Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2015 – Randy Kagan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2015 – Randy Kagan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Randy Kagan

Recorded 08-20-2015 – Release Date 08-21-2015

Production Number #1643

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Adam has the standard intro and says we’re coming on 7 years thanks to the fans, BB brings up Matt Fondiler’s engagement and plays some funny drops.

Adam is asking Matt about his engagement after joking about it, he is telling them about the proposal on the beach.

Adam is asking Matt how he picked that ring, he explains she showed it to him via an advertisement.


Adam is asking him about the value of the ring, they’re talking about Uber to raise extra cash to earn money for things like this.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read


Adam is asking Matt about his fiancé and her upbringing, Adam asks what happened to the part where the bride’s father foots the bill.

Adam is asking about the bygone era of perks he missed out on, Adam asks how pragmatic Matt’s fiancé is.

Adam is now citing his wedding dress policy and 6500$ cap for spending for renters.

Gina has them talking about gypsies and big fat Gypsy weddings, Adam is now riffing about the gypsies being lumped in with the Jews during the holocaust, and they’re quite different people, funny riff.


Adam tells Matt to never get divorced, he will be part of one of those couples that if they get divorced people will use as an example of how anyone can get divorced.

Adam is talking about his old coach Kramer, he has the tragic news of his son attempting suicide.

Adam is recalling his dream about a guy trying to kill himself, from ACS #1634 and Gary mentions when Erik guested on ADS #118.


Gina is sharing her reaction to Lynette’s beautiful eulogy to MollyGirl and they talk about donating to the pet fund.

Adam shares how he waited for Molly to come into the room to get his leftover peanuts, but then remember she’s gone.

Adam says if you have twins that’s the dog for you, Adam is moving on to the calls.


#LOTJ – Lord of the Jungle

Winner Mark, he bought a chicken hat.

He explains what it’s for, Adam is now reacting to the idea of Mark’s sister doing the chicken dance during her wedding.

Adam asks why he was dispatched with buying the chicken hat, Adam is asking Mark about what he does for a living and his sister.

Adam is sharing how his sister was roping him to a fundraiser at her kid’s school, she wanted tickets to the KROQ Weenie Roast, Adam explains how she busted his balls about it and how he refused to march in and get a rain check for tickets not yet created.


Adam is back to how his sister did another lap asking him to get a promissory note, he then said she would be paying for one ticket and he would buy the other, as punishment for her hassling him.

Adam shares his simple approach to life, are we even? Do you owe me? Or do I owe you? And how he doesn’t violate those rules nor feel badly about other’s reactions.

Adam is sharing his sister’s desire to do hair on his sitcom and how he was told she couldn’t set foot on the lot without a union card.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw ‘Straight Out Of Compton’ and Adam is now arguing that the huge box office for this film is further evidence that America is not as racist as we so often here.

Adam is sharing his take on the genre that BB is describing, BB says it’s a really good movie and compliments the writing.

Adam talks about the AIDS diagnosis of Easy E. and how Adam would have reacted if he was a brother with AIDS in the early 90’s.


Adam gets to the whitewashing of gay activity from biopics, citing ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and now BB is back to the movie and shares a historical inaccuracy regarding the wardrobe.

Adam is back to ‘Dallas Buyer’s Club’ and the incorrect Lamborghini poster they used, off by more than a decade, as discussed on ACS #1308.

They have a new Rich Banks Song in honor of the movie, very funny.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam is sharing his new driving move after being locked in behind two cars, he says he turned left around both of them, he says that for those who think that’s dangerous go fuck yourself and shove a digit up yourself when you fuck yourself again.

Adam is now making a point about the decision when it is ok to pull out vs when it’s unsafe, Adam says that the arrows are just automating intelligence and rants about pussy cops.

Adam says he feels pity and remorse for the pussies who wait at lights, Adam now tells the hypocrites who have 10mph over the speed limit while on the grapevine.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he owns a restaurant and he’s exhausted by this generation of staff who refuse to work or try hard, saying it’s not their job or citing the need for “me days” and Adam now gives his take on how people are only reinforced by their enabling friends and family.

Mike is now sharing some further anecdotes and the gang are reacting to his tales of staffing woes.

Adam says it’s the enablers in life who only let people further descend into their bad habits and has a hard work explanation.


Gina asks about people encouraging this laziness and empowering weak traits as the economy becomes even tougher.

Adam says this is the MMA surge, MMA has grown lockstep with the pussification of America, they wrap with Mike.


2nd Caller Amanda, she’s describing the weird feeling she’s having with her long term boyfriend, Adam asks about the possible desire for marriage.

Adam asks if there is an underlying desire for something, Adam is trying to tell her how to broach things with her guy Ryan, Gina has some realistic advice and Adam agrees with it and they move on.


3rd Caller Wayne, he’s calling from Grass Valley and he makes 76$ an hour as a welder, Adam says his two deathbed regrets will be that he didn’t stretch enough nor learn to weld.

Wayne is sharing his idea for getting therapy dogs removed from flights, Adam reacts to it and explains that we’re fucked and we’ve lost the fight, dog allergies won’t stop it.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break

Randy is immediately doing bits, Adam jokes about the FitTit and asks Randy about guys jogging at crosswalks, and Adam takes it to the guys beating off in line for a gang bang.

Adam brings up men masturbating in cars, Gina takes an informal poll of the staff to see if anyone does, Randy is still doing bits.

Adam is steam rolling trying to get a more honest tone, Adam tells Randy that Matt doesn’t drive stick, Adam plus Randy’s YouTube channel.


Adam plugs his dates at Flappers in Burbank, Adam appreciates it and moves on to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on Josh Duggar and his Ashley Madison account, Adam comments on deeply religious people who live like a man about turn into a werewolf, locking away their body before it can do wrong.

Gina has all of the details of the Ashely Madison account and his preferences, Gina is quoting the creepy “someone I can teach” preference.

Adam says his idea would be “we’re going fuck for a very short period of time and then watch whatever you want for the next 3 hours” when it comes to an alluring Ashley Madison profile.


2nd Story is on Subway’s online game ‘Jared’s Pants Dance’ and Adam says it’s probably not a good idea regardless of Jared’s crimes.


3rd Story is on Marco Rubio nailing a kid in the head with a football while on his publicity campaign tour.

Adam is recalling the video of the kid from Nebraska who ran a touchdown in, Adam jokes about how funny it would be if a guy flying out of frame took the kid out mid TD.

Gina brings up Brian Cushing and they all riff on it.


4th Story is on Jon Bon Jovi recording a song in Mandarin, Randy is trying to jump in and Adam is now riffing about guys like Jon and John Stamos and their inability to age and get fat.

Gina is now playing a clip of Jon singing in Mandarin, Randy is riffing and Adam calls it smart due to their abundance of people and possible customers.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


5th Story is on Hilton hotels removing adult entertainment from their PPV options, Adam is commenting on how corporations only make changes like this when they’re not making money off it.

Adam jokes about the notion of hotel bed spreads being in such close proximity to the place where guests beat off.

Adam riffs about the splooge room and Gina asks Adam how he sleeps in hotels, Adam has a funny “I sleep like a burrito not a falafel” line.


6th Story is on the return of Chelsea O’Donnell, Gina has the details about her running away and Adam is asking about her origins.

Adam asks what Rosie is doing and Adam is now positing the thought that some people are just not going to be happy.

Adam explains how he sees himself and makes a point about having to sign something with a notary and how people are suddenly in a hurry after waiting 3 months and not contacting you.


Adam is now riffing about Matt Fondiler signing contracts for him and mentions the bad Telepictures deal with Kevin Smith.

Adam says he forges everything he doesn’t give a fuck, Adam wants a smartphone based finger print scan technology for this.

Adam talks about his forged contracts and how much he hates these rituals of society, Adam is mocking the ledger use in 2015.


7th Story is on Hurricane Danny, she has all of the details of its expected course, Randy tries to jump in some more, and Adam is riffing with him.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.