Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/17/2015 – Kai Ryssdal

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/17/2015 – Kai Ryssdal

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kai Ryssdal

Recorded 08-04-2015 – Release Date 08-14-2015

Production Number #1638

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and a new drop from caller Lucas, Adam is welcoming Kai Ryssdal to the making his ACS debut and talks about listening to the show he hosts ‘Marketplace’ back in the 1980s on NPR.

Adam is recalling when he was listening to the show back in 1988, BB has a killer “what is this lord of the rings shit” one liner summing up Adam’s riff about being removed from the financial world while working construction.

Adam is now using a seashells vs. Kardashians example for explaining to an alien race what humans know more about, an elegant metaphor for American’s lack of knowledge about money.


Kai is now sharing a theory about the opening music of his show, Adam is asking him about the “first loser” the original host of the show.

Adam is now bragging about Kai’s military career and time as a pilot.

Adam is asking him about night landings on aircraft carriers, Adam is amazed they still use the steam cannon to propel aircraft up to speed to take off at sea.


Adam is asking him what got him into service, he asks him about flying.

Kai says the guys he flew with were all about flying and he hasn’t flown since getting out of service, interesting.

Adam is asking him about the schedule for ‘Marketplace’ and Adam has a funny recollection of his type of earlier riser and contrasts his own KROQ days, nice ‘The Offspring’ reference from Adam.


Adam is joking about being pushed off of a garbage barge, Adam says he doesn’t care that much about the personality of the president, nor does he even care if the guy’s a douche, he just wants some who can run things correctly.

Adam reaffirms his take, he’s explaining how funny it would be to hear all of the celebrities claiming to move away from the country if Trump is elected.

Adam playing contrarian, I think everyone now presumes he wants Trump for President.


Adam is doing a Burger King Live Read

lack of knowledge about money.

merican’or ns example for explaining to an alien race what huamns know more about, an elegant a

BB and Kai are talking about the economy in 2009 and he says it would have worked out reasonably similar had someone else been elected in 2008.

Adam is making a point about the cyclical nature of politics and Adam mentions Jimmy Carter, based on when this aired it might then be conceived as a purposeful insult, based on recent news.

Adam is further asking Kai about the clerical nature of politics and America, Adam says maybe the President is the person we should be wanting to have a beer with.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Aaron he’s calling about Classic Loveline. In particular CLL #539 – 10-22-1997 – Wednesday Night Show – Guest Charles Fleischer and the call from Emma regarding a creepy stranger living beneath her staircase.

Aaron says that Gina blocked him on twitter and she asks if he deserved it, she apologizes if she did it to him without him deserving it.

Gina mixes this call up with a recent news story, Adam is now getting stuck on “crawlspace” vs. stair case and Adam references ‘Bad Ronald’ much like he did nearly 18 years ago.

Aaron is recounting some of the details and Adam is now recalling it.


Gina asks if Adam prefers that one over the Tom Arnold Holocaust Call with the phone sex operator in 2002.

Adam is now somehow giving Aaron points for CLL #539 and bringing up the episode from 2003 with Kenneth the Skull Thief, the first episode he did.


Adam is now having Bryan recount the details of his first phone call, he’s doing a decent job, and BB apparently screened that call.


Nobody is seemingly aware of the custom Michael Narren drawing inspired by that call.

Aaron brings up a bit done for the Kevin and Bean Christmas compilation, a fake Loveline call.

Adam talks about his wife having a memory to get pissed off at him.


Adam is asking Kai about podcasting and advertisements, he’s asking Adam if he gets more money for the ones he reads vs. the prerecorded ones.

Adam shares how he surrounds himself with talented people and then goes to work, he lets them run everything and trusts them.

Adam talks about the freedom in working on something like ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam makes a funny mouth noise, he apologizes for it.


Adam is talking about “fun stuff” Kai mentioned can quickly become non fun stuff, Adam is having a funny reaction to Kai asking about staff.

Adam is asking for Matt Fondiler to get on the mic and tell him about reality as he sees it, Adam asks what he should stop doing, Gary says he should stop having August add podcasts as it’s going to kill him.

Gary is now on mic and giving his take, Adam is now asking the guys if he’s ever asked anything of them that he’s said no to, Kai is saying that is off topic, Adam is trying to establish a base point and then go from there.


Adam is now turning it on BB who often acts as if you have to lockstep with Adam to keep your job and he doesn’t think that’s true.

BB is now saying it’s not but if you do go to a concert instead of work it will be on air fodder, Gary is now back on mic and has a solid point.

Adam is commenting on Matt’s extra day off, Adam is getting to the topic of him “getting over his skis” with the network and the business.


Adam is getting to the Mangria process and mentions “Harvest Mangria Lemonade” and how they taste and sample the formulas and will use group reactions to make choices.

Adam says it’s more important to get it right rather than get his way, Kai is trying to drop it and is a bit sarcastic and Adam explains how he likes to remove himself from the equation when it comes to decisions like the ones he’s citing.

Kai mentions Adam’s name being on the line, Adam says he’s never said that out loud once.


BB brings up Adam’s strengths and how he doesn’t often do improv singing, it’s not his strong suit.

Adam has a point about being super realistic about yourself, honest about your strengths.

Adam is sharing how he hired a money guy right after getting into show business, hilarious Wesley Snipes prison rape comment.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam only likes Clingy in his motor oil


Adam is commenting on how people ask him about testing and practicing in his race cars before racing them at events, he shares his reasoning as to why.


Gina’s News

Adam is sharing how he was a dickhead to his Nanny and describes how she was calling in late and he was curt with her as he was on the other line, he didn’t want to explain that to her.

Gina asks if she seemed offended.


1st Story is on a poll regarding alcohol consumption among wealthy vs. poor people, Adam talks about having a job that has an “edge” to it and a counter “dog walker” example.

Adam is giving an example of what he would do when he was poor vs. how he would behave if he was poor today.

Adam is talking about how you need a drink after a hard day’s work and Gina gives her opinion about leisure time.


Adam is giving his take on successful people and their lack of free time, Adam is now arguing against the perception of rich guys that sit around living off of Daddy’s money.

Adam comments on Dr. Drew’s lack of free time for golf.

Adam is asking if more of the rich and the powerful play golf now than they did in previous generations.

Adam is saying he thinks the fortune 500 guys spend far less time playing golf now than they did 20-50 years ago.


2nd Story is on a photo of Gisele trying to sneak into a plastic surgery facility while wearing a burka in France.

Adam is commenting on how you cannot be seen doing certain things as a celebrity but part of elective surgery does involve you showing up.

Adam is commenting on Michael Jackson’s refusal to admit his multiple surgeries.

Adam is asking a fair question, Gina explains the burkas are banned in France.


Gina has the details and Gary gets on mic to confirm she’s right.


3rd Story is on a police stop that turned into two arrests

She has the details of the DUI stop and now Adam is riffing with some funny quotes and getting to his theory on listing to the guy with the gun.

Adam says we should just look at cops like officially sanctioned guys with guns, agitated nervous guys with guns.

Adam is riffing up a storm, hilarious knows a guy with a helicopter.


BB has some trivia and says the quote of Elijah Wood saying “Definitely Not a Jew” that he plays from the movie ‘Everything is illuminated’ was him talking about Michael Jackson.


Adam is doing an Live Read


4th Story is on the lack of home purchases among Millennials

Adam is now saying that 25 isn’t the same as 25 when they were kids, Adam is commenting on the desire to drive and get a license.

Adam explains how he talks to kids today and they’re not seemingly interested in driving.

Adam says that the messages in pop culture are all aimed at 11yr old girls and there is now hurry to grow old and become irrelevant.

Adam is blaming the narcissism of today’s world and the lack of a stigma for living at home today vs. his era.


Adam is talking about Matt’s girlfriend, hilarious Matt having gay peyote sex at his concert vacation, hilarious!


5th Story is on research that men who smoke pot are more likely to experience mental illness than women who smoke pot.

Adam blames it on the delicate tuning the male V12 brain, Adam says women have a more delicate wiring and is actually making the opposite argument, showing he was joking around.

Adam is now using his kids at the warehouse the other day to make a point, Gina wraps the news to a new drop from Kai.


Adam is commenting on chicks doing fake inhales just to be cool, Dawson is doing the hard work.

Dawson, Gina and Gary are all on mic talking about dabs and hash.

Adam asks if this is what goes on during their desert concert orgies.


Adam is doing a Public Morals on TNT Live Read

Edward Burns doesn’t age edition


Adam wraps up the show and gives out the plugs, Kai was a solid guest, and I hope he comes back again.