Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2012 – Jake Steinfeld

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2012 – Jake Steinfeld

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 08/27/2012 – Release Date 08/28/2012

Adam is opening the show explaining that he just returned from Tampa where he was doing some more live shows with Dennis Prager, he just coined a great term for the people of Tampa and Bryan is playing Alison’s “Shredding” drop from the Dave Hill episode. Adam is explaining that the fans are demanding it be released as a ringtone like Sonny’s “Just a waste of my time” drop/ringtone.

Adam says the Tampa Prager shows will be released for sale later in the week, via itunes and the website, he’s now describing how Dennis is the only other guy he knows who will interrupt his own stories with another story just like Adam has a tendency to do.

Adam is now starting on a recap of his travels, he’s starting with the security line and the genius in front of him. Now he’s getting into the meal choices on the flight, cold beef salad or pizza with goat cheese, Adam took a photo of the pizza which is featured on the website in the show notes for this episode.

Adam is now ranting about goat cheese as a topping for pizza, Bryan is chiming in with some good points and acting as a good springboard to further Adam’s rage, Adam just dropped an amazing short burst of rage, he’s screaming about the airline, hilarious! Bryan just dropped a low key joke and Alison chimes in with a good line too.


Adam is now going off on the in flight movie he had to suffer through, the new Zac Efron joint, “The Lucky One” Adam is explaining how he always points out the false drama and bogus plot points forced into these romantic dramas. Adam is now quoting the terrible movie and breaking down the plot.

Adam is going super in depth on this movie and the implausibility of it, he’s now saying it was entirely watchable with a couple cocktails in you during a flight. He’s now bringing Alison back in to inform her of the women sitting behind him in 1st class, the “Excuse you” type of woman, who Adam and Alison both secretly envy.

Adam is explaining that Bryan has been bumped off his top 10 most entitled behavior list, previously he put one of the studio couch pillows on the ground so his dog could lay on it, Bryan is chiming in to explain he has apologized many times.

This woman in 1st class actually poked Adam’s arm for him having the nerve to quickly attempt to stretch his arm while in 1st class, Adam has described this type of woman in the past as “A Constant Escaping Of Air” she poked him for blocking her view of the screen for at most 2 seconds, Adam has a great plan for her eggs, very funny!

Adam is now going off on the flight attendants not doing their job and closing the curtain between 1st class and coach, allowing coach passengers to use the 1st class lavatory even though it’s against policy. Adam is now explaining how there is more of this post 9/11 even though it is a security risk, he’s explaining how it ties into the entitlement issue in America.


Adam returns from the break and welcomes Jake to the show, after a great “definitely not a Jew” from the Mikes(Lynch and Dawson), Adam is explaining how he’s been aware of Jake for years and is comparing him to Jack LaLanne. He’s now asking Jake about starting the “National Lacrosse League”, Jake just refreshed Adam that they first met back on the “Home and Family Show” hosted by Cristina Ferrare when Drew and Ace would guest in the mid 90’s.

They’re now recalling the old “Terry Bradshaw” daytime talk show, they both guested and both still have their commemorative signed footballs from Terry, Jake is going off on the goat cheese pizza, he agrees with Adam 100%. Adam is getting back to the Lacrosse topic, Jake is filling him in on the sport  and why it’s not as prevalent in L.A. Adam thinks it’s because of the cost of gear.

Jake is explaining that Lacrosse is actually the oldest American sport, and giving his personal journey with it and how he first got into working out. He’s now telling Adam about how he had a stutter as a kid, Adam and Bryan improv a great bit of Adam forcing a stutter upon Sonny and also forcing him to be fat so he’ll grow up to be a better person.

Jake is going even further in depth about his journey and how he got into bodybuilding, Adam and Jake briefly get into the movie “Pumping Iron” and now Jake is explaining how his first gig was posing on stage for “The Village People” as the prototypical “Macho Man” from their hit single. Jake is now describing how he realized the guys in the band were gay and the audience were all guys as he arrived on stage for the first time, hilarious!

Adam and Jake are now commiserating over their childhood friends who didn’t support their dreams and goals, how sometimes the people closest to you can be the least supportive. Jake is jumping in on the live reads, critiquing Adam’s delivery in a funny and helpful way, good stuff! Alison just revealed she almost wrote for “Swing Magazine”, Jake says he started “Major League Lacrosse” because of an article he read in that very magazine.


Alison’s News, her top story is about the death of Neil Armstrong, Adam is giving his take and Jake just interrupted that his youngest son wrote a report on Neil, Adam is busting his balls a bit, now Adam is now filling the gang in on how “seat of your pants” the origins of our space program was. Alison is now reading Nixon’s speech that was written just in case the Apollo 11 mission failed.

Adam is riffing on the role of the vice president and how he should be forced to give the bad news to the American people, Alison is explaining the two people in her favorite joke are now dead and she can’t use it anymore, she’s now telling it to the gang, everyone loves it.

Alison’s 2nd story is on the death report of Rodney King and his toxicology results, Adam is riffing on how shocking the results are. Bryan just got a great line in during Adam’s riff, Alison is telling a personal anecdote about Fred Armisen and a “Portlandia” sketch. Adam is finishing his thought on who should and shouldn’t be heroes to the black community.

3rd story, Alison is reporting that “Sweet Caroline” is now banned from Penn State football games, Adam is going on a tangent about the one year he played the trumpet in 7th grade, Jake jumps in and reveals he also played the trumpet. Adam is explaining for the big recital they were going to play “Sweet Caroline” after a year of boring practice of just scales, but the trumpet was barely used in that song.

Adam is now going off on “spit valve etiquette” among trumpet players, he has a great quick joke that Alison tops and Jake’s reaction is priceless, everyone is firing on all cylinders, Adam is almost cackling, hilarious! Alison is now explaining the recent personal event that inspired her to toss in the joke.

Jake is asking Adam about what you should do if someone takes their shoes off mid flight and they’re not wearing socks, Adam is going off on people who are too comfortable with and in their own shit, now the lack of decorum in today’s society. He’s putting forth a “passenger’s bill of rights” for passengers having to deal with other passengers.

The gang are all discussing leftover “ass gaskets”, Alison is asking how poop ends up on the bottom of the toilet seat, she encountered it during a recent trip to the improv for a live show, Adam saw the same poop, Bryan doesn’t seem to be enjoying the poop talk. The gang invented a new term that is quite awesome.

Adam is having Jake read the “eVoice” live read, he’s doing a great job, everyone agrees he’s a pro. Jake is now telling them how much fun he had guesting and it was the best bit of promotion he has done for his book, Adam wraps the show, great episode!