Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/22/2012

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/22/2012

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Matt Atchity

Recorded 08/21/2012 – Release Date 08/22/2012

Adam is opening the show telling Alison why he is wearing the same shirt he wore all weekend while at Pebble Beach, Adam is explaining his lack of funk and how he doesn’t stink in spite of wearing a fire suit most of the weekend, that his shirt will be sopping wet and he’ll hang it up to dry, swap shirts, then wear the original previously sweat soaked shirt for the next race the following day, Chris is now on mic confirming that Adam forced him to smell his wet shirt and actually threw the soiled shirt on him, Chris has given hilarious anecdotes about Pebble Beach two shows in a row now.

 The reminder that Chris gives is so funny it causes Adam to break out his rare cackle type of laughter, usually reserved for his farting antics, Bryan has been laying in some great drop work as well as reactions to the story, Alison has been delivering some great one liners too. Adam is comparing Chris dodging his sweaty shirt to Chris having to dodge “Jizz Rags” while on his epic road trip as discussed in this Teresa Strasser episode from back in May which you can obtain with a mere 7.99 for annual access to the ACS Archive, Adam is altering the details of the road trip, more hilarity!

Adam and Bryan are comparing total showers, Bryan took two today alone, Adam is at zero for the whole weekend, Alison is curious about his talc ball paste situation, Adam is describing how he attempted to spell the last name of Chris for the guy giving them passes to access the race and how he couldn’t get it right, good stuff.

Adam is giving more info on the story of Les losing the keys as brought up briefly on yesterday’s episode, he’s explaining what actually happened and how it wasn’t actually Les who lost them, Adam reveals he was out 400 bucks for the new keys, he’s following up on Lynette’s lost iphone and explaining how when things are lost, he would prefer the missing item wasn’t found immediately after a replacement has been bought, which always seems to be his luck.

Natalia claims to have found Lynette’s phone under the bathroom rug, Adam doesn’t quite buy the story, also Natalia was given a reward for finding it, Adam thinks “something is rotten in Denmark” Bryan challenges Adam with a 1k bet to see if he knows where that reference is from, Adam takes a couple stabs at it, Bryan corrects him(SHOCKING!).

Adam is explaining how crafty Natalia is, how at age 2 she would lie about shitting herself in order to get Adam to put her down after he would pick her up. Adam is working backwards reconstructing the scene of the possible crime as if it’s an episode of “The First 48”, a quick Dr. Baden reference from Ace.

 Adam is talking about waiting to meet Rob last week, Rob was supposed to meet Adam and Roberto at Adam’s warehouse and pulled the move where he told them he was just around the corner, en route to meet them, while Adam and Roberto were stuck outside  waiting on the hot blacktop.

Adam remembered he had brought some gloves for himself, he gave them to Roberto to pull weeds and pick up old pizza fliers that were strewn about the exterior of his warehouse, Adam went to go fill up his car, he came back to find that Roberto didn’t even pick up the pizza fliers, Adam is describing how it pisses him off when he instructs people to do something and returns to find them just hanging out, he seems to be pissed that the people don’t even at least pretend to be working when they know Adam is going to be returning.

Adam and the gang hop on the phones, 1st Caller Rebecca just bought her first home and wants some advice, she wants to know the most important things to fix to maximize resell value, Bryan queues up a quick “Stripper DJ” bit, Jade is mentioned, classic! Rebecca reveals she’s 6’1″ and lived in Japan, Adam is making some great Godzilla jokes, and now what might be the first “Mr. Baseball” reference in the history of the podcast, hilarious.

 Adam is asking about moving to other countries to teach English and how he’s been told you don’t even need to speak the language of the people you’re teaching, he wants to know how that even works, Rebecca is a great caller, she’s really bringing it, she reveals she had a student on a roof ready to jump, Adam is going off on the concept of her trying to help him without speaking Japanese, Hilarious!

Adam is now scrolling through the questions, someone wants to know why he waited to have kids, he is explaining why he waited, he says it was primarily due to his career choice and how it either takes a long time to make it in entertainment or you end up never making it, he also wanted to get more therapy and continue to grow as a person before bringing children into the world, he’s now giving a great anecdote about something Sonny said to him earlier in the day.

2nd Caller Derrick, his ex threw a brick through his windshield, but he can’t get the courts to force her to pay for it, Adam is explaining how if you have money or are a large corporation, that you will be forced to pay for things you’re not even guilty of, but if you have no money somehow you aren’t responsible to pay for things you actually did, Adam is explaining how he has been stiffed by several tenants and can’t recoup a dime even though there are contracts involved, great “Lady Justice” riff from Ace.

3rd Caller Steve, wants to know why there is always one overweight bridesmaid at every wedding, great one liner from Ace and movie idea.

Adam Welcomes Matt Atchity back to the show, after breaking down a semi confusing voicemail from a listener, Matt lays in a great “Suicidal Tendencies” reference, Bryan reveals he just finished “Not Taco Bell Material” earlier in the day after about “35 craps” worth of reading. Adam is telling Matt how much he likes Rotten Tomatoes, and how disappointed he is when he goes to the site and a movie he wants to see has a low score, some great 69 comedy, Matt and Adam are discussing the type of person who would add an extra review to throw off the joke, Adam is comparing it to sexual harassment seminars for work, how someone always has to put their hand up to ask a question when everyone else in the room wants to leave ASAP.

The gang segues back to Matt and RT, Bryan says it’s ruining his life, that his wife mocks him for not wanting to see movies with low scores on the site, Matt’s talking to the gang about The Expendables 2, Adam is describing the infamous 11/13/2008 KLSX ACS phoner from Jean Claude Van Damnme for JCVD, Adam has Bryan play JCVD for the reenactment of the interview, Bryan is killing it, somehow he remembers the call perfectly, wow, very impressive.

The new Bourne film is being discussed, Adam is giving his take on Jeremy Renner as an action star, how the dynamic has changed, Bryan references Adrian Brody as the main example of regular guys crossing over to the action star realm, Adam reveals he had dinner with Adrian just the other night, Bryan backtracks excellently, Adam is reading that Jeremy has a RT score of 97% for “The Hurt Locker” and a perfect 0% for “National Lampoons Senior Trip”.

Adam and Bryan are breaking down some old clips of Ozzie giving his review for Iron Man from the old morning show, Adam is talking about his dinner with Adrian who he proclaims the “The most handsome/funniest looking guy all at the same time”. Bryan brings up the “Sugarman” documentary, Matt and Bryan are explaining to Adam who the guy is and what the documentary is about. Adam is going off on entertainers who get famous in odd locations, i.e Hasselhoff in Germany, Adam just realized that Seattle is that place for him, that he always has it as his sanctuary.

Alison’s News

 Her top story today is about TMZ writing that a Tony Scott “Death Video” is being shopped around to potential buyers, that there is cell phone footage from various bystanders and even surveillance footage, Alison wants Adam’s take on the story, Adam think the surveillance footage should be off limits and he’s explaining how he doesn’t like the macabre, he doesn’t like seeing footage of people dying or being fatally injured, Alison is now comparing TMZ announcing this to the topic from yesterday about wealthy people donating to charity for name recognition, they are now breaking down what might actually be in the video. Adam has a great jag about what’s already in his brain and how he doesn’t need to add to it, Hilarious!

Adam is saying this should be treated like ivory from elephants and blood diamonds, that if nobody participated in it, it would all go away, the psychology and schadenfreude element of wanting to see this video is being discussed by the gang, Adam is giving a great Dane Cook analogy.

The next story is about Rosie O’Donnell’s “Secret Heart Attack”, Alison is perplexed how it was able to be kept out of the news for so long, Adam is comparing it to the John Travolta masseuse story and how it has seemed to vanish, Alison is filling the gang in on what happened to Rosie. Adam is wondering if the Doctor was surprised that Rosie’s artery was only 99% blocked, great “widow maker” as a nickname for Adam’s dong comedy, Adam lays in some great acting, Donald Trump’s get well tweet to Rosie is being discussed, Adam breaks out his classic impression of “The Donald”.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Jimmy Kimmel’s show being moved to 11:35pm after a decade of hard work, his dream is finally being fulfilled, Adam is now relaying a phone call they had, where Adam said “I love you man” at least 5 times, Adam suggested a dinner celebration, Kimmel topped him with a suggestion of going out of town on a trip to celebrate it, Adam is explaining how there are photos of Jimmy as a kid with a David Letterman birthday cakes and him wearing Letterman jackets, that he has always wanted to be where he is. Adam is now breaking down the schedule of a late night host.

Adam is saying Jimmy never spoke of wanting this specifically, but somehow Adam always knew he did, that the 11:35 slot is a big deal, it puts Kimmel in the mix with the heavy hitters of late night and questions if there is any thought of having to now beat your idol in the ratings. Alison is commenting on the odd nature of SNL and other late night shows starting at 35min after the hour unlike any other shows on television, Alison is reporting that Jimmy also proposed to his girlfriend Molly.

Alison’s final story is about Michael Strahan getting the job on Live with Kelly and how Seth Meyers was supposedly the one to get the gig, Alison calls out Bryan for the name calling drops in today’s episode. Adam is on a hilarious jag about how one might acquire a tooth gap much like Michael’s, Matt is now revealing what happens with autofill on google when you enter his name. Alison wraps the news and Adam closes out the show.