Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2016 – Eddie Braun and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2016 – Eddie Braun and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Eddie Braun and Jo Koy

Recorded 08-22-2016 – Release Date 08-23-2016

Production Number #1886

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Adam opens the show with a “G’s V” intro, not the greatest.

Adam brings up the fans who he encountered over the weekend, he did not race so the gang should be over the moon about that, no clips and nothing for BB to snore through.

Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show, he shares the decision to swap the car last minute, he says the three cars he had up in the air to race didn’t work out.


Adam tells BB about the car he has that was raced by Walter Payton and Phil and Steve Mahre.

Adam is now talking about the Lamborghini car that was restored and placed next to his car, Adam was trying to find the origin of “Pele blue” and he was told Pele means leather in Italian, it just means blue leather, all that searching for something so simple.

Adam is now talking about going up the road with a super slow guy in front of you, he says sometimes you then give them a look or a close call maneuver, only to end up at the red light with said douche right next to you, fully aware your move meant nothing.


Adam is now describing an opposite scenario; he talks about heading to Quail Lodge Golf Club for the annual event that Chris Maxipada loves so much.

Adam is now describing the super racially sensitive woman he encountered, he describes people with double ascots, ascots in their loafers.

Ala TJ Miller in ‘Silicon Valley’ and Adam jokes about Maxipada being the poorest person by far at the event, even the servers.


Jo has some funny comments and BB says these are job creators.

Adam was being told about how he needs to take an exotic car around a specific remote location and he commented that black people presume white people sit around doing that all day, the man’s wife interrupted with a “whoa!” reaction which is its own form of racism, so sensitive you’re now the offensive one.

BB has his own anecdote and Jo has another of the same type of scenario.


Adam is now describing the stranger he was stuck behind in the canyon heading to the Quail Lodge Golf Club and he goes over the Quail traffic they hit, Adam was worried the cunt with the stuffed animals was about to pull up behind them.

Adam is now going over the parking on the 16th green, the car was going to be parked right next to their car, so worse than behind in line, or stuck at a light they got out right next to them, plywood on the golf course driving included.

Adam took a photo of their shitty car slowing up traffic, deciding other people’s fate at 34 mph.


Adam was meeting the Carol Shelby family and he talks about them auctioning off his Cobra, Adam met his grandsons and he says the family was not happy that the car was being auctioned off, Shelby’s last words were never auction this car.

Someone changed their mind for him, Adam and Jo are sharing their love for the Cobra design, it sold for over 13 Million dollars.

Gina asks how the car can escalate in value and Adam says ask the guys who bought the Ferrari GTO that sold for 20 and now goes for 40 million.


Adam is now going over the meeting with the Shelbys and they ran into Sammy Hagar, they were having a “casual off” and Adam says he was told by one of the Lamborghini guys to up his clothing game, he needs to do something.

Adam says everyone was bidding as Jo objects to his fashion choices, Adam says Sammy Hagar’s son is named Aaron and he’s a super sweet dude, but the Shelby grandson is also named Aaron and left Adam uncertain whose name is accurate.

Adam says the whole point of the meeting was to ingratiate themselves to the Shelby family, he says he talked to the Red Rocker for about 8 award minutes while he was meeting with the other Aaron.




Adam talks about Chris Maxipada and Sonny being sweet as pie, having a nice time sitting the back playing “punch buggy” and they joke about his love tape punches that are like a light massage.


Adam says they were showing a car on the beach at Pebble Beach so they needed to roll in very early, he talks about the giant staging area before Pebble Beach.

When you ask someone working the event where to offload the car nobody seems to be aware of the process or where to park the car.

Adam is now describing the first two angry women they encountered while trying to get to the right place, Adam talks about multiple modes people can and should have, he is bringing up the context of their visit to the location where they encountered security, Adam says she was like Rosie Perez on her period.


Chris is now quoting her “what do you want me to do with that” and Adam talks about the angry chick who are pissed at their dads who abandoned them and now have to get up and work at 5 A.M. and are pissed.

Adam is talking about the “daddy issue” and Chris says the parking cunt didn’t even break eye contact with Adam nor even look at the parking pass, she was just throwing her ‘tude around.

Adam is now riffing about Snagglepuss during a stripper DJ bit with BB initiating it as per usual, Jo is now stepping in and he becomes “Cuntricia” or “Cuntresa” and riffs with Adam.


Adam is now talking about going over to the Aquarium, they were promoting a movie they had in the aquarium, Adam walked over to the woman working there, he asked her how long it runs, she said nobody has asked her that question in years.

Adam says it turns out it was 12 minutes, she had no idea, Adam asks why she had no idea, she sits out front of the movie all day.

Adam is now talking about his never ending befuddlement at clueless gatekeepers who are constantly in the way.


Adam is now bringing up the cute chick car model who was standing near the Lamborghinis and he asked her what she was doing, Adam askes her the year the car was created, Adam says he gets that she’s not a car expert, but why not absorb that information the same way any normal non hot person would do.

Adam jokes about what it must be like to be attractive and Adam is now bringing up the party they attended where kids weren’t allowed.

Adam has a killer “how come you don’t pay professional sports, because I’m bald” analogy for the excuse of not letting Sonny into that party due to the alcohol being served but he was able to attend every other party all day with booze being served.



Liquid Titanium, that’s all Adam puts in his cars, his son drinks it, from his sippy cup edition

Gina has a question from “Draggin’ or Dragon Ass” about warranties and changing a cars oil yourself.


They’re now watching Sonny’s hilarious hostage video from the party, they all comment on it and joke around about his delivery.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Charles, he wants to know why Adam isn’t given credit for his talent in Hollywood, he compliments Adam’s abilities and asks why people don’t respect him more.

Adam is now quoting Bryan Callen who observed that Adam makes up entire 90-120+ minute standup sets.

Adam says people have a limited amount of time to think about things, it’s not helping that he makes films that get no attention, ala Tom Arnold’s reaction to ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and Jo says everyone in his circle loves Adam, hilarious Pilipino accent work from Jo.


Adam is now joking about Chris Laxamana eating the shrimp tails, after his son his don Chris cleans up, yikes!

Hilarious placeholder ending.


2nd Caller John, he compliments Adam on ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ and BB says it was his favorite book as well, Adam and Mike Lynch’s masterpiece!

Adam says all of the books bleed together, Adam plugs the rest of the books.

He brings up his experience working an internship in a probation office, he says he enjoyed the work but did disagree with the insane fines for chicken shit crimes.

Adam says he could never do that job, he’s not telling him how to feel but thinks it would be a bummer for him to do it, they give him practical advice and move on.


3rd Caller Bret, he refers to Jo as Joy and asks Adam is he thinks Sonny will be interested in racing, he seems to refer to Sonny as “She’ll” instead of “He’ll” and Adam is talking about the train tracks on Chandler and how he tried to get air in his dad’s car.

Adam talks about Sonny’s kind nature and explains the speech he would give all of his friends who borrowed his car, he tells them about seeing his truck doing donuts in the rain in a Gelson’s parking lot, just abusing the truck because it was raining, not even basic courtesy.

“He’s a human Honda civic” – Gina on Sonny’s kind nature


Adam says Sonny is 0 maintenance and walks right past the gift shop without even slowing down, Adam gives out the plugs and launches into a live read.


True Car

How Maxipada went from a Civic to a Prius, I thought it was Prius to Prius edition


Adam is now talking about their upcoming guest Eddie Braun and the time his parachute launched too early, Adam is teasing how Eddie is going to try the Snake River Canyon jump again with a steam rocket.

Adam gives out the plugs and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Eddie Braun making his ACS debut

Gina is still uncertain as to whether she’ll make the ACS cruise, Adam jokes about her boobs and seeing her on deck, hilarious!

Adam is asking Eddie about his work in film as a stunt coordinator and performer, Adam is now asking him about ‘The Town’ and Adam is praising the movie, he talks about the tension and the lack of absurdity in the action scenes.


Adam brings up Evil Knievel and the debacle that took place, Eddie has some of the details and explains it was outside of Twin Falls Idaho and it quickly descended into an Altamont lite situation.

Adam has a funny “stealing tubas and turning over beer trucks” description.


Eddie is talking about the real world dangers of the jump, Eddie is trying to do the jump like Evil did it, he’s using the same manner instead of the modern technological method.

Eddie says you need to understand why he’s doing it old-school, Adam has an absurd “for the kids” reply.

Eddie is praising Evil Knievel and how he was an inspiration to a generation, Eddie says he’s never wanted to be anything other than exactly just like Evil Knievel since he’s met the man as a kid.


Eddie proves Adam right that many a kid probably got injured emulating Evil, telling them about his first broken bone trying to jump his bike.

Adam is now plugging the event, the launch is set for September, BB asks if he’s going to pass out and he says he should be fine when it comes to pulling the parachute.

Eddie gives his take on what happened when Evil’s parachute deployed early, the debate surrounding it, did he pass out or pull it early.


Eddie says the problem is the parachute, he’s worried about the chute coming out too late.

Eddie is now sharing how the rocket/vehicle is being constructed by the same family who made the original one, Eddie explains their desire to clear the family name with another attempt, proving there wasn’t a problem with their workmanship and design.

Eddie is saying he is trying to fulfill the dream of his hero and has a beautiful description of his desire to honor him and his spirit by completing what he never wanted to try again.


Gina is commenting on the real world danger and how they could be talking to a soon-to-be-future-dead-man.

Adam asks Eddie how his wife is dealing with this, he brings up his kids and their feelings too, interesting.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the end of the 2016 Olympic games, Adam is sharing some of his closing thoughts on the modern technology, he noticed the safety pinned numbers that are still attached to each athlete, he realized the companies who manufacture them are cleaning up on sales with the games.

Adam brings up the real world dangers of metal pin and he thinks we might be able to put a number on a jersey, BB talks about drag effect and Adam says safety pins must be 200 years old or at least 150.

Gary gets on mic with the patent date, 170 years, Adam was dead nuts in the ballpark.


2nd Story is an update on Ryan Lochte trashing a gas station and the following controversy about the incomplete truth of the series of events.

Adam offers his services to Speedo if they need a new model/athlete/spokesman to sponsor, Adam is now sharing how someone would react if the story was accurate, the initial lie reported to the media.

Eddie shares how sad the situation was, he has some practical advice about conducting yourself with respect while a guest overseas.


Adam had a great “this country is a piece of shit moment” when he saw the Chinese diver get out of the pool and attempt to rinse off when the handle popped off on the world’s most visible shower, he describes it in detail.

They have the footage, it turns out it was the Canadian diver and they watch the footage.

Adam is now sharing the from the mouth of babes moment he experienced when Sonny commented on the multiple chains around the neck of Gil Roberts, as discussed on the latest ADS #397.


Draft Kings

Sonny is getting into it, no season long commitments “We’re Back!” Edition


Adam says it was like they put this video together so he could teach his son a lesson about life, everyone weighs in as they comment on the race ending as it did.

Gary is on mic and Eddie now asks at what point do the chains become a counterweight or a performance enhancing bit of accoutrement.

Adam says you’re wanting to make a personal statement, the ultimate gold jewelry statement is standing on the podium getting the gold medal.


Adam says it was like god zapped Gil’s head backwards.

Gina asks about the runner who dover for the finish line and she comments on how it’s legal, BB and Adam talks about running vs. sliding bases in baseball.

Adam wouldn’t mind a finish on your feet rule, Gina says the rule might be in place due to people being hurt and needing to crawl.


Adam talks about diving and using your hand to pass the finish line, Gina says it was required that the torso go in through the line, not just an arm.

Adam is with both of them and he would prefer someone complete a running race on their feet, you gotta land it, like your 720 or 940 (900) and they go into a live read.



Their biggest sale ever edition


Gary reports that the internet is down again, Adam is bringing up his Japanese “Hai” to replace a thumbs up when it’s confusing to use one.

Adam is sharing his theory on talking on cellphones and how a courtesy “Hai” could solve the wasted time he’s spent talking to nobody on dropped cellphone calls.

Adam asks Eddie about the broadcast rights for his upcoming stunt, Adam is wishing him good luck and Eddie thinks he can nail it while being realistic about the dangers and Gary has the footage of Gil losing his race.


BB has a solid racing footage joke, wow!

Adam is now providing live commentary and Gina has a telling “oh my god!” and BB is also in agreement with the way it seems to look like the chains made him lose the race, like he was being pulled backwards from the neck.


Adam is giving out the plugs and he wraps up the show with some kind words about his wife in NYC representing Carolla Drinks.