Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Episode

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/26/2012 – Dr. Drew Bonus Episode

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Dr. Drew

Recorded 08/24/2012 – Release Date 08/26/2012

As per usual with these bonus episodes, it’s Adam and Drew for a special one on one, a similar dynamic to classic 95-05 era loveline, Adam is opening the show with a few plugs for Drew’s various gigs and explaining the way we the listeners earn these ad free bonus episodes is by simply telling a friend about the podcast.

Adam is explaining how he found Drew’s car keys inside the studio fridge, he’s describing all the machinations his brain went through in order to explain why they would possibly be in there, Drew confirms that Adam’s final conclusion is indeed correct, Drew is going off on Adam’s hyper vigilance and how his brain works, supporting Adam’s POV and explaining why they were in the fridge along with some flu vaccines.

Adam is now going off on people around him who refuse to humble themselves and write things down or adjust how they do things in order to get things right, Drew is once again supporting Adam and explaining that others are diminished by this type of advice, that he and Ace are already so diminished since birth they don’t get emotional and don’t read into simple advice and suggestions. They’re now breaking down why people react negatively to this type of advice, Drew has some interesting theories about it.

Drew’s now explaining how he first saw this with his sons when they were 9, how he had them enrolled in soccer and that the soccer dad’s would give deeply personal insults and had extreme rage, how the dad’s were frustrated ex athletes for the most part. Drew is saying he took them out of soccer and put them in tackle football and explaining the difference between the two.


Adam and Drew are going to the phones, 1st caller Frank is awaiting his results from the BAR exam, Adam is explaining assistant Jay is in the same boat, now he’s making some great points about the Mayor of L.A., Frank is having anxiety attacks and Drew has some interesting statistics about attorneys and anxiety.

Adam is giving Frank the same advice he gave Jay, who he reveals he secretly hopes will fail the exam so he’s forced to come back and work for Adam cause he’s such a great employee. He’s relating Frank’s problem to his recent animated Birchum pilot not being picked up and explaining how he doesn’t have any issues about it because he did the best he could possibly do.


The Guys are now talking about Lance Armstrong, Drew explains that Lance took literally 500 tests and he understands him throwing his hands up and bowing out of  the process. Adam is explaining how this has to do with France not liking Americans winning their events, how they add rules to Le Mans to make it unfair for racing teams from the USA, now he’s talking about being in Montreal and hearing how they hate Americans there unlike the rest of Canada.

Adam is explaining how he saw a TV special in Montreal celebrating the one minor victory of France besting America, he’s now explaining in detail how it’s like when you loan someone money or help them and they end up resenting you, lots of great WWII factoids from Ace. He’s explaining how shame plays a role in all of this, great rant from Ace and now Drew is explaining France’s place in the world 200yrs before WWII.

Back to Lance vs. France, Adam and Drew are both giving their takes on how whatever Lance did or didn’t do, everyone else was doing the same. Drew just dropped a great line pertaining to Lance and chemotherapy, now they’re shifting to how everyone in every sport is looking for an edge.


Back to the phones, 2nd caller Dan has a question about hepatitis C, Adam is going off on how he would like the padded crotch from cycling to work it’s way into all men’s clothing. Dan has had hep C since birth, contracted from his mom, Adam is going off on how that’s the worst way to contract the disease.

Dan is explaining all of the details to Drew, Drew knows all about his genotype and condition, he’s now breaking it down for Adam. They go back to Dan to get more information, Drew knows exactly what he’s dealing with.


3rd caller Tyrone has a question about achieving an maintaining and erection with the women he intends to marry, Adam is going back to his Loveline expertise and Drew agrees with him, he’s now making an analogy about Susan vs. Suzanne and how he only gets it wrong because he has done it in the past and he hesitates.

Drew just started a line of questioning because of the callers name and him being from New Jersey, Adam is mocking Drew for the gross stereotype.


4th caller Andy, he’s worried about his wife’s younger brother and some disturbing behavior he is exhibiting. Drew is now giving his take on the Aura Colorado shooter and what his instincts tell him, about some non medical personnel preventing his therapist from getting him the help he needed.

Andy’s brother in law broke into a neighbors house and tortured their dog, he’s giving the full background on this guy. Drew is explaining based on what Andy is telling him this young man is a psychopath and that it’s far more than bi polarity.

Drew interrupts Andy to explain that he is in denial about all this too, he knocks something over and Adam replies with a great line delivery, hilarious!

Adam is wondering if all the negative and extreme/hardcore imagery in society is in anyway making this worse, not causing people to commit these horrible acts but perhaps speeding them up or intensifying the violence. Drew interrupts and says it’s not causing anything, but it also doesn’t help and now he’s making a great point about social media.

They’re now back to Andy and going further in depth about his brother in law possibly being able to work, Drew is giving some great advice and using his expertise.

Adam wraps the show and teases that there will be another bonus episode with Drew next Sunday too.