Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/18/2016 – Tom Arnold

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/18/2016 – Tom Arnold

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tom Arnold

Recorded 08-12-2016 – Release Date 08-19-2016

Production Number #1885

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Adam opens the show with a killer intro from Dawson and Lynch that references back to the legendary 2002 Classic LoveLine Holocaust call, nice work guys!

Adam welcomes Tom back to the show for his 4th appearance, he was previously on ACS #19 (feat. Tom Arnold), ACS #369 and ACS #558


Adam asks him about the crazy stories and being so open and honest, he says he wants to be in front of any skeletons or stories, get it out there first before anyone can use it to try and harm him.

Adam asks him who was crazier at the height of everything, him or Roseanne, he says he probably was as he was a man and would physically jump to protect or defend her.

Adam says when you take two bumpkins and throw them the keys to the city, how do you expect things to go.


Tom is now referencing his time at the Meat Packing plant, the Hormel factory as previously discussed on his 2nd Classic LoveLine appearance, one of the all-time boldest and most honest interviews in the show’s history.

CLL #1318 (feat. Tom Arnold)

Tom is telling Adam about Roseanne performing her act in only a bikini and a sash and Tom is telling them about deciding to write for the show, he explains how he was ostracized as they presumed he would report back to her, the boss.


Tom says they fucked her over with the created by credit on her own show, Tom was a former bouncer and would tell them it was her show, she wins and if they didn’t like it he was going to kick their fucking asses, like a White Suge Knight and Adam asks if Tom has his clarity today in his 28-year-old body, could he have swayed Roseanne.

Tom references the neighbor who abused him and Adam asks about “done” and brings up AA, which leads to foot tapping, cigars, coffee etc.

Adam says his buddy Chris has that energy, that motor that Tom has as well, an addict’s energy, Tom says he gave up the cigars and he talks about being able to access the darker parts of his psyche.


Tom references organized fights outside the union hall like took place at the Hormel plant, holy shit.

Tom says some people don’t dig deep into the dark “level 3” stuff that Tom has wanted to try in his head, he says working at a meat packing plant teaches you about what someone can do to a human body, Adam says they’re taking a turn for the macabre and Tom course corrects.

Tom says Roseanne’s trauma stuff just grew and exploded, Adam gives out some live dates for Tom and has him tease Roseanne and his trauma of origin.


Life Lock

Criminals are lazy, they are not going to do 3 shows per night and morning radio, Tom agrees, no 2nd story climbing required in the modern era of identity theft, not hard to steal like when Tom used to do it edition

Tom doubles back and plugs them again.


Roseanne grew up in Utah, gave up a baby for adoption when she was 17, Tom didn’t learn that until much later when the National Enquirer came around with some threats.

Tom shares how the adopted girl thought her mom might be Barbara Streisand when she found out she was a famous Jewish woman.

Tom talks about the movie ‘Spotlight’ and the victims of rape and sexual abuse at the hand of clergy.


Tom shares his POV on abuse and not letting someone affect him forever, Adam is now explaining how this stuff works, if someone broke into his house to steal a TV and then his son started stealing TV’s, that turns into a heinous crime pretty quick.

Tom talks about his son’s birth and how that brought things back, Tom brings up his past marriages and mistakes he’s made.

Adam says his low self-esteem set him up to be a victim, he laughs about his 10-year-old daughter being approached, Adam thinks she would fight anyone off and Tom has the reality of someone like Bill Cosby coming along, you can’t fight off a drugged beverage, reality check for Aceman, yikes!


Tom is telling Adam about the creepy neighbor who molested and abused him, Tom talks about the gay narrative and double shame for a grown man dealing with childhood sexual assault and rape.

Tom shares how he bought the house where the abuse happened and nothing exists there now, Tom is explaining how his childhood brain processed the abuse as the perpetrator got more violent and threatening.

Tom shares how he would threaten to shoot his father in the head, Tom remembers telling the guy to shoot him when he was 4, yikes!


Tom explains how the guy ended up a successful millionaire, adopting boys and working in local clergy until Tom came back around.

Adam is now sharing how any other country would kill this guy who abused Tom, the idea that he was able to walk around without a flak jacket says so much about this country, Adam says the parents are never off the hook.

Adam says the parents who created the monster who abused Tom and the only solace you can find in these stories is that the monsters who abused you were once abused as children themselves and didn’t choose this horrible serious of events.


True Car

Chris did it over hear edition

Tom says his business manager told him the stupidest thing was buying brand new cars, another double plug.


Adam is asking Tom about getting out of rehab and pursuing this perpetrator after the story came together in his mind, once he was sober he could see the pieces clear as day and realized what happened to him and what the guy was doing.

Adam explains how the guy would lock him in a room, Adam asks if he ever thought about hiring someone to kill this guy, he says no he didn’t.

Tom brings up the sick dudes at Hormel that enjoy torturing animals that they get rid of internally, they see them taking joy and ostracize them and get them fired.


Tom talks about the statute of limitations on sexual abuse, Adam says off all things that shouldn’t have a short window, when people don’t confront it until therapy often 20+ years later.

Tom mentions his meth dealing sister, hilarious anecdotes about her always having every drug on her at all times, she’s now in Phoenix selling time shares.

Tom says all of his family is still alive, his sister in law just drank poison after she was diagnosed with a condition and his nephew committed suicide, he brings up his feelings about the cause he’s working on as a result of his nephew’s death.


Adam says perhaps the nephew wasn’t acknowledging his depression, Tom says him having 5 loaded guns near his bed would be like Tom having a nightstand made out of chocolate and filled with cocaine, eventually he would slip.

Adam connects that to his thoughts about cops and suicide, Adam teases a break and now Tom is sharing what he learned about his nephew last year, before he killed himself, Tom would have been arrested for a felony if he hid the late nephew’s guns.

Tom says evermore in the family is furious at him and Adam asks if they shouldn’t be furious at themselves, for their role, Tom doesn’t wish that on his brother.


They head to break


Draft Kings

Adam and Sonny didn’t win, but you might! edition


Back from break

Tom is now telling Adam about finding his abuser and confronting him, he wanted to find him first before he could brag about fucking Tom Arnold, newfound celebrity.

Roseanne supported Tom’s pursuit of this man, Adam commends her for that and Tom says she always like him when he was in a fight.

Tom talks about tracking this guy down and handing out flyers after talking to law enforcement and getting nowhere, Tom shares how he started his spiel he worked on with his therapist, Tom describes how the guy told him his memories are wrong, Adam says that was an admission of guilt preemptively.


Adam brings up his own family’s calculated choice to not care about him or his outcome, banking him dying a no name loser on a construction site that nobody ever cared about, this abuser made the same call, but Tom defied the odds and didn’t kill himself or become a junkie and OD, he got healthy and came back to stop the abuser.


Tom is sharing how he bent the guy’s hand backwards and saw fear in his eyes, the receptionists and all of his staff heard this commotion and he called Roseanne right after and walked into the governor’s office, telling him to stop an adoption, the guy told him to get out of town.

So someone even though the guy told him to leave he did what was necessary behind the scenes to save that adopted kid from ending up with the abuser.

Adam has Tom tease more child abuse resolution info before he does a live read.


Blue Apron

Don’t say anything, Don’t answer, explain the company to Tom edition


Adam asks if he’s had any contact with the abuser of if he’s still alive, no contact and he knows he was still alive as of a while ago, he’s got closure and it’s in his rear view mirror of life.

Tom shares how his son’s birth gave him new insight and reignited his trauma, Adam shares how insidious it is to have children think they are somehow complicit in abuse when they are often neglected from the jump and were targeted the abuser because of that.


Adam is now asking Tom about his monthly nut over the years/decades and Tom is now telling Adam about Sumner Redstone and his two girlfriends who got paid 80 million to show their tits and lick the top of his dick, Tom says he would do that in a heartbeat to get 80 million.

Adam says he would kill his mom for enough money, you got to bust out some numbers and make it real.

Adam would never kill a neighbor kid for 10 million but he would shove a bowling pin up his own ass for cash, but he has to be the one to pay the cost.


Tom is talking about his friend Kirk Gibson, who now has Parkinson’s and he quotes a story after breaking down how they became friends.

Tom and Kirk were talking about licking dicks and Tom says he would call for his agent to arrange him to suck cocks for 1k per dick he would do it, it would have to be organized.

Adam is talking about how quickly a million can be mowed through, Adam says Tom approaches life like an addict and there is a real fear in show business, ending up a has been or a name you can’t recall.


Adam digs up the name Lou Bega, he wasn’t nervous about the next hit and was almost confused in response to Lou’s question, Tom asks Adam if he wishes he had the balls to believe that kind of shit.

Adam says that Hubris didn’t work for Lou but a running scared approach did work for Adam and Tom.


Wealth Front

Everything for the people now thanks to the internet edition


Adam asks Tom how much money he’s earned in his career, he thinks he’s earned about 50 million and has given away more money than he has earned, he didn’t take a dime from Roseanne and explains how he is trying to refocus on his children and his family.

Adam is giving out some live dates for Tom, Tom says he does meet and greets and takes pics with everyone.

Adam plugs his own live dates and Tom says Adam Carolla is the king of podcasting, Gary and that closing music kick in awfully quick, they are trying to get going and wrap things up in a hurry.


Someone made a mistake with the closing music, it just keeps replaying over and over, the same loop.