Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2015 – Luther Campbell and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2015 – Luther Campbell and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Luther Campbell and David Wild

Recorded 08-25-2015 – Release Date 08-26-2015

Production Number #1646

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, BB plays yesterday’s ‘Hitler Youth!’ yell as today’s #TopDrop and Adam has a clip from ’Real Sports’ regarding Luther coaching football.

Adam is talking about the legacy of ‘2 Live Crew’ and Adam bets his phone has to have rung recently regarding a possible biopic, David Wild is in studio and making his 90th appearance on the show and the first in over a month.

Adam is bringing up his theory on being early vs. late and when it’s shittier to be early, he explains how his step family is normal vs. his biological family that’s not.


Adam describes how he drove in at 10:31am to sign the books, he describes how wildly inefficient it was for her to show up and then come back later.

Adam talks about his family’s tendencies towards arriving early, Gina explains her feelings about early arriving guests.

Adam describes the “don’t mind me” guests who screw things up by getting to your house too early, David has a Jeff Lynne anecdote.

Adam tells David he’s going to hold his breath until they remove Lou Reed or Joan Jett and put ELO in their place, hilarious bridge and Billy goat insult from Adam directed at the much less Trollic David Wild.


Adam describes the 3 phone calls he’s got this past month, from John Hamm, Brian Grazer and Bob Odenkirk.

Each time his mind was racing with what they could want, wondering if he could be getting a part.

BB is now guessing along about what they each wanted, Bob wanted to know about the Blu Ray for Winning, John was having some problems with his grout and Brian wanted to say hi.


Gina is asking about Adam helping John with his grout, Adam shares how his wife thinks she should be going due to her ‘mad Men’ fandom, not Adam with his grout knowledge.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam is describing his live show in San Diego to coincide with his upcoming race, David is telling Adam about seeing his kid off to college and warns Adam about it.


Adam and David are now talking songs, David wants to play ‘Shannon’ and explains the origin of the song and then shares some ‘Ol’ Blue’ and now Adam is sharing his pick and they get Adam going on an “up and die” riff as Dawson defends Neil Young.

Adam asks why bother recording this song they’re listening to now, Adam proclaims it a 0.

Adam talks about Neil young and his limited appeal.

Adam is down with different weird, he’s down with Bjork, but not weird bad.


Adam mocks Lou Reed and his lack of singing ability, Adam jokes about his mom and her inability to play in the NBA.

Adam is ranting about horrible songs and David is setting him up perfectly.

Adam is mocking ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ by ‘Smash Mouth’


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is now mocking original version of the song and the lame lyrics and rhyming structure, Adam is doing live commentary mocking the lyrics as they come.

Adam is telling people who like that song to blow their brains out with a shotgun, Adam is mocking the band ‘WAR’ and David is offering up some inform about the band.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Steve, he compliments David on the Fitbit anecdotes and shares how it caused him to start losing weight in response.

Steve is bringing up the way black lives matter discussion and cites some news packages, Adam is further addressing his point, and he thinks racism is alive and well, just not as common as we think.
Adam is asking why people remake shit songs.


2nd Caller Sean, his question is about the Planned Parenthood videos, Gina has the details as his phone line gets quiet.

Adam is now sharing his take and explains he thinks we’ll never roll back abortion and thinks that if you’re going to get rid of some tissue you might as well put it to use.

Adam is talking about the aborting doctor that was in the news for what he was doing to women, Adam is trying to recall the story.

Adam is all for abortion but would prefer birth control over it, Adam is mocking the idea of “denying” someone access to something by not paying for it for them.


Gina is sharing some details on the movement to have as many kids as possible, Adam says he thinks it’s abusive to have that many kids.

Adam is now sharing his favorite interaction from ‘Parenthood’ with Dianne Wiest and how he impersonates her vocal intonation when addressing Sonny.

Adam is sharing some of the details of the case about the abortion doctor.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

They’re now searching for the clip Adam wants, Adam is plugging ‘Road Work Volume #1 What Can’t Adam Complain About?’ the new CD release from the ACS.

Adam is sharing a selection from the album about finding lost money, Adam is describing the time he found 50$ in Cherry Hills NJ.

Adam explains how he was handed 10$ as a finder’s fee and how his mom ordered him to split it with his sister, Gary has not found the clip and Adam explains he’s’ stalling as he doesn’t want to play the clip with Luther in studio, as he presumes he won’t want to hear it.


They’re now playing the clip from ‘Parenthood’ and wrap up with David Wild, Adam throws it to break, nice work David.


They’re back from break with Luther Campbell making his ACS debut, Adam gives out the plugs and welcomes him to the show.

Adam brings up his interviews on ‘Real Sports’ and in ‘The U’ and now shares the ‘Me So Horny’ newscaster read that’s stuck with him since 1990/1991.

Adam is asking Luther about ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and asks him about the likelihood of a movie based on ‘2 Live Crew’ and now he’s asking him about coaching youth football.


Adam is telling Luther about playing football and his take on getting hurt on the field vs a lifetime of being a pussy.

Luther has an interesting explanation for his program, Adam explains how young boys crave discipline and trying to protect them from it is doing them a disservice, Adam is asking Luther how much discipline he uses in his professional and personal life.

Adam and Luther are talking about the team aspect of sports and Adam has an ultimate football analogy for taking one for the team.


Adam asks about the origins of ‘2 Live Crew’ and how his DJ work led to a musical career, Adam is riffing up a storm in response to Luther’s recounting of their early work.

Luther explains how he used comedians for a dance song idea, he says they sampled all kinds of media, he says it was around 1987 and now BB plays a clip of their early work.

Adam shares his own low self-esteem version of a similar song, hilarious fake title!


Adam is talking about the judges for the Jimmy Kimmel KROQ boxing match after Luther brings up John Wayne Bobbitt.


Gina’s News

Adam is doing a Burger King Live Read

1st Story is on Cris Carter telling rookies to have a fall guy for when they go out, Adam talks about nobody saying more with a head shake than Warren Sapp.

Adam is in agreement with Cris and Luther is now offering up some insight and explains his wife works in the industry.

Adam is talking about arguing with his wife, Adam talks about trying to stand up and disagree with someone while they’re giving a speech like this.


Luther is now sharing his take on the realism of his advice, BB is now offering his own take and argues about them having something on their own website that makes this seem hypocritical.

Adam is now asking Luther to deliver a message for him, asking him to add some ghetto to it.

Adam is telling young people about cameras, funny riff about BB being in the league.


Funny back and forth with Luther killing it, telling BB to wrap that shit up and avoid having babies, Adam says Dag has some completion with Luther.

Adam is now sharing his affinity for Bryan Cox on ‘Hard Knocks’ and explains how he foxy boxed the man and got bashed by a wooden dowel.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

They’re now playing a clip of Bryan Cox.


2nd Story is on the death of Justin Wilson, Adam has some insight and explains how he went from the luckiest guy in the world to the unluckiest.


3rd Story is on the discovery that the Jared foundation hasn’t paid out a dime since its inception nor even paid it’s5 $ registration fees.

Adam is talking about the way Jared had no team to come back to, he’s pretty much done and Adam jokes about him in a survivors of incest dunk tank.

Adam says he’s going to have to be part of some sort of reality freak show when he gets out, Adam says the real prop bet is on whether or not he stays trim or puts on weight while in the joint.


Adam is talking about the big body defense Drew often cites about people and eating disorders, Gina has some interesting details about his college activities.

Adam predicts he puts on 400lbs, Adam thinks he’ll have ample access to the snack shack, not doing inverted one handed pushups ala Nic Cage in ‘Con Air’ and they wrap the news to the clip of Luther yelling at Gina.


Adam is doing a Public Morals Live Read


They’re now watching a clip of Kathy Ireland in ‘Necessary Roughness’ and they wrap up the show.