Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/24/2012

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/24/2012

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Dave Hill and Susie Essman

Recorded 08/23/2012 – Release Date 08/24/2012

Adam is opening the show explaining where you might know Susie Essman from and that she’ll be calling in a little bit, Adam is announcing that there will be another bonus Dr. Drew show airing this Sunday, according to Adam Chris reminded him to bring up “Harper Valley PTA” He’s now on a brief tangent about songs that inspired movies, Susie is now on the line and she gets all the references that were just brought up.

Adam is explaining the last time he saw Susie was during the TV Guide channel “Curb Your Enthusiasm” companion show, He’s now making some great comparisons between Larry David and difficult musicians, Adam is expressing his love for the series and a theory he has on Larry not caring about the progression of time between seasons due to his appearance.

Adam and Susie are discussing the pressure that used to exist for men in regards to having long or styled hair of the time, Susie just brought up her husband Jimmy and how he used to rock a pony tail before they met and how he loves to build and do manly things, Adam is now demanding that she put him on the phone to prove he loves to build, Adam is now quizzing him on his former hairstyle.

Susie is now telling the gang about her thoughts on the Akin scandal and now she’s asking Adam what the deal was with his recent controversy where he was accused of saying that women aren’t funny, Adam explains what he actually said and then wraps up the call with Susie.

Adam is now launching into the “Harper Valley PTA” breakdown he teased at the top of the show, Bryan is playing the song “Harper Valley PTA” that preceded/inspired the movie and 80’s TV series, Adam just interrupted the song because of a confusing lyric. The gang are now doing a reenactment about how they might have arrived at the name problem in the lyrics, Adam throws it to Dawson who makes the reenactment 10 times funnier, Gary gets on mic too, hilarious!

Adam is welcoming Dave to the show for his first visit and explaining where you can get his book and podcast, Adam takes note that Dave is a frequent contributor to This American Life and Adam is proclaiming his love for the show and how he thinks it’s great, Adam is now explaining that Ira Glass is coming by the show next week, some great comedy about confusing Ira for Warren Sapp.

Adam is now explaining to Dave how he first met Ira at Carolines in NYC, when he guested on the live show last year which is amazing and you can download it here if you subscribe to the archive, he’s now launching into a great riff about Ira Glass being a monster off stage, Dave and the gang are doing some great “yes and” with Ace. Adam is now having Dave explain what his book is about, he’s giving a bit of his “journey” in order to tie his book, band and podcast together and have it make sense, Dave is telling a great story from his past involving meat theft and crackheads.

The gang are discussing how somebody makes it through life without having enough of a safety net to keep them from becoming completely homeless, Alison chimes in and mentions that Dave is crashing at Moby’s house, Adam knows his home quite well, he’s been there and apparently it’s not too far from the studio, Moby was actually a frequent and great Loveline guest. Dave brought up the story of a kid on drugs who broke into Moby’s house and how Moby bought him breakfast in the morning, to contrast Adam brings up LL Cool J having a similar story with a very different ending.

Alison is now explaining how Dave is not just your average comedian, that he is actually amazing at playing the guitar, she does a great impression of him shredding, Adam has a great response. Adam is now asking how Dave got into guitar, if it was due to “a lack of pussy” or the opposite. Adam is now explaining his theory on how a guy could have sex with Moby and still not be gay, hilarious!

They’re now playing clips of Dave playing guitar on stage, Bryan has isolated Alison’s impression of Dave’s shredding, great drop!

Alison’s News, her top story is about Dee Snider requesting that Paul Ryan no longer use the “Twisted Sister” song “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, Adam is giving his take on when bands do this, he’s explaining the one that always bumps him the most is Rush Limbaugh using “My City Was Gone” by the  “Pretenders” as his bumper music, because he dislikes that song even though he loves the band and the discrepancy between the politics of Rush and Chrissie Hynde, he’s referencing her August 2008 visit to his KLSX morning show.

The staff just brought up the facts behind Rush still being able to use the song, turns out there are a lot more details than the gang thought, Alison’s 2nd story is about a toddler fight club. Adam is explaining why this happens, that it has to do with the cycle of violence, lots of loveline insight here.

Adam is now requesting a 2nd “Pretenders” song he likes be found and played for him, Dave is transitioning back to his book and how he did a stand up show at “Sing Sing” prison, Adam and Dave are riffing on the difficulty of him booking that gig, Dave is now explaining all the details involved, Dave is a great guest, he is really getting in the mix and adding tons of comedy!

The staff is playing the footage of Dave performing at “Sing Sing” but the gang only briefly reference it and Adam is peppering Dave with more great questions.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home being sold, great Moby and Chrissie Hynde call backs from Adam and Dave, Adam is explaining all the homes he has lived in and how none of the haunted stuff holds any water, he’s now recapping his Grandma moving into her brother’s house after he violently committed suicide inside of it and having no emotions about it and how she refused to believe there was a law about that information having to be disclosed when you buy a home.

Alison’s 4th story is about Olympian Hope Solo but it gets sidetracked by a discussion about death disclosure, Dave reveals he had a friend who was trying to get a disclosure for an apartment in NYC, he mentions it was in the papers but his friend still couldn’t get the information, Adam asks if it was the Adrienne Shelly case, Alison is still blown away that Adam came up with that response after Adam finishes explaining the nature of these day laborers and how they’re not professional carpenters.

Dave has another murder story, Adam just spazzed out for a moment because he was thinking of the story of Max Kellerman’s brother’s murder as Dave revealed his story also involved a hammer, Alison is reading the details of the Adrienne Shelly case, oddly enough both Max Kellerman’s brother’s murder and  Adrienne’s were discussed on the KLSX morning show several times in relation to Adam’s movie “The Hammer” which you can buy via Adam’s amazon link, spooky!

Alison is now getting back to the Hope Solo story, apparently in her new memoir she claims her Dancing With The Stars partner hit her, Adam is now explaining how he invited Max Kellerman to his movie premier and the odd coincidences that caused Max to have to decline the invite, Adam just revealed a couple details he didn’t even mention at the time it happened back on the morning show.

They’re now transitioning back to Hope Solo and DWTS, Adam is giving his take on what probably happened, Dave is revealing what happened the first time he got punched, some great anecdotes, Adam does another Ira Glass call back, might be the funniest one of the show. Dave revealed how he was jumped by a group of guys, Adam quickly explains the details of the time he was jumped by a group of guys, the “Terry Mosier” street fight story for you superfans, Adam is explaining how they called Terry back in the KLSX morning show days and talked to him on air, Adam is giving a very quick version as not to bore the audience who are very familiar with the details, Dave is loving the story.

Adam thanks Susie for calling and proclaims Dave “his new favorite” and is explaining why he’s such a great guest, awesome episode!