Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 170

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 170

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 08-26-2014 – Release Date 08-28-2014

Production Number #170 – Guest host Jim Jefferies

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Drew is opening the show with guest host Jim Jefferies filling in for Adam, Gary is on mic explaining the plan for the reduced filming while Adam is working hard on ‘Catch a Contractor’ and how this might mean a reduced schedule ‘Til the end of the year.

Jim says he loves the show and is telling them about catching his neighbor for trying to rip him off 100x on the cost of a pump.

Jim is explaining how can be used to combat thieving car salesmen, Drew mistakenly corrects Jim about the airdate for this show.


Jim is telling them about doing standup, Gary is now mic explaining that Jim’s new special is airing this week and a particular night at the Improv with Judd Apatow and Joe Rogan with Paul McCartney making a cameo, he’s sharing his interaction with Paul and you can see a photo courtesy of Mike Carano via the show link page above.

Jim and Adam are discussing the fame of ‘The Beatles’ and how it’s relative to other figures from bygone eras, Drew brings up Pele and Jim brings up George Best who was better at soccer than Pele.

Jim explains how he drank through a liver transplant and Drew shares how that angers him, Jim explains the countrywide negative effect it had for organ donation.


They’re now discussing Scotland and deep fried haggis, Jim is defense of the Hag.

Drew brings up the forgotten intellectual history of the Scottish people and how they effected the modern era, Jim is now bitching about Americans who define themselves based on their ethnic heritage.

Jim has a funny analogy for chines restaurants and Hispanic reporters in Los Angeles, they’re now discussing Sophia Vergara and Drew says he’s sort of over her, citing her performance in a recent Woody Allen film.


Jim brings up the movie ‘Chef’ and her natural hair color, they’re now discussing Sophia’s origins and Jim shares his knowledge of the theory on Vikings invading Scotland and now he’s on a “I’m not saying they didn’t want it” riff about Scottish women preferring swedes.

They’re now talking about Finland and Sweden and how beautiful the fast food workers are even in Sweden and how it’s like they don’t know the rule that “good looking people have easy lives” and now they’re all talking about the people and their beauty in Norway, Finland and Sweden.


Jim cites the Swedish Eugenics program ran into the 80’s (1970’s) and he’s mocking his own facts and says they should look it up.

Jim shares his theory on nations who were neutral during World War II and now Drew gives his take on the modern era of trying to find out who the bad guy is.

They’re now back to the redheads and he is sharing how the kind would spread his genes among every woman in the entire village, his genes got distributed, the Genghis Khan effect.

Now they’re talking about Sperm banks and Drew implies Gary knows the rate for Jizz, Drew and Jim are trying to figure out who actually is selling their semen.



They’re wrapping up the conversation about eugenics and Sweden and Drew is bringing up how tragic the end of “Legit” his brilliant comedy series on FX then on FXX, he’s explaining the mysterious reasoning given for the end of the show.

Drew is praising how brilliant the show was and defends the first season, Jim is sharing an anecdote from his costar on ‘Legit’ who also stars on ‘Veep’, Jim comments on the 6 episodes he had ready to film, he’s still getting daily praise for it and is now in a weird spot.

Jim compares breaking the news to his costar who played Rodney to that of the dramatic conflict of ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Jim name drops Chuck Lorre, Gary is now on mic explaining he was the one to turn Drew onto ‘Legit’ and Gary tells Jim that he used the series to get out of a recent depression.


Jim is once again telling Drew about the mother of his son who costarred in the show’s pilot, Drew is telling Jim about the biting phase and how his kids used to chew on each other.

Jim is telling Drew about his son Hank biting someone other kid at daycare, he’s under 2 and Drew is sharing how you train them, you need to be on them in the moment.

Jim has a great “big boy underwear” anecdote about his son and shares his own suspicions that his mom has rose colored glasses about his upbringing, Jim brings up his parents romantic ambivalence and the reveal about his father frequenting prostitutes and the absence of sex in their marriage for the past 30 years.


Drew finds out that prostitution is legal in Australia and jokes about his son’s relaxation upon returning from Australia, Jim is explaining how the Australian society adapted to prostitution and how it improved their culture.

Jim is bringing up the shooting galleries they have for addicts, Drew is praising that and says he is not the drug police and has no problem with legalization but does like the idea of clergy and medical professionals to offer a way out to addicts.

Drew is bringing up the show ‘The Knick’ and shares his frustrations with the show ‘House’ and now Jim is explaining the “doubles act” of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.


Jim is bringing up the register that Hugh uses for his character of “House” in the show.

They’re now talking about American vs. Australian accents, Drew praises his daughter’s accent work and they head to break.


They’re back form break.

Drew is now plugging his solo Dr. Drew podcast and his upcoming month of September themed around prostate cancer, Drew plugs the most recent episode with what could be the final drug czar.

Jim tells them about his wife’s father’s death from prostate cancer, Drew explains the rise in PSA levels and how to detect

Drew is explaining some lifetime effect data about permanent androgen receptor damage from using Finasteride (Propecia) like drugs.


Drew is back to the show ‘House’ and how 99% of his hysterical proclamations are things that 2nd year medical school students know offhand.

Drew is explaining the show ‘Knick’ and how they use liquid cocaine to stay motivated, Jim brings up the cocaine that was in coca cola and Drew brings up a liquid cocaine beverage with testimonials from every of note person of the era.

Jim brings up the flawed food pyramid and how carbs used to rank as higher in importance, Drew is telling Jim about mental illness and how nefarious it can be, he’s talking about his “holy terror” of medication form his father, the rule that all medicines can kill you and to asses risk.


Drew tells Jim about the various medications he takes that are worth the risk to extend his life, Drew is sharing an anecdote from the brothers in ‘Good Charlotte’ Benjie and Joel Madden, Jim is now riffing on Heidi Klum after talking about one of the brothers working on an Australia talent show.

Chris is now telling Jim that he’s echoing Adam Carolla’s comments on the woman, Jim is now bringing up Howie Mandel’s comedy career, asking if he is skilled and Chris tells them that he’s in ‘Road Hard’ and Chris is sharing his surprise that Howie was a comic.

Drew is now explaining how Jay Leno performs standup vs. his tonight show monologues and now Jim is arguing about the pre-production interview with the producer for late night talk show appearances.


Drew is bringing up the racism in Vienna his other son noticed while touring Austria and Drew is sharing an anecdote of a racist flight diversion for Kim Kardashian and Jim explain that “blacking up” is the international term for “blackface” and shares an anecdote of the phrase not translating.

Jim and Drew are now talking about white supremacist groups and Jim is telling them about his Union Jack themed “Cornhole Set” and how they offered a lot of KKK friendly branded versions.

Drew is sharing his take on Jim Crow laws, and the trauma of slavery that’s been passed down to modern life and left over trauma from the civil war.


Jim is telling Drew about taking his dad to the World Cup in 2006, he’s explaining how it was the first time he experienced his father solo without his mom for more than 4 hours, he said it was like having a buddy, a wonderful trip with dad.

Drew is telling Jim about travelling to Munich this past Christmas and loved it, Jim quotes his father’s funny line about the Berlin wall, Jim is now mocking Tom Cruise and his interview for the movie “Valkyrie” and now Jim and Drew are both praising what an awesome guy they’ve heard about the man from every single person who has ever met him, salt of the earth, low key and humble.

Jim is sharing his theory on Nicole Kidman and how she treats her adoptive children after divorcing and now Jim is sharing his ‘Breaking Bad’ as an evolution of ‘Malcom in the Middle’ theory and his even superior watch ‘NOAH’ as a sequel to ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and Jim is now sharing the reality behind the life of John Nash.


Jim is now riffing about the rock monsters featured in the movie ‘Noah’ and Drew says it looks like a ‘Shit Monster’ implying he’s seen the movie ‘Dogma’ and Jim talks about his son sitting through an entire movie the other day ‘Planes 2’ and mocks Dane Cook.

Drew is sharing his reaction to the creation museum bit from one of Marc Maron’s albums as played on Sirius last night.

Jim is talking about how the Westboro Baptist church protested John Pinette’s funeral and explains their actions to Drew who seemingly is ignorant of their actions.

Jim is riffing about Fred Phelps in Heaven and they wrap up the show with Drew saying that part 2 will air on Sunday, hmmm I wonder if they are going to do that or air it on Thursday like this reduced schedule demands?