Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/27/2012 – Christine Bennett and DFG

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/27/2012 – Christine Bennett and DFG

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Deaf Frat Guy and Christine Bennet

Recorded 08/23/2012 – Release Date 08/27/2012

Adam is opening the show with Maverick aka “The Deaf Frat Guy” in studio. Adam reveals DFG has some movie pitches he wants to get to.

DFG reveals he stole a copy of Adam’s new book “Not Taco Bell Material“, now Adam is explaining how they first “met” back on the old morning show, Adam just made the mistake of bringing up “Blake Chambers” DFG’s nemesis. They’re going through the list of names of all DFG’s frat brothers, including their first openly gay member “AIDSY”.

This is a real treat for fans of the KLSX morning show who remember the origins of all this, also it’s nice to get a refresher for newer fans or those of us who forgot some of the hilarious details. The gang are now discussing the trailer for DFG’s “Buzz” a take off on the movie “Crank” that was featured on the KLSX morning show.

DFG’s first pitch is an idea he and his frat brother “Moose” came up with while they were watching blurred Japanese porn, DFG proposes that if he were to travel to Japan he would have the largest penis, Adam makes a point that Bob Sapp also lives in Japan full time, so the best DFG can hope for is 2nd largest. DFG is explaining the plot and the stakes of what he has titled “Salamurai Warrior”.


The Control room guys have found the trailer for DFG’s “Buzz” and fire it up for the gang, DFG is getting emotional over the incident with the gypsies that was referenced in the trailer. Adam is including DFG in the Go Daddy live read, turns out he used the company for his website .

DFG’s next pitch involves the GOP and NRA’s worst fear coming true, Obama takes away all guns and the only option left is DFG’s famous potato gun, the gang are now quizzing him on his preferred ammo for the potato gun.

Adam is now segueing to a round of “All Balls or JV” a game where DFG informs Adam if a particular topic is either good/All Balls or bad/JV, topics include tattooed anuses, the audiobook of “Not Taco Bell Material“and non alcoholic beer. Adam thanks Maverick for coming in and plugs his website and Josh Gardner’s albums on itunes Winterbush and Mr. Stinkfinger.


Adam welcomes Christine Bennett to the show for her first visit, he’s complimenting her good looks and she gives a solid answer, Adam’s now having her give her “journey”. Her dad was a mechanic for Air Force One, which has set Adam off on a tangent about what a cool tour it would be to see it up close and wonders what the craziest item on board might be, Bryan chimes in and gets the topic back on track with a bit of comedy.

Christine is discussing being an army brat and moving around, she just revealed she dated a girl in high school, Adam and Bryan are now even more interested in her “journey” , they’re going even more in depth about this topic.

Adam has the guys fire up Pat Benatar’s “Sex as a Weapon”  and they’re continuing their discussion about being a high school outcast, Adam is busting out some classic Loveline knowledge, explaining the sexual flexibility of men vs. women, he just brought Dawson in for a quick improv, for sure it’s going to be Bryan’s closing drop, nice work Dawson!

Adam transitions to Christine’s MTV show, he’s asking her if they are as cheap as they were back when him and Drew hosted Loveline from 1996-2000, she declines to comment but she’s hinting that she agrees. Superfan Sidenote, if memory serves Adam has admitted in the past, they only paid 400$ per episode to him and Drew until Adam forced them to double it for the final two seasons.


Alison’s News, her top story is a report that has come out saying people who sleep on their stomach are more likely to have erotic dreams, Adam is a stomach sleeper, they’re all now weighing in on orgasms during sleep. Adam is making a great point about how you can experience sensations while asleep that mimic things like falling off a cliff and how would a woman truly know if she actually had an orgasm or just felt like she did.

Adam is now explaining that although he promised for years that if he ever had kids he would turn them over while sleeping in order to train them to sleep on their backs, he was actually too lazy to ever bother, he’s now giving examples as to why it’s better to sleep on your back. Bryan sets Adam up to breakdown how nocturnal emissions begin for teenage males, great dog analogy from Ace, Bryan has some great lines too.

Alison’s 2nd story is about the “Who’s Your Daddy” mobile DNA testing trucks they have in the New York area, which Producer Gary actually saw in person and couldn’t believe was real, Adam is giving his take and he isn’t sure it’s a good thing, much like his adopted kids searching for their biological parents being a slap in the face to the adopted parents argument he questions the motivations and importance of finding out and the concept of blood relation in general.

Adam is going off on Paris Hilton’s Lexus supercar breaking down, he makes some great points about wealth and possessions.

Christine reveals her father recently tracked down a long lost sister who was given up for adoption and how it didn’t bring up anything satisfying for their family, Alison thinks she would want to know her biological parents if she was adopted, she’s picking Adam’s brain if he gave this same advice on Loveline, he did.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Long Beach getting it’s own bicycle ride share program, they’re now discussing bicycle form and function.

Alison’s 4th story covers the 4 worst cities in America for cell phone reception, Adam interrupts with a live read, Alison reveals Bakersfield is the number 1 worst, Adam is explaining why L.A. should be on the list even though it’s not.

Adam is explaining his “fake Christmas tree cell phone antenna” plan he first discussed back on Loveline in 2004 if I’m not mistaken, Alison wants to know Adam’s opinion on tinsel, hilarious! Adam is explaining to the gang and Christine how one year his mom used a tree branch in place of an actual Christmas tree, Bryan is laying in some great Charlie Brown music and he tops it with a great “Chinatown” reference.

Alison wraps the news and Dawson jumps in on the “Go To Meeting” live read, Adam explains that the “Buzz” trailer wasn’t anywhere to be found at the studio, that Dawson was able to utilize the service to remotely log in on his home computer and get the original file, nice work Dawson!