Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2012

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/23/2012

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Live From The Irvine Improv

Recorded 08/22/2012 – Release Date 08/23/2012

Adam is opening the show with a riff on the “Legitimate Rape” controversy, awesome “The Warriors” reference, He’s going off on the algorithm used to determine the ranking of cities, Irvine vs. Los Angeles, the crowd is losing it over the picture the staff found of a gang banger with Hawaiian Gardens tattooed across his face which you can see here.

Adam is now suggesting another way to improve your city’s ranking by going to other nearby cities and vandalizing them, he’s dropping hilarious quote after hilarious quote, really funny stuff.

Audience Questions, Eric from Italy is up first, Adam is disappointed that he doesn’t have an accent, that his name is Eric and not something more ethnic, He’s now busting Eric’s balls, Eric wants to know if he could do everything over, what project he wouldn’t do, not a bad question actually, Adam admits to having many failures but got paid for all of them so it’s not so bad.

Adam is explaining how “The Adam Carolla Project” for TLC actually ended up losing him a couple hundred grand, Adam is now relaying how people who liked that show always want to know why it never got a 2nd season and why it wasn’t more popular, he’s comparing it to being a passenger on the Hindenburg, back on old loveline he actually had several theories, some even involving the spouse of an executive thinking it was too dirty, regardless the show was never used for repeats during it’s initial run, unlike all other TLC programming.

Adam is explaining how everyone he met at Pebble Beach proclaimed to be a fan of “The Car Show” and were perplexed why it wasn’t coming back, Adam is explaining how you rarely ever get a reason as to why a project ends even if you are the star. Adam is explaining that his sister hit him up to be the hair stylist for his show and how she thought he was an asshole for him not being able to break union protocol and “kiss” her into the job position, despite being the star.

2nd question from new fan Jodi, she wants wedding advice from Adam, he confuses her brother for her fiance, lots of good comedy, Adam is now ranting about Jodi’s hypothetical daughter and her wedding dress. Adam wants to know who Jodi’s “mole” is going to be for her fiance’s bachelor party. Lots of discussion about bachelor party etiquette and what Jodi has deemed appropriate, the whole gang is killing it with one liners, Bryan lays in some “Cherry Pie” and we get our 3rd “Jade/stage 5” reference in as many days. Jodi reveals her fiance is a cop, Adam breaks out some “Cop Talk” and is laying in a variety of awesome jokes and comedic scenarios.

Alison’s News, she’s opening with an anecdote about spider webs from earlier in the day, Adam is riffing on the flailing we all do when we walk through them, Alison claims she was “Molested by spider jizz and dead bugs” she couldn’t get it all off even after washing her hands, Adam is going off on the oddly placed webs that are attached to your car or other strange items, great “When a Stranger Calls” riff from the gang about spider webs.

The second topic is the internet meme of “Dog Shaming”, she’s explaining it to Adam, Adam is going off on how he’s heard certain dogs are racist, he is now asking a black audience member which dogs don’t like her, Adam is killing it riffing with the audience member, she seems to be a really good sport too. Adam is recapping how he was attacked by a police dog for a “Man Show” segment, the staff managed to get the file queued up, Adam is explaining what the audience is about to see.

Adam is now explaining why he hates when the “Man Show” gets viewed in hindsight as some misogynist¬†propaganda as opposed to what it actually was, that there was groundbreaking comedy in every episode and that He and Jimmy were the butt of every joke, he’s dead on btw.

Alison’s 3rd story is about a woman suing Santa Monica for 1.7 billion dollars, Adam interrupts her before she can finish explaining the full story with a rant, he’s so into the rant he almost just fell over, Alison just dropped a couple great one liners. Adam just coined a new phrase for parking meters, Alison is explaining the full story now.

Alison’s 4th story is about a study that has found Americans have an increased interest in sex during the summer, Alsion’s 5th story is on a report about the most stolen cars in America, Adam is calling back an earlier joke with the black female audience member, hilarious! Alison is now relaying the story of the high school graduate whose diploma is being withheld from her because she used the word hell, despite her being valedictorian.

Alison is reporting on McDonald’s rolling out their “breakfast after midnight” menu in select cities, Adam is pissed it’s only in certain states and wants the names of menu items changed to be more adult, He also want’s their breakfast cutoff to be later than 10:30am, he has an “egg McMuffin” resell business idea. She’s now reporting on a farmer who is feeding his cows rejected candy deemed unfit for human consumption in place of corn, Adam is now talking about the “Hostess” thrift/outlet store for old and or defective products and what kind of dudes hang out around those stores. Mike Lynch chimes in with a quick “Tales From The Cheap” his family always had the “Drakes” thrift shop items, and his parents would freeze them, Adam gets some great jokes in.

Alison’s final story is on a Beaverton Oregon woman selling her family home with a descriptive sign detailing her husband cheating and walking out on the family for a yoga instructor, Alison and Adam are now riffing on people who exalt the benefits of yoga nonstop and other things like visiting Australia, great riff from Ace.

Adam is closing the show with a live read for Go To Meeting, he’s incorporating the black female audience member he has referenced throughout the night, Bryan just chimed in and added an extra layer to the comedy, hilarious!