try and finish the fight, Adam says he was hunched over and gassed, he wasn’t getting destroyed and agrees that Conor should’ve been given the chance to keep going.

Adam jokes about Ricky Hatton and his song being an adaptation of ‘Winter Wonderland’ and recalls being at that fight in 2007.


Adam talks about Floyd turning all humble in the post-fight interview, he drives a gold Lamé Bentley yet won’t brag about his record of 50-0 and beating Rocky Marciano’s record.

Kevin asks them who their favorite boxers are, Adam jokes and says Ike Ibeabuchi and Gary is off mic with some clarifications about Ike’s out of the ring controversies.

Adam talks about Ike stiffing an escort after utilizing her services, Sal has Ike’s prison sentences and information.

Kevin says he likes Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Sal says his favorite is Mike Tyson, Kevin brings up the Holyfield fight and Sal jokes about Kevin Hench’s favorite quarterback and his love for New England sports.


Adam riffs about Mike Tyson and his humble abode, that doesn’t seem to be as nice as it should be based on his lifetime income and previous estates.

Adam shares the “whoa!” story of Mike Tyson talking to him about his sobriety, he quit everything but marijuana, which is known as “marijuana maintenance” and Adam heads into a live read.


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Adam has Sal and Kevin give out their plugs and they wrap up the show to a funny Pacquiao vs. Lesnar joke from Sal.

Adam plugs his upcoming Nashville gig and Mike August is off with a ticket count, they wrap up the show.