Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2012

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/21/2012

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Dana Workman and David Wild 

Recorded 8/20/2012 – Release Date 8/21/2012

Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio, Adam’s recapping his hectic time prepping for his race and explaining how he wasn’t really on vacation himself and how expensive the racing weekend ended up being, and that they scheduled a live show over the break to offset the costs of bringing the crew to the race to document it.

Adam is describing going to meet Vic Edelbrock Jr. with the the Carcast crew and how they got to go aboard his fancy yacht, Chris is now getting on mic to help describe the opulent scene, the whole gang is chiming in now, hilarious!

Adam’s keys for the trailer used to haul his race car were lost by Les, who Adam claims always has to fuck up in a super comical way, Adam is going further in depth about the race, his car and the track, their now playing some footage of the race and Adam is giving his commentary on it, Adam says they’ll be posting the footage soon and you can go here to check out the photos.

David Wild is describing running into John Cho of Harold and Kumar fame at the “Do Something” awards, he’s asking Adam if he is aware that John is a huge fan of the podcast, David isn’t aware that John guested on Loveline twice within 6 months because Adam and Drew liked him so much, nor that John guested on the podcast back in November which you can download here if you have signed up for the  official Adam Carolla Archive, only 7.99 for a year of unlimited downloads of the back catalog of nearly 900 episodes.

David is describing what the “Do Something” awards are, He’s now asking Adam about Lynette and if she’s gearing up to go see Bruce Springsteen on tour again, David is now giving his first Music Monday pick, saying “Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes” are the number one NJ band in his opinion.

Adam’s pick is “Get It On” by “Chase”. “Blood Sweat and Tears”, as well as Adam’s old Karaoke favorite “Vehicle” by “Ides of March” are both referenced in comparison, David is giving an anecdote about how David Chase came up with Sopranos concept.

The gang are discussing compliments for women from Straight guys vs. ones from Gay guys, now Adam is transitioning to fake “hello” outgoing messages designed to fool the caller and how Kimmel’s cousin Sal had one like that for a long time and how there are techniques to further drag out the prank, Adam is wondering why you’re trying to piss off everyone who is trying to contact you and now transitioning to businesses that have “you want it when?” style signs up on display and what that says to the customer.

They now have moved onto Poster Shops and how Adam would request rides from his dad to the mall, just to look at posters that he could never buy, David just revealed his dad was on the marketing team for the “Mood Ring” and how he was asked to do early viral marketing by bringing it to school, Adam is going off on license plate frames of his youth, hilarious stuff!

Adam is saying bye to David and asking him who his latest twitter target is, David is explaining he lost a large number of spam bots and is in limbo in regards to any goals regarding his number of followers. Alison relays to Adam that Pete Holmes really wants to come back on the show while plugging her most recent live episode.

The show comes back from break with a great Richard Banks song about “The Porcelain Punisher” himself Matt Fondiler, Adam is relaying an experience waiting for the bathroom while out at the suite at Pebble Beach and how he wasn’t sure if anyone was in there because the door was shut, and how a staff member asked him what he was waiting for, the guy knocked on the door and got an “Excuse You” back from the person who was using it, Adam says he had to clear out so the person wouldn’t think it was him.

Adam is asking Dana about her journey, Bryan throws in a quick “Stripper DJ” drop and Adam mentions the requisite “Jade” and how she’s needed at Stage number 5, He’s now asking her about her show on the SyFy network, she mentioned Jack Osbourne and Adam wants to know how his health is, in light of the recent announcement of him having MS, Dana says he’s doing great, Adam is talking about how he’s a guy who lost weight and has the attitude that he’s never going back and how he wants to fatten up his son, now he’s transitioned to how everyone thinks their dad has a huge penis and his theory on why that is, he’s now explaining how that idea is related to his “former fat kid” theory.

They’ve transitioned back to Dana’s show and she’s explaining the episodes they’ve filmed and how she’s into UFO’s, Adam is giving his take on how people from the south or places with long histories always claim to have haunted properties and how that doesn’t happen in North Hollywood.

Alison’s News her top story is about Tony Scott’s suicide from yesterday, she is saying that reports are coming out that he had an inoperable brain tumor, Adam is explaining when he first heard the news yesterday, he immediately thought of people who have horrible diseases and how he thought maybe the guy had a medical condition, Tony’s family is denying that he had a brain tumor and the gang are discussing suicide, Adam is giving his idea for how he might do it, by combining multiple methods.

The Death of Phyllis Diller is the 2nd story, Adam is explaining his mother in law died during a nap, in a similar fashion, he’s now retelling how when Lynette’s mom died, Adam tried to convince her that her mother was fine, meanwhile she was dead in her house. Alison suggests a ranking system for comedians, she wasn’t aware Adam has talked about this many times and agrees, there should be a FICO score style system that fluctuates over time based on career choices and comedic output.

The Todd Akin controversy is the 3rd story, Adam loves when people who are super into their convictions regarding the death penalty or abortion are asked about hypothetical scenarios in which they would have to decide to compromise and they always give rigid crazy answers supporting their ideals.

The Candace Bailey episode and her “gymnastics inhibits physical growth” argument from last month is brought up, The whole gang are chiming in on the legitimate rape controversy. Adam is explaining that he and Drew were talking about the morning after pill “Plan B” 13yrs ago, actually they were talking about it as far back as 17yrs ago, Adam is now going off on how shocked he is that scientific facts are still up for debate in this day and age and how everyone is allowed to have their opinion even if it goes against science.

Alison is suggesting a “Fantasy Comedian Leauge” Adam is now talking about the lists that come out each year ranking the comedians and how they compare to the annual “hot chick” lists from the likes of FHM and how they’re always wrong.

Alison is thrilled to report that Blair from “Facts Of Life” is joining the new season of Survivor, Adam is explaining how he loves frequent ACS morning show and Loveline guest Jeff Probst and still admires his ability to pull off wearing a choker, Adam is now explaining what kind of guy Jeff is and how he wants to find Jeff’s parents, that Jeff is a “pure” person, that his parents did a great job. Adam and Alison are going off on a hilarious riff about him wearing Puka shells in the off season to train for wearing a choker.

Adam is talking about attending Beth Ringwald’s sweet sixteen party and how he sat right next to Lisa Whelchel aka Blair from “Facts Of Life” Alison is explaining how she can’t get through an episode of “Bachelor Pad” this season, which sets Adam off on how all this reality TV has become too much and we’re all becoming bored with the concept/format. Adam says “Tanked” the reality show about guys who make aquariums is almost a parody of a reality show, it’s the example someone would give of  a bankrupt format/medium but it’s actually a show.

The Tonight Show lay offs are the next story, Adam is describing running into Jay out at Pebble Beach, how Jay was very happy with the number of views Adam’s episode of “Jay Leno’s garage” has received, now they’re talking about Adam’s hats, he tells the gang he was wearing his X games hat that him and Kimmel were given back at the 2nd X games.

Adam is explaining that people who donate money or give to charity just for name recognition are still doing good things, who cares why they’re doing it, they’re still doing positive work to help people. Adam has the guys fire up Richard Banks new song one more time and then closes out the show.