Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 265

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/20/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 265

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-18-2015 – Release Date 08-20-2015

Production Number #265 – Energy

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Adam is opening the show fresh from his trip to Monterey, Adam is talking about driving the Rolls Royce around while heading out to the races.

Adam explains how the Rolls Royce generates respect from strangers, Adam is riffing about delaminating duct tape on damaged cars.

Adam pictures Heidi Fleiss out in Pahrump with her parrots, Adam is commenting on things that smack of heat and heat damage, and it depresses him.


Adam comments on the sad onramps with dirt and spires that makes him sad, Drew comments on the southwestern cacti and rock formations used in nearby states.

Adam and Drew are going in depth on the tree stock sized weeds on these onramps.

Adam is talking about doing 120 in the car and Chris gets on mic to joke about not even feeling like they’re moving.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read by reading the rates for these Rolls Royce models

Very clever way to work sponsored content into the show, even better than a traditional read.


Adam is talking about having to tell the kids about Molly’s death, she’s been gone from the house for 5-6 days and Adam is getting to how he wanted to get on with it and just peel the band aid.

This same topic, the sad death of the wonderful MollyGirl has been covered on the most recent FCOL RIP MollyGirl which is one of the best storytelling experiences in podcasting ever recorded, very emotional and touching, nice work Lynette, Stephanie and Gary!


It was first discussed on ACS #1640, FCOL was recorded before it, earlier in the day, but released after.

Adam is going over how he called the family meeting and his attempt to avoid doing this too late in the night, Adam was almost in his late night hunker down bathrobe and wine mode, Adam is going over the details of how Lynette broke the news, he explains how his son was immediately a heap of tears and how Natalia couldn’t get upset initially.

Adam says the good news is that he and his wife have raised a couple of human beings and is citing the Rainbow Bridge explanation, he tells Drew about her age and explains how Natalia is now busting Lynette’s chops about always running late.


Adam is sharing how Norman his childhood cat just went away one day, he presumes to die underneath a neighbor’s house.

Adam is describing the dollars and time spent on the late Molly, he has a funny door analogy for the “we just don’t know” answer from veterinarians about odds and survivability.

Adam explains that Molly was getting worked on just days before she passed, Adam is explaining that Molly was a very gentle soul and explains how as she grew too old to move you would hear her tail thump in excitement.


Adam is explaining how he always appreciated how she would gingerly take table scraps, careful not to bite him or make contact with her teeth and his flesh.

Adam explains she was never territorial with her bones or food and always kind.

Adam is now describing the various holes in various people’s game, Mike August, Dr. Bruce and more.


Adam says grit will make you successful, it won’t necessarily make you rich but it can make you successful, Adam is mocking “I tried my best” and says Matt Fondiler tried to use that before.


Drew is doing a Live Read


Drew explains how he’s continually improved and has increased vitality since his prostate cancer battle, Adam is talking about vigor and vitality.

Adam is explaining how he’s been working with a guy who’s been on a down slope and instead of indulging him and asking a penny for his thoughts he’s been telling him to buck up.

Adam is now sharing a Daniel Kellison anecdote and explains how he gets waiters on their side before ordering.

Adam talks about people who use empathy and sorrow will earn them what they want out of life over actually earning it.


Adam explains that having energy is the physical manifestation of enthusiasm and shares a positive Matt Fondiler example of it and how it makes him feel better.

Drew is now in the mix and explaining the biological piece to this and Adam says he doesn’t have true enthusiasm and now Adam is going to a live read.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Mazda wants you to feel it

Adam is asking for the footage of the car spitting out fire at the races, he says the rotary engines just scream.

Adam is doing another lap with Chris about this guy and his insane power, Chris has a “why are you in the same race” comment that Adam and Drew take the wrong way and roast him for.


Adam is back to pep/motor and how important it is, Adam says you have to pick out strengths and weaknesses and says you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Adam talks about trying to get his kids to do homework and how slow his son is with getting started, funny big kasha, big casino riffing, Adam shares what he calls his son.

Adam is now explaining how pliable his son is, Chris is sharing how the woman who gave Adam lip, the cunt as Adam calls her, might have been making some kind of judgement about Sonny being there alone.


Drew is doing a Betterment Live Read


Adam explains his kid is great for traveling with but what happens when that personality hits the workforce, Adam is describing his daughter vs. his son.

Chris has a funny anecdote.


1st Caller Brett, he’s commenting on Gavin Newsom and his infamous appearance on the ACS, Gary even gets on mic to comment on it.

Brett wants to know how Adam would look at life if he had lived with a doting and caring mother, Adam is trying to be realistic and explains doting is a pejorative for being taken care of.

Adam thinks it might have not that much different, he explains how he ended up with Jimmy Kimmel who had the great background.

Adam said not everything has to be made in the lab, with an interesting child abuse analogy.


Adam talks about his shitty doted on former roommates who are waiting on momma or someone to come clean their dishes.

Adam says it’s a weird wiring and explains it only serves someone temporarily, not long term.

Adam comments on the people who know they are the best, deep down in their hearts.


Adam talks about walking into KROQ in 1994 and knowing he was funnier than everyone in the building, he explains how he shut up and brought the funny until they knew what they were dealing with.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


2nd Caller Greg, he brings up a Dr. Drew podcast where they discussed GMO labels and Drew says he heard from Anderson after their last podcast.

Adam says he doesn’t call people and do things like that, Drew is sharing his actual take on GMO labels and Adam is now making a point about being a host and explaining to Greg the realities of hosting duties.

Adam says he’s been through these same arguments, they keep coming up every decade under a new name or idea.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.