Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2016 – Randy Couture, Mike Birbiglia, and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2016 – Randy Couture, Mike Birbiglia, and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Randy Couture, Mike Birbiglia, and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 08-25-2016 – Release Date 08-26-2016

Production Number #1889

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Adam opens the show with a funny ‘Adam Carolla’ penguin name intro, Adam welcomes everyone to the show and BB has Adam’s “Captain we can’t feed them boys sticky rice” drop as today’s #TopDrop and he welcomes Vinnie to the show.

Adam feels badly as Vinnie is in studio and Adam was handed a slice of pizza with delicious grease on a paper plate right in front of him and Adam can’t turn down a slice of pizza handed to him, he doesn’t have that much willpower and BB has a killer joke at Vinnie’s expense.

Adam riffs about Mike and Randy, who would you pick in a fight, if he gave you the name of the guests’ sight unseen, you would choose Randy over Mike and you would be mistaken.


Adam is now talking about Andrew removing the cheese from his pizza and he further mocks the two “food tards” Andrew and Brian from the other studio who ate their Mediterranean food bizarrely and he goes over how Brian ate the rice before the other ingredients.

Adam says eating rice plain is not pleasurable, you want to mix these ingredients.

Adam says he’d prepared for the worst and then watched Brian eat the onion by itself, what is he doing to himself says Adam; Gina says it’s revolting and Vinnie asks what Adam is doing to himself watching this madness.


Adam is now telling them it was reported to him by Rob that Andrew scrapes the cheese off his pizza, Gina suggests she become his pizza buddy and eat all of the cheese and toppings.

Adam says his daughter bragged about her banana muffin, basically a round cake that is ok for breakfast, there were huge chocolate chips in it, Adam says the chips would be a distraction for him and they’re unnecessary.

Adam wanted to make her eggs but she had already eaten her breakfast cake, Adam is now ranting about big muffin and Vinnie agrees muffins are bad, hospital muffins being the worst possible.


Adam talks about foods that are supposedly healthy, they riff about muffins and Adam shares his observations about the change in homeless people’s temperament coincided with homeless cats, they used to be all ‘Heathcliff’ and now they’re suffering from feline AIDS, they have parasites and they want to claw you, like the angry junkie looking to roll you for their next hit.


Mike Birbiglia is now joining them once again, Adam asks him about his new movie that he greatly enjoyed and if he was involved in improv early on in comedy.

Ira’s making his 5th appearance on the ACS, his live episode from Caroline’s with Ira Glass has been used as best of two times.


Adam is complimenting Mike on the movie and he mentions Chris Darga and Lisa Kudrow and other students he was peers with when he was at ‘The Groundlings’ and Adam recalls the Groundlings TV show and how he got booked on it and was amazed that Michael McDonald was in the main company, meanwhile Michael was more interested in Adam actually making it in the business.

Adam is mocking the mindset he had and Mike is now weighing in further, Adam is talking about the dinners where someone misspeaks and pisses someone off, he says there is always the one person in the improv group who breaks the rules and changes the scene.

Adam says the little midget in his brain shouts I’m going to kill you when someone would change a flat tire to a camp fire for example.


Mike is now weighing in and shares how he would always say “you screwed me” after improv shows and scenes, Adam is talking about how people purposely ruin a scene.

Mike tells them about giving a small/little part to the least talented part of the group and they try and overblow it, Adam says there is always the kid who plays right field on the little league team and it’s analogous to the improv troupe.

Adam shares the “Bris” misunderstanding and Mike is saying he always immediately shares how unfamiliar he is with a topic immediately, Adam is going over the scene and the “let me hand you this thing” dialogue.


Adam says he was on stage with Mark Dropman who was immediately getting his prayer shawl on.

Adam is riffing about trying to keep up with Jimmy Kimmel and Dr. Drew and he jokes about Jimmy’s power move of buying his neighbor’s house and bulldozing it, funny water slide joke.

Adam further compliments the film and he says it makes sense that all of the characters are hilarious, they are supposed to be funny people and Mike praises the movie ‘The Trip’ and instead Adam recommends Mike’s movie ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and BB wants to know the one jerk who gave it a negative review.


BB asks who objectively watched the movie and gave it less than a C, Adam says the movie is funny, if you see it in the context of seeing a comedy you will enjoy it.

Gary is on mic and he has the history of the critic’s reviews, from the Washington Post, Gary says he’s a respected guy…


Adam is now back to the hobo cat riff, he brings up his old homeless cat Norman and he brings up the box full of kittens that used to be handed out in front of super markets, people would come home from the store with a pet.

Adam is bringing up his other cat ‘Kittie’ who was the black cat that neither of them wanted, his mom intervened and it was the best/only decision she ever made.

Adam asks Vinnie about Howie Mandel, Vinnie says he has to go to Europe for a family wedding and then he will catch up with Howie.


Adam is sharing how a list of top earning actors in Hollywood had Dwayne the Rock Johnson listed at the top, Adam is now talking about his incredible motor and work ethic that jettisons him forward, he’s the hardest working guy and is rewarded for it.

Adam is commenting on the old pictures of the Rock circa 1995 and Vinnie mixes up the old slogan he used “What’s the rock smellin’?” and Gary tells Adam about the ethnic heritage of Dwayne Johnson.

Adam is now reacting to Gary saying “black Nova Scotian” and he thinks of the song lyric “Black Lebanese” from the song ’30 Days in the Hole’ and Dawson says it’s from Humble Pie and they move on.




They listen to the song and learn it’s red Lebanese and Dawson thinks it’s a heroin reference, Adam is now asking about the “Black Nepalese” line and Adam says he’s tired of being right but go ahead and play that part again.

Adam has a killer Randy Couturenese singing sample as he teases their guest’s arrival, he gives out the plugs and Vinnie wraps things up with his own plug.

They head to break


They’re back from break with Randy making his return to the ACS, he was also on TAK #80.

Adam plugs the next Bellator event and asks about Benson Henderson, Randy fills him in and Adam talks about the lighter weight classes and the fun techniques you get to see.

Adam asks Randy about the Rock and following in his footsteps from fighting to film, Randy says that filmmaking his hard to get involved in and he says he’s reading for big films but it’s tough to land one of them.


Adam comments on Stallone having multiple franchises, it’s insane that he has 3 different series with multiple entries, BB backs him up and Adam asks about an ‘Expendables 4’ and if he’s truly retired for good from MMA.

Randy shares his reasoning for retiring permanently, on his own terms and Adam is now asking him about Brock Lesnar and when they last faced off, he asks if he now views it with a jaundiced eye.

Randy says that never concerned him and he thinks the large amount of muscles would lead to Brock having some serious problems with randy on his butt.


Rand talks about the evolution of weight classes in the sport and Adam is now making a point about is being akin to the wild west back when Randy first began cage fighting.

Adam says we have come around on cage fighting and gay marriage simultaneously, he’s now asking people to follow the gay rainbow of civil rights and compare the two, it’s accurate.

Adam says the people who didn’t have a dog in the fight had an opinion and thought they could weigh in on legislating what other adults did with their bodies and lives, now they don’t.


Randy says it was unsanctioned in most states in the 1990’s and Adam brings up gay marriage and how the politicians of the time reacted to both cage fights and gay marriage, Gina asks if Adam is exhausted with connecting those dots.

Adam is now asking Randy about his first cage fight, it was Tito Ortiz’s first fight and he says it was his first loss as well, Adam asks about Frank and Ken Shamrock.

Adam is trying to recall Dan Severn and his early days with the UFC, Adam says if Freddy Mercury got on the protein powder and the Creatine instead of the HIV, he would be Dan Severn.


BB has a funny impression singing “Momma I just pinned a man” and Randy seems to enjoy the comparison as well.

Adam is on a roll and Randy says like a hunchback doing somersaults, hilarious!


Adam is now asking Randy about Jon Jones and his battles with the law and his demons, Gina says Adam is a genius after seeing a photo of Dan, Adam jokes about stealing this bit from his wife.

Adam wonders if Jon wants off the merry-go-round of success and the big stage, Randy is now weighing in and comments on is brothers and his family’s experience with the spotlight.

Adam is trying to recall Jon’s various run ins and Gary sent Adam a rumor that Jon got popped for generic Cialis and he says Daniel Cormier is the opposite of Jon, he’s dependable and hard working.


Adam says it’s like the waitress you asked out when you were younger but it never happens, maybe Jon will never fight Daniel, maybe it’s not ever happening.

Randy is commenting on it and Adam now says Jon could go undefeated or he’ll defeat himself, someone else won’t undo him, he will undo himself.

Adam brings up Hollywood Henderson, Lawrence Taylor and others elite specimens of talent who flamed out due to their demons.


Adam wants to know about hard work and training vs. genetic talent, Adam asks how Randy looked across at Brock and didn’t freak out, with his heart pounding out of his chest.

Gina wants to know if Randy could tell the difference between a fight that was personal or just business, Rand always thinks it’s business and he says he had McGregor as the winner of UFC 202.

Adam is now talking about knowing from the first snap on the field it was going to be a long day/night when he was playing football.


Randy is telling them about instances where someone surprised him or let him know it was going to be a tough battle, he brings up Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and how he hit him with everything but still couldn’t put him down.

Adam wants a scrawl with what the fighters are thinking mid fight, like a brain scan that just dictated what the person was feeling at each moment, even the walk up and the grease down part, hilarious “oooh” from Adam.

Randy is telling them about getting prepared for a fight and how long it takes for a sweat to get going again after warming up and walking to the cage.

Adam plugs a live event and Randy tells them about the undercard for the next Bellator.


Adam is saying that MMA has the ultimate thing on other sports in that names don’t matter when it’s a good bout.

Adam says it’s like porn that way, he needn’t know a gal’s prior work before he jacks off to her, regardless if she’s carrying a strap, strap-on or not.


True Car

Chris Laxamana went over to Santa Monica and got himself a car edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Leslie Jones website hack, she has all of the details of the posts that were made, she comments on past ACS guest Milo Yiannopoulos getting banned from twitter and she cites the harassment of Leslie Jones being why.

Adam says it’s gotta be weird and he comments on the way Julian Assange threatens to release more WikiLeaks and he says he thinks what it must be like for Hillary to be aware of these threats. Adam has a killer Julian Assange impression to boot.

Adam says we are going to long for the days of actual bullying in lieu of cyber bullying and Adam says he was walking around last night and asked his son about being bullied.


Adam says his son told him about his friend he calls the attorney who would settle some hypothetical bullying, Adam says he asked Sonny what he would do if someone started pushing him around, he didn’t get why they were talking about these bizarre hypotheticals.

Adam is asking what happened with this controversy, Adam asks if she fought back and Gina says she retweeted the worst of the stuff.

Adam asks if the only way to solve this stuff is to walk away, Gary is saying yes and Adam says that reacting only brings a thousand other bullies out of the wood work.


Gina wonders about the gender angle, Gary is on mic and shares how Leslie reacted to the abuse and Adam says he went a week without checking twitter and was happy to be unplugged form the technological beehive that’s well past our human evolution and what we can handle.


Randy says he blocks angry people and doesn’t feed the trolls, BB is now sharing the details of a Joel stein cover story about losing the internet to hate.

Gina is now giving her take on what the hell is going on, Adam says Joel is coming on the show soon and says he’s still pissed at him for sitting in on ‘The Man Show’ the week they were pulling the Dixie Chicks prank.

Adam explains that Joel left out the part where Natalie invited to the Grammy’s out of nowhere, minus that fact he seems delusional, hilarious series of classic women of Hollywood name dropped from Adam.


2nd Story is on Eddie Vedder calling out a fan in the audience who was harassing a woman, he stopped the show mid song and they play the clip of it.

Adam has a killer “sweetie you gotta find a better man!” joke and he wonders if the online bullying is translating to more airplane, airport and concert interactions with fingers in people’s faces and we’re all just beaked up from the internet rage.

Adam jokes that this woman was cruising for a beat down in reaction to Randy’s point and Randy rolls with it nicely, hilarious!


Gina asks if Randy ever steps in and gets in the middle of someone else’s brawl or argument, Adam asks if he’s ever defused a possible fight when someone realizes who he is, Randy tells them about his giant buddy who was getting picked on by a stranger, realizing who Randy was mid lecture about not throwing gum on a stranger.

Adam jokes about being able to recognize fighters from their bodies as we see so much when they’re in the cage, exposed.



$100 of Adam’s handpicked system


3rd Story is on Ramen noodles replacing cigarettes as the #1 underground prison currency, Adam jokes about bottom ramen and his mom trying to get the cheapest stuff on the shelf.

Adam and BB are further riffing about cheap candy bars and a possible “gee your hair smells like crap” shampoo, he wants more generic products, Adam is playing his mom and BB is the beleaguered store employee.

Adam wants some A-2 steak sauce, Adam jokes about his mom climbing a telephone pole to pick up the phone like in ‘Green Acres’ and asks for some “cat food of the sea” and jokes about bumblebees being too tightly knit of families for the Carolla’s to support them or their products.


Adam’s mom needs help picking out the ugliest kitten, one with parvo or ringworm or something, hilarious closer.

Adam says you can eat Top Ramen raw if you’re high enough, Dawson confirms it and Adam says he wants to go to a ramen house and eat ramen at a restaurant, me too!

Adam has Gina wraps the news and Adam jokes about his “Fighter Brian Crawl” idea.


Soy Vay

Adam put this on the cutlet the other day, out of this world edition


Adam gives out the plugs and beings up Cung Le who is built like the opponents in ‘Blood Sport’ and BB has Adam’s “there’s such a thing as breakfast scotch” line to close the show.