Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/19/2016 – Richard Roeper

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/19/2016 – Richard Roeper

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Guest Richard Roeper

Recorded 08-01-2016 – Release Date 08-19-2016

Production Number #1873

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Adam opens the show with Richard Roeper joining them from Chicago over the phone, Adam is asking him about his time in Chicago, he hails from there and has been there for his whole career.

Adam talks about ‘At The Movies’ and what it meant to him growing up, he says having his movie reviewed with Michaela Philips from the Chicago Tribune, Adam is talking about ‘The Hammer’ being reviewed and how it made it all worthwhile, even getting ripped off.

Adam talks about listening to LoveLine and then becoming the host, making a point about feeling the same magical effect of hosting a show you admired that Richard got to experience with ‘At The Movies’ after the death of Gene Siskel.


Adam asks what kind of soul Roger Ebert was, what was he like and Richard explains how competitive Roger and Gene were and how different their styles were.

Richard says Roger didn’t get married until he was about 50, but he became much more thoughtful and he talks about his writing becoming even more profound and worthwhile, Adam asks about Gene and his death.

Adam says it changes when you live past people who died way too soon, Adam says that when male pattern baldness kicks in we care less about people who appear older than they are and Richard has a great point about Michael Jordan and his receding hairline that worked out great for him in the end.


Adam says MJ was also a pioneer for everyone else to shave their head and embrace the male pattern baldness, Adam talks about how blandness indicated there was something wrong with you, you were not capable of being a leading man.

Adam talks about buzz cuts and how they were used as punishment in his childhood, Adam asks Richard if Pete Berg has ever tried to punch him, they joke about Pete and how he’s the most likely guy to punch a critic.

Richard now shares how Sean Penn reacted to ‘Into The Wild’ and Richard’s positive review, funny anecdote.


Adam says he was talking about what makes those guys, those guys, like Jimmy Kimmel, sending gifts to his kids on their half birthdays, that’s who they are and how they are.

Adam says we want these guys but we want certain qualities to be lessened, but without Jimmy giving gifts and Sean Penn overreacting to things entertainment related we wouldn’t like them for all of the other reasons we do like them already, they need to be who they are.


Adam is talking about the ‘Ghostbusters’ movie and how critics will often try and be on the happy side of history and will boost their scores, Richard says Adam is absolutely right and he comments on how his review was picked apart and what he honestly thought of the movie.

Richard is now complimenting Paul Feig and so is Adam, stating what a dapper dresser and kind person he is, Adam says the accusation that you’re being sexist or racist when reviewing something is in itself a racist statement, to call into question Richard’s POV and opinion, based on his race and gender is a sexist/racist presumption.

Richard is now mocking the concept of people in the target audience being the only ones allowed to review work in that field or genre.

Adam is now sharing his take on the “best fireperson for the job” it needn’t reflect the community, he doesn’t like that kind of talk, the assumption is racist.


Adam is now bringing up the review of ‘The Hammer’ that called the movie sexist and racist, he asks Richard about everyone now being a critic in the modern era.

Richard says he is a professional critic and now people do car about his opinion, it does matter.

Adam brings up the way people would call into question his role on LoveLine and he says he was qualified based on years of taking calls, the Malcom Gladwell 10k hours is being referenced left and right.


Gary is now reading the review from the Seattle P.I. and reads it for Adam, Adam is now bringing up the supposed sexism in the film.

Adam is now bringing up the supposed racism when his character asks them why they risked their lives to immigrate, Adam says that this guy Bill White from Seattle possibly had to give the movie a shitty review due to where he resides, Adam says you’re not doing your job when you report misinformation.

Richard now bringing up Michael Moore and his filmmaking style, he contrasts his criticism for liking the ‘Cinderella’ remake and what is presumed about that.


Richard now brings up Woody Allen and his body of work, Adam is talking about people bringing in baggage for the movies they see, Adam says let God Review Wood Allen when it’s time.


True Car
Barely used previously owned director edition


Adam is now talking to Richard about the latest movies from Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, Richard starts with ‘Café Society’ and explains how Jesse Eisenberg is the Woody surrogate for the film.

Adam wrote down is top 3 Woody Allen movies, he leaves of ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Annie Hall’ as they get brought up a lot on these lists.

Adam says ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ then he urges people to check out ‘Love and Death’ and he then says he loves ‘Husbands and Wives’ after mentioning ‘Hannah and Her sisters’ and Richard is now waxing poetic on the Woody Allen aesthetic from the late 1970’s.


Adam jokes about the late great Uncle Frank and his accent, how he would pronounce Hannah, funny riff.

Richard tells Adam about Clint’s latest project and Adam asks him about the remaining movies coming out for the tail end of the summer season.

Richard is looking forward to ‘Snowden’ and he weighs in on Quentin Tarantino, Adam says there is no other filmmaker he looks forward to see more than a Quentin Tarantino movie, it used to be Oliver Stone but that fell off a cliff somewhere in the early 90’s.


Richard is talking about the time Quintin took off to be an actor and his limited filmography, he’s such a fan he would rather he practice the art he is perhaps #1 in the world in rather than act where he is the 538th greatest actor.

Adam is now talking about Quintin’s acting and the sneak preview he saw for ‘Pulp Fiction’ he brings up how everyone reacted to the infamous “Dead Nigger Storage” scene, citing that guy as the worst part of the movie, he was a little distracting.

Richard has a hilarious reaction to the scene and Adam’s retraction with the guys pre QT awareness, Richard brings up M. Night Shyamalan movies and his cameos.


Adam is riffing about how distracting M. Night’s cameos truly were and they talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger accents and Richard brings up Mark Wahlberg’s accent in ‘Transformers 4.’


Soy Vay

Adam has the spicy and sweet chili, he had his nanny add it to the cutlet and it made it a little sweet and spicy, unbelievable, he used it and loves it edition


They’re now riffing about Mark Wahlberg now possibly just being himself in various roles, Adam says it’s always funny when a character is a school teacher or has been locked in a bamboo cage for years but somehow maintains such huge amount of muscle mass.

Adam says his favorite era of Stallone movies is the tie clip movie era, when he wanted to be taken seriously, Richard riffs about the movie ‘Paradise Alley’ and Adman brings up scenes that bother him, that jar him out of the movie.

Adam brings up the scene in ‘A History of Violence’ where the bully kid hit a lazy fly ball and got taken out, he now quotes the scene and asks if the other guys I not allowed to catch the ball.


Adam notes Richard’s reference to ‘About Last Night’ and Richard brings up his scene from ‘A Few Good Men’ where Tom Cruise imitated Jack Nicholson and then explained the ending, before you saw it.

Adam says don’t talk about it, don’t reveal it until people see it.

Adam brings up his Dancing with The Stars reveal, he cites how they wanted to step on the reveal in the pre-roll footage, Adam was shocked the producer was so dumb and didn’t understand the reveal part of the stunt.


Adam is now explaining how they swapped seats off camera in ‘The Hammer’ during the traffic stop scene, they let the audience discover the change and Adam says that should have made up for his racist and sexist part of the movie.

Richard says nope because the black guys had warrants, Adam gives out some plugs for Richard and goes into a live read.


Life Lock

Adam is buying furniture after they finish recording edition


Adam calls Richard a genius and gives out the closing plugs, Adam invites Richard out to the live show at the Vic in Chicago and they close out the show.