Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/24/2016 – Josh Todd

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/24/2016 – Josh Todd

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Josh Todd

Recorded 08-23-2016 – Release Date 08-24-2016

Production Number #1887

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Adam opens the show with a hilarious intro, Adam now has a tease for his car stories and welcomes Gina and BB to the show, BB has a ‘Big Lebowski’ #TopDrop in honor of their guest Josh from Buckcherry.

Adam is now talking about people preaching at you, how it began with awards shows and now places like the aquarium they visited are asking for donations and guilt tripping you.

Adam is saying the aquarium can take you to another place and then seeing the harsh realities of the damage that is caused by motor oil spilled down sewer drains.


Adam says the people paying 50-60 per ticket to get into an Aquarium are not the ones then going home and dumping oil in the drain, Adam explains how dealerships are to blame and has a prime example about the dump charging for disposal and what that ends up causing behavior wise from those who cannot afford it.

Adam says you are forcing poor people to things you don’t want them to do, Gary says that in California you can dispose of your motor oil for free, Gary says it’s a specific law for California and the expense goes back to the oil companies.

Chris is on mic and he jokes about he signs asking for an end to the whaling industry, Adam is saying that preaching to the people who are already in agreement does nothing but makes you feel like a hero, for doing nothing.


Adam doesn’t want to be made to endure preaching when trying to have an experience in the place you created to give people said experience.

Adam is now reading off some of the names of the penguins in the exhibit, Adam screams that there is not one Todd in the entire mix.

Adam mocks the “Walvus” and other ridiculous names, Adam says it’s more jacking off into the wind, Adam wanted one dude name, he wants to know one other country that would do this, it’s all a part of a bigger picture to Adam.


Adam had Chris sneak around and take pictures of all of the penguins’ arm bands, Adam is now ranting about the white dudes who build the aquarium in response to the use of the name Ray but spelled Rey…

Adam shares the two other normal names Elizabeth and Velma, Adam says guess who pays for everything and built the aquarium, he says just the concrete part was done by a hundred white guys named Mike.

Adam asks how the preaching assholes think built the aquarium, Adam asks what it must be like to be a SJW type who is so woefully unaware of reality.


Chris gets back on mic and Adam wants penguin names from around the world and Adam shares his take on leasing pandas from China and being able to pick our own names.


Bark Box

“I don’t think your dog’s gonna know, but if you want to impress a gal at work, get it for her” edition


BB comments on Adam’s mood hole that he’s dug for himself in response to the poser SJW types.


Adam is now sharing his teased “tale of two cars” and he explains how his mom got herself a new car, well a 2013 but the newest car she’s ever owned.

Adam comments on his mom’s theory on Volvo’s and their safety standards, saying it’s the safest of the era, that expires at some point as time goes by and cars evolve and your car ages.

Adam is now asking them to come up with a guess about the value of the car his parents turned in, it was $235 and he explains the had money to buy something better and newer, he asks them to imagine that as your parents, in charge of you with no money.


Adam was dumbfounded, he brings up the indicators that people give about who they really are, he brings up Don King stomping a guy to death.

Adam says his mom was fired up and wanted to have a conversation about politics, he describes her shock that rich people actually pay taxes from a decade ago or so.

Adam is now further describing his mom and her methodology of thinking, he brings up their discussion about corporations and the government as the ultimate conversation, Gina says she brought a real knife to a gun fight.


She then brought up big oil, she says it must be evil and Adam talks about the need for energy to keep things running, to evolve society and create progress.

Adam says she kept saying “poisoning the kids” like they must eat a teaspoon of crude oil each night before bed, Adam says Ben and Jerry’s is big, they’re not bad nor in between.


Adam says it was time to leave he noticed their new Mercedes Station wagon, Adam says his mom told him that her number #1 factor on buying a car is safety, right after he preaching about the evils of oil.

Adam talked about this on the ADS with Dr. Drew where he got a much larger reaction from his cohost.

BB is now logically approaching Adam’s mom’s reply, he’s not realizing the selfish hypocrisy at play, Adam is fine with it and he’s further hammering his point home.


Q and Ace

1st Caller James, he’s not on the line.


2nd Caller Brandon brings up Adam’s “Holy Grail” of cars, the Porsche that Adam had to live with in an edit bay for quite some time and talks about the insane cost for footage, some places want 1,000 USD per second.

Adam is now talking about the apple Livery that the Porsche sported for a time, he goes over the full history and he explains how he tracked it down, it came up for auction and he didn’t have 4.5 Million but realized it was never coming up for auction ever again, it will be worth 15 the next time it sells.

Adam says that he realized that if he sold almost every Lamborghini he had he could get that money together and have enough for the Newman Porsche.


Adam is now sharing his logic about selling all of his cars to get the cash together, Adam says the Lamborghinis are 1 of a hundred and this car is 1 of 1.

Adam jokes about having Matt Fondiler dress up and act as some kind of middle eastern baron bidding like a mad man “shandala, shandala” and Chris is on mic to share how quickly the car hit 4.4 Million.

Adam is saying he wasn’t prepared to stay much longer than this, they had to walk back the bid after Adam’s 4.4 bid, of course something like that had to happen.


Chris has a recording of the mistake to prove it, BB laughs at the “routine” going on.


Gina comments on the use of “bedlam” and Adam says he sold everything he owns and now has only one car, he is going to drive it in races coming up.

Gina comments on Adam’s ‘Sophie’s Choice’ scenario.


Adam says there are lots of ways to get from A to B, this is what he wanted and he explains how he got “pregnant” with this car and he says you have to have enough positive experiences in your life to learn that you can choose.

Adam says Leno was there and told Adam that you never buy a car at auction “come on!” and Adam explains he knew this was his only chance to get it, it would be sold and shipped overseas and never return to this continent.

Adam is waxing poetic and making a lot of great points about life and living the life you want.




They delay the BaldyWood segment.


3rd Caller James, he’s back and he wants to know about Adam’s mom admitting she was never much of a mother to him and her efforts to create a late in life bond.

Adam is now sharing a proximity and time spent together example, he uses neighbors and the varying relationships you have with people who have the title of neighbor, some you know and you see daily, some you never speak to.

BB says the fact Adam equates his family with neighbors is telling, Adam says they needn’t repair their never existing relationships, there is nothing there to make good.


Adam brings up his lack of things in common with his family, Adam brings up his friends who put on the big Beverley hills auto shows on Father’s Day, his dad doesn’t care for it and doesn’t want to hang.

Adam says they have nothing to get back to and no shared activities to substitute for a missing history and lacking bond.

Adam says the other part like the oil poisoning the kids, just announcing it’s bad and walking away doesn’t mean anything.


Adam’s mom announcing she was a bad mom and then moving on doesn’t mean anything.

James asks if Adam doesn’t forgive them as he has so little connection he doesn’t even hate them, BB and Adam both comment on his interest in thigs and Adam, pledges to do better with his kids.

BB teases his Hooray for BaldyWood, Adam saw the movie ‘Don’t Think Twice’ as well and highly recommends it, it took him right back to his good old days with ‘The Frayed Knots’ sketch group.

They head to break


They’re back from break

They have a listener voicemail about pickled beets, Adam jokes about “beets by ace” his bracelets for people who ate beets to remind themselves they don’t have bowel cancer, it’s just beets in their poop.

Josh is making his ACS debut and Adam brings up the movie ‘Insomnia’ from (2002) the remake, Adam jokes about going to Alaska with a fake ATF jacket bursting into a bar announcing he had a warrant, just to see everyone flee the bar in a hurry.

Adam has a great “like going down on a fat chick” metaphor and Josh agrees fat girls are great.


Josh shares his love for Go-Kart racing, Adam is talking about the purity of racing in karts and how seriously it’s taken by actual racers over the world.

Adam brings up Ayrton Senna and the talks about how he had a cart track at his house where a 15-year-old Tony Kanaan beat Ayrton Senna even with a weighted cart.

Josh is now sharing some carting knowledge and Adam asks him what he’s doing, he has finished in the top #3 but has never had the benefit of being able to race full time due to the band and his career.


Adam asks Josh about ‘Buckcherry’ and their appearance on classic LoveLine back in 1999, he gets to their current tour and wants to know about the demographic of the crowds.

Adam explains his son likes ‘Pearl Jam’ 20+ years after it was new music and asks if some of the people in the audience are now fans turned onto their music by their parents.

Josh is telling Adam he’s doomed himself with this sudden interest in carting, he cites his wife’s frustration with his time spent on his budding career.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Hillary Clinton’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ but the clips are flip/flopped and BB mocks Gary with a series of drops.

They move on.


2nd Story is on Teacher Samantha Gallagher’s letter to her students’ parents about her decision for eliminating homework in grade school.

Adam is now asking BB about his complaining, trying to get him to confirm he doesn’t complain about trivial things, it’s about things that matter.

Adam is now mixing up whom fought what Indians and makes a point about his son learning more from going on the road with him to the races than he wouldn’t learned in class for the week.


Adam says it’s going to be a tough sell at his kid’s school and he mentions all of the Asian kids from the school, he shares how his daughter’s friend told him about her $200 deal with her dad regarding her grades.

Adam explains she told him that she got all A’s but two of the grades were A-‘s and Adam thinks Geragos could argue that was all A’s, he says he asked if she was at east getting like $100, she told him no, wasn’t even upset about it.

Adam is making a great point about the level of discipline and fortitude the kids in his community have and how much their parents are trying to instill in them when it comes to education, maybe too much.


3rd Story is on the growing feud between Lenny Dykstra and Mickey Rourke, Gina has the clips of Mickey talking to TMZ.

Adam says it must be great to be Mickey Rourke and he jokes about Neil deGrasse Tyson going around talking like this, he couldn’t get away with it.

Gina brings up the dog Mickey carries around with him and how eager he was to get her a dog.


Adam suggests a pay per view fight, Bonaduce on the undercard perhaps.


4th Story is on the other medications found in Prince’s compound, Adam is now riffing about getting a compound and how it means you’re marked for death.

Nothing good comes from a compound, Adam is joking about the evidence you see removed from the compounds on news footage and how it’s either just that and “a child’s sock” or your corpse.

Adam is riffing about puppy mills, hilarious Pill Mill combo facility, a Puppy-Pill Mill, you might as well cook up some Quaaludes.


5th Story is on the Fit for Less gym advertisements, Gina reads their new slogan that’s been deemed controversial, Adam is talking about using shame to motivate to get people to lose weight and get into shape.

Gina says it’s a good point but it doesn’t work that way, Adam is riffing about ‘To Serve Man’ the Twilight Zone episode and Gina shares a “hard to kidnap” shirt her friend was wearing that she thought was funny.


Soy Vay

Adam likes pounded chicken cutlets, “hey chicken you thought we were done with you…” edition


6th Story is on the Billy Joel symposium at Colorado College, Adam hates the ‘Still Rock and Roll to Me’ title they used, and doesn’t care for the song.

Gina mentions some of the other artists who are also going to be doing similar symposiums, she mentions Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Adam is now riffing about Bruce and his various stage moves, hilarious impression.


Josh shares Adam’s distaste for Bob Dylan’s work, Adam says that Bob and Bruce Springsteen are the two guys that every Jewish guy is into, Adam is trying to think of the “along Jewish lines” reasoning for the fandom, despite Bruce not being Jewish.

Adam is now riffing about Bob not working on Maggie’s farm no more, Adam name drops John Hiatt, Freedy Johnston and Buckcherry.

Adam has 25 ‘Pretenders’ songs he likes better than any Bob Dylan song, Josh is sharing some songwriting expertise and Gina wraps the news.

Adam is now complaining about Lou Reed and ‘Crazy Mary’ and he says someone sent him the backing version and you could hear Lou talking through the song, he now plays the cover of the song that he likes.


Adam is telling them to wait until Lou steps in and joins the song, Adam riffs about trying to reject Lou Reed when he offers to step in and perform live with you.

Adam is the other artist rejecting him and BB is Lou in this quick and hilarious improv scene.


Draft Kings

Renew old rivalries, join an existing league edition


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Josh says he will get Adam out on the Go-Kart track, Gina reading the Fit for Less gym slogan is BB’s closing drop.