Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/18/2015 – John and Morgan Langley, and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/18/2015 – John and Morgan Langley, and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest John and Morgan Langley, and Jo Koy

Recorded 08-17-2015 – Release Date 08-18-2015

Production Number #1640

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Adam opens the show with a ‘I Like the Show Cops’ #TopDrop from a past caller, Adam welcomes everyone back to the show and has a kind eulogy for the very sweet Molly who passed away after 12yrs.

Adam doesn’t like skittish people, dogs or cars, he likes dickish over skittish.

Adam talks about filming ‘Road Hard’ and putting Molly in ‘Road Hard’ to capture her forever, Adam is going over the details of the timing of Molly’s death and her various illnesses.


Adam is explaining how he was getting ready to go out of town on Wednesday, she died on the 12th of August 2015.

Adam is sharing how he happened upon Molly in the morning on Wednesday, he’s going over the details, in brief, and he doesn’t get to the emotionally heavy part as discussed on other shows.

Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show, he gets back to his morning schedule and ‘Kevin and Bean’ phoner he had to do.


Jo is busting out a new voice, he’s playing Adam’s recently deceased dog Molly, and you can hear slight hesitation from Adam if you’re an expert in his timing, but he rolls with it.

Adam is now seguing the improv into a memory of how Molly felt about swimming, how she got out of the pool and rolled in the dirt after the first time he attempted to take her in the pool, message was sent loud and clear.

Adam is going over the details a bit, but if you want to hear the full story make sure to listen to FCOL ‘RIP MollyGirl’ to hear how emotional it got for everyone including Adam, also check out ADS #265 recorded the next morning after this ACS episode, also check out Carcast Season 7, Episode 34 and AOTH ‘Love of Life’ to hear all angles and mentions of Molly’s final morning with the Carollas.


Adam is telling the gang about the kids, he says they’ll be telling them when everyone is hearing this podcast, he explains who knew what and when, Lynette goes into far more detail on the most recent FCOL linked above.

Adam explains how he will tell the kids about doggy heaven despite his atheism and if you want to hear about his dog prior to Molly and her tragic fate, listen to CLL #664 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1998 GUEST: SHANE • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW.

Adam is sharing the details of the thoughtful charity contribution/crowd funding they’re doing in Molly’s honor for the people who can’t afford costly operations to get a few more years with their favorite pet, just about the sweetest thing you could do in her honor, the dog that got so many chances and had such a loving family.


Jo talks about dropping a dog off to be put down, he explains how rough it was for him and how he thought the dog knew what was going to happen.

Adam is joking about ‘Jo Koy the Executioner’ and Adam is talking about his trip to Monterey and says he wanted to talk about his dog’s death but couldn’t’ say a word due to Sonny’s presence.

Adam explains his car was a bust and is sharing some audio to help showcase what he was dealing with, they’re starting up the insane car he was driving.


Adam explains the car wouldn’t downshift as he discovered during the first turn, they’re going over some footage of him trying to finesse the gears.

Jo is busting out some more Molly and Adam moves past it.

Adam is back to the Newman car, Jo asks Adam how much time he’s actually wasting.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam stops Jo from going further with the Molly impression, wow.


Adam explains that Gina went Dune Buggy riding, BB and Gary went to Hawaii, separately (they claim) and now Adam is bringing up his intent to bring Sonny out with him and Matt D’andria to the glitzy party he’s been attending the past 10yrs.

Adam explains how he wanted to find a CHP guy to try and override the young woman with the strict rules.

Adam is mocking the alien overlord way we treat the dumb rules and laws that ruin people’s time on earth.


Adam is going over the details, he explains how he found a Captain Kangaroo ’esque cop who was told that Sonny could only attend if escorted by the officer.

Adam was fine with it and rants about the absurd idea he must endure this, hilarious finger in the ass line.

Adam is back to the story and how the young woman then came over and told them it was enough, hilarious “backhand her with his flask” line he also used on ADS this week.


Adam says that woman was perfectly nice, he thinks the last thing she wanted to do was ruin their time but the dumb rules and laws she has to work under forced her hand, wow that was very fair.

BB is now asking some follow ups, he says they only got 7-9 minutes, Adam says it wasn’t this woman, it wasn’t her being mean, it’s her rules and she’s got little option without risking her employment.

Adam says he would be completely fine living under Nazi rule as long as it was some outside force coming down on him, he can’t stand that we do this to ourselves.


Adam is talking about the inherent privilege of a Rolls Royce, he’s describing how everyone knows you’re supposed to be there, keep on rolling, and roll on by.

Adam talks about doing 120 and how it felt like nothing, like skating.

Gina has her own anecdote and now Adam is segueing form his arsonist theory to a live read.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read


Adam is back to the person he would like to kill themselves, the arsonist theory I presume.

Adam is sharing a photo of them at Monterey, Adam explains how he approached a mildly cunty woman who was using a full table for herself, with 3 open chairs, Adam asked they could join her and goes over her annoyed reaction.

Adam is talking to be people defaulting to “cunt” and Gina jokes about Sonny looking like he’s in the mafia and Jo rolls with it nicely.


They’re back to Adam’s loud insane car, he loves it.

Adam is talking about the guys wearing loafers sans socks, Adam is explaining he had Sonny stand in front of a guy with red loafers, he had Chris then take a dummy photo to really get the shoes.

Jo is sharing a story of dealing with a woman who greeted him at a store, he explains how he picked out his hats and overheard the security guard say “yeah get him out of here” in regard to I assume frequent hat customer Jo.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up with Jo.


Adam is back from break with John and Morgan, they were last on ACS #1160 with Jo Koy in 2013, and they’re both making their second appearance.

They play a great moment in local news, he plugs the most recent Carcast linked above and is now asking them about the 28 seasons they’ve done.

Adam asks who said no, they reveal Honolulu is the lone holdout, of course.


Adam is asking about the most deviant states with the most crime, he asks about Florida and Kansas City, Mo.

Adam is talking about people slowing down when it’s cold vs. coming to life with criminality when it’s hot, much like insects.

They’re confirming the hot Saturday night with a full moon is prime crime weather, Adam and BB are asking them about the cameras used and the show’s production.

They comment on the evolution of the series and how criminals react to being on the show, Adam remarks on the modern era of people taking in pride in their picture being up in the post office.


Adam asks what police force they wouldn’t join, Honolulu.

They’re going in depth on the crimes on the show and their feelings on marijuana arrests, they segue to the Los Angeles area and get fairly specific, Adam has an excuse me after BB interrupts and hijacks momentarily.

Adam is asking about police chases and what cops should do, Gina asks them about the ride along with the cops during chases.


Adam asks about the cameraman who died last season, they’re sharing the grim details of the death.

They share how devastated the cops were to lose the guy along with their crew and production team.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on James Harrison’s social media posts about ‘participation trophies’ and now Gina is setting up a clip from nearly 4 years ago with Adam going off on the topic.

Adam has actually ranted about it much earlier, we have some clips from the 90’s.

Adam is now going off on the false self-esteem and what has been wrought by misguided human intervention trying to manipulate society.


Adam talks about how even his son inherently knows the difference between participation and actual accomplishment, Adam says we’re destroying our kids and wonders why we cannot take the lessons from wild animals and apply them to humans.


2nd Story is on a United Airlines passenger who was ordered off a flight and went on a crazy rant captured by another passenger.

Adam is reacting to the video, Gina has a fine impression and funny point about the woman’s language choice.

Adam is talking about the dogs on airplanes issue and how that’s now led to this state of affairs.


Adam is mocking the ethnic montage of people in the inflight welcome videos and how condescending and unintentionally offensive they can be.

Adam is now sharing his jet impeller testing idea for service dogs, to weed it down to the true service dogs.


3rd Story is on the various Kylie Jenner offers for porn, BB shares his take on this being a simple and crass attempt at getting media attention, Gina shares what she has heard about the leaked Kim Kardashian sextapes.

Adam is ow ranting about hot chicks driving super cars and he says that’s the fault of pedal shifters, they’ve empowered those who don’t deserve to drive the cars to buy and ruin them.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


4th Story is on a German study that found men would be less upset if their partner died than if they were having a baby.

Adam is talking about how it’s the life of you, the basic reality of kids is they’re one big pile of shit you have to take care of.

Adam has a funny “pay for a stranger’s kid” theory, pretty solid.

Adam jokes about telling the kids about the demise of Molly, wow, hilarious and dark.


Adam is joking about being single and getting blowjobs, they’re onto the topic of Hitler and Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Adam is giving out the various plugs and wrapping up the show.