Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/25/2016 – Greg Grunberg and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/25/2016 – Greg Grunberg and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Greg Grunberg and David Wild

Recorded 08-24-2016 – Release Date 08-25-2016

Production Number #1888

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Adam opens the show to a great ‘Suicide Squad’ intro relating to Adam’s mom and her gloom squad of lame hippie types.

Adam teases the arrival of Greg Grunberg, BB has a solid David Wild #TopDrop as he’s in studio, he drops a “Soy Vay” Yiddish joke.

Adam is now talking about all of the assholes who explain to him “what happened” and he uses the valet not putting the car seat back to its original position, he doesn’t care about the reason the person didn’t do it, he cares that they didn’t.


Adam is ranting about Tom’s coffee cup and the flavored creamer he leaves in the sink, he not only ruins Adam’s shop he’s gotta ruin his vacation, he left his mug in the sink while they were on the road too. David has a key “California is a no fault state” one liner.

Adam is riffing up a storm about mountain dew flavored creamer to kill two birds with one stone, he is getting to the way people use “what happened” in lieu of an actual excuse or a sorry and claim it won’t happen again.

Gina is weighing in and says it’s the laziest excuse, Adam quotes Rob saying they were drinking coffee until Adam said they had to leave.


David is sharing Phil Rosenthal’s opinion in response to Adam’s theory about Bruce Springsteen and his popularity among Jewish men, he says the reason they like him is because he’s not Jewish, not the other way around where they’re trying to make him part of the tribe/team as Adam theorized and to his credit has been put forth on Lynette’s 10th Avenue Podcast by past guests.

Adam thinks there is something going on and he uses Don Henley as a counter example and David shares his friends take on Cat Stevens and he jokes about how wrong they were, once he converted to Islam.


Adam is sharing his reaction to the movie ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and how it got him thinking about his time doing sketch and group improv in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and he talks about the void of culture in the Dan Fernando valley, he says it’s one of the largest groups of populace without thinks like comedy clubs.

Adam got thinking about his old teacher Cynthia Szigeti, he shares his memories of her and her demeanor and physicality and how he related to it as young man in his twenties.

Adam jokes with BB about how long it took for him to spell her last name and he explains they never went over name spellings in class, it wasn’t like school that way.

Nobody was home to help Adam type in the name, he jokes about a realtor with a similar name out of Nebraska and says he ended up buying some condos as investment property.


BB is now asking Gina to attempt to spell Cynthia’s last name and Adam is back to the lack of paperwork and explains why he never had to spell her name again.

Adam is mocking the computer (search engines) and how they seem to give up when he enters info, Adam says he found her obituary and she just passed away, it had been years since he saw her and he recalled running into her back in the day after he found success and how they would have “coach and pupil” moments embracing and celebrating his success.

Adam further jokes about having a string of investment properties in Nebraska had he looked her up sooner.


Adam is talking about improv classes for the common man and different industries, David brings up scientists and improv to help them convey messages and facts.

Gina asks if Adam ever taught classes, he explains he only taught boxing and comedy traffic school.

Adam jokes about the kids of today and how they would react to the notion of taking an acting class, David asks if Adam was ever to get laid with other comedians and improv students.

Adam jokes about asking out Eve Plumb who turned him down without an excuse, Adam recalls the women at ACME vs. The Groundlings and he says the improv folks were some of the most educated people he ever met.


Adam talks about how improv classes always had at least two chick’s way out of his league and he gets to the long gaps between classes, he was offered Mindy Sterling’s classes in the church basement for free after he was told he could audition of the company after the advanced program.

Adam is now going over this two shows he had for his audition, he knew they voted after the 2nd show, unable to remember the bits from the first show, he then tried to show his range the 2nd show for the judges, his teacher wanted him to spread his wings and he failed, had the shows been reversed he would have gotten to part of the Sunday company.


Adam talks about how real the movie was and how he wanted to work with his buddy Vic Wilson and see what they could do onstage but Vic progressed and Adam did not.

Adam talks about finding his way to ACME and he comments on Cynthia’s brand of communicating, he shares the story of the time he told her about his breakup with his first long term girlfriend.


Adam wanted some kindness and wanted to leave early, he didn’t have it in him and there was still 8 people ready to lift the giant imaginary manhole cover without him.

Adam gets to how much he needed Cynthia’s tough love at the time and how much it would help young people of today to be met with her direct instruction and the discipline she imparted on him.

Instantly, that’s right instantly edition


Gina is now reading Cynthia’s obituary and does so flawlessly.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Abdul Aziz the Saudi Arabian based caller, Adam says “yeah thanks for 9/11” and Gina’s stunned reaction is instantaneous, holy shit!

Adam says he read those papers and everyone is thrown for a loop, Abdul gets to his question, he tells them about trying to send them some dates but was rejected as the dates didn’t have expiration dates.

Adam says he’s never had a fruit date go south, BB steps in and interrupts Abdul to explain that dates are always dates, he learned this recently.


Abdul talks about dates and how they are delicious when collected fresh but we only know the dried out form here in the state, we don’t get them fresh apparently.

Abdul wants to know which road trip they should pick, either a west coast trip from Seattle to Los Angeles or a Chicago to New York east coast drive, Adam mixes things up and keeps asking if he’s leaving from NYC either way and he’s now crafted a whole scenario where they drive along the Canadian border to Seattle.


BB and David both step in to no avail, Dawson is eating and he corrects Adam for the record.

Gina says you can see the whales migrating if she picks the west coast option, BB has a racial joke and they riff about Oregon and the utility kilts and daggers seemingly ever-present there.

Abdul wants to see if he can arrange to be in the state to come visit the studio, Adam jokes about them flying out to Saudi Arabia in no time for a tour, Abdul tells Adam about their comedy clubs.


Adam wants to know the names of the clubs there and he gives Abdul an invite, he says he can speak to Caelan who will give him the wrong address.


2nd Caller Murray, he’s been listening for 5-6 years and he feels like Adam is family, he was compelled to send him a birthday gift, he’s trying to be funny and coming off a bit different than he intends.

Adam is talking about his family and how horrible they were with birthdays and how they would group them tighter, everything was combined.

Murray sent him a new shrimp deveiner, Adam is recalling the original was given to his dad at a grab-bag Christmas event.

Adam jokes about him sending him some corn on the cob holders.


Murray shares his reaction to TSA pre-check being given to him when he was recently flying, he’s mixing up the rules and how it works.

He’s basically trying to ask why Adam had to wait for a year for the known traveler number, which is different but does unlock precheck status.

David says the precheck line in Hawaii was longer than the standard line, Adam is now making a point about how they could make an actual difference and he riffs about the dangers of vaping. “Sharpen his vape stick and fall on it


3rd Caller LC, he’s calling about the recent Washington Post article on Norm Macdonald and how it said he fired his agent for booking him as the opening act for a live show with Adam.

Adam knows nothing about his and he explains that Norm is fully insane, he’s loveable but he’s nuts and David shares how Norm insulted him and he hung up on him, he asked if he was finger fucking his little girl right now and Gina begs BB not to grab that drop.

Adam tells David to answer the question, holy shit this is hilarious!


Adam has no qualms about Norm firing his agent for booking him to open for him, Adam doesn’t have an ego in that way and David recalls Adam opening for Dennis Miller for strange standup booking ala how he performed with Jay Mohr before as well, one guy, other guy and then both guys close together.

LC is now reading the article and Adam is commenting on the item commitment and level of work to host a nightly talk show, it’s beyond a full time job and most comedians aren’t up to 14 hours of work per day.

David comments on Norm and writing a piece on him while he was taping his sitcom ‘Norm’ and then another more recent anecdote of him charming David and his wife before he performed a genius show on the topic of AIDS.

LC is now reading the part where Norm shit-canned his agent and cancelled the gig, the funny part being that Norm couldn’t do what Adam does but Adam can do what Norm does, Adam is once again unaffected by showbiz pissing contests and doesn’t even get the standup “order of performance” rules. It’s sad that Norm doesn’t know his all time funniest bits on air were on the KLSX morning show with Adam, Teresa and Bald Bryan


Blinds Galore

Adam uses them all the time edition


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB gives a recap of the cast and the plot, he breaks it all down and plays a clip from the film.

Adam jokes about Cynthia Szigeti critiquing the scene, you cannot ask questions, other than that the improv flowed, the fake improv for the movie that is.

BB further compliments the film and the plot, Adam is in agreement and he talks about the way they subtlety handled some of the cast finding success while the rest did not.

BB praises Mike Birbiglia for creating multiple realistic characters, David says Keegan is great in the film and they comment on the ambition of his character that doesn’t spin out into pure evil.


Adam hates moves that make the person with a goal or ambition into evil, Adam is talking about the coach in the movie ‘The Hammer’ where the coach set him up for failure, he was just being selfish.

They wrap the bit and David has a killer Felicity box set joke.


Draft Kings

Get in a private league, whatever edition


They head to break


They’re back from break with Greg Grunberg and a new definitely not a Jew intro.

Greg guested on Classic LoveLine 2 times in 2000 and 2001.

He first guested on Classic LoveLine #1265 2000-08-03 – Greg Grunberg and then returned for Classic LoveLine #1462 2001-05-07 – Greg Grunberg which opened with Greg talking to Dr. Drew about his yogurt delivery business as Drew was one of his regular customers.


Adam ask Greg about his band ‘Band from TV’ and his new series ‘Geeking Out’ with Kevin Smith, Adam asks him about J.J. Abrams and his lifelong friendship with the mane.

Adam is talking about how young he looks now and riffs about him looking young forever, they then talk about Owen Wilson’s dick shaped nose and Adam hopes that Owen has a big dick so his medium face disk doesn’t upstage him.

“like if I had a cock where my nose is, I would be burned in the town square” – Adam on how someone can remain good looking with a dick-nose.


They joke about Owen fucking women with his face-dick and Adam asks Greg about growing up in West L.A. and he’s very friendly asking everyone else where they grew up, they riff about J.J being born 19 years prematurely to explain his youthful good looks.


Adam asks why even bother if you go to college at San Diego state, he says it was all about proximity to Tijuana and Greg says he remembers it as a party school, Adam riffs about Greg and brother brad both going to party schools.

Greg says he was Joel Silver’s driver and was hustling as J.J.’s roommate, he says he took J.J to Tijuana one time and he tells him about Margarita’s Village and the forced poppers/slammers they administer to bar patrons.

Adam says this could only go in a lawless society and they are forceful, Greg is giggling in reaction to Adam’s factual statements.


Greg brings up ‘The Fox Inn’ which was the home club of Bill the Fox Foster, who was on ‘The Man Show’ and they do another lap on Margarita’s Village and Adam admits to vomiting in the ice maker.

Adam is telling the gang about Jimmy Kimmel making friends with Carson Daly on a church trip and he explains the connection to the Fox Inn.

Adam is having Greg tell them about his trip to Tijuana with J.J. Abrams, they sat on the side of the road and vomited for a few hours, after 8 hours went by they drove back to his dorm.


Adam is now sharing the story of the time Rudy was determined to be the least drunk/designated driver and he explains how Rudy went insane, he was running up and down the halls screaming about the good men they left behind, they found him the next day sleeping under his car.

Greg is now sharing how their 3rd buddy took offense while hammered and Adam recalls his boys playing rat patrol running and pretending to shoot each other, they then found their buddy Chris passed out in the road, a buddy then loogied on him to find out if he was faking it.

Adam shares the “Captain we can’t feed them boys sticky rice” story and Greg is loving it.


Adam is describing how they plopped Chris on a cot, their buddy Tom just rolled him up against the wall, he marvels that women would never do that to each other.

Adam and Greg are talking about grim motel rooms, beds that are longer than they are wide and T.V. perpendicular to the bed are all bad signs.

Adam is now calling for a designated ice floor, he wonders if they might get rid of ice makers like they got rid of parsley as garnish.


Gary is on mic and explains his friend just opened a hotel and how they keep the ice maker.

They’re back to the new show Greg hosts with Kevin Smith, Greg acknowledges the beef, he’s referring to the deal Kevin Smith kyboshed after Adam didn’t show up to his Poddammit festival he didn’t know he was booked at nor invited to, it was all covered on ACS #747.

Adam says he likes Kevin Smith as an artist, talent and even as a person, he just screwed him on a deal, Adam is being very magnanimous, this is cool.


Greg is telling them about his new show and how Kevin provides a different role than he can, he talks about not being a comic book fan, it’s a peer to peer format with guests.

Adam is talking about wanting guests like Graham Parker on LoveLine and how MTV would fight against it and argue about demos.

BB mixes up the writers of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Transformers’ and Greg shares his love for the movie and Gina agrees, adding it to her endless Top 5 of movies.


True Car

Find out what everyone paid, Chris Maxipada did that edition


Greg has some car questions, he talks about his struggles with aftermarket air conditioning, Adam is asking him follow up questions, he touches on his infamous ‘Supra’ tale that ended with the car destroyed before him.

Adam jokes about Greg needing a “bear” setting for his AC, a picture of a bear on its hind legs panting, Greg sweats ranch dressing and agrees he needs a real AC.

Adam is telling Greg about the process and tells everyone that there are tons of companies that do aftermarket restorations to make it look stock or period correct with hidden technology, like old-school radios with USB ports and buries speakers.


Adam tells Greg they can hide his new AC system inside of the existing car, that’s what he needs to do.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a New Orleans driver who replaced his rims and tires after getting a boot installed for a parking infraction, Adam is now riffing about drivers with space saver spares well-worn in or replacement cellophane over a taillight.

Adam says in this day of OEM parts and EBay why drive around like a loser, why not fix it for $58?

Adam talks about the guys who have gobs of price in dumb areas like objecting to a boot while being totally fine with sleeping on a futon for the past 11 years.


2nd Story is on Flea bringing his bass guitar to Koko the Gorilla, Greg is saying that Flea must be wondering what he’s doing there for this clip, Gina defends it.

They all mock the playing of Koko and Adam riffs about Flea’s bass prowess, Adam says bass guitar is like Froyo and he shares how Pink berry was built up for him by a snobby gut, he finally tried it 4 years later and it was the same frozen yogurt he’s had everywhere else.

Greg is now telling them about his frozen yogurt store and Adam recalls his friend got stabbed in the Asian restaurant Greg just brought up that was next to the frozen yogurt place he was running.


Greg is telling them about the Groundling’s facility and the lack of parking, Adam shares how he reacts to those kinds of parking signs, like he has a disorder, drooling on himself until the end of time.

Greg says he ran ‘Island Yogurt’ and it was next to John Tesh’s ‘The Worst’ hotdog restaurant, Adam is getting Greg to talk about his yogurt runners and how he would commission other actors to distribute it, he then got rid of the retail space and would run it out of his garage, they would sell over a thousand yogurts per day.

Adam is talking about the answer to frozen yogurt is always yes and he jokes about how this is connected to flea and goes back to Koko.

Gina has some other Koko fun facts, regarding opinions and watermelon, Adam is joking about us having 1 gorilla who is half as smart as the dumbest person you went to high school with.


3rd Story is on all of the firearms found by TSA ion a record setting week for guns at airports, Adam is riffing about people who carry guns so nonchalantly.

Adam is riffing up a storm about a planet of the ape’s style scenario, he says we need to raise the price of airline tickets and lower the cost of bus travel, subsidize busses to spare us from travelling near these hillbillies and blackout drunks.

BB has a weirdly timed drop of Lynette, either aimed at her or defending her and the circumstance she found herself in, could be hilarious either way, nobody comments on it.


Adam is now talking about fist fights on busses and Gina gives off the remaining weapons they recovered, Adam says he feels like every knife is a throwing knife, even wooden ones if you piss him off enough.



Adam reiterates the Mike’s both have it edition


4th Story is on a survey of British parents that revealed they were providing booze to underage/single digit aged kids.

Greg is sharing his reaction and jokes about giving his kids cough medicine and how much kinder it makes them, when appropriate.

Greg talks about legalized pot and he shares how his son has epilepsy, Adam recalls they were just talking about this on the ADS.


Greg explains CDB oil to the gang, Greg brings up Nate Diaz and the press conference where he was puffing on it, Greg shares his experience working with Kevin Smith who smokes pot all day long and gets by doing it.

Adam comments on the history of arguments about legalizing marijuana in California and how his mother and her hippy friends were obsessed with it 50 years ago.

Adam talks about the real world dangers of cars and his shops, he argues in favor pot and says he doesn’t like when the government becomes the decision maker, as it then causes humans to let their own decision making capabilities atrophy.


Adam brings up red turn arrows and red lights after midnight, sharing his multiple theories and Greg shouts in agreement, wow!

Adam says let’s let Greg do the right thing for his child and he brings up driving while intoxicated and counters with epilepsy and what it’s done for his son.

Adam says he used to yell at Drew on LoveLine when he would argue against people who said pot worked for them, Greg says his graphic novel came to him from some marijuana related inspiration and his son’s idea too.

Adam riffs about ‘Turducken Man’ and they wrap the news to Greg’s new drop of him shouting yes.



Adam thought he lost his keys when his wife hid them in her purse edition

Greg’s “Yesssss!” drop edition


Adam gives out the plugs and some live dates and wraps up this amazing episode!