Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 400

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 400

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-14-2016 – Release Date 08-25-2016

Production Number #400 – Well Maybe You Did, But You Don’t

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Drew is so glad to know where the “Get it On” comes from as Adam opens the show with his verve and passion from the last episode intact.

Adam says he was corrected and the “Get It On” also comes from his love of the adult film ‘Taboo II’ and it’s not just the song from the band ‘Chase.’

Gary is on mic and asking about the theme song, he is asking if they want the main theme, no they want the song “Get It on” from a sex scene later in the movie.


Adam and Drew debate the notion of “Junior” having it all as he was fucking his mom and his sister in the film.

Adam says that the era, this adult film and its trappings are akin to things like ‘Gone with the Wind’ and the James Bond movies before it, he’s talking about the quasi-rapey encounters from pornography and how they harken back to films and interpersonal interactions depicted in them from the 1930’s.

Drew is bringing up the lack of progressivism and PC culture in our past as a society, Adam says everything can be brought back to unions.


Drew says “huh” and Adam explains how we needed unions desperately and now they’ve run amok now that people are empowered and have rights in the workplace.

They’re now watching some ‘Taboo II’ instead of playing the music that was given to them by the music producer when he guested on the ACS.

Adam informs Drew that despite his proclamations to the contrary the played this song on LoveLine many times, Drew is wrong.


Gary found the footage on an adult site and a message plays through, they have a rip of the movie in studio, they have the raw audio too, what gives!

Gary is now telling Drew about the music producer who took his mother to the premier and used her as backing vocals on one of the tracks.

Drew wants to know what was going through the mind of the mother and Adam says they need to get “He’s got it all” for later in the show.


Don’t think Twice

Adam and Drew love the movie, a walk down memory lane for Adam edition


They’re further going over the bygone era of porn and Drew once again tells Adam about the screening of ‘Deep Throat’ they held on campus.

Adam says getting paid for the arts feels like you’re in show business, the adult industry was seen by many as a stepping stone.


1st Caller Chris, he wants to know about moderation with drinking, he tells them about his current life status and ability to say no to booze coupled with his love for drinking, he shares how much he likes to get hammered.

Drew is asking him about his binge drinking and how often he drinks until he blacks out, he shares how the drinking has declined over the years since he got out of college.

Adam is telling him about the true moderation gene, he talks about cigarette smoking and he says the only troubling detail was the “up until 4 A.M.” part of it, that feels excessive, it rolls over into the next day unlike a 12 am or 1 am bedtime/cutoff for booze.


Adam now contrasts and compares this energy with booze to the energy behind food and eating.

They finish up with Chris and tell him to call back and let them know how it’s going.


Adam sings along to ‘He’s got It All’ from Taboo II and Adam informs Drew it was from about 1982, it’s not of the 1970’s but could be the residual effect of that corrupted decade.

Adam shares his take on other people’s art and cites Yoko Ono, he brings up the Dutch masters who painted in comparison to the modern art “6 foot orbs” that Rembrandt could pull off, Yoko can’t create real art so she does what she does and whales on stage like a crazy person.

Insane not to do it edition


Adam shares why he gets angry with people who are untalented yet still motivated to shit out their lame attempts at art or expression.

Drew says Hubris is one of the two evil of our current society and he shares a Walter Mondale concession speech anecdote.

Drew is talking about hubris and people telling other how to live and how things should operate, he brings up the earlier topic of progress and how things have changed, he says the negative element of that is the hubristic language and ad hominem attacks.


Adam is now making a point about teachers’ unions stealing from drug dealers so to speak, taking advance of communities in low income neighborhoods where parents are afraid to report bad teachers due to various circumstances including immigration status.

Adam has a “government is like Zucchini” metaphor for government growth, he says it turns into mealy mush, you need the right size zucchini.


True Car

Drew has this spot wired edition

Drew proclaims this a wild show and they go back to the calls, Adam interrupts them and gets to the topic of government reach.


Adam is talking about the rich people in Malibu who are all for the government growth as they don’t care, the poor people are also for it as they expect someone is going to do something for them.

Adam is now talking about politicians and he compares them to coaches, how can the same coach fix what they ran into the ground last season.

Adam says that’s true Hubris and they go back to the caller.


2nd Caller Mike, he’s calling about Adderall and tells Drew about his use of Depakote for his seizure disorder.

Mike is seeing a neurologist and Drew is telling him how serious his symptoms of fatigue can be, he is feeling effected and Drew can’t recall the condition “narcolepsy” but thankfully Gary and Adam can.

Adam is asking Mike about his hobbies, love, passions in life etc.


Mike reveals he’s going to turn pro as a golfer in a few years, Adam comments on how depressing 20 is for young men, it’s no man’s land and he says he’s sure Seth Rogen was doing what he wanted at 20 but everyone else is not in that boat.

Adam doesn’t recall 18 and 20-year-old Seth Rogen appearing on Classic LoveLine in 2000 and 2001, doing what he wanted to be doing actually. Drew has some more medical details and further advises the caller to speak with is treatment team about his medication and its side effects.

Adam is now talking about the president passing his 300th round of golf, Adam notes that all of the Presidents do it and it’s not about Obama, he and Drew agree they couldn’t carve out that many days per year.


Gary is on mic with some math calculating how often Obama would have had to play golf to reach those 300 rounds, Adam is now mocking the hypocrisy and Dr. Drew says Hillary works her ass off.

Adam wraps up the show and they give out the plugs.